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Warriors look to rebound at Northridge


The good news for the University of Hawai’i basketball team is that there are 15 more games to play in the Big West Conference this season.

The Warriors will try to rebound from their conference-opening loss at Cal Poly when they play another road game on Saturday, at Cal State Northridge. The Warriors and Matadors are scheduled to play at the Matadome, starting at 5 p.m. (Hawai’i time).

The Warriors dropped to 11-4 overall and 0-1 in the Big West after a 77-65 loss at Cal Poly. The Matadors are 9-7 overall and 1-0 in conference after an 89-77 win over UC Davis on Thursday.

Northridge is 6-1 at home this season, and on an upswing under first-year head coach Reggie Theus – the same Theus who led New Mexico State to the Western Athletic Conference title in 2007, when Hawai’i was also in the WAC.

The Matadors finished just 5-13 in the Big West last season, but one of their wins was an 88-75 victory over Hawai’i in the Matadome

This season’s matchup at Northridge will feature the two highest-scoring teams in the Big West, as well as several individual standouts.

The Warriors rank first in the conference with 80.9 points per game, and the Matadors are next at 76.1. Northridge leads the Big West in both free throw percentage (.766) and steals per game (7.6).

The Warriors and Matadors feature a combined six players among the top 11 individual scorers in the conference.

Northridge is led by the trio of Stephan Hicks, Stephen Maxwell and Josh Greene. Hicks, a 6-foot-6 junior wing, leads the team in scoring (17.6) and is second in rebounding (7.3); Maxwell, a 6-7 junior, is averaging 17.1 points and a team-best 8.3 rebounds per game; Greene, a 6-foot senior, is averaging 15.3 points and 2.9 assists per game.

Hawai’i’s top trio of scorers are Christian Standhardinger (17.6 points and 7.2 rebounds), Garrett Nevels (13.8 points, 31 3-pointers) and Isaac Fotu (13.5 points, 6.3 rebounds).

The other two Hawai’i starters are point guard Keith Shamburger (9.3 points, 4.7 assists) and wing Brandon Spearman (10.5 points and 4.4 rebounds). They went for a combined five points in the loss at Cal Poly, and will need to bounce back on Saturday.

Game 16 Tipoff Notes
Hawai’i (11-4, 0-1 Big West) at Cal State Northridge (9-7, 1-0 Big West)
When: Saturday, Jan. 11, 5:00 p.m. (Hawai’i time)
Where: The Matadome (1,600) – Northridge, Calif.
Television: ESPN3 telecast avaialable to Oceanic Cable “Sports Pass” subscribers on channel 289
Streaming Video: WatchESPN.com
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at GoMatadors.com


  1. If Gib has to start Dyrbe at PG, Mike Harper at SG, Aaron V. at wing, MT at PF, and Stefan Jovanovich at Center, just to get a lead, and get the victory, with the upper classmen coming off the bench, to close out game, so be it!

    Have to get the W guys, come home 1-1 , and you have accomplished the split, won’t be easy, however you guys will be on ESPN3 network stream and TWC digital TV, so a lot of following, sometimes, you have played your best BB when the big stage cameras were on.
    Go Warriors, Go Bows!
    Must Win!

  2. I think Eagle pointed out a few weeks ago that the Cal Poly road game was one of only three remaining games where our guys are the underdogs. I believe the spread was +3. Anyway, I guess that is some kind of positive to take away. Other than that, I felt exactly like hawaiifan, just shaking my head the entire game. Not this crap again… not with THIS team! It was bad enough to watch the terrible coverage, but then to see no one step up! Gah!

    Eagle, that is really fascinating, the whole travelling west-to-east disadvantage and I think you’re right, the sportswriters and coaches who never leave their time zone during conference play just don’t understand how much of a toll it takes on the team financially and academically. One person that does, at least partially, understand is Ken Pomeroy. He has had blog posts in the past talking about how difficult road wins are in NCAAMB and how they should be calculated in the RPI. In a recent post, when predicting the outcome of the Big West, he flat out says that Hawaii has a ridiculous home court advantage, but I don’t think he’s considered how much harder it is for our guys to travel (constantly at that). http://kenpom.com/blog/index.php/weblog/entry/conference_race_simulations_part_ii

    Anyway, good luck at Northridge. I’m glad that everyone from the coach to the players to the fans are angry about that loss!

  3. Thanks, i might forward our side of the discussion to Pomeroy…

    Ideally, After We’ve Beaten Northridge

    Go “Bows!

  4. Huh? Fight? What was the fight about? Warriors lose by 10+ to CSUN! Just sayin’.

    Sorry, Playhoopsa, fuha, hawaiifan09, eagle, sarconic, et al. Mahalo!

  5. Dallan: Bet you been waiting for UH to lose their first road game, then the ” I told you so..”, I felt very nervous, about the Poly game, because of what was stated by Eagle, confirmed by Sarconic, etc, even hawaiifan09, we wanted UH to win, however history dictates, even with UH’s better teams, from Fab Five, Henderson years., AC/Alika, Savo led teams, Reggie Cross,Gaines, Houston, Smalls, Power teams, they got some dirty lickings on the road, really major wipeouts, against both good and teams they should have bought.

    Dallan, I don’t know if you are from Hawaii, or even a fan of UH MBB, sometimes you are spot on in your predictions, however, UH MBB fanbase, we are 100% thrilled, well at least I am..that UH got off to a good start pre conference, 11-3, and almost could have been 12-2, as always I hope that you are wrong, UH is probably the underdog going into Northridge game, however, a WIN by UH would make it sweeter, and then UH would be back in the driver’s seat for top 3 finish.

    Dallan, you just say it like it is, which is fine, however, only when dissension, problems, or if team loses a couple of games. To each his own.
    Others would describe your style as: TROLL…Mahalo and thankyou!

    Go Bows!

  6. they got some dirty lickings on the road, really major wipeouts, against both good and teams they should have BEAT, not bought! Sorry Dallan, typo error!

    Go Bows beat the Matadors, would be huge victory, hope Dallan is wrong, or, maybe we take reverse psychology, yes Dallan, UH will lose by 10+, although, the odds probably have them at underdogs, at 4+, then UH wins by 4, and , a lot of losers!

    Go Bows!
    As you say Eagle, sarconic, that west to east, especially Basketball, it takes its toll, it will , forever, unless, UH has supersonic flight, ride to West Coast is only 45 minutes, and guys can stretch out, relax, and they can adjust, or as Eagle says, the team, would have to be Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan St., N. Carolina, etc, be 15-20 pts better, superior BB wise and athletic supermen. Maybe one day. In NCAA DI MBB, a Belmont going into N. Carolina home court and beating them, as well, as many other mid majors, taking down top 25 teams on their home courts, shows that on any given night, think Chaminade of 32 years ago, any MBB team, plaing super well, can beat any team in the land, NAIA could beat a top 5 NCAA DI school. So Hawaii, can still beat, a low mid major in Northridge.
    Go Bows. Warrior Time!
    Not Troll Time!
    😀 Mahalo and thank you Dallan, hope you are wrong and UH gets the victory!!

  7. Hawaii by 1.5…hope it is more!

  8. This team has the talent to perform well. It’s ball to the wall time. So long as best effort and performance is being done each day, the outcome is, what it is. Not saying this in a matter of fact mode, but for sustainment of excellence throughout the season. If the team is uncomfortable with their performance, win or lose they will do well when we reflect on the outcome of the season. Let’s hang in there. You gotta like this team…

  9. This IS a Good TEST…

    Weaker (UHMBB) Teams have NOT ‘Often’ Bounced Back Well Enough to WIN…
    Better Teams have shown some ‘Fight’

    [i think — My Guess– is D is still stinging from B.Nash’s Treatment;
    for example, He coulda been allowed to Resign/Retire like Texas’ Mack;
    But Our Mack (McMackin and HIS Staff were DISSED, Dis-Respected, NOT Retained
    and Now we Hire a DC who studied under our Previous ‘Genius DC’ (Aranda))]
    BUT Clearly they’re Watching (like ‘Fans’), and Like the BB’s @ other sites, every stumble is Guffawed At…

    THIS TEAM Was Singing & Stinging the Last Time they dropped Two in a Row (NMSU & Missouri)
    SO Tonight We Get to See How Many Really Fight Back and How Much Combined Moxy This Team Can Muster
    (3-2, would Match The (Regular) Season’s Start; 4-1 could be Seen As Growth/Improvement)

    When the Going Gets Tough
    Is When We Can Find Out
    Separate The Men from The Mice (and Boo-Birds…)
    i Don’t Like ANY of The Losin’
    BUT i DO LIKE The Outrage & Pissed-Offed-Ness of Supporters Here

    i suspect The Team Leaders WHO Can,
    Maybe WILL, Take This Team To ‘The Next Level’ OR Beyond
    SHOW UP Today (or it Gets Worse, Before Better, Real Soon)

    Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana?
    Go ‘BOWS!
    STEP UP, ‘BOW Leaders!

  10. For those of you with the Oceanic Sports Pass, here’s a clarification to Dayton’s television facts, which I believe were released by the school: While setting the DVR, I noted the guide shows the UH game will be on Channel 289 (another game is scheduled to start at 4 on Channel 290). I decided to DVR both channels.

  11. Hawaii is favored to win by 2 tonight, which I don’t understand. First, we’re 3 point underdogs to a 4 – 9 Cal-Poly team, now we’re 2 point favorites to a 9 – 8 CSUN team. Can someone make sense of that for me ? What does Vegas know that we don’t??

    In any case, I’m looking forward to the team coming back strong tonight and expect it to be quite the battle with UH pulling out in the last few minutes. Being a UH fan for years, I’m all too familiar with the road woes, but thought this team might be the exception with the strong showing at Missouri and beating a solid N. Arizona team at their place. Yet to be determined??

    Well, I think they know coming home from this road trip 0 – 2 would be nothing short of disastrous. NEED to split on the road if you want to content for a conference championship. The PG spot is the key here, Shamburger REALLY needs to step up and make some plays. When he does bad, the whole team does bad. Keep a cool head, play smooth and have fun.

    Let’s go BOWS!!

  12. It appears clyde is correct … looks like today’s game will be televised on Oceanic channel 289 (though only available to subscribers of the “Sports Pass” package).

  13. CLYDE — Thanks for The Heads Up…
    Dayton — Thanks for Confirmation
    [(MY Comment Awaiting “Moderation”?
    I Consider myself A Moderate (at least Sometimes)]

    Thanks in Part to HOW BAD the Cal Poly Video-Streaming was…

    Oceanic-Time Warner is getting “Plenty” of Sports-Pass Sign-Ups…
    WAIT Times of 11 to 17 Minutes even though they brought in Extra Sales/Service Staff for a Saturday…

    They ARE Paying Attention
    People ARE Responding to UHMBB


    GO ‘BOWS!

  14. its because Cal Poly is far and away a better team than Northridge in the long run. Cal Poly has played a bunch of road games against good teams, Northridge has beaten up on cupcakes, and lost to some of them.

  15. Truth There…
    Cal Poly played Five Teams Rated Higher than Hawai’i…
    CSUN: BUT WE Were ONE of their FEW WINS Last Year….

    Highest Rated Team(s) Played: [vs Hawai’i #119]

    #83 Stephen F. Austin DEC 30 Lost by ONLY 7 AWAY;
    #124 USC, Lost by 16 AWAY;
    #165 Fresno State, Lost by 16 AWAY;

    BEAT # 323 UC-Davis @ Home Thursday;
    Highest Rated WINS #255 Morgan State and # 263 Idaho, Both @ HOME


    YET We Already Know Hawai’i’s Fallen OFF OF The Prediction Chart(s)…
    SO UNTIL They Get Back ON….

    GO ‘Bows!

  16. MR EAGLE, super fan, and not kool aid drinker, keepin it real, and support the boys.
    Yes, I checked the SA blogs, even JP’s, hoopstalk, Sports forum, when UH suffers a loss, or guy or gal fans, are going after Gib’s head, after a great 11-3 start, just one bump in the road, a small contingent of negative nancies, come crawling out from behind their closets, and start ranting and raving, like Dallan, and another O…n , whom we never ever here from on this forum. Maybe, he , or she, got the death penalty, moderating O…n’s posts, too vindictive and not factual, the “Implosion of UH MBB ” which never happened.
    I like how you Eagle, sarconic, dk, Derek, warriorhaw, FUHA, Palolo Warrior servante, and the gang, everyone is on board, we don’t like, when a very well coached and condition team with talent loses to a team they should beat. we are PISSED!! I hope Isaac, Christian, Spearman, Shamburger, Rozitis, Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Enos, Thomas read our posts, I think some do, some don’t, and get PISSED, off and BEAST the Matadors, get into a MMA fight with them, and come out victorious,
    EAGLE< man, you is Real, MBB, are you guys boys, or MEN..MEN win on the road, or on the streets, or in the YMCA gym, or pickup at Kanewai Park, or at Klum gym going against the old Fab Five guys.
    Win one, guys, GET PISSED, and more, Fight, and get physical, Play hoops, and Win, guys, will PROVE to your great fans, and growing, I think Eagle, you and that faithful 4000+ who show up everygame at the SSC, plus when about 5000 show for Fri, Sat games, and another, I would guess, 5000+ who follow TV and online stream in Hawaii, so about, 15,000 or more, are following faithfully, want team to do well.
    O…n, and Dallan, can go back to Las Vegas, just joking, Best way to shut them down, UH MBB team split on the road, and protect home court, end up 12-4 and be in first place regular =NIT…BWC tourney champs= NCAA's baby

    Go Bows, Sorry Dallan and O…n, UH going to go at least 11-5 at minimum and maybe 12-4, this team will get better today!
    Go Warriors!

  17. Playhoopsa – Hawaii goes down by 1 . . . A loss is a loss. 0-2 in BWC.

    NOT Good Enough Tonight…
    BUT GOOD That They COULD & DID FIGHT BACK to Give Themselves FIVE Chances to WIN…
    THAT Will to WIN WILL Win Their Share of Games
    GIVE CREDIT Where it’s Due
    There’s MORE Than Just WINS & Losses……

    What YOU Get Back
    BUT 10 to 100 Times Over
    (That Could Be a SCARY Thought…)

    ARE YOU Taking That 19 WIN BET?

    They’re Already PAST Half-Way
    Already AT OR PAST Some Staffs’ WHOLE Year…OR TWO Out of Three Years

    I KNOW You Care…

  19. A Little More Level…

    YOUNG/NEW Players Still NEED To Learn to Play 40 Minutes of WINNING Ball…

    CANNOT Wait ´Til ¨Last Series¨ to Get The LEAD
    AND Better, A Controlling Lead…


    SOME of The Coach’s Comments (from Radio Post-Game Show):

    GIB: “… i thought that was a Very Poorly Officiated Game…
    i thought we got homered…”

    “…We were doing well, coming back, then several players went back to playing the way that got us in trouble…”

    “Don’t Worry…these guys are gonna Win A Lot of Games…

    “We had Five Chances to Win it… IF One of those shots goes in, we’re the happiest team…”

    We had Two Tough Games against Two Tough Teams…
    We’re Gonna get them Back at Our Place…”

    Keepin’ the Faith
    When it’s Tough IS When it (The Faith) Matters…

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