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Warriors fall on road at Cal Poly, 77-65

The road through the Big West Conference started out bumpy for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Cal Poly led from start to finish in a 77-65 victory over Hawai’i on Thursday night at the Mott Athletics Center in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

It was the Big West opener for both teams. The Warriors had a four-game winning streak snapped, and fell to 11-4 overall; the Mustangs improved to 5-9 overall.


Garrett Nevels scored 16 points, Christian Standhardinger had 15 points and five rebounds and Isaac Fotu contributed 13 points and seven rebounds for Hawai’i. It was not nearly enough, as the Mustangs held a double-digit lead for almost the entire game.

“We have to come out way more aggressive than that,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “They jumped out on us and we never quite recovered from that. I was pretty disappointed in how we started that game. It kind of set the tone for them. They got great confidence going.”

Cal Poly raced to a 12-2 lead in the first four minutes of the game, and that lead was never really threatened the rest of the game.

“They did a great job hitting shots and I thought we actually did a poor job defending those guys that were hitting shots,” Arnold said. “So it was a mixture of both.”

(Photo from WarriorInsider.com files)

The Warriors shot a respectable 45.8 percent from the field, but the Mustangs shot 50 percent. Cal Poly also his eight 3-pointers to Hawai’i’s four, and out-rebounded the Warriors, 33-31.

“I haven’t really been disappointed with the effort in any of our (previous) games … tonight was the exception to that,” Arnold said. “I didn’t feel very comfortable with how we played, other than just a few spurts and a few groups.”

Cal Poly’s biggest lead of the first half was 38-20, but the Warriors went on a 12-3 run in the final five minutes of the half to cut the deficit to 41-32 at intermission.

The Mustangs opened the second half with a 10-2 surge to increase their lead to 51-34 with 16:47 remaining. The Warriors never got closer than 11 the rest of the way.

Hawai’i shot just 21.1 percent (4 for 19) from 3-point range, including 1 of 10 in the second half.

It was Cal Poly’s 15th consecutive home victory against Big West teams, a streak dating to 2012.

“I think it’s definitely one of the toughest places (in the Big West), but we talked about being mental monsters and coming into a place like this and get your mind right and do your business,” Arnold said. “But it wasn’t one of those nights. We didn’t play our best ball.”

Hawai’i point guard Keith Shamburger went scoreless for the first time this season, though he contributed four rebounds and three assists. Backup Quincy Smith had seven points and seven assists.

Cal Poly forwards Chris Eversley and Dave Nwaba scored 17 points each. Eversley also had nine points and six assists.

The Warriors will remain on the road for another Big West game this Saturday at Cal State Northridge. The Matadors defeated UC Davis, 89-77, in another Big West game on Thursday.


Thursday’s Big West scores
Cal Poly 77, Hawai’i 65
Cal State Northridge 89, UC Davis 77
Cal State Fullerton 78, UC Riverside 73
UC Irvine 46, Long Beach State 44


  1. They did their homework on us. And what was that fight about in the first half. The video is always great to have and we appreciate it. Only one camera very far away, so it was difficult to see the nuances or if they were playing with effort or not. I couldn’t tell on first look. It would be tough to watch again, but I like this team enough that I will watch it Saturday before the next game. Maybe they will do better after a good night’s sleep and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe a fedex shipment of poke’.

  2. Very disappointed, once again we get our butt kicked by Cal Poly, this is a team with a losing record, we beat St Mary’s , Nebraska Omaha is also better than Cal Poly, the defense forgot to show up for the game. NO if’s Warriors , Saturday against Northridge is a must win , if you think you are good enough to win the little West Conference title , you need to win on the road, if you want to get into a better basketball conference like the Mountain West , you need to win on the road, if you want to get into the Ncaa’s , you need to win on the road, wake up Warriors , play some defense, we need to play D from start to finish!! come on guys , let’s get out there and kick some butt on the floor come Saturday or are going to let the Matadors use you as a mop to wipe the sweat off the floor. Step it up,come on!

  3. Reggie Theus and the 9-7 Northridge Matadors are probably Confident @ Home
    (as Confident as we would have been last year at home)
    and Now Every Bit as Challenging of an Opponent…

    Similar to ʻOvernightʻ Improvement from
    Boise Loss to a Victory over a Better St. Maryʻs,
    ʻBows GOT TO Step Up…
    Their Own Performance…

    GO ʻBows!

  4. Hawaii played 10 times better in loss to Missouri, and loss to NMSU at Stan Sheriff. Looked like Rainbows, thought they could just step on the court and win, or when they got down by 15-16 pts in first half, they would overcome and win at the end. The EFFORT was not their, the energy. Agreed jjay, the seniors, the captains, have to kick some okoles on team, and Shamburger has to look for his shot, being an offensive minded PG now, he has to contribute 14 pts 7 assists, no turnovers, and lead on D. Nevels, still can shoot it, and Fotu and Standhardinger tried, however, the effort tonite, as Gib says, IT STUNK. sorry to say, first time this year, UH got their butts whipped from tip off till final buzzer!

    If they have any intentions of leading the Big West, they have to split on road, the same formula, not out of reach, and win out at home, they will be 12-4 and probably in first or second place at end of regular season, If UH comes out flat against Theus’ athletic Matadors, UH could lose by 25 or more.

    Come on, guys, wake up, as jjay says, and play Offense and Defense, like you want to go to NIT or NCAA’s otherwise, CIT , CBI, you don’t want to buy in to post season.
    I know, fans, I am a little harsh, however, Gib, was totally frustrated, he could not be out there on the floor, the team was in quicksand, could be the travel, or sickness, flu, we don’t know about, or fight..?
    Guys, we still believe in you, Gib bleeds Green and White, and we die hards, live and live more with the Winbows!
    Go get the W at Northridge, cannot, must not come home 0-2!

    What do you think went wrong Eagle, FUHA, DK .servante, Derek, Palolo , warriorhaw? We backing the boys, hope they pick themselves off the ground, they can still split this road trip. !! Go UH BB team , get the win, with all out EFFORT!

  5. In a way, good thing Oceanic doesn’t take their crew out to Cali on the road for UH MBB games, that BWC TV stream, is horrible, as jjay says, you can’t see anything, like watching from the top of the roof of the SSC !
    This game, from tipoff as winbows said, you could tell, that Poly was a better team, this night, Don’t think UH will let the effort slip two games in a row. However, as we all know, the scout on Hawaii is out there, 15 games worth, they took away a lot, and UH did not shoot well from downtown. glad that Dyrbe got a lot of PT, they are going to need DB and Jawato, to hit 3’s, and play D..

    Positive guy that I am, Standhardinger, Rozitis, Spearman have to rally the team, and come out with probably the most important victory, on the road, against a very good Matador team, Theus, always has the guns, the gazelles, the hi flyers, wish that UH, can play D, and go 1000%, as winbow say, GET THE W guys, the ride home 2600 miles will be sweeter!
    Go Bows!!

  6. The video feed sucked big time! 2nd rate video coverage at best. About halfway through, I turned it off and listened to the radio. Very disappointed by the outcome of this game. I really had hoped they would have competed better and won this game. I feel Gib needs to give Valdez more minutes. He is very athletic and will help the team. Need to win next one! Go Bows!!!

  7. Traditionally, UH MBB team has played better second game of road trip. As hoops says, I wonder if jet lagged or flu bug? They were a step slow, in everything. Very, sure that team was confident, however, they could not defend or shoot consistently to affect winning. UH plays Poly as SSC, I would be absolutely sure, UH will win that game.

    Now., up to Gib, and his leaders, the seniors, juniors, to step up, Northridge, as all here say, must win game. This team has only one time this year lost 2 games in a row, against NMSU here, and Mizzou on the road, two tough games. UH has to play , all five starters, and first 3 or 4 off the bench, as ONE ohana, total effort, they can still get the win. I think I heard, pretty loud cheers, in background, if UH hit a shot, got a rebound , steal, or blocked shot., they have those Cali families and friends at the game, they have support, Go get em Bows!

    Go Bows!
    Uhfanzonly1. Hey, fans, it is only one game,, and one loss, still 15 more regular season games to go, don’t give up on this team yet, maybe, they turn in a great game, they will have to, against Reggie Theus’ horses!
    P.S. agreed, the Big West stream, is junk! many fans including our household, after all the frozen pix and buffering, turned off video, and listened to KKEA!
    Better if that game was totally on radio.
    Go Bows, Christina, Davis, Spearman, get the guys going, and get a lead, and protect it, get the win at the Matadome, play with sense of urgency. and Gib get the guys motivated, build them up, they are pretty down now!

  8. Boy, I am lousy typist, I meant, Go Bows, CHRISTIAN, Davis and Spearman, sorry, Christian for typo of your name as Christina, no offense, you do give it your all whole game, just have to have the other perimeter, Shamburger, Smith, who had pretty good game with 7 assists, Jawato, Enos, Valdes, Thomas, hitting outside shots, now if UH cannot hit consistently from 3, will be tough season.,, so guys relax, have fun, shoot with confidence, the ball will start to drop, in meantime, play better defense, and box out, all the loose balls, and missed shots are YOURS, win the battle of turnovers and rebounds, hold other teams to 30% FG, and 20% Threes, on the road, you guys will win.

  9. Maybe Gib go 5 in for starting 5, if the starters start to trail by 7 or 8 in first 3 minutes, Have, Quincy, Enos, Valdes, Thomas, and Jovanovich, come in for 3 or 4 minutes, and just go all out, try to stay even or get lead, then bring back in starters., sometimes works, sometimes, not. If UH needs the freshmen, Gib might as well play them, get ready for Big West Tourney, post season and next season.

    Guys, you can still get Northridge, rest up, and FOCUS, be WINNERS, have to win road games, at least split or better to be champions, and NIT NCAA participants!
    I still like this team, I believe, if as Christian says, they STAY Together, they will be alright, Gib was unhappy at effort, that is correctable, guys gotta bring it on Saturday, come home 1-1…

  10. well….after several hours of thinking about loss, time to move on, on Positive side, that Garrett Nevels, the real deal in terms of scoring . His transition to NCAA D1 Ball from JC, went very well, He scored well at Mizzou, N. Arizona, and Cal Poly, He might have to have a 35 point scoring effort one night to help team win on road and at home. Petty sure he has green light.
    Spearman, and Shamburger have to provide more consistent offense as well, cannot go combined 5 pts, and expect to win.
    I am very sure, team will have good practice and scout on Friday, be refreshed, and go to war, as Warriors on Saturday at Northridge, Hope that BW TV stream is better than Cal Poly, maybe with better video stream, UH will come out with beautiful victory, hey, if only radio coverage and they can win this road game, all UH fans will take it! UH would be 1-1 BWC, and 12-4 overall, which is not bad at All!

    Go Bows, the eternal optimist, playhoopsa!

  11. Leave One Day Early
    … for all the rest of the road trips.
    Get Mr. Travel Planner on this. Leave one day early and acclimate. It has always been issue for UH, traveling East. Keep some stats, over time, and see if it makes a difference. You would think it would. The context can’t be separated from a better record translating to more fans, happier fans, and all related benefits. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could speak to this. Someone must have thought of this already. Anyone keeping such stats?

  12. This loss is unacceptable. Disappointing way to start conference play, Cal Poly or not. I consider myself an optimist as well, but this game was just disheartening. I feel bad we couldn’t make it more interesting for Cal Poly, never even made it close the entire game. Closest we got was 9 at the half, I want to know how in the hell they were able to make big shots every damn time. They’re a 4 – 9 team but are battle tested, it doesn’t mean we can just walk in and get the victory.

    Also, the video quality SUCKED. I watched maybe 5 seconds even though I had the page up the entire game. SO glad the saturday game is on ESPN3. I don’t know if Northridge is going to be any easier, Theus really stuck it to us back in the WAC.

  13. as far as travel plans , i believe the team left on wednesday to play the thursday game , perhaps a tuesday departure would have been better for a thursday game. Anyway the team needs to play like the WARRIORS to win the rest of the way and on to a title. The name Warriors is on the warm ups, play up to it guys.Shamburger and Spearman start playing up and better than your opponents , 0 pts, and 2 pts aint going to do it. Come on Man.

  14. Terrible performance by UH. It’s unacceptable to lose to a second rate team in a second rate gym at a second rate school. My feeling is that we went into this game overly confident. What really upset me was our players attempted way too many 3s early on, kept missing them and yet kept trying. When your shots are way off like that (most were almost air balls), just charge the basket or pass to Fotu.



  15. Second Rate Team, Check
    Second Rate Gym, Check

    Second Rate School — NO
    WAY Better Academics And Students than U.H.
    Cal-Polytechnic One of the Very Best…
    (MAYBE Similar to UH Being a Higher Rated Academic Institution
    than Oregon State, Notre Dame, USC…)

    THIRD RATE UHMBB Effort .. WE Better Hope So…

    BUT Agree with Some Other Earlier Coments
    The ROAD Has Sapped the Legs of Some Decent UHMBB Teams Before
    Got to Learn HOW TO Overcome
    Whether Day Earlier Departure Helps
    OR Other Strategies

    USUALLY Just Gotta Have a 10-15 Point Better Team …
    Like Na Wahine Volleyball and Softball

  16. They brought their A game and we brought our C game.

    As mentioned, long flights will stiffen your whole body. You need at least 1 day rest. But that’s a luxury we don’t have due to budget constraints. Any donors?

    As a result we had no pressure defense. Starters were saving their legs mostly for the offensive side.

    Other than Quincy the bench saw very limited action. You need fresh legs to play pressure defense and 5 jet lagged legs just ain’t gonna do it.

    Dyrbe and other shooters were brought in too late.

    We will see a different team on the next game.

  17. servante: good observations. Looked very tired, and 2 or 3 steps slow, didn’t matter if they were in zone , man , traps, or full court pressure. ..Cal Poly, could do whatever they wanted. With that extra day, although I think they flew over on Tuesday nite, late, arrived early a.m. Thursday. still guys looked exhausted. I think servante, we give the guys a chance to rest, and get mentally and physically prepared, of all things, Reggie Theus’ and his athletes are starting win ball games, shoots, however, if UH is going to try to stay within the top 2 or 3 regular season finish, for BWC tourney seeding, they have to Win this game, Same Forumula, split at minimum road trips, Absolute Must, to sweep at SCC!

    Go Bows, get rest, and come out swinging on D and O, get the Matadors, tough, game, however, as Eagle and all say, young guys, show the BWC you are contenders!
    Go Bows.Warrior Time!

  18. servante and fans … MY BAD, team flew out late afternoon, Wed. and got into, LAX early Thursday morning. That is a rough flight for those tall guys, and all the athletes, going West to east and being cramped up. MIght have to work , getting charter planes, leave when team wants to, earlier, with tutors, NO school this weekend, so boys can focus, on basketball. I like How Gib is coaching with help of all assistants, the time management, game schemes, his guys just looked gassed.

    Maybe should have stayed more in a Match up zone perimeter guys chase out to shooters, rotation of big, or wing, to cover Bigs going out to corner or top of the key, like what they were doing with Rozitis, however, it looked like a team with NO LEGS, they could not stay in front of man, even on the sides, or rotation was not there. I know that Cal Poly plays well at home, maybe they will be the team to knock off UCSB, UC Irvine, LBSU, and Northridge, timely wins, to give UH a chance to sneak up the standings later in season.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, Give em!

  19. I am not sure when team left for Cali, I guess as all say, they took the redeye to LAX late afternoon, Wed, and arrived in Cali, early A.M. on Thursday, that is a rough trip, not even a full day to rest up.

    just a though fellow, die hard fans,we know Shamburger suffering from hip flexor injury, those are bothersome, affect shot, ability to rotate, drive, jump dish, etc. He look not 100%,
    Possibly, because of Keith’s injury, AND if Spearman, is hitting 20% FG,
    Gib could start at least for first 8 or 9 minutes,
    PG-Quincy Smith, he is getting better, will go to rim, and head is always, up to make pass, i.e. 7 assists, plus, he can go to the hole and finish and one. Only blemish, Q does not have reliable jump shot, however, he is athletic, a little taller, and is quick
    SG-Nevels, he is a scorer, got a great open court steal and flush, Have to play D, however, he can score, at home or on the road, Cali, which IS HOME.
    Wing-Aaron Valdes, the energy, the athleticism, could help team compete, with those, high jumping slashers, that are making their presence known again this year, the Cal Poly’s, LBSU, Northridge
    PF-Fotu, when on, nuff said,
    PF-Standhardinger, when his shots are falling he is beast, he rebounds his position very well.

    Then off the Bench, a rested , recovering from hip injury, Keith Shamburger, Brandon Spearman, can watch game develop, bring instant energy, Rozitis, the game in BWC getting a little faster for him now, maybe he stay by the rim, just portect it, Mike Thomas, has to have break out game, what is he a 3 or 4 , once he knows what to do, and does it, he will be good. Dyrbe our 808 boy, he gotta go 3-3 from three again, Jawato, has to go 2-2-, when called upon, and Jovanovich, just to protect the rim, block shots, and muscle guys,

    It is a stretch, I know fans, just my opinion, if Spearman has another subpar game, and Shamburger, his hip affect his play ,,Gib should think of using Valdes, and Smith in there place for awhile, maybe bring in Brandon and Keith to close out games,
    I know Gib, unless, Shamburger seriously hurt, and Gib will ask, Shamburger will say NO, I am okay, however for sake of team, and not pride, Keith, should maybe rehab hip, and go fewer minutes, let Quincy and Nevels, Enos handle ball more. Valdes, he being freakish Athletic, he could go off, really in Cali, maybe Gib give him more PT, Aaron will probably have monster game, hopefully Thomas too!!

    Just suggestions, I do not want guys coming back 0-2, somehow, If Coach and guys are the real deal as we were all saying so far, they will find a way to beat the Matadors, Ole!
    Go Warriors! Go Rainbows!

  20. Jet lag…..over confident?!? They just didn’t look good. Saturday’s game is now a must win.
    Go Warriors!

  21. Yes, Palolo Warrior, simply put, in Cal Poly gym where the mustangs are awesome, UH go their butts whipped. However, sign of a potentially great post season tourney bound team, They make adjustments, bring out the Beast, Warriot, THE MAN, and get off the ground, and work that Defense, and get Offense going not tentative, play like how the Omaha Mavericks, did against UH in Honolulu, UH can get the win.

    By the way, per tweet from ESPN, for those that have TWC sports pack, game will be available on digital channel Oceanic 290. At least, if you have that service, it will be digital TV quality, not the slow buffering, frozen screen, lousy angle, like looking at UH FB team from top of row, in Yellow section, . At least the ESPN, guys have much better camera work!
    Remeber, UH vs NMSU the midnight game? Mizzou on the road, the DHC Espn games, when the lights were on, and national or Mainland regional audience watching, UH played their best ball, maybe that is the word for UH on the road, game on TV or stream ESPN, ! Go UH, Go Warrior!

  22. if you have the TWC sports pass, will be on Oceanic TWC digital channel 290.

    Maybe, UH will show us they have grown to be men! A lot of family and friends that can make the drive, will be at games, so the 7 Cali guys should feel right at home.

    Gib and team we ain’t giving up, Hawaii fans, want the W, and so do all of you, Do Hawaii proud, and get the Victory against Reggie T. and his Matadors., Give 110% effort, and play lights out!

  23. Team in Cali Tuesday night!!

    Should be enough time to rest for Thursday night game. 18-24 years old should be able to do that.

    @ akuhead2, Leaving one day earlier each time would mean missing to much school, as their education is just an important (or more).

    To play good Defense you need fresh legs. It’s a sham that other players sit on the bench while they could give the starting Five the rest they need.

    It would’ve been nice in pre-season if bench players could have seen more PT to gain the necessary experience and confidence so that they could be used at this time when it counts.

  24. I’m sorry but the excuse of long flights hindering UH still isn’t a good enough excuse. I’ve seen every home game this year and most of our opponents put in good if not great performances, and many flew in from states further away than the west coast. It’s embarrassing to lose to a 9-4 team consisting of shorter and smaller players by 14 points.

  25. after game comments by Christian were telling, ” maybe we were not ready, prepared”, they maybe thought, we have won 9 out of last 10 games, against some good teams, with better record than Poly, we step out onto the court , and we will win,UH basketball team to win on the road, in the Big West, has to play twice as hard as opponents, the Big West will not be cakewalk, easy, All the teams will be prepared for UH. UH has to make huge turnaround, all 14 guys contribute, as well as coaches have different schemes. ,maybe drop back into that matchup zone, not press so much, and , stop penetration, get out to shooters and box out, fundamental things, then run, transition, which Northridge likes to do, and try to score early. Have to play much,much better to get win.

  26. Correction: I meant to say Cal Poly was 4-9 going into game.

  27. Clearly Understood And Documented…

    It IS Harder TO Fly EAST into Competition (Than West);

    1- When there was an NFL Europe, the Eastern (European) Divisions ‘always’ had better Winning Records than their American (Western) Counterparts, even IF Western Team(s) were clearly superior;

    2- The Teams Travelling TO HAWAI’I have a Greater Risk of Losing their NEXT Game, the first two or three days when they fly BACK Eastward– that’s why teams don’t want to play an XMAS Tourney if Conference Play has started (many start in December, versus January, nowadays).

    It Just Means Hawai’i has to already Be BETTER to Be Even @ .500…

    And Even Better than that to Consistently Win on the Road– Hawai’i WILL have Four/Five Eastward Trips Each Season (Six for UHMBB) , while Each Conference Opponent has only One In Conference and Only ONE-HALF Would HAVE A Game within the First Two to Three Days (ONLY IF They Play IN Hawai’i Thursday AND Also Play IN Cali on Saturday, But with Only Nine Teams and NO Hawai’i PAIRED Partner, the BW Opposition usually gets a ONE Game Hawai’i Trip Week (Either Thursday OR Saturday) NOT BOTH So there IS ALSO A Competitive Advantage of Only preparing for One Team (UH) that Whole Week while UH has to prep for TWO……

    IT DOES COST Significantly More Academically (Class Time Lost EACH Trip) And Financially (e.g., Hotel additional ONE or TWO Nights) TO Fly out a day or TWO earlier…The Team coming to Hawai’i for the Saturday Game, Might NOT even miss Friday classes.

    Even Volleyball – Three ROAD Losses when Clearly Superior in The Screwed NINE Team Conference (13-3) – struggled in This Year’s BW versus Last Year’s (18-0 Sweep)

    Do “FANS” in Hawai’i Understand All the Above Issues?

    i Think Even Eastern Coaches Don’t… Sportswriters Almost NO Chance (except for Hawai’i’s…)

    SHOJI, GIB & Laura All Do…
    Chow & Trapasso Not As Much (Only One Opponent per Week)
    MPSF Does (Hawai’i MVB plays One Team Twice per Trip, instead of Two Teams Once)

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