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Jankovic’s transfer from Missouri is now official

After a slight delay due to paperwork issues, the transfer of forward Stefan Jankovic to the University of Hawai’i basketball team was officially announced on Tuesday.

Mizzou head shots, Mens Basketball 2013

Jankovic started this season at Missouri, but asked for a release from the program after appearing in just three games. He arrived in Honolulu earlier this month, but could not participate in practices with the Warriors until his paperwork was cleared.

The Warriors departed Honolulu for California on Tuesday afternoon for a two-game road trip this week. Jankovic will not travel with the team this season. He can participate in practices when the team returns to Honolulu next week, but can not suit up for games due to NCAA transfer rules. He will become eligible to play in games in late December of the 2014-15 season.

Here is the official release from UH Athletics:

HONOULU—University of Hawai’i men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold announced that Stefan Jankovic has officially joined the Rainbow Warrior program. The University of Missouri transfer is able to practice with the team and will be ready for competition in December 2014 per NCAA transfer rules. He has 2.5 years of eligibility remaining.

Jankovic is the second Missouri player to transfer to UH in less than a year, following Negus Webster-Chan who signed with UH last spring. Like Webster-Chan, Jankovic also attended high school power Huntington (W. Va.) Prep and is a native of Canada.

The 6-foot-11, 242-pound forward played 28 games for the Tigers, averaging 3.1 points and 1.6 rebounds. The native of Mississauga, Ontario appeared in 25 games, with two starts during the 2012-13 season. He appeared in Missouri’s first three games this season, scoring nine points off the bench in the team’s season opener and playing briefly in the Tiger’s win over UH on Nov. 16.

“We’re thrilled to have Stefan join our program,” Arnold said. “At 6-11, he’s a versatile player and has a great skill set. He can play multiple positions and will be an outstanding scorer for us. He is Serbian and from Toronto—two places where they play great basketball and two places where we are working hard to create a pipeline.”

Born in Belgrade, Jankovic is the third player on the UH roster of Serbian ancestry, joining freshmen Stefan Jovanovic and Niko Filipovich.

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And here is a video featuring Jankovic from a few years back:


  1. Two top 100 3 star rated Missouri transfers, plus Mike Thomas, 3 star, and Isaac Fleming 3 star, on board for next year, to battle in Big West, so far, awesome.!

    Still await that athletic 6’8″ banger 3 star, and or another 7 foot rim protector, supreme!

    Welcome.. Stefan Jankovich!
    Stefan Janko and Stefan Jovan, SI and S2, knockout Serbian punch!

    Mahalo, to Neguse, and Stefan Jankovich and their families for becoming part of a growing, and powerful UH MBB team for several years to come!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Actually, if Gib does offer one more, even give final scholie to deserving one, great! :DGood job, the UH MBB program with Gib at the helm, and this year’s exciting team is selling itself world and USA wise, a lot of 3 star talent Eagle!

    Go Bows!

  3. Mahalo to Negus for hosting Stefan, and to Stefan’s family to accept his decision, boy, another fit, for Negus and Jankovich, could prove deadly scoring and athletic length wise, Stefan Jankovich, just has to work on getting stronger, like Negus, and be part of that UH MBB pressure D team, boy, next year UH could average even more than 83 pts a game!
    Bo Rainbow Warriors!

    Eagle what do you think? Great addition yeah!

  4. Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. Isn’t it interesting that on highlights, they rarely show defensive prowess. I don’t want to knock foreigners, but they tend to be good shooters, but poor defensively. I have a hard time thinking about someone from Europe, Canada, etc. who is a good defensive players, even in the NBA. But I will say that for a guy 6’11” he is pretty athletic and has a nice cross over dribble. I hope he can grow into a very good player for us. He can put on some solid muscle of about 20 lbs at least to get stronger and rebound more.

  6. IMHO with Flemming, Stefan and Negus coming in next year, think U of H should consider holding the remaining scholie for 2015. Any thoughts?

  7. Gib attracting 3 or maybe future 4 star talent who will have to play tough defense..have to think Gib is upgrading basketball talent. .which is good..now he has option who to offer final scholarship too..uncluding some deserving current athletes…
    Hey let’s not forget this season..tbey have to finish strong..and the freshmen. will have big chance to help team get one or two games this road trip..
    Wecome Stefan Jankovic..

  8. Aloha and welcome Stefan Jankovic! Thanks for becoming a Rainbow Warrior.

    Comments from Derek, others, true, Gib on the right track, he can recruit all of the guys who like to shoot the ball, score, from perimeter, in transition or on the low blocks, however, for them to get to next level, or just to be the best basketball athlete they can be, they have to be strong, smart, and play outstanding individual and team defense. That would include 2,3 or 4 star athletes.
    If guys don’t play good defense, Gib will sit them down. Defense, good , helps win games, Outstanding defense, helps to win Championships, and go to NCAA’s and advance. UH BB program is getting there. Nice to have Negus, Stefan Jankovic, Isaac Fleming, available for next year, and hope, the final scholarship, goes to the right fit, as winbow says, maybe even to current players, who do well on court and in class. This team, we have to support, that pipeline, of recruiting, Toronto is a hotbed of good talent, Serbia, strong tradition in good basketball players, Los Angeles, Cali talent, a lot, of good HS, JC, now the word is out, for D1 transfers, come to Hawaii, and help program be a consistent NCAA tournament bound team, that is goal for Gib and program, Gib to his credit, generating a lot of interest in program, hope they finish strong, get a win, or wins this road trip, next 4 game home stand, should have great crowds with Jamie Smith, drumming up support!

    Welcome, and thankyou Stefan Jankovic for joing the ONE OHANA UH MBB team!

  9. if he is projected at the four slot,we still need a bonafide center shot blocker and rebounder , Fotu can then go to the four slot.

  10. jjay: Yes, I agree, that rim protector, if UH, and that is what Gib is trying to instill, a pressing , uptempo team, a big that can block shots, as last line of defense, a mistake eraser. I think Gib was in France, and in Paris, they have that former

    French Colony, Senegal Africa, which has a lot of tall athletes, who have skills. I don’t know if you remember Ahmet Gueye, 6’8″ 240, a great big, who blew out knee, he was good for his size.
    Would not be surprised at all, if Gib, with the connections, Toronto, Maryland , DC area, LA, and overseas Europe, looking for that 6’9″ to 6’11” shot blocking, rebounding 4/5 guy,.

    One thing about Isaac, he defers to Christian, let’s him go to the rim and score, or draw fouls, he would like to attempt 20 shots a game, however, Isaac very team oriented, just let’s the game come to him, and when his number is called, usually in last few minutes, they go to Isaac, and he delivers, if playing guys his height and ability, Isaac, should have a great Jr year at the 4, however in Gib’s system, the 4’s are 5’s and interchangeable, I think the big difference next year? Negus, at 6’7″ taking Speaman’s spot, Shamburger PG, Nevels, SG, Negus SF, Isaac PF,

    and TBA, 4/5 guy. Still any athlete that they might still sign, no matter where they recruited from will be a guy that can play defense, and multiple position, 4/5 hybrid. Unless. as Gib says, they recruit a 7’3″ 300 lb athlete who can jump out of the gym, dunk 8 times a game, 5 blocked shots , score 15 pts, 12 rebounds, he would alter the team around a guy, that was that much of a game changer. However I like the mulitposition athletes that are coming on board, Isaac Fleming, combo, PG/SG/wing, is a good one two , 3 star.

    Go Warriors!

  11. Unless you are very tall or long getting 20 shots a game from a post player is tough to do considering all the double teaming Isaac is getting. I can see a Negus Chan getting over 20 shots a game from the small forward spot. Then you are able to use your length, quickness, athleticism, and ability to create your shot anywhere on the floor. Stefan Jankovic is an interesting player. With the 3 spot virtually sealed by Chan, my guess is Jankovic will go power forward. Actually he is more like a 3 because of his thin frame. Like Derek said he needs to put on some muscle. Then he will be a better fit at 4. But he is interchangeable at 3, 4, and 5 and that is probably where he will help the team the most. We don’t really have a center, but Isaac comes closest to being one among the players. Playhoopsa I remember Ahmet Gueye. Great shot blocking talent. We could use one like him at center or pf. And those players from Senegal are very coachable with good heads.

  12. the thing that’s most concerning for next season is that we will have a bunch of shooters than slashers or scorers

  13. hawaiifan09….
    Hopefully the learning curve, and with Rozitis not available, Valdes, Thomas, will step it up on offense and defense, rebounding to affect winning, they are going to need it to get a few wins on road this year. I believe in practices, Valdes and Thomas, can handle the ball, run, go coast to coast, and slash to rim,. Both have a pretty decent 3 point shot. Good form, Though Thomas, I think he does not need to jack 3’s, take it to the rim, he is still learning, once he gets a breakout game, 8-10 pts, 6-7 rebounds a couple of steals and blocked shots, ,same when Aaron had that 10pt first half, Thomas will be that slasher, good height too. Mike has very high ceiling, he is still growing, however, you watch him in warmups, he can shoot, sky, handle, just has to get into flow of game, coaches, still very high on Mike Thomas, he and Aaron, can eventually play the wing, and either shoot perimeter or slash, they are both very good athletes. You can teach offensive players, defense, that is the key hfan09, and these two young guys, maybe by BWC

    tourney will be KEY in UH trying to win that and go to Dance hopefully. Anyways, Valdes, Thomas, Fleming, even Nevels, can go to rim, as well as Negus, trying to get much, much physically stronger, and explosive, he has great spin moves, handles, not just a jump shooter, he can take it to rim too, Thomas, learns from him in practices. So, UH has slashers, probably will be ready, at least 4 of them by next year, hopefully. hfan, things looking up, way up, for UH basketball Mens, for several years to come, good stuff ahead.

  14. Check this out for 2014-15 roster active.

    PG’s: Shamburger 5’11”, Smith 6’0″, Filopovich 6’0″- all Real PG’s,……………..

    Dyrbe Enos 5’9″, combo

    SG’s: Nevels 6’2″, Fleming 6’3″, Jawato 6’4″, Harper 6’4″, Hackman 6’4″

    SF’s: Negus 6’7″, Aaron Valdes 6’5″, Mike Thomas 6’8″

    PF’s: Jankovich 6’11” (hybrid 4/5), Isaac Fotu 6’8″

    C: Caleb Dressler 6’10”, Stefan Jovanovich 6’10”,

    Possibly another Senegal, or overseas 6’9″ rim protector, or scholie to athlete who earns.

    Would be interesting, huge roster. Come to UH, and help team, and the athletes are coming.
    Life lesson, and good call by Gib, guys will not play, if don’t take care of academic business, even if post grad Davis. He might be available for Irvine, maybe?

    Go Rainbow Warriors, take care of business in class first, then go and get a couple of road wins, maybe 3 or 4 this year, you will be in running for top 3 or 4 or better!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  15. With one remaining scholie… Agree with the idea of finding a rim protector, but it has to be with a mobile 6’9″ (or taller) banger. Somebody that’s an animal on the boards and with long arms. UH won’t need another scorer, but somebody that will protect the paint and clean the boards.

    With Jankovic penciling into the 4 spot, Fotu might be stuck at the 5 again. The only way to make room for another big is if Nevels or NWC comes off the bench, but I don’t’ see that happening without disrupting the locker room. NWC and Jankovic aren’t coming to UH to ride the pine. Nevels has earned his starting spot.

    I think Jovanovic showed me he can fill the blue collared hustle big man role that UH needs next season. So I don’t think there’s an urgency to get another big unless to add to depth.

  16. I really hope Hackman by junior year can produce as a 3 point bomber and play 5-8 minutes

  17. Oh, I also watched the UCI v Riverside replay… I watched that one because it was a common opponent they played.

    UCI is not impressive at all. They might have three 7 footers but they don’t use them on offense. Will Davis is 6’8″ and he’s their best big man. Guards Mcnealy and Young are their two players that do the bulk of the ball handling and creating. Luke Nelson is their 3pt gunner but is streaky. Nelson, Young and McNealy all shoot in the mid-30% range, with is ok, but they can get hot from time to time, but like most college level shooters, they aren’t great at shooting off the dribble. The majority of their made 3pt shots are catch n shoot from a solid stance. Run them off their spots and they become mediocre.

    The UCI bigs are just big. THey don’t have much for offensive skills. Defensively they are tough because of their height. Fotu and Standhardinger will need to be aggressive and welcome contact and try to get to the free throw line. More than likely, Will Davis (UCI’s best forward) will be on Standhardinger. Christian just needs to take him to the hole and get him into foul trouble.

    UH has a definite quickness advantage at most positions. I don’t think UCI can guard Spearman, Standhardinger, and Fotu if they drive to the paint. With their bigs, they will collapse in for the shot block and somebody should be able to get open for a shot.

    Early on, UH needs to challenge the UCI bigs in the paint and see how the referees will call the game. If the refs are calling it tight, UH can get the UCI bigs in foul trouble and the bigs off the bench aren’t offensive threats unless they catch the ball around the rim. If the refs let a lot of contact go, then UH will need to shoot well to have a chance.

  18. Welcome to Your Hawai’i Basketball ‘Ohana, Stefan Jankovic!

    So Much to Like here and about this…
    I Like that the UHMBB and UH in general, understand that people really gotta wanna come here
    (partly Lesson Learned from Gib’s youth and Dad’s experience);
    And that just returning home (Missouri or Toronto, eh?), sleeping on it, the heart and mind ‘know’, incessantly and that you saw a good to great (may be ‘Perfect’) fit in Hawai’i and Gib’s UHMBB Program…

    i think the Program IS a Good fit for guys like you, Stefan; and (three and future four-star) teammates like Negus, Fleming, Thomas as well as heretofore not-yet-annointed or recognized, developing teammates… i think the program is set up for key, generic roles and as a result has just improved with the arriving, improving players’ talents and skills — real open-ended, and designed to use and develop the skills needed as you all take your games to the Next Levels. Not Necessarily (NOT Bound to or Limited/Cramped by) small-ball or slow-down, lull opposition (and fans?) to sleep systems… That IS attracting Talent and Potential and Will Develop a fan-base and following that even the players will enjoy and likely appreciate, as the current, smart and well-grounded great citizens already seem to …(Thanks for the coverage, Dayton)…

    You and Negus, (Niko, Dressler, but really the whole team) have some time to develop muscle, add quickness, verticality/hops, build up the legs, especially for heightened Defense which helps you stay out on the floor and execute the team’s Systems with increasing levels of quickness, intensity and focus. Like Negus, your skill-set connotes real gym-rat levels of long, hard work; and Like Christian and Fotu, i could see you aggressively, continuously using those skills in system to run up 40 minutes of driving, shooting, scoring, free-throws, fouling out opposition, winning…good things, especially for guys who really work hard at and enjoy all that stuff…

    so bring in Your friends and teammates, too…
    maybe you can help them see what you now see from the time they’re freshmen…


    RE: The ROAD

    Time for The Team to Continue Improving Road Readiness and 40-Minute Performance…
    Seems Especially Critical on The Front-End of The Trip, Start-up and Adjustment —
    GO HARD with The Legs ’til they Burn and Loosen Up
    Burn out the sluggishness, delay, hesitation,
    Play Through ’til the Second, Third Winds Kick In
    And you can Feel the Quickness
    Establish Leads and Controlling Leads to Neutralize the Refs
    Improve Each Players’ Readiness to Play and Perform
    to Get where The Team Wins, Expects to Win
    and Can (Does) Run Up to Fast, Early Controlling Leads (Like Last Wee)
    Especially On The Road where These Road Warriors Really Step it Up

  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ01SLfDSS8

    Here’s a vid of Stefan posterizing somebody in mop up duty at Mizzou. Also making a short cameo is Negus.

  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQtSckIplI

    and another short highlight of Stefan

  21. When the ball boys were messing arround pre pre game it looked like Janovik was shooting a basketball his shot looked good, from the video from above looks like he had decent foot speed so I think that jankovic will fit in well

  22. those other dunks are small potatoes.

    THIS one means something.


  23. I am half a world away and I don’t know what our weight room looks like, but here is another video that might be important


    My question is, how are we doing? Negus and Stefan evidently think we are doing alright.

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