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Jamie Smith returning soon to rally the Maniacs


The University of Hawai’i basketball team could use a bit of cheering up right now, and it will be getting some help in that department later this month in the form of Jamie Smith.

After spending the past 10 months in his home country of England, Smith will return to the Warriors under the new position of Performance Analyst. He created a much-needed buzz on the Manoa campus last year, when his theme nights and choreographed chants led the students to turn out in record numbers for basketball games.

Smith said he plans to be in Hawai’i when the Warriors host Long Beach State on January 30. He will not be here in time for this weekend’s home game against UC Riverside.

“Last season, we doubled the average student attendance for games played during term time from 207 in 2011-12 to 414 in 2012-13,” he said.

Last season’s total included a record 654 students for one game. So far this season – without Smith in place – the student section attendance has dipped below 300, and there have been no theme nights.

“It may take some time to build it back up again, but in the next couple of seasons we could potentially average more than 600 students per game and have games where we exceed our 867 student seating allotment.”


Due to a work visa issue at the end of last season, Smith returned to England and landed a role as a performance analyst and scout for the Great Britain men’s and women’s national teams. Still, he longed to return to UH, and kept track of the Warriors through the internet.

“Staying up or waking up at crazy hours to watch Hawai’i play on the Big West TV live stream,” he said. “Great Britain is 10 hours ahead of Hawai’i.”

In his new role as Performance Analyst, Smith’s primary duties will include creating and analyzing game video for the UH players and coaches.

“A performance analyst is similar to a video coordinator or video analyst, so essentially my role remains the same,” he said. “My main responsibilities involve the use of SportsCode performance analysis technology to analyze game film, scout opponents, and create video edits to prepare the team for competition.”

Because most of his game-day efforts will revolve around video duties, Smith will likely not be able to lead the cheers from the front row of the student section as he did last season. However, he does plan to do his part for the pre-game recruiting efforts.

“I won’t be up in the student section coordinating the cheers this season, but as a team, we will be making a concerted effort in getting the student attendance back up to the level it was last season,” he said.

He also plans to bring back theme nights, and already has one in mind – Superhero Night. “This will of course feature the Amazing Webster SpiderChan and SpearMan,” he said. “Going forward, we want our weekend games to have themes that families as well as students can participate in. In fact, we’d love for all our fans to join in with the themes.”

Here is a look back at a video from last season to see what a difference Smith made with the students:


  1. The Prodigal son has returned! Welcome back Jamie! Now, the Real Rainbow Warriors will start their quest for BWC regular and BWC tournament crowns, yes Dallan, that is the key, not Nash, or Wheeler, Or Riley, it is Jamie Smith!

    Aloha Jamie, get those students out to the game, have the players, go door to door to drum up excitement!
    I am not joking, Jamie is a Huge Part of Gib’s MBB program!

    Go Jamie and the Rainbow Warriors!
    Go Bows!

  2. Good luck out there Jamie! Winchester Warriors will have you back when you have more Visa problems!

  3. Welcome back Jamie. You were great last season.

  4. I would think more than 70 percent of fans that attend the games at big time program are students and our student section is 1 percent

  5. Apologies to this topic, Welcome back big time Jamie, see you on Jan 30 for LBSU home game, and hopefully Dayton will do a video interview, on your video assignments, scout, and how you will help the guys go dorm to dorm, pep rallies, meet and greet to get 600 or more students out to game. Last year was a Blast?)

    (Warriors need to make up for slow start: )CONTINUATION of Topic previous, slow start, great that everyone has opinion and suggestions. Derek, that pulling a guy who makes one mistake, after a few minutes, That sounds familiar, going back to , Rocha, O’Neil, Little, F. Arnold, Riley Wallace and Bob Nash? They all did same thing, went back to first 6 or 7 rotations guys, coach’s did not trust athlete who made mistake, costly turnover, of not boxing out, Jawato, illegal screens, several times, Dyrbe not going out after open 3 ball shooter, Thomas, running over guy at N. Arizona for key offensive charge, swing momentum. I guess Gib is the same as all the previous UH coaches.

    UH is now 17 games into regular season, and 2 games into BWC play, I WANT Gib to make changes, adapt, new O and D schemes, even switch out some starters, I think in practice, Jawato, Enos, Thomas, Jovanovich, Harper, Hackman, along with Valdes, Negus, have been beating the first team, however IN REAL time league games, Coach , as were the past 6 UH HC’s, get really nervous, and don’t want team to lose lead or start to get blown out.

    And usually in league play, Coaches, unless, you have a BCS, Louisville, Kentucky, Michigan St, etc, where they might have 8 or 9 man great athlete rotation, Gib short list is: Spearman, Shamburger(though I agree, play Smith more, until Keith’s hip flexor is better, Keith, no offensive game at this point, 6 pts, in two games?), Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels. First off the bench: Smith, Rozitis, Valdes, and maybe Thomas, that is about it, possibly 6 or 7 guys get majority of PT and the rest as needed to rest starters or relieve if foul plauged. Oh, and a big shout out to Enos, in practice, he earned it, running what Gib wants, maybe not the greatest in athleticism, or quicks, or size, however, if he gets hot from the corner, great weapon.

    Honestly, Derek, Eagle, and others who say after the winnable, WE THOUGHT, since Poly is better, much,much better, beating UCSB at home, and an athletic, Northridge team, that Hawaii would at least have split. 1-1…not 0-1.

    First game against Poly, I was as Eagle , and Derek say , frustrated, at times disgusted, nervous, angry, having ulcer attack, heart palpitations, NEVER was I mad at the guys, however The Effort, and the Attitude,: they must have thought, we walk out onto court, and we are going to win anyway, Beeeep,..Wrong!! big time. Next game against, LBSU, that first half, UH played very well, and in second half, showed tremendous character on coming back with a game they could have and should have won, at the buzzer.

    As Former UH Athlete, and he does give real time critique of coach and players, if something is amiss, no holds barred, he feels, as does Tonganator, and a few others on this forum, LET’s give the team a Chance, See what Gib says in Wed, BB Star Advertiser Article, or blogs, or WI interview, what he and Team will do to improve,
    I tell You, the medicine, the best for getting us out of the Disgust Mode, A WIN, a solid, not nail biting, big win, against Riverside, If this team is still working hard, and ONE OHANA, I believe they will get things fixed and come out with a victory against Riverside, and 11-12 guys will play. As I stated, I was really disappointed along with thousands of bandwagon jumpers that UH is 0-2, however , if they beat Riverside, and go on the road, with better 3 point shooting, not just Nevels, as a threat, to me that is the key, not enough, consistent 3 point threats, as well as guards, delivering, Q and Sham the ball to the shooters on time, they can, if the guys are open, instead of going to Fotu, get it to Nevels, Enos , Spearman, and Derek and others, if Hackman,Jawato, and Harper, can affect winning, play outstanding D and really help offensive flow, AND hit 3 pointers, with no fear, they will Play.
    At this point, Has To be Senior Captains, get together, team only Meeting, and iron things out, from HERE on out, Captains take the lead to get wins,…still thought of last year, that 3 game winning streak in conference on the road, by UH after Seniors, returned to Starting lineup, and led, was great, hope Christian, Davis, and Spearman, take the lead, lead the guys in getting their first BWC victory, then out of the next 6 games, 2 on the road and 4 at home, if they can go 5-1 on that swing, UH is right back up there,..
    Go Bows, And as Hawaii Mongoose says: and I agree, I ain’t giving up on the Rainbow Warriors, true fans that we are, however, Gib has to make adjustments, to team, coaching and personnel wise, Do anything to secure victory, it ALL falls on Gib AND the athletes, they will get it done!

    Go Bows!

  6. I agree with hoops, give Gib and players a chance to see what their scout, agenda is for providing MORE 3 point shooting, that is a REAL sore spot, if UH at home and away, cannot hit 3 pointers, even if Christian and Isaac, who had pretty good game at Northridge, go off for combined 32 pts and 22 rebounds , 4 blocked shots, if the perimeter guys are not knocking down, 38-40% or their 3 pointers, or make mistakes, where it causes turnovers,and UH cannot even get into their sets, UH in trouble offensively. Also the boxing out, not letting the BWC athletic bigs crash and covert the boards for put backs, devestating. Sure, a lot falls, he is the guy getting payed the big bucks, Gib, but the guys have to take care the ball, make the correct pass, the proper screens, rotations, Defend, and especially shoot well from 3 pt land and FT line, have to hit 8-9 for good percentage 3 pointers, then UH will challenge and win against any team in BWC here or on the road,. SHOOTING has to improve, FT shooting and 3 point shooting, will help UH maintain or increase leads.

    And if you never experienced a Theme Nite with Jamie Smith conducting, it is WILD. for those UH students, COME on out, for us middle aged and older, come to one SSC home game, with JAMIE SMITH back, UH will have a great game, and the Fans can enjoy a lot more victories, pretty sure, Jamie is UH Basketball, great guy, to WANT to come back to Hawaii,instead of go to NBA team, Amazing, every Game is a Party!

  7. Derek: It must be in practice….Jawato, Harper, and Hackman, can they Defend, and run the offensive sets, without turning over ball or fouling, that causes them to have lesser PT or none. Pretty sure, if they were killing the first team in practice and making no mistakes, Gib would use them more.
    I think he wants the first 8-9 guys, to get leads, controlling then ease in Jawato, Enos, Jovanovich, Harper,Hackman, whomever, as hoops says, I agree, Jawato, should have had medical RS and gotten surgery for ankles, he is not the same athlete he was , going 7 for 7 in BWC game last year, before a series of injuries, some guys are just injury prone. Very sure, Brandon Jawato, WILL have that game, where he hits 3 or 4 in a row to affect winning, and if guys get sick or injured, maybe 3 or 4 key starters, first rotation guys, Harper, Jawato, Jovanovich WILL play., Let’s see Hawaii get win number one as hoops, and HawaiiMongoose, Former UH athlete, say, this team will not, will not go on a 7 game losing streak, I say, if they are together, and improve their FT and 3 pt shooting,UH could go 11-3 the rest of the regular season, KEY they get better, and it starts with Coach and team.


  9. Welcome back Jamie Smith!!

    Get us out of the losing streak? Simple, WIN the ball game against Riverside, however Gib has to do it.

    Open up rotation spots to the rest of 9 guys on the bench, let them go at it, who can shoot well, rebound, defend, protect ball, and when in the game, help team get leads, and win against Riverside, and the next 2 road games.

    Whomever, contributes, to winning, gets to play more PT, agree, down the road, for BWC tournament, and if Hawaii gets to Post Season play, they need,, more scoring from perimeter, as hoopsa, and winbow says, I agree, 3 pt shooting, is weak area, needs to address, whether, having Enos, Hackman, Harper, or Jawato, Spearman too, and Shamburger, have to hit shots. Shamburger has to , if healthy, be much more offensive minded, has to have 10-12 pt, 6 assist game, and knock down 2 or 3 three pointers, Quincy Smith, has to, work on his shot too, though his offense, is taking it to the rim and getting fouled, if Smith, could hit mid range to 3 ball, consistently, UH , with the better outside shooting will be winning more and scoring in the eighties again, however, the bugaboo, Conference play, BWC teams know everything about UH,and now with Jamie coordinating Video and Scout analysis, which he is good at doing, even for NBA teams, let’s see UH get on a winning streak!
    Go Rainbow Warrior.

  10. Sorry, guys, MBB team and coaches, we fans make mistakes too!

    Edit: First game against Poly, I was as Eagle , and Derek say , frustrated, at times disgusted, nervous, angry, having ulcer attack, heart palpitations, NEVER was I mad at the guys, however The Effort, and the Attitude,: they must have thought, we walk out onto court, and we are going to win anyway, Beeeep,..Wrong!! big time. Next game against, NORTHRIDGE( not LBSU), that first half, UH played very well, and in second half, showed tremendous character on coming back with a game they could have and should have won, at the buzzer.

    Rainbow Warriors!


    If HE can shoot the three pointer with consistency, plus his skillset, and learn to rebound and defend with intensity, imagine, next season…wow.

    Isaac Fleming combo guard 6’4″ 200 lb, athletic 3 star.
    Stefan Janokovich 6’11’ 242, athletic skillset 3 star.
    Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ , great range, skillset 3 star.

    those are great additions for next season!

  12. JAMIE SMITH….SSC has not been the same without you! They missed you so much, the band moved to the middle of the student section. Time to make “Every game a PARTY!”

  13. E komo mai, Jamie Smith!

    Me and the kids have season tickets and they really enjoyed the theme nights last year and when the Manoa Maniacs turned out in force and were all amped up. Great to have you back and thanks for trying to create themes that families as well as students can enjoy.

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