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Warriors pull away from Oregon State, 79-73


Isaac Fotu scored 17 points, Garrett Nevels added 16 points, Christian Standhardinger had 15 points and Brandon Spearman finished with 14 points today as Hawai’i pulled away from Oregon State, 79-73, to take fifth place in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic.

A Christmas Day crowd of about 4,800 watched the Warriors improve to 9-3; the Beavers fell to 7-4.

After leading 40-38 following a tight first half, UH exploded for a 23-4 run early in the second half started by Keith Shamburger’s shot-clock-buzzer-beating 3-pointer from the right corner and capped by Fotu’s slam dunk with 8:08 remaining to make it 65-46.

Oregon State chipped away and later closed it to 69-62 on Roberto Nelson’s putback with 2:10 left, but Nevels answered with a 12-foot baseline jumper 13 seconds later and the Beavers could not get closer than the final score.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. SLOPPY FINISH, Loss of Focus Last Five Minutes
    After Running Up 19 Point Lead
    But Dominant (HOME) Performance Otherwise

    Team Deserves ʻA Restʻ After The Intensity of The DHC

    Clean Up Deficiencies Against Norfolk State and Nebraska-Omaha

    READY(?) For Big West?
    At Least 80-90%

    STEP-UP to 40 Minutes of Total Focus to WIN Another Game or Two in BW….

    GOOD & Important WIN
    Lost Some Lustre with Saint Mary’s LOST WEEK Collapse…
    BUT Still A WIN Today and Strong Over a PAC-12 ‘Name’ Team…

    Merry Christmas, ALL …

  2. Eagle, my friend,…the end, I think UH spent so much great energy, over 3 games, and had chance to beat Boise too…they missed a lot of FT’s, plus, that 19 pt lead, UH loss some focus.
    Great guard play, Fotu, really dominate the inside.

    Eagle: UH- 9-3 at this point. Two fairly good winning teams, DI , Norfolk St on Dec 30, and Nebraska Omaha on Jan 3…so UH still has to keep up good team O and D play,..a lot of us thought perhaps UH would be 10-4 or 11-3 going into BWC play.

    Shoots, Eagle, a win, is a win, is a win…
    And….Fotu, hurt, Smith back tighten, Standhardinger, sick, Spearman still tweaked ankle, Aaron Valdes, that elbow ligament tear, these guys as Tonganator and TribeVx4 say, are good kids, and True Warriors!

    Go Bows!!

  3. It says a lot about this team how they have responded after losing by their own mistakes against Boise St.
    Two great wins over two quality teams.
    Looking forward to the next few non-conference action before wide-open BW play.

  4. Shout out to the Valdes’ , the Spearmans, the Fotus, and other family and friends of team. Aaron, great energy, key athlete for Big West conference games. Thankyou to TribeVx4 and ohana for sharing Aaron’s high ceiling talent with UH , that is why they are becoming a very good team
    To the Spearman’s , Brandon played like a man on a mission, despite, having, a tender ankle, he was so physical, and 3 games played well and affected winning. As we all know, if Brandon Spearman did not go down with 5 more games to play in BWC regular season, UH would probably have won 20 games last year. Brandon, heart and soul of team.
    To Tonganator , and the Elite Eighteen from New Zealand, Isaac with one wounded wing, played awesome, he is not 7 foot tall, but plays like he is 6’11” 265 with great footwork and ability to finish!
    Proud of Frotu!

    Great Win guys. Still get better,and foused on finishing games, were you have a big lead. Hit free throws.However, compared to last year. Promise, great potential for UH to do well in BWC!

    Tough opening round of BWC games for UH , 4 out of 5 on the road! UH, at minimum, had to go 3-2, better 4-1, to really be at the top , go 5-0, and that is what these Rainbow WARRIORS are about, they are winners.

    Shout out to Christian, great passion, keep together, stay together ONE OHANA, you can help along with THE WHOLE TEAM together, win a BWC tournament and go to NCAA’s , just Stay Together..and I KNOW you were sick, fighting cold or flu, True Warrior Christian, Danke Herr Standhardinger, and Salamat!, (thank you for great always bringing 100% effort to help UH win!)

    Uhfanzonly1. And as hoopsa says, Eagle, this team gotta get these next two non conference games, maybe give, Aaron and Mike T, more playing time, dictated by score, WE need AV and MT, to step up, to win BWC championships, regular season and tournament.

    Eagle: must be UH on the rise RPI,BPI and Pomeroy…hope that Western Michigan, Montana, NMSU, of course ranked Mizzou, Boise, St Mary’s, and OSU all make the NCAA’s, can help UH’s seeding if the get one bid to NCAA, in March 2014!

    Uhfanzonly. Aloha, and Mahalo to Warrior Insider, the Schmidts, and all the contributors, die hard, old guys like me, as well as new fans of UH MBB. Aussie Mum, Tonganator, and TribeVx4, thankyou for supporting your great sons. One Ohana!


  5. To the WHOLE TEAM: great , great DHC showing, keep up the good work, and to Gib Arnold, his wonderful wife, and children, have a great ending to 2013, and a better Jan through March finish, hopefully to greatness.
    Gib, you are doing it the right way, recruited, good guards, wings, and stocking up for year’s to come, with kids who want to be here, One Ohana, and do well in school, and are good citizens, young men!

    Gib Arnold great Job, and congratulations, on getting YOUR 61st win of your career, so far, with , 18 more games to go before BWC tournament, great job Gib!

    Aloha and Mahalo, your passion and staying the course, with your fantastic staff, boosters, and the student athletes, is paying off.!!
    Mahalo Gib!


  6. Watching game live, SSC cannot beat it. These Warriors, they are learning to win, even in half court, on offense and defense, at home and on the road.
    Key, as all have stated, the guard play…Spearman, the warrior, Shamburger, the general, Quincy Smith, the energizer, and Nevels, the athletic scorer, within system.
    The Two great Forwards in Fotu and Standhardinger.
    Going to need , production out of Rozitis, Thomas, Valdes, Enos, and the rest off the bench, if UH gets into deep foul trouble in Big West conference, they will.

    Gib doing a great job of managing. When you have guards that hardly turn the ball over, what is it now, 9 TO’s for this game, and averaging about 12 T0’s for the season, UH going to win a lot of games. Have to prepare for that, killer 4 game road swing, sandwiched by one home game to start Big West conference. This team, finish strong, get 11,,12, 13 conference wins, going to be tough, however, UH not big, however their hearts and great BB minds are winning for them, They are winners.

  7. These guys are just awesome! Good team effort. This is a we team not an I team. Can’t wait to see the next game.

  8. It got sloppy at the ends of both halves. Lots of missed free throws which kept the score within reach. The guards played well again. Standhardinger a zero in the second half. What was that!!!!! He took some hurried shots and started to get frustrated when his shots wouldn’t fall. He didn’t look to pass to his teammates. I don’t think Arnold was happy even though they got the win. I thought Nevels and Spearman were solid and Shamburger was very steady handling the ball and dishing.

  9. Beat St. Mary’s and Oregon State and going 2-1 in the DH Classic. I’d say that’s a pretty good Christmas present. Merry Christmas to all.

  10. More props to Shamburger… Just a fabulous performance by him.

    9pts, 10 assists, 1 Turnover, and 2 steals. That’s HUGE production from the pg position. He officially accounted for more than 30 points (pts + pts on assists), not including a few trips to the FT line after a Shamburger pass.

  11. Former UH Athlete: Upgrade from last year’s PG by commitee, Yes Sir. Keith great floor leader, and all four of the guards are taking care of the ball. I think as of today, UH is averaging 12.6 turnovers per game, which is great, considering how fast they try to score.

    UHA, I also, appreciate, how this team can run Half Court Sets, very patient, then get to two bigs down, low, or Christian at FT line for his drives, and the wings, Spearman, Valdes, Nevels, hit the 3’s, great balance.
    Good guard play helps win games, great guard play( and UH is getting better each week) wins Championships and invites to the NIT and NCAA’s!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  12. This year, all 4 guards, willing to get to paint, and to rim, i.e, Spearman, at times Smith, who waits for opening then tries to finish. Q has to focus on his Free Throws, so important, he draws a lot of contact and he will have to hit 75% or better from the line. Fotu, he can be 75% or better too, that hand bothers, him, wait until it heals completely and he has the cast off.

    The Guards, or rather the changing of the guards. Man this team , can compete with the top 25(Mizzou on the road) and top 40 teams, Boise, St Mary’s, top 100 teams Oregon St. BCS Pac12 pride.
    These guys are exciting, however very good BB IQ!
    Christian, has to keep cool head, could cost him , or team points, however, love that Valdes steps in, Rozitis, or they run 3 guards with Rozitis, and Fotu, or Sham, Nevels, Q , Valdes , that pressing team, quite effective, they can get up the court and finish in a few seconds!
    What a difference, having atheltic, quicker guards make.
    The Bigs concern, maybe , with Christian, Fotu, Davis, and Mike T has to step up, maybe Stefan Jovanovich, Gib, mix and match pretty well, they should be okay in BWC play!

    Go Bows!!

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