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Warriors pull away from Norfolk State, 77-66


Christian Standhardinger scored a game-high 29 points, Garrett Nevels added 21 points and Brandon Spearman contributed 11 points tonight to help Hawai’i pull away from Norfolk State, 77-66, in non-conference men’s basketball action.

A crowd of about 4,700 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors improve to 10-3; the Spartans fell to 8-6.

Norfolk State led, 28-27, after a close first half and 32-30 early in the second, but Nevels drained a deep 3-pointer to ignite a 9-0 run capped by Isaac Fotu’s free throw to give UH a 39-32 lead with 15:53 remaining in the game.

The Warriors later stretched the lead to 64-50 on Spearman’s layup with 6:30 left, and the Spartans could not get closer than 74-66 on Malcom Hawkins’ 12-foot bank shot with 1:26 remaining.

Standhardinger scored 18 of his points in the second half, and finished with seven rebounds. Nevels had eight boards. Keith Shamburger had six assists.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Good win …number 62 career. ..
    Go Bows!!

  2. Win and major step up on offense. and defense. Nice victory.
    Omaha going be a war!
    Get the win guys!!


  3. eagle….exactly what is BPI…RPI…pomeroy Rankings and how does it affect UH regular and postseason. .it gets confusing. .seem like UH only chance for NCAA dance is to win Big West tournament. .?or just a progress indicator.,?
    thanks in advance..

  4. Great comeback win. Like New Mexico State , Missouri on the Road, the teams with athletic, length, pretty good athletes, can give UH trouble. That 7 footer was altering shots, and making it hard for Fotu. Good thing, UH has Nevels, and later Standhardinger and Spearman just kept on attacking in second half.
    I guess, that is how UH will have to win on road agains Irvine, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, just out hustle, and turnover, teams that might have more athleticism, or have the tall posts and perimeter players.
    Well, it is the best 5 on 5, and help from the bench. This team is pretty good. The best in nearly 10 years. Hope they can get Omaha. That team is 10-4, and very good. Come on out to the Stan Sheriff Center, at least 5000, should be a great game!
    And yes, as hoops says, congratulations to Gib for career win number 62 and mounting!

  5. winbow, they were doubling Fotu in the post, and the shot blocker was coming over and trying to deny and protect the rim. Good test, when UH goes agains those, LBSU, Irvine, UCSB teams with athletes who can get steals and block shots.
    When Isaac is isolated, against even taller opponent, he has great footwork and counter moves, can still bet shots off. That double, that is how BW teams will play him. As winbow, says, good thing this team, has more weapons, Christian, Nevels, Spearman, energy in Q coming off the bench. Still would like to see Jawato get up to speed, and help on D, and get his 3 ball going down, they can use him, on the road, in BWC . get well Jawato, we need your help too!

    Otherwise great win, and some more, video for team to look at, to see how they can attack switching defenses, and how Shamburger, has to protect ball from the lengthy athletic, guards who pick his pocket, Shamburger pretty smart PG, he will protect ball more, he values it, and will try not to have 5 turnover game in BWC play. This Norfolk team , as everyone was saying, they are going to win the MEAC and go to NCAA’s, another quality team UH played. Now on to Omaha, who is a very good Mid West, like Western Michigan, team, played some good opponents, and got some good wins!

    Go Bows!

  6. winbows1, RPI is a measure of your wins and the strength of those wins. it factors your win loss record, modified by a factor based on your opponent’s collective record and your opponent’s opponents record to form a strength of schedule modifier.

    it is the main thing the selection committee will use as a mathematical tool for both the NCAA tourney and the NIT. for us, it means little: we’ll still have to win the BWC tourney to get to the dance, but it’s a good progress indicator.

    Pomeroy is basically an enhanced version of RPI. it uses a similar formula, but it also factors in scoring margin, pace of the game ( as it can muddy scoring margin if not accounted for) and a deeper SOS formula. its basically a slightly more accurate RPI rating.

    BPI goes a step further, and accounts for all the things Pomeroy’s rankings account for, and also weights games differntly if a main player is out injured. this helped us a little because it gave a lower weight to the losses spearman did not play in and gave more value to the wins.

    Poweroy and BPI are not explicitly used by the selection committees for selection, but they MAY be depending on whether the individual voter decides to consider them. RPI, Pomeroy and BPI all end up the season fairly similarly.

    for us, its not super important, but is a good measuring stick of how ou rteam rates vs the rest of the country.

  7. Nice win tonight. Norfolk is a pretty good team with some good athletes, plus a gangly 7 footer.

    UH came out sluggish and Norfolk came to play in the first half. After halftime, UH put on the afterburners and got Norfolk way out of what they wanted to do.

    Looking at the play so far, I think Gib has his rotations pretty much set for BW play.

    Starters: Fotu, Standhardinger, Spearman, Nevels, Shamburger
    Bench rotation: Rozitis, Smith, Valdes
    Spot duty if foul trouble: Thomas, Enos

    All in all, I have to say Gib has stepped up his in-game coaching ability. He called TO and setup a very well executed last possession of the first half. Then he got the team to pick up the intensity big time after halftime, after a sluggish, sloppy first half. Also, Gib used put Smith and Shamburger on the court together and they really broke down Norfolk’s pressure defense very well.

    Timeout usage has been spot on for the most part. There have been more quality set plays off timeouts. So far, I’m quite happy with how Gib is running the program. It’s taken time to get to this point, but major rebuilding takes multiple years to complete.

  8. xer 21….Thank you. Very concise and clear explanation. I guess as eagle alludes to, comparing to last year and previous 3 years, of Gib’s tenure, this team is making progress among the 300+ NCAA D1 schools. This team has a ceiling, they just beat a very athletic team, that scouted them well, if they keep improving, and now, 8 out of 9 they have won, they go up in those rankings.

    Happy for Gib and this very hard working team, they stay together, and concerned about winning. They are going to shoot for NCAA’s , that is their goal. A regular season championship, first place, would assure that NIT spot. So , as others have stated, UH playing for Two goals, first, win the regular season title, and secondly, win the Big West Tournament. As Gary Dickman said on radio show, they want to be in the two post season dances that begin with the letter “N”, not “C”, right on.

    xer 21, and eagle thanks for the progress of UH men basketball team and program ranking, rundown, report. Gib has something special going. Team are believing they can beat anyone, and now, have to go out on the road, and think sweep. If they are going to reach goal hopefully of NCAA’s , that is what they have to do, think win every game.
    Should be good game this Friday. Omaha, very good team.

  9. Has anyone else noticed that coach Gib has been having bench nights lately?

  10. Bench nights? what do you mean?

  11. xer21 – Good Synopsis…

    i use the ratings because they provide perspective;
    The Wins This Season carry a little more ´weight´ than last year as reflected in the ¨relative” ratings;
    and i think it is accurate to how much better we think the team is;
    “Metrics” just give us feedback as measured in term of what we consider ‘valuable’, generally Wins, but also stats…

    and i find them pretty accurate ‘predictors’; such as Hawai’i was favored to Win by 8 or 9 tonight;
    i sleep a little easier knowing our ‘track record’ generally “shows up” (or a little better);

  12. xer 21:

    maybe warriorsofdawest means, Gib USING the bench more, Jawato, Valdes, Rozitis, Smith, and Thomas, 5 guys came in for PT, and even to give starters a rest, affected winning,. This Bench, they are really cheering on whomever on the court. Huge difference in team attitude demeanor from past.

    I don’t know xer 21, just guessing, warriorsofdawest , might have meant, USING MORE GUYS off the bench.? Number One thing , UH WON!!
    Will let him post..

  13. yeah, i just wasn’t sure, cause he just said Gib’s name, so i don;’t know if he’s referring to Gib himself, or the team that Gib is coaching.

    because i had Ê»predictedÊ» the return of Jawato to Active Minutes and Dyrbe before that, is that…

    Gib has a sense of the relative strengths of the teams;
    Playing “Less-Ready” Players is a RISK: in that
    1) They Make (More) Mistakes:
    a) Valde´s Allowed Three (but played well, even Plus Points)
    b) Dyrbe’s Allowed Transition Lay-Up and One (Never Got to Hit His Threes)
    c) Mike Thomas’s Turnover (Never Got to Flash his Stuff)
    d) Jawato (relatively experienced, did well, stayed in a Really Long Time Versus Spearman(!)
    And the First Three could have ‘Cost’ Leads, maybe Momentum, or a Game (IF we were a Weaker Team like last year);
    RILEY Wasn’t WILLING to Take these Risks;
    2) The obvious Reward is that the Individual Players Grow Faster And The Team is Developing Depth and Strength;

    IF This is what “West” was referring to, yes i’ve been noticing and telling people we should see Aaron tonight (but now also regularly), Dyrbe tonight and Jawato Soon, maybe tonight, along with Thomas…

    AS FUHA notes,
    Quincy, Davis and Aaron know they should be ready as part of Most Games’ Regular substitutions; and
    Thomas, Dyrbe AND Jawato know they need to be ready (And are Close to Joining the ‘First Substitution’ Group)

    To Me, i can usually tell IF a player expects to play by His Focus and demeanor in warm-ups…
    The Better indicator would be in practice daily;
    OR When the Coach declares he’s looking for Aaron, Thomas, Dyrbe and Jawato Time
    (He’s already declared his Complete Trust in Quincy, Davis and Aaron —
    They could all Start or Finish Any Particular Game)

    The Risk Versus Reward Analysis
    Hawai’i was Favored (Pomeroy Again) by 8 to 9 Points versus Norfolk
    AND Credit them for Keeping the Game Tight/Challenging During the First Half
    BUT Gib’s (maybe “Bench Night”) substitution pattern confirmed (to me)
    that he and staff also considered that we (at least at home) were the better team
    THEN In the Second Half he stayed with the First Seven/Eight to PUT ‘Em (Norfolk) Away

    IF, Hawai’i similarly handles A Really GOOD Omaha Team
    (we were/are once again favored by eight)
    We “May” See More Risk/Reward/Investment Substitutions…

    On The ‘Deep Bench Nights’ even the lightly used walk-ons look really focused in warm-ups…
    (There ‘should’ be a few of those nights in Big West Play
    IF WE Weren’t so Good, i wouldn’t say this,
    BUT depending on How Far our Bench has grown — they’re pretty Good with Thomas, Jovanovic & The Futures
    We ‘should’ approach another 30-Point Margin of Victory (might even approach 40, RE: Had OSU @ 19…Before the Philosophical Blow-Up…)

    This Team has Enough Talent and Individuals who know… The Team IS Developing “Killer Instinct” which should “Extinguish” Most of Those Games (in previous years) where we let Teams Back In after 10, 15, 20 Point Leads…

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