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Warriors enjoy Kaua’i-an hospitality


The University of Hawai’i basketball program has learned over the past four years that a game on a Neighbor Island is quite the event for the people of those islands.

The fans on Kaua’i were the latest example, as they showed the Warriors what Garden Island hospitality is all about, both before and after the team’s 94-84 victory over Chaminade at Kaua’i High School Gym in Lihu’e.

“Give all kinds of credit to the people of Kaua’i” UH head coach Gib Arnold said. “They treated us like royalty; they made us feel really at home. We had a great time.”

It started before the game, when Lihu’e resident Lenny Rapozo and his family opened their home as the host site for the Warriors’ pre-game meal. Rapozo happens to be the Kauai County Parks & Recreation Director, so he was involved in some of the planning for the game between UH and Chaminade. When he found out the Warriors were in search of a place to eat their pre-game meal, he offered his own backyard.

“During this time of the year, we have a lot of Christmas parties, birthday parties, so all of our county facilities are already taken,” he said. “At our house, we’ve hosted different (high school) teams here. We’re happy to have the University of Hawaii basketball men here.”


After the game, the Warriors stayed in Kaua’i High Gym for more than an hour, signing autographs and posing for pictures

Kaua’i is the fourth Neighbor Island that the Warriors have played on in the last four seasons, and it may not be the last. Arnold said he would like to play a game on Lana’i, although the facilities might be an obstacle.

“We looked very closely at Lana’i, and I still want to do that,” Arnold said. “They have a rubber floor there that’s not quite up to par with NCAA rules, so we’ll look into that. I figure we’ll just give Larry Ellison a call and have him build a new arena out there for Lana’i High School. That would be the only (island) that has a gym that we haven’t played at … we’re going to keep doing this, this is fun.”

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Best idea GIB had ..play game on outer islands…the guys love it !!
    Go Bows!!

  2. Eagle, Valerie Schmidt, UHF and winbows correct. UH MBB team, ace your finals, and get at 3.0 or better cumulative GPA, keep that APR good to go.
    Then, work towards, getting ready for Boise St.
    Know that you guys are winners, and will be ready for the Broncs!

    Go Bows!

  3. Seriously, Yes…

    Please Establish UHMBB as Oracle-Sponsored Larry Ellison/Lanai and All-Hawaiʻiʻs Team…

    Better the Whole UHAD… with World-Wide Reach & Impact

    Hawaiʻi IS That Special,
    The International Diversity IS Established, Begun
    The Aloha/Ohana Culture and Values make it all worth the Effort
    Bring World-Class Events and Funding to Hawaiʻi and U.H….
    Let the Ripples/Waves Fan Out Around and Enrich the Planet as One Ohana
    Hoʻokahi No ʻOhana…
    ALL One

  4. Mahalo to Big Island, Maui, now Kauai, who are fans of the only NCAA D1 program in the state, the Rainbow Warriors, are Hawaii’s team! Great job, and mahalo to Chaminade, who are great team too!
    I think in the past, Riley Wallace team played on Maui, the 2003-04, Michael Kuebler led NIT team, part of the Maui ESPN invitational, loss to UCSB, then beat Santa Clara and Chaminade to finish 2-1 in that tournament.That was nice before the advent of the Diamond Head Classic.

    Go Bows!

  5. Also shout out to Molokai for friendliness and hospitality to the Silverswords and the Rainbow Warriors, last year!

  6. Eagle, if Larry Ellison wants to make major impact on Hawaii, its people and its athletics, He becomes, major donor, he could help develop stadium for UH field sports, FB, SB, Swimming complex, and of course, a world class athletic center, and arena on Lanai, that very beautiful and cool island. Imagine, having the Lanai Pineapple Classic in the future, with teams from USA and Asia, Pacific.

    Come on Mr Ellison, you can do it! And Ben Jay, get out and do your thing, Ellison is a major player!
    Go Bows!

  7. Dear Larry,

    Our UH lower campus is in dire need of facilities upgrading such as the demolition and rebuilding of Klum Gym into a state of art practice facility and new performance training section.

    And with the vision and help of Ben Jay ,athletic director, Larry, please look into putting a new on campus stadium where the soccer practice fields, it can be done, it will galvanize the community, bring back a college atmosphere, 35k seats is just right for the fans and students.

    Oracle Stadium at UH Manoa would be a great start. Merry Xmas

  8. Too bad the UH Basketball team did not experience Kauai’s best, Hamura Saimin!!!!

  9. The Answers May Be Right in Our Own Backyard…

    Wonder IF The Chinese Team in The I’olani Tourney needs to Place a player or Two In Hawai’i ?
    A Place they can Trust a la East-Weat Center…

    P.S Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Everyone !

  10. If Mr. Ellison supports UH I will make it a point to fly inter island with his airline. No more Hawaiian Air. And if he supports UHMB I will not only fly on his airline, I will book hotel reservations on Lanai. But gotta be when the rooms have discount. Otherwise I goin be broke. So if all the fans here support Mr. Ellison we can make reciprocity—I scratch your back and you scratch my back. Or something like that. Watch out Ducks.

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