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Pop quiz about Kaua’i


Final examinations for the University of Hawai’i basketball players are coming up next week, so to get the Warriors warmed up, WarriorInsider surprised them with a pop quiz about Kaua’i. The Warriors will play Chaminade at Kaua’i High School this Saturday.

Since Gib Arnold became head coach of the program in 2010, the Warriors have played at least one Neighbor Island game every season (Maui in 2010, Big Island and Maui in 2011, Moloka’i in 2012, and Kaua’i this year).

Among the discoveries in the pop quiz: the Warriors are generally aware that they will be traveling to a Neighbor Island for a game this weekend; naming all eight of the Hawaiian Islands is quite difficult; Kauai is not that easy to spell if you did not grow up in Hawai’i … or did not take a Hawaiian Studies class.

Game 9 Tipoff Notes
Hawai’i (6-2, 0-0 Big West) vs. Chaminade (4-3, 2-0 PacWest)
When: Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Kauai High School Gymnasium – Lihue, Kaua’i
Television: None
Streaming Video: None
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM with Bobby Curran. Neighbor islands can listen live on KNUI on Maui, KHLO in Hilo, KKON in Kona and KTOH on Kaua’i.
Audio Webcast: Live audio streaming on espn1420am.com
Live Stats: Live in-game stats are available at GoSwords.com
Ticket Information: Tickets are $5 in advance; $8 at the door. For more information call (808) 274-3169.
Promotions: The team will be conducting an autograph session at the conclusion of the game.


  1. I love these. Funny stuff.

  2. Got to watch Boise St vs Kentucky the other night as I wanted to see this high scoring Boise team in vs a real opponent…

    What I saw was pretty much what I expected. In the end Kentucky just had too much talent for Boise to handle. I will say that Kentucky is a poorly coached team. Coach Cal better step it up or it’ll be a quick exit out of the Big Dance assuming they make it.

    Boise loves to run and gun. That much is very clear. They often go 4 guards and 1 forward. As soon as they get the ball (make or miss) they push it upcourt for a quick shot. If it’s not there, their half court offense is perimeter oriented. They weave and pass along the perimeter until they get a favorable matchup to setup a dribble drive. That’s what they did vs Kentucky, which worked for a while as Kentucky’s help defense stinks.

    They really only have 2 shooters with a lot of attempts (Drmic and Elorriaga) but Boise in general is very aggressive with the dribble drive.

    Where Kentucky really beat up Boise was in the inside. Boise does not have a good post defender and Fotu could have a field day if he’s healthy. Will be interesting to see how Rozitis plays. With Boise being so aggressive with dribble penetration and the refs calling contact much more this year, Rozitis will have his hands full to not get in foul trouble.

    Boise averages 28 FT attempts per game, which is proof of how aggressive they are at going at the rim.

    Spearman, Rozitis, and Valdes will need big defensive games for UH to slow Boise’s attack enough.

  3. Uh athlete:
    Watched this team in person enough, and watching progress on the road. Gib has good scout, really good. As well as his focus, on becoming a very very good Defensive team. Will help team shut down, good to better D1 schools and Big West teams coming into the Stanley. On the road, I like their effort against Missouri, they were super competitive with a top 25 team. As well as , a team, at 7000 feet, with Gib’s excellent substitutions, and though our Bigs, will struggle at times on the road, really the killer was playing at almost 1 1/2 miles above sea level, dry and cold, the guards and bench, help team to still pressure and get stops, run outs and score. That is the KEY for this year’s UH team, by Big West play, if UH is the leader, in that conference, in team defense, shutting guys down, here and on the road, alongside their ability to average over 80 ppg, UH will be successful.
    I think UH has good chance to win this Diamond Head Classic, No top ten teams in it., the Stan Sheriff Center, and its 5000+ fans, and hopefully I can make it , if can get off work, will help team to make a run for title, go 3-0 or at least 2-1. Solid Defense helps team win games, and this team is starting to play very good team D.

  4. In addition, for UH, this Chaminade game, to get a good W, a solid win, scoring well over 80 points, and shutting down, the Silverswords, who will be jacking probably over 30 three point attempts, key. Have to get this W, so vital, anything less, would be a downer. Going into DHC at 7-2 will be great positioning.

  5. And Chawan, agree, these guys, they are having fun, going to school and living in Hawaii, great bunch of athletes. They seem to really love having a great time, …and of course, winning games and championships, helps!

  6. FUHA: Boise States top 6 scorers.

    Team PPG average=87.8

    03 DRMIC,Anthony……6’6″ 196 20.1ppg
    02 MARKS,Derrick…… 6’3″ 206 17.2
    11 ELORRIAGA,Jeff… 6’2″ 180 12.0
    01 THOMPSON,Mikey…6’3″ 167 10.1
    00 WATKINS,Ryan……. 6’9″ 229 9.7
    12 HADZIOMEROVIC,Igor6’4″ 202.7.1

    Should be a shoot out!

    Bows, get the victory in Lihue!
    Go Bows!

  7. Also, with your neighboring NCAA D2 brethren, enjoy the hospitality and beauty of Kauai, the oldest island in the Hawaiian isle chain, and one of the most beautiful

    Go Bows!
    Dayton , great video, questions, and the families and friends of the team, from all across USA and the globe appreciate, having an on camera, extensive look into how their young sons are doing.
    Great job Dayton, Mahalo!

  8. All system go, ready to depart for Hawaii…. The KIWIS will be landed soon on the Island of Oahu. Good news about Jamie Smith, disappointed I won’t get to see him again as he won’t be in the Island until BWC starts.. Oh well at least hopefully I will get to meet the die hard fans of the UHMBB team.



  9. BSU’s Marks and Thomson are very quick players… foul trouble could be an issue with the refs tightening the calls.

  10. UH Athlete…
    .watched Boise St. too, they have a lot of guard, wings that slash, good athletes., now, Gib and staff, the scout, has to devise a Defense for those guys. Wouldn’t doubt if Hawaii, stays in that Zone, or match up,..You are right with these crazy new rules, so ticky tack fouls, depends on how crew referees will call the game. Surprised that UH got more FT’s on the road against N. Arizona. I guess they were more agressive to the basket. That is why UH athlete…Team Defense, and help defense, UH getting better, can always improve, going to run into those type of slashing quick perimeter players, the drive to cup and dish, so Diamond Head classic, a REAL test against quality teams. Once again rule of thumb, for Basketball, teams that play solid fundamental defense move feet, and team can now block shots guard rim, a bit. ..those teams win the majority of games. If UH can get 2 out of 3 wins in Classic, fantastic! Will have a good crowed Sunday Dec 22 at the Stanley. Come on out , those that can make, it, this team, is getting better, and will play uptempo, should be a shoot out with the Broncos!

  11. And echo the thoughts of all the faithful supportive UH basketball fans, Men’s, guys, don’t let down..get that victory against a nothing to lose Chaminade team. They will be firing 3’s from 30 feet guaranteed, all five of those on the court, will, be going to rim, or jacking three ball. UH has to go non stop, all out to win by 2 or 22, just get the win, then have the after game dinner and enjoy the beauty of Lihue !

  12. Tonganator, The Daddy Fotu, Fotu Mum and contingent from New Zealand, a loud Aloooha!! from the UH die hard MBB fans. Hope your trip went well to the Aloha State!
    Have a wonderful stay, through the Diamond Head Classic.
    You and your ohana will enjoy the beautiful island of Kauai, one of our favorite places.

    We, the UHF family, actually 2 of us, are old, and home bound, vog restricted, so cannot go out, however, we watch whatever broadcast is available, including Dayton’s wonderful video reports.

    Maybe, Dayton, can do short video, on Fotus, Harper, Hackmans, Valdes, Thomas’, whomever comes over during holidays, to show support for their sons. Great thing that Dayton, the Schmidts, and the Warrior Nation Ohana, do for University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball Program, without a doubt , I am sure, Gib, his staff, the athletes and their familes appreciate this wonderful online site. The Best!


  13. Be carefull because last years game against Chaminade almost resulted in a fight, we can not afford to have any players missing against Boise St. So our players had BETER keep a level head on their shoulders!

  14. That is where the captains, the seniors, Davis, Standhardinger and Spearman come in. You are right, on the court, these two teams have something to prove, Silverswords are not going to back down, they will shoot the ball, and get up and down the court. UH, has to keep a cool head, officials, will T up, anyone that gives backtalk, trash talk, stink eye, or get tangled with the other guys.

    Up to PG too. have to keep cool head. Just play ball, play tough Defense, stop the needless jawing, and get the W. I think it will be a good game, if UH plays, the way they have for past 4 games, on defense and running their fast offense, they should be okay.

    UH cannot afford getting upset, and lose game on Lihue. So if UH MBB team reads our forum posts, hey guys, FOCUS, get the win, and battle hard for 40 minutes, otherwise Chaminade will get W.

    Go Bows!

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