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Warriors fall on the road to Missouri, 92-80


The University of Hawai’i basketball team proved that it could keep pace with a fast Missouri team, but playing big was a different story.

The Warriors came up short on the boards and in the paint, and ultimately on the scoreboard, in a 92-80 loss to the Tigers before a crowd of 13,681 at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

The game was closer than the final score indicated, as there were 11 lead changes, and the Warriors had a 46-45 lead at halftime. Missouri had a single-digit lead for most of the second half, then pulled away in the closing minutes.

“For the most part I thought we played some good basketball,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “On the offensive side, we did some good things. I thought especially in the first half when we got the lead … made some runs. Weathered a few storms. Great passion. It was fun.”

The Warriors dropped to 2-2 with their second consecutive loss, while the Tigers improved to 3-0. It was Hawai’i’s first road trip of this season.

“Great arena, great event,” Arnold said. “But we came up here really believing that we could win, and we thought we had a shot. Late in the game, I thought we were right there with them but we’re all proud of the guys. That’s a good team.”

Senior forward Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 22 points on 9-of-12 shooting from the field before fouling out in the final minute. Junior guard Garrett Nevels added 17 points, junior point guard Keith Shamburger scored 12, and senior guard Brandon Spearman contributed 11 points.

Missouri out-rebounded Hawai’i, 44-30. The Tigers also scored 56 points “in the paint” and shot 57.6 percent from the field. The shorter Warriors scored 36 in the paint, and shot 41.8 percent from the field, including 23.8 percent (5 for 21) from 3-point range.

“Tonight we didn’t really shoot the ball well,” Arnold said. “We are actually a really good shooting team. We really weren’t getting any flow out of making our 3’s, so it had to come out of our defense. I really never thought we were out of the game and thought we were able to do that but we just didn’t do it tonight.”

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 7.50.38 PM

It was the first appearance of the season for Spearman, who sat out the first three games with an ankle injury. He was in the starting lineup and drained a 3-pointer on the opening possession to make his presence known immediately.

Missouri had a 40-30 lead with 4:56 remaining in the half, but Hawai’i closed the half with a 16-5 run. Missouri’s Jabari Brown scored on a driving layup just before the halftime buzzer to cut the UH lead to one.

“I think since we just stayed together, we worked a lot, had a lot of hustle plays, things that help you get back in the game,” Standhardinger said. “That’s where our spark came from, the hustle plays and staying together. We huddled up a lot of times, which is important when not playing at home. Staying together and hustling, that was the spark.”

Missouri opened the second half with an 11-2 run to regain the lead at 56-48, and the Tigers stayed in front the rest of the way.

The Warriors got as close as 59-57 with just over 13 minutes remaining, but the Tigers eventually pulled away. An 11-4 surge midway through the second half increased Missouri’s lead to 78-65 with 5:37 remaining. Hawai’i never got closer than seven after that.

Sophomore forward Isaac Fotu, who was averaging 16.7 points per game prior to the contest, finished with seven points on 3-of-9 shooting, though he did grab a team-high nine rebounds. Sophomore guard Quincy Smith also scored seven (all on free throws).

Missouri’s “three-headed monster” of guards combined for 48 points and 13 rebounds. Jabari Brown led the scoring with 23. Jordan Clarkson added 13 and Earnest Ross had 12 points and five assists.

Missouri played without head coach Frank Haith, who is serving a five-game suspension for previous NCAA rules violations. Interim coach Tim Fuller said he was impressed with the Warriors. “My hat goes off to Hawai’i,” he said. “I think they would finish in the top half of the SEC. They’re a great team. Great frontcourt. I was so proud of our frontcourt tonight for accepting that challenge.”

The Warriors are scheduled to return to Honolulu on Sunday, and will play their next three games at home, starting with a November 21 meeting against NCAA Division II Hawai’i-Hilo at the Stan Sheriff Center.


(Photos by www.mutigers.com)


  1. Good game. UH did what they could, really have to work on defense, otherwise, if Hawaii could stop that penetration, Hawaii might have won.

    Still say they are winning team, great attitude and never gave up! That Spearman, what a warrior, how is his ankle? Just like he came back for AFA game in C.I.T game…amazing..

    This team, will be alright, come back home, and get on winning streak, UH can score, with an SEC team on the road, have to get back to fundamental D, Missouri, got some strong athletes at PG, and wings.

    Good Effort guys, we are proud of you!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, much more respect for you all now!

  2. Hey fellow fans, these new rules, how can you defend post players, plus, defend any guy going to rim? College BB players going to have to play like Women’s game, really move feet, stay on ground. I think UH, has to go back to drawing board for defensive schemes, though their two game losing streak came to large, and skilled teams, New Mexico St and Missouri, two games on my calendar, that I crossed out as possible losses. Standhardinger, what a warrior, he just keeps on going, reminds me of last year, he, and if Fotu gets it going, FUHA, yes, he does struggle against athletic post defenders, however Isaac if could hit some perimeter shots would help his inside game.
    Garrett Nevels, the guy can score. Doesn’t matter playing WAC team with 7’5″ guy or good SEC team with great athletes. This Team, the Rainbow Warriors, will be good, very good, come BWC play!

    Go Bows!!
    Come home, and rock the SSC, great RBC, and this Mizzou road trip will make you better team. Have to Defend. You will be alright!


  3. Room to Grow

    Two Straight Games with Opponents Hitting 90+ Points and ~ 57% Field Goals;
    Gib & Co. Need to determine IF it’s Primarily Strength of Opposition or Major Need for Hawai’i Defensive Improvement (or both)

    I’m SURE He Will Drive Defensive Improvement…

    Look Forward to Staff’s Analysis of What may have been Learned
    in Getting First Road-Shock Out of the Way…

    Great to have Standhardinger AND Spearman Back…

    GOT To Also Get Stronger on the Boards
    Missouri scored 56 in the Paint Focusing on Winning the Battle in the Paint….
    NOT Just relying on their guards…
    MO Coach noted the Paint as their point of emphasis)

  4. Yes. good game and effort guys!! That 13 rebound edge for Missouri, huge advantage, so the Tigers pull away. They have some good players, who are strong. the Bows, have to block out , rebound, however the positives, after facing the Aggies and the Tigers,…

    I don’t think any team they will face, will be as large and overall have athleticsim like those teams. They must have the 4 star Basketball recruits. Great for UH to have played, even to be close, or have a lead, against a good SEC team. Will help UH be in position to win the BWC tournament, I think UH will do well conference time!

  5. Eagle: great points. Agreed, UH against NMSU and Mizzou, lose on the boards, plus all those putbacks, and Mizzou just going to the rim at will.

    Good question for Gib and staff. Have to work on Defense, blocking out, …However, when playing against big teams, teams with great PG, and bigs who can finish, I just wonder what they will do. That zone with Rozitis wasn’t working well, they would drive right around him…

    Recruiting, emphasis: Bigs, really strong bigs, athletic ones, 4/5 guys like Mizzou that can defend, rebound and score in the paint. Isaac, struggled against the athletic, big guys for the tigers. In the BWC , he should be good. However, now I wonder, should Isaac go pro..euro, overseas , or , definitely not the NBA..I think , and Isaac knows too, though we love him, he has work to do..though Isaac , to his credit, on the glass he got 9 boards, still Christian, Davis, Thomas, nowhere near the help. If UH stayed even on the rebound stat line, Maybe UH comes out with victory.

    Still, as the above posts from Eagle, win, UHF, stated, this team will learn, and Gib will have to coach up a scheme, that doesn’t just trade baskets with teams, however, get stops, get the D boards, and win. Will be interesting!

    Go Rainbow Warriors. Long trip, stay healthy, and welcome back warrior Brandon S., a miracle of medical rehab!

  6. Eagle and hoopsa, my thought, just being realistic, I had NMSU as possible loss at home for UH, plus the Mizzou team on the road. Maybe, they would hold serve the rest of the way at home until
    DHC, and either win it, which would be tougher than expected now, or at least go 2-1, It would be great, we know UH is not going to go undefeated this season, for the warriors to go at minimum 10-4, pre BWC play, then march into a tough stretch of 4 of their first BWC games on the road.

    Still very, very early in season, as the commentators mentioned for Mizzou and Hawaii, Sunvold and the other media guy, were very complimentary of Hawaii’s ability to get up and down and score. Just have to shore things up, and see how they do come BWC tournament time.
    I like the team, they will have to defend better, I think , unless, Stefan is really not strong or quick enough, maybe let Jovanovich play against bigger teams, or guys that drive to the rim. Stefan can block some shots, however, you all notice, how, the defenders for the warriors, would do the matador defense and back off , from any guy going to the rim? These new rules, benefit the offensive players, still a smaller Southern Illinois team stayed on the glass with Mizzou, so UH, can box out, better, and Gib has to scheme something up as every one knows. 2-2, not the end of the season, still 26 more games until BWC tournament in March. UH just has to get better on the boards , box, out, stop penetration, …Now, we miss a player like Vander, that is what Gib has to recruit, guys, that can think quicker than Vander, however have the body and lift to guard rim and rebound!

    Go Bows..!

  7. A very good positive for UH?: Only 13 turnovers, playing that up and down the court game, they really take care of the ball, which is good. Come on guys, you have 9 of the next 10 games before , BWC time to get at least 8 wins or more. I think they will. New mix team, they will have to play better, get better, they will, or will have to!

    Let’s Go Bows!!


  8. Sorry, I meant, 9 or the next ten games in Hawaii, one on the road at N. Arizona, in December, before conference play begins. You guys , have to get 8 wins or better, you can do it. This year, the team is scoring over 80 pts a game which great, however as Eagle stated, the two losses they give up over 90 pts a game, that number has to come down, UH, simple , get stops, and score.

    Viewing it, it was not a 30 point blow, out, still anyone’s game till the last 5 minutes, sort of like NMSU, UH just keep working, you guys can score, however to win championships have to get stops and rebounds!

    Let’s Go Bows!!

  9. That G Nevels, or G Money, he can score, checked UH site for 3 pt stats. Garrett is shooting way better than last year’s, great student and guy, GJ, Nevels hitting 60% of his FT’s, maybe Garret Nevels, should look for his shot earlier in game, he is a team, guy, that is what I appreciate about Quincy and Nevels, during summer league, they try to win game by selves, however, the have bought into TEAM play, Nevels can score, and Quincy provides a spark of the bench. Still that problem from last year, stopping penetration, and getting needed rebounds had to be fixed, otherwise, UH cannot just outscore, superior teams. Hawaii has to figure it out. Good that next 3 games, which includes a good Montana team, are at home in SSC ..get UH on a 3 game winning streak would help them!

  10. Actually Garrett Nevels is hitting 60% of his 3 point shots, which is an incredible, number, and averaging over 15 pts a game, so his great scoring and shooting in JC ball, was legit. Garrett thanks for being a Rainbow Warrior, without your 17 pts, game could have been real blow out. And Isaac, have to work, although, to his credit, Isaac, only guy battling on the glass against the other big guys, right FUHA, Davis, Christian, Mike T., maybe Jovanovich, and Spearman, Sham, Smith, Valdes, everyone has to crash the boards. Team rebounding. Gib go out and recruit, now you know what , 3 more Bigs who can defend and board!

  11. Hawaii good game. Tough opponent. Seemed like Gib was good with guys overall play. Of course play down low in paint …maybe UH doesn’t have those type of athletes. Guys work with coach to improve. Lot of heart this year’s team. They are fun to watch, that injury to Dressler hurt..he could use body get boards and blockshots ..UH. bigs have to play big.No shame in losing to two teams who are good and NCAA bound..UH will be okay,exciting they can score..however need stops and rebounds to win a lot of games ..

  12. Missed the game… Had to go to ER 🙁

    Saw the stats and looked like a great 1st half. But the rebounding was bad. UH isn’t rebounding very well this year vs the bigger teams. The guards need to get their noses dirty and help secure the board before running out for early offense. Fotu and Standhardinger can’t fend off everybody crashing the boards from the other team.

  13. FUHA…hope you are okay or family. ..UH really went at MIZZOU in first half..wasn’t a rout..team has to rebound and defend the paint..weird ..past three years of Gib ..UH big..now they are quicker but smaller..team will come together and get better..now 2 losses to big athletic teams..FUHA..as I say Gib will have to develop UH into a Defensive and rebounding team to win games against the NMSU’s and Mizzous they’ll face this year.seems like only low block player and protect rim guy is Isaac..rough for him …..UH has a bunch of games in Hawaii..before BWC. play..this team no quit in these guys..they will be there. BWC. tournament. time!!

    Go Rainbow. Warriors! !

  14. to win these types of games against top opponents we need our wings to grow up fast and contribute

  15. The more I watch playback DVR of game with Mizzou, I am proud of the guys. Even coach Fuller of Mizzou, the interim coach said that UH had a good team. The kept on battling, and their frontcourt, was good. Too, bad UH didn’t shoot a better percentage from outside, and overall from the field. Mizzou, with their guards, wings and bigs just follow up misses, or get sweet dishes from PG for dunks or layins.
    UH MBB team, against SEC team, coach Fuller said, that UH could be in top half of SEC,and compete, that is a huge compliment, don’t know how many teams from BWC could actually win on road against Mizzou. LBSU will have a shot in a few weeks.

    I feel better about effort by team, 11 guys got on to the court, and they gave it their all, they never trailed by 16 points or 20 points, they led at half, and came back to make it two point game in second half at 59-57, so kudos and props, to Christina, Isaac, Spearman, Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, Enos, Valdes, Thomas, Rozitis, Jawato, and the bench for great heart and hustle. The team, sure they would have like to have won, would have been huge, however, they were in it, never got blown out, and will learn from it. No finger pointing or crying, by this group. They are ONE OHANA, ONE TEAM, I cannot wait to see them , how they perform over next ten games before conference play. With Spearman back in the mix, the guard line will be strengthened, and that young man Spear, incredible that he is back playing! They work on their Defense, team rebounding and their shooting legs, this team, has legitimate shot, that I can see to get 19-21 wins before, the BWC tournament at minimum. Then have a real chance to go to dance. This team is FUN, they make us smile, a little nervous, however they keep on coming back, keep on hustling, never say die attitude, a UH MBB team hasn’t had that persona in years…Go Bows, Let’s Go Bows!

    . Guys, welcome home, you did a great job, against a top 35 team, just outside, or now approaching the top 25 if they can still win , and on the road Mizzou, I hope Mizzou has great year, that is an NCAA tourney team, same with New Mexico St. Nothing but pride for the Rainbow Warriors, good job!

    Mahalo, Gib and team, great trip, and quality competition, I think New Orleans, Montana, N. Arizona on the road, and DHC, plus Hilo and Chaminade(2 DII schools battle for college bragging rights in Hawaii) will be excellent games!


  16. CHRISTIAN! Sorry about typo in my above post, no disrespect!!…Not Christina, sorry I meant to type..CHRISTIAN, I swear, the keyboard and the post to site gets jumbled!
    CHRISTIAN great effort and all out BOOM against Mizzou. Sorry for typo error!

    . A Big Big Fan of this Year’s special MBB team, who will have legitimate shot for top 3 in BWC come tourney time!


  17. Coach and Players have Good Reason to Be Confident

    Brandon Spearman has returned to the fold,
    After a Cold “Season Opener” for Him; He WILL Have Better Shooting Games Most Days;

    SO NOW the team can start Building @ “2013-14 Full Strength”. This IS The Team, The Cards they must play with…
    THIS Is Also the “Low Point” from which they build; they’re NOT Likely to Lose Two until The Diamond Head Classic and even then i think should Be Better Prepared to Play Solid (D, Block Out, Press) and Surprise a team or Two (Like Mid-Term Exams)…

    BUT they’ve already Learned that even on their own ‘Worst Shooting Days’, (42% UH FG VS NMSU & Missouri), AND Their Opponents’ HOTTEST Shooting Days (~57% FG), they are Still in the Game — SO just about ANY other day, when they Board, D and/or shoot closer to the level they’re capable of, they have a Good Chance to WIN…

    AS HF pointed out, it may now be reasonable to Expect the Developing Role Players to Start Carrying their Load … The Five Starters are ALL Averaging Double Figures As We Projected — SOLID — ALL THREE “First Subs’ are above the Solid 5-7 ppg Range (Quincy 9.5, Davis 5.5, Two-Headed AV/MT 7 ppg) SO Depth should be good Most Games…Designated Shooters just GOT TO Get With it and Inject Energy and Scoring Punch IN GAMES — Any Thing Less is Non-Excusable…

    SO the rest of the way to The Big West Challenge should be Both Develop-Mental And Fun…

  18. What was i writing about?

    BOTH Christian AND Isaac are Capable (Expected by Coaches) of Hitting 33% of their threes (currently only 1-9 and 1-7) so should improve — i hope their ,480 and .477 FG %ages return to their Historic 50 – 55% + Range
    (Unless This is The No-Vander, gotta deal with The Bigger, Better Players Effect).

    AV/MT also should be (may be) better than 1-8 threes and 40/27% fg since they both can lay-up or dunk 1/4 to 1/2 of their shots (more like Davis who is hitting 89%).

    AND Designated Shooters like Dyrbe, Jawato and Hackman Hitting NO Threes, Took Only Five in 40 minutes (yes, Run the Offense, But Set Up, Take AND HIT Your Shots…) Have to inject Energy (Defense seems improved) and Scoring Punch…

    [NOTE: I Got NO Issues with That Awesome Injection of Guards —
    Nevels 15.5, Shamburger 10.3 and Quincy 9.5 ppg and likely to Improve In System…]

  19. Warriors played to the end, Fotu had a disappointing game , we need Isaac to play up to these bigger players, need more depth at the 5 for next season,like a athletic 6ft10 guy that has a motor with hops for rebounding presence inside,we got killed inside . Christian missed some crucial baskets down the end , layups, losing ball on the floor , turnovers, this is a good lesson, much hard work needed by all, Spearman, take it inside ,especially since his shots were way off outside.

  20. Nice points by all , hfan, eagle, jjay, etc. This year’s addition, those guards, Sham, Nevels, Smith have more than lived up to expectations, and as eagle stated, they will only get better. Mike T and Aaron V have to up their game, and I believe they will, since Gib is giving them PT. Fotu and Christian, battling as the only two bigs, are giving their all, and Davis, wish he would stay down low block instead of at the top of that Zone. He and Jovanovich, use 10 fouls, block shots, rebound, box out, just fundamental role player Big game.

    HUGE POSITIVE fellow Rainbow Warrior Nation?: It is ONLY NOVEMBER 16 2013, when Mizzou game was played, and myself, probably Servante, gobows, akuhead2, palolo, Eagle, clyde and many old time die hard fans, notice that, THIS TEAM, they have lost, and almost, if they shoot well, and rebound, defend better the paint, could have potentially won BOTH games, here against the Aggies of NMSU and on the road, at Mizzou. That IS HUGE. Here only about 3 weeks into season, and UH has battled, bigger, more athletic teams, blow for blow, and had a chance to get the W.
    Eagle, my fellow long time UH BB fan, and supporter, as well as shout out to Tonganator, Aussie Mum, and TribeVx4, UH just keep improving, that guard line with healthy Spearman, is going to be solid at home and on the road! DHC, this might be the year, against , perhaps the toughest overall field, for UH to get championship! Still say, UH can be 10-4, or 11-3, or better yet 12-2 going into BWC play!

    And agree with jjay, j…Gib has to , mandatory, if he has 3 more scholies to give, look for not one, but two , maybe 3, 4/5 guys, 6’10” 235-55, who can sky, defend, rebound, and help in the paint. I think UH has enough PG’s, SG’s and Wings to last them for another 3 or 4 years.

    Eagle, just say: Let’s Go Bows. One Ohana!
    Uhfanzonly1. After loss, always, nice to hear comments, on how UH can improve, constructive suggestions and observations!

  21. Of Course UH has Dressler coming back, however, that back surgery, herniated discs, have to rehab, and really strengthen. Poor Caleb, he was ready to be THE BIG role player. Block shots, or get in the way of shooters, Rebound, make good passes to shooters and cutters, and occasional, nice little jump hooks and elbow jumpers. Caleb, he is bummed, however I hope he sticks it out. He of the ,”reminds me of a young Jack Sikma, all pro NBA Seattle Supersonic center of years ago. Jack with that terrific high held, money jumper, and outstanding rebounder, fantastic FT shooter too! Get well Caleb, !

    Uhfanzonly1. Shout out to the Dresslers from the Pacific Northwest, you have a fine son!

  22. I noticed of the top 7 scorers for UH, 6 are shooting from the Free Throw Line, between 72% and 89%(Shamburger). Especially, against Missouri, Smith, was taking advantage of new rules. His 7 points, all came from the foul line, and helped UH stay in game, and even get lead at half.

    What do you think fans? This new rule, good or bad? It does make the game finish about 20 to even 30 minutes possibly longer. NCAA wanted to increase scoring. I guess it has. The teams, that want to win games and go to NCAA’s have to be good Free Throw shooters. Even, Valdes and Thomas, have to hit 75% or better. In other words, all guys that see Playing Time have to shoot 3/4 from line or better. Means, winning or losing.

    Another thought: Unless the Post Players get clean blocked shots, or steals, or alter shots, they will most often Not get the call for charge. Usually it will be a block call against them. And guys going to the rim, or driving on the defensive man, any touch, the referees are calling it a foul. Post Players, in the past used elbow to hold out their man, now cannot. Supposed to be less physical, and eliminate possible fights too. That is why, even the talking, referees are calling technicals.

    Men’s Basketball, becoming more like, how it should be played though. I don’t think the Wallace coached teams with Smalls, Houston, Cross, Beaubrun, Shepherd could play under these new rules. Team has to adjust, and if coached right, they will. UH has a good team, going to watch them, more at the Stan Sheriff Center, exciting team to watch.

  23. above, post, just my opinion. I liked the more physical game of past, hold guys out with forearm, not the dermatological fouls. Little glance on the offensive player, and whistle blows. The time at the Free Throw Line, one thing, it gives the guys a chance to rest. I think now, all NCAA Men Basketball teams, will have to have good Free Throw Shooters to be successful. Some of those Missouri players were not good Free Throw Shooters. However, wouldn’t you know it…they hit the Free Throws when it counted, just like how New Mexico State did at the Stan Sheriff Center. Oh well. This UH Basketball team, they are a bunch of fighters, I think they will do well.

  24. Eagle:

    I know you know about these rankings. Much thanks. Checked Espn RPI rankings MBB for Sun Nov 17 2013. University of Hawaii at 101. I would think that is good for this time of year. If Hawaii, had beaten NMSU or Mizzou, it would be higher.

    Sitting at 101, with a few BWC schools sitting higher so far, I think UH is going to be what we thought they would be. Highly competitive team in BWC, and probably DHC.

    Start of season , I think UH was in the 200’s RPI rankings.

    Just a thought. Gib , I believe is pleased with the success so far of his team staying and playing together. It is a great bunch of guys. I still say , how Nevels and Smith have bought into the Ohana Team play, it will really help UH in conference, plus, when Brandon Spearman gets his conditioning and shot back. Look out. This team, UH MBB warriors, are going to be good!
    Go Bows!

  25. Eagle:

    BWC RPI rankings top 4.

    1 (19) UC Santa Barbara .7382 1-1
    2 (40) UC Irvine .6453 1-2
    3 (95) Long Beach State .5614 0-2
    4 (101) Hawaii .5545 2-2

    Not bad. UH has to keep on winning, and beat teams with higher RPI’s, just for post season , positioning. As you say Eagle, I wonder how UH ranks in the poll that Jeff P looks at?
    Probably, nothing to get excited about now. However , fun stuff for us die hard UH fans.

    Let’s Go Rainbow Warriors!

  26. Although we know, unless Hawaii finishes BWC tourney as champs, that league is a one NCAA invite league. barring, Hawaii, finishing season, as loser of BWC Tournament, however they had unreal record of 30-3 and were ranked top 15. Correct fellow fans BWC has to schedule and win against tougher opponents. UH having that RBC with NMSU, and Mizzou on the road, and the DHC field, helps team, I believe, just to prepare for the BWC tourney championships. Just have to win as many games as possible, out of conference and in conference for NIT and better yet, the NCAA invite!

    Go Bows!

  27. That PG for Mizzou, Clarkson, when in the game, he was virtually unstoppable, I think new rules help him. UH guys, you could tell falling, back as not to foul him, he had wide open space to drive and dish. And as was stated, with these rules, even when Mizzou guys were near the rim, driving for layup, or floaters, UH defenders, were , getting out of the way, as not to touch the guy, or to get bulled over, and they be charged with the blocking foul.

    Would think that Keith and Quincy, and Spearman, have to drive to the basket whenever they can, sort of like what Smith was doing first half, and Spearman tried to do in last few minutes. Guys going to the rim, the refs, pretty even, they have to call, foul on the defender. Strange year. wonder if refs are going to call so tight, during NCAA championship games?


  28. Correction, to my post…I meant Jordan Clarkson the SG, wing for Mizzou, he was going in to paint at will. That new rules, you cannot touch him, or step in front…Question for BB analysts out there in WI Ohana Nation: How do you defend such players? Have Bigs, stand in one place. Don’t move and try to take charge, which commentators were saying probably 9 out or 10 times, or something like that, this year, Defender will be called for Blocking. Or do perimeter guys, impede him, by footwork and using chest bump, …Guys like Clarkson are going to be scoring a lot this year.
    Spearman, Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, have to do same thing, go the rim, you guys get a slight touch, or defender tries to pick up fouls, you guys will get refs calls.
    I guess! UH should shoot better though, would have helped, if someone other than Nevels and Shamburger, hit 2 or 3 threes, UH would have been very close to catching up, and potentially winning against NMSU and Mizzou. STILL VERY YOUNG SEASON, and as Eagle says, this team, will get, or will have to get better, I believe they will. 13 or 14 very smart BB players!


  29. More ridiculous musings…

    UNC loses at home to Belmont. That’s not the ridiculous thing… UNC attempted 48 FTs in a 40 minute game and only made 22 of them! (Belmont went 20 of 22 FT)

  30. Good competitive game. We were in it but just could not match Missouri trading baskets at the end. Isaac’s got to get that jumper working when he posts up or they will dare him to shoot every time. He was ineffective because they were trying to stop his spin moves and did not give him much room to operate. If his jumper was working he could easily pump fake them and drive to the rim. Garret Nevels should have shot the ball twice as much but because of his height he did not have space to shoot. That’s why a true wing should be taller and longer to be able to get the shot over the defender. Hello Michael Thomas. We are hurting big time at the small forward (true wing) spot. Shooting, rebounding, defense: Missouri exploited us there.

  31. servante: Yes, I think you would mean a guy like Negus Webster-Chan. He would make big difference at that 3 spot, however for this year it is what it is. When Spearman gets up to speed, and in game shape, I think UH will have some perimeter help. Mizzou, so athletic and quick to shut down space for UH shooters. I keep on harping on this, however, old school Riley Wallace, with his Flex Motion and great shooters, could set up the 3 ball scorers. Gib, if Mike T and Aaron V, don’t step up on O and D, think of backup to that 3 spot, Harper, Jawato, Hackman, servante, it must be the speed of game, that is why Jovanovich, Jaw, Hackman and Mike Harper don’t see much time.

    Hey, look at the bright side, UH hung, with a top 35 or 30 type of SEC , NCAA tournament team and actually led at the half 46-45. Bet, a lot fans, even the die hard didn’t see that happen. Turned into a shooting FT contest at end, and Missouri, converts, end of game. This team, UH , Gib will just have to get his original, 5 going, with Spearman back. However, Gib has to look for help on that perimeter shooting side. Knock down a good percentage of 3’s including Fotu and Standhardinger, UH can beat, any team in BWC , here and away. Look for UH to get even better. Servante, this team, the intangible: They are very, very smart, in classroom and in lockerroom, they will figure it out. The rebounding, defense, and getting good shots off.

    Go Bows!

  32. AS Requested: POMEROY RATINGS 11/17/2013

    UH 165
    Tennessee St 266
    W. Michigan 132
    NMSU 68
    Missouri 45

    UH Hilo N/R
    New Orleans 349
    Montana 138
    @ N.Arizona 247
    Chaminade N/R

    DIAMOND HEAD Classic
    Iowa St 32 vs Geo.Mason 105
    OR St 130 vs Akron 139
    St. Mary’s 39 vs S.Carolina 90
    Boise St. 40 vs UH 165

    Norfolk St 223
    NEB Omaha 241

    1 – UCSB 106
    2 – UCIrvine 134
    EX (PACIFIC 156)
    EX (UNLV 161)
    3 – UH 165
    4 – CAL POLY 171
    5 – CSUF 179
    6 – LBSU 197
    7 – CSUN 202
    8 – UC Davis 267
    9 – UC Riverside 319

    N. Dakota 224
    Arkansas Pine Bluff 312
    UMissouri-KC 335
    Texas Pan Am (WAC) 336
    MD Eastern Shore 346

  33. Still very impressed by Nevels and Smith’s contribution to team, first year NCAA D1 ball. Nevels, sure he is shorter, however without his 17 pts, UH loses by 20. Quincy, wow, the guy, is Computer Science major, doing well in class, his game, look for open, guys, guys were shut down, so he goes to rim and draws fouls, and knocks down 7 or 8. So between those two young guards, they get 25 pts out of.Great, much better than GJ, MC and JT.

    correct about that, the 3 spot, MT and AV got to get going, maybe, now they will after, great experience and remember fans, first year for those RSfr and true Fr, Mike and Aaron, they will get better. Otherwise, I would see Gib going down line to Harper, Jawato, Hackman, etc. Must be whomever can play defense, and run. Still like this team, the best offensively, averaging a little over 82 pts per game, over first 4 games of young season. Still 26 games before BWC tournament, so a lot of ball to play. Team just get better, as hoops and UHF say, ONE OHANA, we love them Rainbow Warriors!

    This team will be good in Feb March 2014 for sure! When it really counts for NCAA or NIT invites!

  34. And Eagle: I don’t know why ESPN, today Nov 17 2013, had UH at 101? when Pomeroy ratings have them at 165?
    Although you said, something to effect, that is what Jeff P. looks at and mentions ..
    Either way, UH just get better, still young season, so young, UH has time to imporve day by day, week to week and peak the week of BWC tourney championship game, and hopefully go first round of a not weak first week of round one NCAA’s!


  35. The way the Warriors played in this game that surprised me more than the final result itself. Good job guys keep it up

  36. Bows….You are spot on…THE GREAT EFFORT was the hilte and UH never gave up…that is what we are proud of..wpuld be something to meet Mizzou or NMSU in post season! ! UH could win the next 7 games in a row before DHC….this team are ONE OHANA!


  37. I finally get time to write a few things:
    I love all the positive things written here about what the Bows are and can be. I loved the ‘no give up ‘ attitude our guys have. I have noticed something about some of our guys this year that was missing from years past. Guys like Nevels and Stanhardinger have that look about themselves that says we are going to be wicked competitive. The others have it too, its just it is very intense with these two. I believe I have noticed it with Keith also. I sit close enough to see the expressions on their faces and man, these guys always have their game faces on. And I believe it will be infectious.

    And even in a loss, they had that “GO FOR BROKE” attitude til the very end.

    I am so liking this team.

  38. Hoopsa, I think it’s good that their ratings show an upward trend consistent with what we think (or thought);

    The different systems formulations and ratings vary but they are agreeing in the overall direction of the trend,,,

    And we should enjoy the Wins and game by game efforts …

  39. Eagle and other fans:

    That Diamond Head Classic shaping up to be a good one. Iowa St. upset no. 7 Michigan at the Cyclones home in Ames, Iowa. So, Boise St. Iowa St. Akron, St. Mary’s , South Carolina are good teams. Hope that UH will, from this week till DHC, keep improving, competition, even at home SSC will get tougher!

    Go Bows!
    Guys got work to do. I believe they will work really hard to get better over next month!

  40. Eagle: you are right, the upward trend. UH when start season in the 200’s, RPI, or Pomeroy rankings, now as of Mon Nov 18 2013, Yahoo sports RPI rankings, Hawaii no. 138..in two weeks or so of play, UH has climbed in RPI ranks too, just like the Pomeroy rankings.

    Teams in DHC , plus a BWC team that are RPI higher ranked, cal irvine, boise st, st marys, south carolina, iowa st ,george mason..

    That Diamond Head Classic, is going to be a good one, those teams are not push overs, or easy wins, going to be tough, so UH has to get better, Gib and team go to work and get Spearman up to speed. Turn your weak areas to stronger part of team play.

    Fans, going to be exciting season for UH. And once again, UH cannot take for granted wins against theri fellow NCAA D2 brothers, at SSC and on Kauai, Hilo, and Chaminade. if they get hot from 3 line, anything can happen. Just ask 12th ranked..North Carolina, after being upset on home floor by Belmont(which is a good team)!

    Eagle: Go Bows!

  41. Early LOI signing period ends on Wednesday Nov 20th 2013. Wonder if Gib will sign that, as jjay says, what Gib needs the 6’10” athletic big, 4/5 guy? Or maybe, Gib will wait, and work the recruiting trail to get a good one come April. Stay tuned.

    What I envinsion: Gib get another Vander type, however, faster in making moves, and passing ball out to shooters, plus, a Team player. a role guy, shot blocker, rebounder, guy can move,and sky.

    Davis, and Christian graduate, so Gib needs at least one, I say, maybe two athletic 6’10” or taller, and 240-255 lb, great big athletic!

    Just my opinion, however that is the need, UH has gotten smaller, yet quick , however have to shore up that front line with some good size, JC with 3 to play, or overseas, Senegal? guys playing prep school ball now. I would bet that Gib and staff are looking at , at least on their database, who they can target, or have targeted. That would make UH tough next year, The athletic bigs, plus if Dressler comes back 100% and Jovanovich has a huge leap in getting stronger bigger, It would help. Still this team this year, they are good.


  42. Immediate area help UH MBB team improve and close out win against good athletic big teams?

    Improve FG and espcecially 3 point shooting percentage. Besides Nevels, Shamburger has to look for shots, when Q is running point, Sham, can set up for taking 3 pointers. Has to hit good 30% or even better. Same with Fotu and Standhardinger. If those two, can hit at least 4 per game between them, will definitely open up for things down low. Standhardinger, if the rest of the year, keep emotion in check, and battle like he did against Mizzou, and Fotu, step up his outside shot, team will be better.

    Gib has to find that other wing, as servante has mentioned to knock down 3’s. Too bad with Jawato’s injury. He was the man, for the streak 3 ball shooter. Now can, Harper, Hackman, I think Gib would probably insert Enos more, to get that 3 point shot going, …If UH MBB team starts hitting, 7 or 8 threes a game for good percentages, instead of 82 pts a game, UH would probably be averaging about 88 ppg as a team. Would really, stretch defenses, though, that Mizzou team so quick, strong and athletic, however, UH hung with them, they are really NEVER say die, team, which UH MBB has not had in several years. Refuse to Lose. as warriorhaw says!

    Go Bows, go Rainbow warriors.it’s winning time~!

  43. Hawaii ranked 67th in nation team scoring so far. 82.8 ppg. Man, must be new rules and so much FT shooting. a lot of teams, averaging between 80ppg to 113ppg, that is what NCAA wanted more scoring. so once again, UH, all the guys who see PT, have to hit high 70’s to 80 percent from FT line, means, difference between winning and losing games.

    Go Bows, Warriors!

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