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UPDATED: Warriors get scary exhibition win over BYUH


Perhaps fitting for a Halloween exhibition, the University of Hawai’i basketball team handed out a bunch of treats, but also witnessed some scary scenes during a 101-85 victory over Brigham Young-Hawai’i on Thursday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.

Among the treats were senior forward Christian Standhardinger, who scored a game-high 27 points, and also grabbed six rebounds. Another was junior guard Garrett Nevels, who scored 24 points on 11-of-17 shooting.

“I thought they both had great nights,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “I know they’re capable of it and I know they’re going to have many of those. On the offensive side, they were really good and they’re going to be a handful for everybody we play.”

The Warriors put up 73 shots as a team, and converted 52.1 percent against the NCAA Division II Seasiders. Because it was an exhibition game, the final outcome and statistics will not count for either team.

“I do think our offense is a little further along than our defense, at least in the transition game,” Arnold said. “I loved our effort. This team is going to compete. I got no worries about that. I do feel that we have the ability to get a lot better defensively.”


Every Hawai’i player in uniform saw action, but it was the player who spent the least time on the court who created the most post-game buzz. Senior guard Brandon Spearman was in the starting lineup, but limped off the court just four seconds into the game.

A BYUH player inadvertently rolled into Spearman’s right leg after the opening tip, and the injury was later diagnosed as a high-ankle sprain. A similar injury to his left ankle kept Spearman out of five games at the end of last season.

“We’ll know more (on Friday),” Arnold said. “He’ll get an MRI. You can just tell sometimes when it’s not good and how that guy rolled over on him. Obviously we had to adapt to that. He’ll be back. It’s just a matter of when.”

Redshirt freshman Aaron Valdes replaced Spearman, and responded with eight points, a game-high 11 rebounds, and three assists. His breakaway dunk in the closing seconds put the Warriors over the century mark for points.

Junior point guard Keith Shamburger scored just three points on 1-of-7 shooting, but he passed for 11 assists and collected four of the team’s 15 steals.

Sophomore guard Quincy Smith contributed 10 points in 10 minutes, but he also limped off the court in each half with an apparent lower-back injury.

Sophomore forward Isaac Fotu had eight points and three rebounds, and his night was also cut short due to a nagging knee injury.


“I think Fotu will be OK,” Arnold said. “Quincy has a lower-back issue that bothered him (Wednesday) in practice … it’s going to be a thing he has to rehab because it does slow him down. It’s just not a normal injury.”

Senior center Davis Rozitis contributed seven points, seven rebounds and two blocked shots. True freshman forward Michael Thomas scored nine points on 3-of-3 shooting from the field.

BYUH had a momentary 27-26 lead midway through the first half, but the Warriors responded with a 18-5 surge over a four-minute span to take a 44-31 lead. Hawaii eventually took a 51-41 lead at intermission, with Standhardinger scoring 16 and Nevels 12.

“It’s great to play with a shooter like Garrett,” Standhardinger said of Nevels. “I think we missed it a little bit last year. If Garrett is open on a 3-pointer, he will knock it down and that opens up a lot of space for me and Fotu.”

The Seasiders got as close as six, 59-53, early in the second half, but the Warriors built the lead back up to as much as 80-58 with 10:32 remaining in the half.

BYUH staged a late rally to cut the Hawai’i lead to nine, but that was as close as it would get in the final five minutes.

Five BYUH players scored in double-figures, led by Jerome Harris with 15. The Seasiders also fell victim to a potentially disastrous injury, as starting forward Bracken Funk left the arena in the second half with what appeared to be a serious knee injury.

Hawaii’s first regular-season game is scheduled for November 8 against Tennessee State in the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Rainbow Classic.

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. BYUH lost to Long Beach St. last year in a regular season game (minus King and Freeland) by a similar margin, so I think it bodes well for the future that UH won by double digits. Anyway, many exhibition games going back to the Wallace tourney years were shaky. I thought this was one of the better performances (at least offensively).

    Garrett Nevels played a heck of a game. Nevels adds such a great dimension to the offense with his all-around offensive game. He also plays hard on defense. It’s going to be exciting to watch all five guys (that can shoot and slash) spread the floor out when Brandon Spearman returns.

  2. DK: I share similar thoughts, with illness hitting several guys including Jack Hackman,
    Smith, hobbling around, Fotu banged knee, and Spear going down with that awful ankle sprain, makes you wonder, as some have alluded to, is it Spear’s conditioning, is it just physiological, weak lower legs ankles, or just freak accident. I hope, the latter. Spear, will have MRI, make sure did not damage ligament, or knees, he did walk out in crutches, and tried to run it off, so maybe good sign. Still think he will have to rehab, and possibly be out for awhile. Remember, that dude is tough, last year’s C.I.T game, almost same thing happened 6 games before, Spear, rehabs like crazy and plays something like 32 min, and almost helps UH comeback and beat AFA! Get well Spearman, we need you!

    As for Garrett Nevels, he is the real deal, that killer floater, aside from his overall game and offensive arsenal, he is a baller! One of the best UH overall athletes I have seen in decades! Hope he stays healthy, He and Christian,were dynamite, scoring wise and hustle. Would like to see, AV and MT, just explode, the potential is there, they ARE good, they defer to upper classmen, however they should break out of shell, and just be ballers, they could really help UH with D and their overall Offensive games. I can see why Gib is very high on them. Just relax Mike T and Aaron V. you guys are as good as anyone on the team, and time will tell, you all will get better, and better, bodes well for UH MBB!

    Go Bows!

  3. Eagle and others that were blessed to see 2013-14 edition of UH MBB team first and only Exhibition against a feisty BYUH team, well coached. I noticed via the video, that without question, and I am sure that Eagle and others would agree , in comparison to last year, this IS as DIFFERENT team, they move quicker, they love to share the ball, if Fotu is okay, along with Jovanovich and Rozitis who have game down low too, and Garrett N. and Quincy, and Sham, definitely more athletic and they can score a lot of points. MT and AV will be very good, just don’t hold back guys, you deserve, and with injury and ailment, will have a lot of PT, keep on getting better, BWC time UH can be top 3 without question, primed for BWC tourney. Still as Gib alluded to in above interview, team has to shutdown 3 point shooters, keep them in low 30% or less. That was the probelm last year, this year, they get their press going good, it will help to stop those half court or transition quick set 3 point shots by opponents, Very sure, Gib has a ton of Video of Exhibition to break down, and team will get better, Very impressed by guards, including AV, and Sham, who did not have a breakout Offensive game, affected winning , by his leadership, D, and assists for baskets. I know he wants to work on keeping turnovers down, however 11 assists to 4 turnovers, the ratio is acceptable, pretty sure, Keith would have liked 11 assists and maybe 2 turnovers.However he is the floor general, ..also loved how all the guys, from guards , wings, PF’s and Centers, got the ball off steals, blocked shots, rebounds off O and D glass, and got up fast to score.

    Eagle, and fans, man, I hope Spearman, can recover from injury and be back full strength in a couple of weeks or sooner, I hope not knee problem, however, for him to limp up and down court, the guy is a warrior, been waiting over six months to get on court, he is the Heart and Soul of the warriors, Bows! Get well, Fotu, Smith, Hackman, and especially Brandon, fear the spear, Spearman!
    Go Bows!
    Love the balls to the walls, effort. Defense and execution of pressure d can improve, however, even though they made mistakes, and lost their team leader Spearman, UH still puts up 101 points, bodes well for team and season. Please, trainers, doctors, sports massage, acupuncturists, shiatsu, ice bath, make sure guys rehab, and nutrition right. Also, as jjay says, have to have a really good trainer, to tape players up really well. I am sure the trainer will. Keep them healthy and safe, looks like if team stays healthy, UH will be very good team!

    Go Bows!

  4. E-Tai! Ai-Yo! PITA! are the cries of suffering in pain!
    Captain Spearman out in 4-secs shocked many & diluted the hard-fought 101-85 W (yes, was scary; 2nd rot would Lx2)!

    Dayton’s excellent report (as usual), Coach Gib’s optimistic summary was a dose of pacification (Thank you very much!).

    ~1. Final Score = 101-85 (1st C of season), (Thanks for the comparison with LBSU!).
    ~2. Blocks = 7-2. (opp was taller, bigger & stronger).
    ~3. Steals = 15-7 (I love smart D).
    ~4. Assts = 18-15 (got to be better).

    ~1. 3FGs = 5-14 {36%} to 7-16 {44%} (5 good shtr?).
    ~2. FTs = 20-30 {67%} to 20-29 {69}. (where 50x went?).
    ~3. TOs = 19-16 (tar:<10).

    Credit BYUH for a tough & well-fought battle (coach will earned COTY, Pac-West).

  5. costly exhibition game. hope Spearman is a fast healer. He’s our main Warrior in the backcourt.

  6. … That is a very nice lei that Gib has on !

  7. Well that is good news. Per Brian M. Spearman’s Xray came up negative for damage. Don’t know what grade sprain. However, good not major ligament, or going up to knee damage. Probably start ice, and rehab, rest, …That tipoff, and getting tangled up with BYUH player, just a freak accident, of all the guys, it would happen to Brandon Spearman! He is a warrior, he will be back, just have to tape up really good by trainer. Maybe Spearman be back sooner, see what doctor and trainers say!

    Get well soon Brandon Spearman, your team needs you, however, AV really picked it up, as well as MT,even Rozitis and Jovanovich, Harper, Smith got points, and steals, rebounds, which was good. Glad that UH is deeper this year!

  8. Don’t think Spearman’s injury is a biggie. From the way how he tried to walk it off he must have twitched something. He will be there for the opening game although maybe not start. That would be a major blow if he broke or tore something as he is one of our crunch time players.

  9. doesn’t matter if he tried to walk it off….his adrenaline was probably super high

  10. I feel bad for Spearman but the good news with an ankle sprain is that it shouldn’t keep him out for an extended period and we’re pretty deep at guard. Frankly I’m more worried about Fotu. A “nagging” knee injury could limit his effectiveness for the whole season, and we’re already thin up front without Dressler. I hope these guys heal up fast.

  11. According to this mornings SA, Brian M. writeup. Brandon had xray, that showed negative for damage, I am not doctor, so forgive me for mix up in medical report. Xray shows, for bone fractures, broken bones, I guess. MRI, was done late last nite, Friday Nov 1 2013, Full Results of MRI, where they can see tissue, or ligament damage won’t be know till today. My Apologies. High Ankle Sprain, intitial what trainer, doctor, said at Exhibition game, however, MRI will determine extend of ligament damage, anytime you have swelling, sever sprains, there is always some tissue or ligament problem. Hopefully, Brandon, can rehab and get well in awhile. We just have to wait and see.

    Apologies once again. All of us have to wait for MRI results, to know how severe the sprain, rehab time etc.

    Apology to Spearman, UH, and WI, ..We all want Brandon Spearman to get well first, rehab to as close to 100% as possible before coming back, might take awhile, Spear is a Warrior!

  12. Gib giving guys 3 days off. Fotu, Smith, other guys sick can get better before preparing for a tough Rainbow Classic. Maybe one blessing , if any, it is sad, very sad to lose Spearman for awhile, Aaron Valdes can definitely play with that starting 5. He being a true 3 man. If Aaron can start hitting his mid range to 3 point shots too , along with his rebounding , defense, passing ability, high energy, and ability to do his high wire act, or jumping high, well..UH would have a SF to fill in for Brandon S. Spearman, is probably the strongest, of the guard , 3 man, athletes, that is why that loss is important. Spearman also,is smart,he knows Gib’s system, the glue and steady influence. Well now is the time for Valdes, Jawato, Harper, Hackman, Thomas, Enos, etc. all the guys to step up. Good thing, for the large roster.Hope all the guys get well. And still early in season, so hopefully, hopefully no season ending injuries! Get well guys!


  13. Hey DaVeast:

    “Nice to have a SEVEN-footer around. So hard to find” as Gib would says!
    A performance of SEVEN pts, SEVEN rbs, 1/SEVENth blk in >
    ~1. Drive-in layup.
    ~2. Fly-in from top-of-the-line dunk (liked the one you demonstrated as a comedian!).
    ~3. An intimidating, rim-protecting block (so spectacular!).
    ~4. 50% free.

    Consistency is demanded this season-long for us to get the money’s worth.

    Your #1 fan/pal Hunter will be happy & proud, too.

  14. Note: Retransmitting for the original!

    Hey DaVeast:

    “Nice to have a SEVEN-footer around. So hard to find” as Gib would says!
    A performance of SEVEN pts, SEVEN rbs, 1/SEVENth blk in >
    ~1. Drive-in layup.
    ~2. Fly-in from top-of-the-line dunk (liked the one you demonstrated as a comedian!).
    ~3. An intimidating, rim-protecting block (so spectacular!).
    ~4. 50% free.

    Consistency is demanded this season-long for us to get the money’s worth.

    Your #1 fan/pal Hunter will be happy & proud, too.

  15. Sorry Dayton:
    Things not working!
    Please delete my ‘aboves’.

  16. Usually this is when guys step up. Key guy down. I think majority on this forum WANT Spearman to be okay. Just don’t rush comeback, …if he had MCL or worse ACL, a season ending injury, devastating to say the least. Now, Gib, Benjy, Brandyn , and Fish, have to work in another 3 man starter. I think as UHF stated that, Aaron Valdes practicing with the first unit was very timely. I always feared UH having small 11 or 12 man active roster, and losing 2 or 3 first rotation guys hurts, however with possible 14 or 15 man active roster, guys that have decent to good BB ability, even though, Valdes, Hackman, Enos, Thomas and Filipovich are freshmen, These freshmen, are going to get better with time and PT in real games. Very happy to know Gib giving guys chance to heal up and rehab. That summer till now training and workouts quite intensive. However, will probably pay off by BWC tournament time, that is the real season, hopefully, regular season overall record, UH goes into tourney with no less that 19 wins, and set up to win the BWC tournament, with all guys healed up. I like their chances.

    This group, they are ONE OHANA., no haters, probably the best so far, attitude wise and quickness wise in four years. Maybe, Gib going after the strong, SF, PF athletes that he can get for next year. Alongside Isaac Flemings a 3 star recruit commit, and possibly 2 or 3 or more LOI’s and preferred walkons, or D1 transfers. Sad, but injuries part of the game. And because of football injuries suffered over 30 years ago, affects, my back ,knees and legs , chronic. So UH guys, still young , take care of your bodies!

    Go Rainbow WARRIORS! Get well Spear, Fotu, and less we forget Q, he has that back problem, don’t want to turn chronic! Rest, Rehab, Ice, heat, stretch, get well guys, a long 30 game season before BWC tournament looms ahead. Pretty sure, Keith Shamburger when needed will step up his scoring too, so vital, he is a great assist man, however, when teams zone, or give him room to shoot, dare him, Keith has to consistently hit that open mid to 3 ball shot, he is a warrior too, Sham will be fine, along with Nevels, Smith when well, AV, MT, SJ, DR, MH, JH and the rest, not the biggest guys weight wise and strength , however very, very BBIQ smart guys, And Gib , you are correct, TEAM has to play the best D in the BWC to have chance to go to THE DANCE. work on that D guys!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Eagle: First Game, here it comes, this Friday Nov 8 2013 SSC against a very good athletic Tenn. St Tiger team! Go Bows!

  17. Yes Our Ohana, PH, too, were, baseball, basketball and football athletes. Alumnus of UH when UH small college independent. We remember, when UH, with Dave Holmes, a very good college FB coach, with guys like Levi Stanley, Cliff Laboy, Harris Matsushima, Jerris White, Hal Stringert, Casey Ortez at QB , great QB, sad story, he died , and his primary receiver Alan Brown. Along with FG kicker went up to Seattle early Sept 1973, and in front of a packed Huskie Stadium beat UDub at their place, (however, sad that program and athletes Brown and Ortez had some pilikia, Ortez was like the Brennan of 2006-2007 season, great passer, one of Cali, HS best…pandomonium in Hawaii Nei! Dave Holmes for Governor! Sort of like the Colt Brennan led 12-0 Sugar Bowl BCS team of 2007 – Jan 2008(Sugar Bowl in New Orleans) against Georgia.

    SheeeessssssH, Uhfanzonly1., get to the POINT! I will, :

    Sir EAGLE, and jjay, servante, n2joy, Valerie and Hunter Schmidt and Ohana, Aussie Mum, Tonganator, TribeV Ohana and personal trainer coach Papi Valdes, sweet home Chicago, fearthespear brothers, al, Clyde, 808 Palolo, warriorhaw, gobows, akuhead2, Kapalam Heights to South Point on the Big Island, Whittier Calif. to Serbia, Melbourne, Australia, to New Zealand, Toronto, to Indonesian and Latvia to Germany and the Philippines, …GET READY….the band strikes up Hawaii 5-0, the new LEI GIRL comes out, and presents Hawaii’s beautiful side of Aloha, the dancers strut their stuff, Friday nite, hopefully 5000-6000 with help of Gib , staff , maybe Jamie Smith? or his trainees going dorm to dorm, cafeteria rallies, concourse, out in the courtyards, tweets, texts, instagrams, flyers, free candy, bonus free photos of team, and a shirt and cap of two! Promot the exciting game in town, along with Laura, you get your girls to do it too, they will!

    BASKETBALL RAINBOW WARRIOR STYLE: 2013-2014, will start rocking the house, this Friday, 630 pm HST, hope Smith , Hackman, Fotu, Spear, will take time, he will be back!, and Q will be ready to play this week or next. this team, I am impressed, even against 24, 26 yr old LDS team mission returners, married men, and huge, physical guys, UH scored 101 on them with fast paced attack on O and D. Have to limit TO’s , and control the 3 point shots, keep their FG and 3 Pt. percentages waaay down, and take care of the ball, UH can score, so they could in theory, if they play a to 10 in the nation FG and 3 pg % defense, and limit unforced turnovers to 12 or less, because, UH will run this year, PG to Centers, which we all love., then close games, the PG’s and SG’s wings, take over the ball control, shoot, 96% or better from FT line in last 3 minutes of tight game, you guys going to win the close ones you lost last year..

    So Basically, FOOTBALL, I played,it, nuts. Concussion, knees surgerys, dislocated, fingers,,cauliflower ears, part of toes , bits of fingers missing, however we loved it very violent game, and the more you play withour success, and losing to teams that have superior physical lines on O and D, consistent ones, More chance for Chow’s boys to get hurt, ill, and perhaps affect attitude, academics and personal life, Wish the best for them to run the table these last 4 games, however you turn on PPV or free CBS regional feed, and BOOM,Hawaii, has good bad, good bad, other team takes possession and big, huge plays, UH is down 30-3 or something, comeback second half, score, then, Utah St scores, UH down, 37 to 10, finally, USU kicks a 51 yard field goal, and it is 40 to 10, game over, I feel bad for Chow, Jay, the whole team, At this point, play well, do well in school, stay healthy, and getting back to academics, don’t flunk out of school, or be on academic suspension for those Scholie athletes. or anyone, even walkons! That is the most important, make the grade, get the degree!!

    Finally: After that RANT, Football, oh., oh, BWC teams, including WCC team San Diego, have figured out Shoji’s teams, Wahine serve them tough they have trouble passing the ball, though Mita, runs all over the court to put up settable ball, and put 2 or 3 blockers on All American Hartong. All teams 1 through 9 can beat Hawaii here or away. LBSU game tonite, huge, UH has to win. and holy moly, UH might even finish possibly, 3rd place going into BWC tourney. Best thing, Shoji and Girls, they play well then , win the BWC tourney, they are in the NCAA tourney, unless RPI much higher than rest of BWC teams, and they slide in as at large. Boy how the mighty have fallen. PARITY>

    So: jjay, warriorhaw, servante, FUHA, Palolo808, akuhead2, n2joy, EAGLE!!. gobows, hoopsa, DK, tako, Aussie Mum and Dad, and Ohana, , Tribe V, Ohana, Tonganator, All other fall sports, on a downer, cept maybe if WVB gets on a run in NCAA play as at large or wins with help of top two teams losing. UH BASKETBALL< STARTING THIS WEEK . Stan Sheriif Center 630 pm HST, against Tennessee State Tigers, a very athletic team that went to C.I.T. and loss to Kent St. opening round, and finished at 18-15, brings a good team to face rainbows, opening game, in Rainbow Classic.

    Are WE FANS READY FOR BASKETBALL? SURE AS HECK ARE, GET HEALTHY TEAM< clean up turnovers, get better at running O and D sets,, be better defenders, against FG and 3 pt shots, you guys can be CHAMPIONS, and this year, due to injury, and illness, the frosh, get chance to play and contribute a lot, bodes well for BWC tournament!

    Go Bows!

  18. Instead of uncertain conjecture about the Health of UH MBB team, we should kindly ask the UH MBB Insider himself. Dayton Morinaga!

    Dayton, please, if you have the latest medical reports on:

    1)Spearman’s MRI results, amount of damage and possible rehab and return time.

    2)Isaac Fotu, banged knee. We know he had MCL, tear, so that could be sill tender. Is Isaac going to rehab and be set to return for openining Game?

    3)Jack Hackman, whom I believe, is a tough dude, smart, can rebound and shoot, can help the wing spot, he is sick , will HE be well enough for first game of season?

    4)Quincy Smith, 10 pts in 10 minutes, his quicks, are good. His back getting tight, sounds like Caleb hope not. Q’s prognosis, severity of injury to back, treatment and possible playing for RBC?

    5)Niko Filipovich’s dislocated shoulder good to go. Looks like, I am not the coach, that Freshmen, all might play? I think with illness injuries, unforseen, Gib needs all the bodies!

    Inquiring minds of fans, here and around the globe and ESPECIALLY, those kids, families and friends far away from Hawaii!

    Mahalo and Thankyou Plenty for your hard work on spare , time, the best WI MBB insider on the planet, and in this solar system!
    Thanks in advance Dayton!
    Go Bows Rainbows, Warriors, Go Rainbow Warriors, Fighting Deans!

  19. I’ll be back faster and stronger HAWAII!! #UHMBB …a blog post..SA tweet…some type of Prosthetics band/brace/tape for UH BB guy that got the ankle sprain. Hope it works, know that Spear is the warrior, you would go to battle with, team leader, captain, waited so long to come back this season and help TEAM go to NCAA tournament, Get better as soon as safely possible Spear. Your team has got your back! Take care.

    From #UHMBB… Follow, look like a new type of brace being put on by trainer on Brandon Spearmans, right ankle foot., really science fiction type. well if it works, Brandon, medical enigma, you count him out, i.e. 6 weeks season over after high ankle sprain at Pacific on the road last year, where, upon Brandon going down that game, UH lost, he stayed healthy UH wins probably 2 or 3 more games and finishes last year regular season overall at 20 games, and possibly finish BWC regular season play at 13-5. He works his butt, off, and the final game, the C.I.T. AFA game first round at SSC, Brandon plays 32 min, scores 8 pts, gets a bunch of rebounds, and almost helps, along with Harper UH get that comeback win. So, Brandon Spearman is the Spear, the Warrior Spear, the Man O War, the Man’s Man, look out, RBC teams, Spear is trying to make it back sooner than later, I think. Still want to await the official word from UH , trainer, doctors and Gib, pretty soon, Spearman so key, however, AV and MT, be ready to explode to help 3 and 4 spot, use your athleticism and skill to O and D, and help UH win. NO scared em, NO FEAR Zone, JUST Ball you all!

    Go Bows!

    Brandon Spearman

    I’ll be back faster and stronger HAWAII!! #UHMBB

  20. Come to think of it: This lineup looks pretty good , make sure take care of the ball, all on the same page O and D. Very athletic, can score in bunches.

    Until all the guys are healthy and rehabbed from injuries, Gib has to give ALL the guys PT, which he did against BYUH, however, those seniors, Jrs. and Sophomres, plus Fr. AV and MT, were pretty big time, also, like Mike H. , and Stefan, Dyrbe will help out as well as Jawato, when he is hot and healthy and Jackman, to Jack the 3’s, tough RBC, and road trip ahead, team getting forced fed, to get ready, I believe they heal up Spearman, and Fotu, Smith, UH will be very competitive, have to play D, and keep turnovers down, and run very good O sets, and pressure D with a purpose, they can be good by BWC tourney play!

    PG: Keith Shamburger
    SG: Garrett Nevels
    SF: Aaron Valdes
    PF: Christian Standhardinger
    C: Isaac Fotu

    second rotation squad:

    PG: Quincy Smith
    SG: Brandon Jawato/or Brandon Spearman (when healthy or even at 80% for now)
    Wing: Michael Harper
    PF: Mike Thomas
    C: Davis Rozitis

    third rotation squad:

    PG: Nikola Filipovich
    SG: Dyrbe Enos
    Wing: Jack Hackman
    Wing: Brandon Jawato
    C: Stefan Jovanovich

  21. I see MT coming in before AV, both are very similar. One of them had a crazy swat in the game against BYUH. The first one in will be the one playing BETER defense.

  22. ROB T: Good Point, though AV can run in that 3 SF spot, did pretty well. MT is being put at that hybrid 3/4 spot to relieve Fotu and Standhardinger. THEY BOTH have hi motors., they have to feel that they are just as good as Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, Spearman, Fotu and Standhardinger., then they will bust out and really help solidify that 3/4 spot, create needed depth. ROB T. from summer league, to beach workout, individual workouts, and now pre season games, AV and MT, and GN and QS have made great strides, all 4 of those new guys to the NCAA D1 floor, want to win, and get better, pretty excited to have guys with athleticism willing to battle. They are going to go up against teams that are more physical,older and bigger, in fact BYUH, with their mormon mission returnees, you are talking about 23-25 yr olds, MEN against young guys. MT and AV will hold their own, quite exciting players.

    And you are correct, Gib along with Benjy, who I think ran the defenses for Gib’s first year, when they were one of the national leaders, guarding 3 pt shots, and overall FG percentages, that team with Vander, Amis , Hiram, Johnson, and Miah, was awesome, hard nosed D.

    If MT or AV, can play shutdown D, or help team D, get blocked shots, MT his body being left handed is tremendous advantage on O and especially D, since his left hand is on the right handed shooters hand already. Plus, he worked on that spin move, and drive to the cup, a thing of beauty, a 3 Star recruit move, MT will play a lot. as for Airon V, that guy can fly, as Standhardinger says, he brings the energy, either one off the bench, or if Spearman has to sit out a couple of games or weeks, I think AV could handle that spot, or maybe even MT, if Mike can handle the ball

    ROB T.: and Eagle and fans, it all begins ,this Friday Nov 3 2013 at SSC against a very good Tennessee State Tigers team, very athletic, who went to C.I.T last year at 18-15, should be a good Rainbow Classic, all of those teams, the 3 others, are good NCAA D1 schools, very athletic,Big Test for UH. As Eagle says, : and quoting a radio hoops show, if UH can win the RBC, UH has a pretty good season to look forward too, barring any season ending injuries to top 7 guys, hope not. Stay healthy team!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Eagle, it has been over 6 months since AFA C.I.T. game, now the fun begins!..;;..UIH hoops is here!!

  23. Edit to above: I meant season, UH HOOPS it all begins, Eagle and Fans, this Friday Nov 8th 2013 at the SSC 630pm HST. And Aussie Mum and Dad and Ohana, Tonganator, TribeV, Chicago brothers, Oregon to Serbia, Toronto to NZ and Melbourne, get ready to rock that Stan Sheriff Center. UH has some athletes, should be fun, hope they can get better each game, play outstanding defense, protect home court, and split or better on the road, then, the will be primed for battle in BWC regular season play and BWC tourney for NCAA bid in March!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! And get well Isaac, Jack H. , Q, and Brandon , heart and soul of team, Spearman!

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