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Meet the Warriors: Quincy Smith

Quincy Smith has a willingness to adapt to new situations, and that’s usually a good trait for a point guard – especially one in a new situation himself.

Smith, a 6-foot sophomore, is in his first season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team, but he already seems to understand that his role extends beyond his own direct responsibilities.


“At the point guard position you have to know all the positions and all the plays,” he said. “If a guy’s in a wrong position, it’s kind of my fault, even though he doesn’t know … it’s kind of navigating guys through the offense.”

Smith was the starting point guard as a freshman last season on a City College of San Francisco team that was ranked No. 1 in the California junior college system for most of the season.

“I always say the number 1 stat for a point guard is not assists or points or anything like that. Its wins,” Hawaii head coach Gib Arnold said. “And Quincy Smith had more wins than any other point guard in California last year.”

Smith is still learning the UH system and adjusting to a more physical style of play on the NCAA Division I level. However, his athleticism is certainly helping his cause.

“We’re going to be running a lot; a lot of pressing and pushing the ball,” he said. “So I think as athletic as I am, pushing the ball and being able to make plays that will benefit the team.”

Smith is apparently adapting well to life in Hawai’i off the basketball court as well. In particular, he enjoys going to the beaches – despite his lack of swimming skills.

“I fell in love with the beach,” he said. “We don’t have quite as good beaches and the weather (in California).”

Although he does not know how to swim, Smith said he has found a way to adapt. “I go in to about here,” he said, holding his hand to his chest to signify how deep he can venture into the ocean. “I don’t go in too far.”

The hope for the future is that he will be able to lead himself and the team to greater depths as he continues to learn and adapt.


  1. Mahalo , Aloha, and welcome to UH MBB team Q! You had a great visit this past spring, and LOI’ed then. You and Shamburger, are great additions to this year’s team! What was missing, last year, athleticism, speed, hops, and ability to push ball, and shoot it, from rim to 3 line. You will be a very good PG for the next 3 years!

    Have a great 2013-14 season Q. And one, thing, important if you go to beach, first of all get good swimming instructions. Secondly, even if you like to hang out at the warm beautiful beaches, ALWAYS, have a buddy or two, who do know how to swim and help you. Wise to stay close to shore, don’t go into high surf, undertow, or walk in sandy low level water at Waikiki beaches, sometimes there are holes, and boom, you are at the bottom of a 6 foot hole, with top of your head sticking out. Dangerous, if UH has Physical Education, or maybe you can take swimming lessons from Aaron Valdes, or Brandon Jawato, or Dyrbe Enos, great water guys. Best to LEARN how to swim! We want you safe, for the next 3 years. Enjoy Hawaii, Q , I just love your athletic game, since summer league, you have improved in running an organized O set! Keep up the good work!

    Uhfanzonly1. And thankyou to the Quincy Smith Family of Cali, for allowing us to have Q’s talents at PG!
    Go Bows!

  2. Thanks for becoming a Rainbow Warrior Quincy Smith! You are a PG, who likes to get up and down the court, have quicks, to get steals, always head up to make good passes to guys on the break. Will take a little time, however D1 ball, more physical, and they run good half court sets, not like JC Cali ball, which is up and down, run and gun. Learn Gib’s system, play good position defense, help D, and having a defender to back you up, another guard or big, behind you, if you got a clean steal, go for it. Having the transition game, makes scoring easier, and you got finishers, in Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Thomas, and the rest of team. Have a good career Quincy, you are a smart young man, finish JC in 1 year, and now an NCAA D1 qualified sophomore. Thanks to your family too! Get ready to throw some lobs to AV and MT, and GNevels, should be fun at the SSC!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  3. Man, Gib did great job! n2joy, another “A” for Aloha, and Aurite! for coach and staff and team. Gave Quincy great visit. I think Q is a Computer Science, or trying to get into that major, so smart guy.

    Eagle: Quincy, and Shamburger, for me KEY for this year, last year with JT and MC, there really wasn’t any fast push of the ball, plus, Shamburger and Q will take it to the rim, floaters, layup and one, mid range shot and occasional 3 ball.

    Eagle: you are correct for loss of GJ, HB, MC, JT, having, Nevels, Smith, Shamburger, and Spearman when healthy, much more athleticism, this year, when team pushes, with purpose and don’t turnover ball too much, though you will when you run fast breaks after pressure and steals, blocks, ,however, as Gib says, have to keep, if can TO’s to 13-12 or less. Along with the pressure from the 4 athletic, assuming Spearman is back soon, though Valdes, will do very well, in my opinion, in place of Spear, for now., should be exciting , high scoring basketball. Just know the bigger, and athletic teams UH will face this year, will try to out run and gun UH, plus half court them to death with their Bigs, and control tempo, and bomb 3’s, Gib and team just have to get really better at taking care of the ball, FT shooting excellent, and guarding the three, and at least at SSC , UH MBB will win a lot of games hopefully!

    Eagle and fans: get ready to rock the SSC !
    Go Bows!! 😀

  4. From UH Athletics site : Quincy Smith
    Personal: Born in San Francisco, Calif.….nickname is “Q”…intends to major in computer sciences..smart guy, A+ PG n2joy!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, the super seventeen, or now, for 2013-14 team maybe the fantastic fifteen!


  5. Q stands for IQ. Right playhoopsa smart guy. Good choice taking computer science. Then pass all the certification tests and you will have many job offers. You cannot play basketball forever. And when basketball pau can fall back on IT career. But before that happens IQ will have solid career. Just starting his collegiate career and he is already turning heads. He is on track to be our starting point in the not too distant future. He has solid all around game with athleticism. This year he will be the six or seven man in the rotation. Big West is small man’s game so match up with guards and small forwards will be critical. One day Hawaii can change conference play where teams must adapt to Hawaii bigs. That’s when Hawaii will dominate Big West with small and big game. Then we are ready for big time D1 schools. The Gonzaga of the Big West.

  6. Q has the motor, the skills to run the team, goes hard to the basket and great vertical to get up there around the rim. We are in good hands for now and the future with Q!

  7. I remember watching Q in the summer league and was amazed at his leaping ability. He has very strong quick (Q?) twitch muscles. Not the Clyde (the Glide) Drexler type leaping where he can take off from the FT line and glide to the rim. More like Boom! and he is at the rim in no time. With Q and Sham at the point, we will be more than fine at point.

    Haha. Dayton is dangling carrots in front of us to get us excited about BB. Geez, like I can get any more excited than I am right now. Haha. But thanks for that Dayton!

  8. Yes, Nice Orchestration and Great Service, Dayton!

    Q, As a Leader YOU can drop the “I can’t swim” story in one weekend
    With your teammates who can swim, OR a Two-Hour YMCA, etc. Class
    You can learn the basic strokes, breathing and kicks in minutes
    Maybe you won’t be a Great Swimmer for awhile,
    But you can eliminate Most Risk and even Save someone…
    (maybe the others who might need to take Risks if you ever got in trouble)

    With Your Athleticism — 99% of the Population. including those who swim well,
    Will Never Be Able to be an Effective D-1 Point Guard —
    You’ll Stroke and Breathe and KICK well the First Time You Try
    and Look pretty smooth by the second or third time…

    BUT WE Can’t have A Team Leader Lost @ Sea (OR His Teammate)
    Farrington HS Football Team just Lost One This Past Week
    UH Football Lost One before (In a Natural (Freshwater) Waterfall Slide/Pool
    — i think the Team never recovered it was So Tragic)
    ….and By Putting off At Least the Basic Skills,
    You’re Increasing the Risk that something could happen
    Really Glad You Love The Sea
    It is Amazing and Deserves/Needs Greatest Respect

    …and like was said above …
    We Look Forward to you making a Difference here
    and we hope for three years …
    (plus your future Impacts as well)

  9. swimming is one of the best exercise you can do….I bet if they all took 30 minutes a day swimming laps they would run everyone off the court

  10. Hey Q you are one of my favorite players but I was wondering if anyone had an update on Spearmans MRI?

  11. Ka Leo University of Hawaii Newspaper, confirmed from UH MBB and Gib Arnold, Spearman indeed had a high ankle sprain, not same ankle as last year, however , is rehabbing three times a day, and will probably be out for 2 weeks miss the Rainbow Classic.Quincy Smith, poor guy, went for a few minutes in today’s practice, his back stiffened up , and he could not go. He will miss the Rainbow Classic too!Just as I thought, probably you fans too after seeing Aaron take over for Spearman in BYUH exhibition game.,…, Aaron Valdes will get shot at the 3 SF spot. Along with Michael Harper, Brandon Jawato. Mike Thomas PT will increase too.UH MBB team down to 12 possible available active players for Rainbow Classic, so fans , I assume, Sham, GNevels, Valdes, Fotu, Standhardinger, Rozitis, Hackman, Harper, Thomas, Jovanovich , Enos, and Jawato. A real M.A.S.H unit! Eagle, and fans, sometimes, good early in season, and ONCE AGAIN, I am glad that Gib put together a 16 active possible player roster before start of this season, If he only had 12, whew, with Smith, Spearman, and Caleb out for year, that would have left only 9 guys available, maybe ask one of the MVB, or Baseball guys to fill roster like Riley Wallace did by asking WR Chris Roscoe(who was a good HS BB guy) and Mike Among(good local HS BB guy) from MVB team.
    Well, possible starting 5 for this Friday: Sham, Nevels, Valdes, Fotu, Standhardinger, …of the bench, Harper, Jawato, Enos, Rozitis, Thomas, Jovanovich, Hackman, maybe Niko!
    One thing, the young guys, have to step it up, as AV and MT have, as well as the hustle of MH, SJ , JH , DE and BJ. …and maybe we gotta see, if another PG goes down, then Dyrbe next up, or else, play Niko this year, ….YOU KNOW, that is what all the guys wanted, PT and help team go NCAA or NIT…wish speedy recovery for Spearman, and Q, both injuries, can be chronic whole year.,…AS I HAVE SAID all along, cannot afford this year to RS anyone, other than the mandatory RS sit out of Negus…due to illness and injury.Get well guys. For the guys who will step into
    Q and Spear’s role, step it up, and see if you guys can pull together and win the Rainbow classic, that would be awesome and classic. YOU know what fans? I like UH’s chances, with Fotu, Standhardinger, GNevels, Sham and Valdes, plus MT, Rozitis, Harper, Enos, Hackman, Jawato, and Jovanovich, and maybe, if need be, Niko, he might surprise.

    Get ready, Eagle, the wounded Warriors are ready to rock this Friday!
    Go Bows, Rainbow Warriors, Warriors, Rainbows, Fighting Deans!

  12. And talk about other guys from UH sports helping UH BB team, of course Miah, and waay back in the day, a smaller version of Kevin Mchale, same, great low post moves, and heady BBIQ player,, one of my favorites, 6’7″ BB pitcher Chris Walz!

    Go Bows.Please nobody else get hurt, a lot of playing time now for the rest of 11 or 12!!


  13. Don’t count Quincy or Spear out, those young guys so determined, with proper rehab, ice, and braces for back and ankles, maybe, if they feel good, got doctor clearance, maybe make an appearance if needed in Rainbow Classic. Pretty sure, no clearance, or to save them for the BWC, Doctor would keep them out. However, guys are young, never know.

    Get well, and take care of bodies, Q and Spear! Get well, and be safe!
    Go Bows!

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