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Meet the Warriors: Brandon Jawato

There are numerous reasons why Brandon Jawato chooses to wear jersey number 3 for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. His birthday is June 3, he was born in 1993, and his favorite basketball player, Allen Iverson, wore number 3.

Jawato also happens to be a 3-point shooting specialist, and he is hoping his number gets called often this season.


“I just want to be a team player, play hard and win,” the 6-foot-4 sophomore guard said. “What ever the coaches want me to do, I’ll do it, but yeah, I know they want me to be a guy who can come in and knock down shots.”

Jawato led the team with 43 3-pointers and a .413 percentage from beyond the arc last season as a redshirt freshman. Most memorable among his performances was a 7-for-7 shooting display from 3-point range in a victory over UC Riverside.

A nagging ankle injury has been bothering him since the summer, but he has vowed to play through it this season.

Jawato came to Hawai’i in 2011 from El Segundo, California, although he does have international roots. His parents are from Indonesia, and he spent some of his youth in Bali.

“We lived there for about five or six years,” Jawato said. “Then my mom wanted me to get a good education, so we came back to America.”

Jawato said he grew up trying various sports, including football, hockey, soccer, surfing, golf and tennis.

“I just stuck with basketball because I fell in love with basketball,” he said. “I got tall, too, but basketball was my number 1 sport I loved to play.”

Although just a sophomore, Jawato is already in his third year with the program (senior Davis Rozitis is the only player with more tenure). As such, he is making sure to enjoy his time in Hawaii when not training for basketball season.

“I love going on hikes,” he said. “I like cliff jumping and stuff like that. I just love being around the water … I’m trying to see more of the island since I’ve been here for three years now.”


  1. Now Brandon playing with bone on bone, no cartilage padding ankles, man that is rough. However, Brandon is a warrior, never stops hustling. When his 3 ball is dropping along with Jack Hackman, Mike Harper, Garret Nevels, Christian Standhardinger, Shamburger, Mike T., Airon V, Enos, Filipovich, and Q Smith, UH MBB team will be awesome zone busters. at least 3 of those guys can hit 8-10 threes per game for 40% or better per game, UH will be BWC scoring leaders for sure, stop BWC teams, from zoning them. So important that the 3 ball shooters like Bradon Jawato, keep on practicing and shooting it, nice Brandon, if you had a little more arc, instead of line drive, however, what the heck if you can hit 7 in a row, every game, shoot it how you like! Love that you stuck with the program for 3 years. Get your degree, you are a winner, with great parents and Ohana. Wish the best to Brandon J.!!

  2. Dayton, I think Brandon was on the Warriors to Asia tour? He was enrolled in second summer session along with Shaq, and Tyler Brown. Man time flies, third year, wow! Have a great year Brandon Jawato, we need that 3 point shooting to break zones, so important in today’s NCAA college game to have half a dozen or more good high percentage 3 point shooters. Make sure you shoot 80% or better, in fact all you guards and wing players, since you will get fouled, A LOT, then go to line and knock down 3 for 3!

    Go Bows and Brandon Jawato.
    Mahalo to Jawatos, for letting a great guy like your son be a Rainbow Warrior, thankyou!


  3. To above post UH shooters, I meant if all of the guards and wings can shoot 80% or better from free throw line would be awesome. Since you all going to rim will get fouled, and since, several guys on the court have 3 pt range,you will get fouled , so be prepared to go 3 for 3 to win a road game!

    Go Bows.

    Eagle,: here we go……this Friday season starts, all UH fans in USA and around the world, Hawaii Standard Time 6:30pm at the Stan Sheriff Center. UH vs Tennessee State University Tigers, very good fast, high flying, physical, quick, athletic team, good test for new look Rainbow Wariiors!

    Go Rainbow Wariiors. Let’s Go Bows!

  4. I can see ROB T, if Brandon can handle ball, limit unforced turnovers, inbound, and help break pressure against UH, as well as pass well, to open cutters, big men, and run O and D sets, as well as run an organized,full court and trapping D, as well as drive to the hoop , finish and one, plus shoot for high percentage 3 point shot. Brandon, is physical specimen, 6’4″ 200+ pounds, sad that his ankles are bad, however, he can muscle up on other 3 SF’s, I think he can be a great wing, added to rotation of Spearman, Valdes, Hackman, and Jawato, provide needed depth, And when UH wants to full court pressure, Jawato, has enough athleticism and smarts to jump passing lanes, and get steals, should be interesting, once as Gib says, TEAM develops as an excellent Defensive team, the best in the BWC, then UH will be awesome!

    Go get em, Brandon J.!!

    Go Bows!

  5. Hey Jaw:

    You’re the 2nd most experienced INCOMPARABLE TEAM member.
    You impressed fans by your BBIQ, record setting 7-straight-3’s-in-a-1/2.

    Three outstanding attributes contribute to winning bb games >>
    ~1. Appeared to be taller than your listed height.
    ~2. Toughness to overcome challenges in front of you.
    ~3. Pain hurts but, not stopping you from scoring.

    Jaw is a TOUGH movie character who neutralizes opponents by sharp teeth;
    Jaw(ato) will defeats opponents by sharp shooting!

  6. BJ — Keep Getting Healthier / Stay Serious-Injury Free
    Improve Your Balance and Form for Greater Shooting Consistency
    Keep Shooting Light Out; Set Bigger & Better Records!
    Blaze the Opposition with Your Speed, Quickness
    and Outstanding Sense of Anticipation!


    For Reference:
    Christian is also in his “Third” Season,
    and has More D-1 On-Court minutes than Brandon
    and maybe Davis ʻcombinedʻ….

  7. Brandon – Thanks for coming here to be a part of our lives. You sir are the definition of WARRIOR! Amazing how there are so many different characters on this team all with the same goal. We witnessed what you are capable of BJ. We saw. Your time will come again. Be it one game or one play. Your impact will be felt.

    Lets Go Bows!!!!!

  8. That is a kind, heart-warming encouragement for a deserving young man.

    warriorhaw, you got an ‘A’, the first letter in ‘Aloha’ Spirit –
    Which stands for Akahai, meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness.

    Sincerely hope that all of the TEAM members find this and, time to read your postings!?

  9. I don’t want to be the party pooper, but if he doesn’t start to get healthy so I would rather have Jawato get the surgery use a medical red shirt and have 3 good years left rather than just getting by. BJ is way BETER than what we have seen in the last scrimmages. I want what is best for him, so if he thinks playing is the best thing then so be it, but it just doesn’t look like that right now.

  10. ROB T: Good thought for Jawato’s overall health, even post UH career and life. If you don’t have cartilage, bone on bone, joint wear out, more problems. Jawato, had option to sit out Medical RS year. He CHOSE not too. ROB T. , same thing with Dressler, Spearman, they want to play SO BADLY this year. The sense, with Sham, Nevels, Q, Standhardinger, Fotu, a very quick, can run, and agile, 2 twin bigs in Jovanovich and Rozitis, plus those Athletic FR. AV and MT, THIS was the year for something special, although, if NWC hangs in there, next year, can be really good .Even Mike T, Nikola, Jack Hackman, all have made similar statements, they want to do whatever they can to HELP THIS year’s team go to NCAA’s, Hackman, knows, he can bring 3 ball shooting, hustle and BBIQ, Nikola, a backup PG who is not afraid to shoot, Mike T. an athletic 3/4 who is getting better by the day. My personal feeling, I am concerned for Jawato’s overall Health first, same with Dressler, Fotu and Spearman, however, if Doctor, trainers, therapists, say they can play this year, they are going to do it, with Coach’s blessing. I hope, Brandon J. can do his best, he does not want to sit out this year. He steps onto court, either Exhibition game(fans correct me if I am wrong, I think all those 14 guys who played in Exhibition game, are now active for 2013-14, that is why Negus as RS transfer could not suit up, had to sit out)or this Friday against Tenn. St. University, he is in active for season. Maybe his ankles are workable. He will bring a lot of experience too, to that wing spot, and if he gets, hot, it will help team. All 15 possible active athletes, hope they stay healthy, that is why I am of the opinion, Gib, do not RS anyone, RS NWC has to sit out, that is rule, however, Gib needs all the healthy bodies to compete this YEAR 4 for NCAA or NIT bid, pretty much, involves his vision, and Ben Jay’s too. Have to get to Big or Little Dance, not C.I.T. THIS YEAR. So all the IMCOMPARABLE SEVENTEEN as n2joy calls them or the super 17, want UH to go to DANCE this year, just ask Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels, Q, Rozitis, Jawato, MT, AV, Sham, and Gib.Hope Jawato will do well, he is quite determined, UH does have Spearman when healthy, Hackman, Valdes, and Harper who can play that wing/3 spot. Good to have depth!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.
    And Mahalo and Aloha to Jawato Ohana, you have a good son!

  11. n2joy, sorry, the Incomparable Seventeen, or Super Seventeen Rainbow Warriors, I go to see them, talk, read, watch them in person, so far, they are good kids. Gib really making sure, guys go to class, GPA is very good. They are not border line, bad people, have good attitudes, and what is so special of the 17 guys on roster, 5 are preferred walkons, Ohana, helping to foot their FULL tuition and housing that is incredible, The guys ALL 17, LOI’s or scholies wanted to be hear this year. We shall see, I like this group of guys, very good , and emotionally stable, and academically sound. Don’t think any will walk off the court, and leave to go to locker room and never come back like VJ. These are first class young student athletes. Very much Aloha for them from WI, Rainbow Warrior Global fan nation!


  12. Got this from a Boston College , online site, definition of RS year. Maybe you fans out there know whether an athlete, competes in Exhibition game, he started, his eligibility clock, he cannot RS , he loses that year? That is reason why Negus did not play in Exhibition he is RS D1 transfer, and has to sit out, not eligible to play Exhibition or regular season.
    Just wondering, if Niko, started his Eligibility clock when he went into game against BYUH, and what about Jack Hackman, who was sick? Well best, leave it to Gib. Gets confusing, I know , for Freshman, they have 5 years to play 4 years of BB, so critical, if they participate for one minute, or 40 minutes, that eligibility for first year would start?
    Every student-athlete at BC has five years from the time they enroll in classes full-time for the first time in order to fit in four years of eligibility. If you use up those four years of eligibility in your first four years of college, then that’s all you get. If you don’t play until your fifth year of college, you only get to play one season

    The absence of a definition notwithstanding, a student-athlete redshirts when they do not participate in any intercollegiate competition during a given academic year. The main reason for purposely redshirting a student-athlete is to preserve a year of their eligibility. The moment a student-athlete competes for a single second of time or a single play, they will use up one of their four years of eligibility. “Intercollegiate competition” includes any contests against outside competition, regardless of how the competition is classified (e.g., scrimmages, exhibitions, etc.). (NCAA Bylaw 14.02.6)

    Every student-athlete at BC has five years from the time they enroll in classes full-time for the first time in order to fit in four years of eligibility. If you use up those four years of eligibility in your first four years of college, then that’s all you get. If you don’t play until your fifth year of college, you only get to play one season

  13. Medical redshirt may have different rules

  14. Either way, to above post, with the way, UH MBB players are getting sick or injured, just my opinion, Gib has to have bodies, and guys who can play decently even if freshmen to make run at BWC title, and tourney title for NIT or NCAA play, However, that is waaay past my pay grade , Let UH and Gib decide. He has 17 GREAT young men!

    Go Rainbow Warriors. heal up and stay safe, go to school and get your degrees!

  15. This is a forum, pretty much like a party, which is the gathering of people, where many conversations taking place discussing or expressing pro/con opinions/topics in a classy, pleasant forms. Democratically as ‘each to his own’, all positive!

    ROB T, you got an ‘A’ too. The last letter of ‘ALOHA’ Spirit –
    Which stands for Ahonui`, meaning patience to be expressed with perseverance.

    I am all for the well-being of health to everyone as well!

  16. ROB T: I think that Brandon J and Dressler, can get that medical RS waiver, because of nature of injury, …However, Jawato, wants to play, and must have been cleared medically, sat down with Coach and talked to his family, maybe he wants to finish school in another 2 year too? Who knows. Wish Brandon the best, have seen it in the past with UH MBB, Ahmet Gueye, Andrew McQuire, 6’9″ 245 lb super PF transfer from E. or W. Michigan? He was good until got hurt, AC Carter, sublaxation, of shoulder, some kids are just battlers, same with Spearman, unless he has MCL or ACL tear he wants to play.

    ROB, we see what happens, Jawato, as of now, wants to play., I think he saw, the practices with Shamburger running point last year, getting the ball to shooters, so he wants to be part of a potentially good shooting team.

    Wish Jawato the best!

  17. n2joy, I think Gib deserves an “A” for Aloha, for recruiting a great group of seventeen fine men!
    WE , all want UH MBB , and all UH sports to do well. I also want, you too, the guys to graduate, and they will!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  18. =================================================================================
    Note to WEBMASTER: Sir, this a different post.

    This is a forum, pretty much like a party, which is the gathering of people, where many conversations taking place discussing or expressing pro/con opinions/topics in a classy, pleasant forms. Democratically as ‘each to his own’, all positive!

    ROB T, you got an ‘A’ too. The last letter of ‘ALOHA’ Spirit –
    Which stands for Ahonui`, meaning patience to be expressed with perseverance.

    I am all for the well-being of health to everyone as well!

  19. n2joy, sure this is a great fan and family and potential recruit forum, thanks to Dayton Morinaga, the Schmidts and WI staff.!!

    UHF and hoopsa, are very great fans of UH MBB, UHF from the mid sixties, hoopsa, from the eighties till present!

    We have much, much Aloha for whomever coach, and we support the student athletes, Want them to graduate, have fun, do well in community and on the court. These are a great bunch of young guys.

    Give them a 4.0 GPA, for attitudes, personalities as warriorhaw says, UHF and hoopsa, always try to keep UH MBB flames of interest going 12 months a year. Thanks to this forum, We mean no harm to fellow forum posters, unless, the go negative, or abusive, and thankfully, I don’t think any are criminal! We ALL want the “A” as in Akamai, Aloha, ALL ONE OHANA UH MBB team to be well. Will be there, Friday SSC cheering on 14 or 15 guys, whomever healthy, we have been doing so , health permitting for over 50 years.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  20. Patience is a tough word for young adults to handle. But in Jawato’s situation it would be in his best interest to medical redshirt (if not too late) this year. Do you really want to play the entire year at 80% or less? You can help the team but you should look at that extra year for healing, learning, and finishing school early so you can focus hard on basketball especially in the last two years. Plus chances are your role will be limited to shooter coming off the bench. You only go through college basketball once and the longer you can prolong it the better you will be when the time comes to make the jump to pro ball. That extra year can sometimes make the difference in jump-starting your career. Don’t get frustrated and impatient, but learn to be happy and contented in good as well as tough times. Good times are great, but it’s the bad times that we learn about ourselves and life most. No pain no gain right?

  21. servante: Similar thoughts with ROB T, n2joy implied, and even myself, I don’t know why the urgency, Only Brandon, his family and coach would know. Once again he must have got medical clearance to play this year, despite the ankle problems. If it were MY son…I would advise Brandon to get that medical RS year. Maybe, and servante, as well as ROB T and n2joy, probably long time supporters of UH BB and athletes, Brandon, might be a good student,maybe he wants to finish school in 2 more years, or less. We don’t know, maybe he wants to go into Natural Resources, take care of Planet, or teaching.

    Brandon J. is a great young man, from that Warriors to Asia tour, through his RS year, and until now, which academically would be , possibly his Junior year at UH. Interesting , and ALWAYS the BEST how Dayton Morinaga answers those questions that we have, he video interviews the young men, asks really good questions, and it comes FROM their Mouths, has to be that the Jawatos are supportive of their son. Either way, I wish that Brandon is happy, maybe, he will be a spot up 3 point shooter, when needed to break zones, or to help team come back. When I first heard, this summer, about, his hip problems, from last year, remember that 7 for 7, first half against Riverside? Then he let’s it be known before this season about his bad ankles, and he wants to play, although he did mention the RS medical waiver option. Still this possiblity, and I do agree in heart with servante, you, n2joy and ROB T. , in the long run for , not only playing BB post UH, his later life as and adult, the toll it will take on his ankles, feet, compensatory, injuries, and aches, on back, legs, hips, like myself, now that I am middle aged, all that pounding, now I feel it, like a 110 year plus man! That’s why hard,!
    Servante, you, know what I think, if Brandon gives it a go, for RBC, and his ankles are just going out, he is getting really bad, Doctor, coach, trainer, and family, might just tell him, we love you Brandon, as we all do, he is a great guy, I like him!, better to get surgery, put in whatever,artificial, or from another part of body, to rebuild the ankles. Then, concentrate on school, Come back next year, he would be academically, if he kept up with credit load a Senior, he could play one more year, or two, then graduate with honors hopefully!Servante, n2joy, ROB T., I respect, and in my heart I agree, no need be that urgent, however, I can detect, that this is his shot to be part of a team, along with hopefully a healed Spearman to make it to NCAA or NIT this year, Just a thought, My opinion.
    However, he is not my son, and coach Gib, doctor must have talked to him, and so far his decision which we have to RESPECT, for now, he is going to give it a go, try to play, and play his best for 2013-14 season, I just hope he doesn’t break bones, that would be awful.
    Take care Brandon J, we love you, and n2joy, a lot of Aloha, from me Playhoopsa, I really, really like Brandon, a real warrior, wish him the best.

    Aloha No!
    Go Brandon Jawato, get well, and do well in school , you have your life to look forward to. Always, appreciate great young men as yourself!

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