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Warriors host BYU-Hawai’i in exhibition

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will finally get a chance to test itself against a team other than itself on Halloween night, when it hosts Brigham Young-Hawaii in an exhibition game.

It is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center, and fans who bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Hawaii Foodbank at the entry gate will receive free admission.


The final result and statistics will not count for either team, but that does not mean the game is meaningless.

“I don’t think you ever play to lose,” Hawai’i head coach Gib Arnold said. “But the key isn’t on the final score, it’s on competing. We’re going to compete, but I am going to have different lineups out there than maybe I would in a regular game.”

The tentative starting lineup for the Warriors will feature junior Keith Shamburger at point guard, junior Garrett Nevels and senior Brandon Spearman on the wings, senior Christian Standhardinger at power forward, and sophomore Isaac Fotu at center.

“I don’t expect it to be a perfectly-executed game,” Arnold said. “There’s going to be some struggles at times. It’s the first time this team will be playing together in a real game situation under the lights, even though it is an exhibition.”

Hawai’i finished 17-15 last season, and Standhardinger (15.8 points, 7.9 rebounds), Fotu (10.1 points, 6.2 rebounds), and Spearman (9.6 points, 2.9 rebounds) are key contributors returning.

Much of the pre-season hype, though, has been about a new influx of guards, most notably Shamburger (transfer from San Jose State who sat out as a redshirt last season), Nevels (transfer from Mount San Antonio College), and Quincy Smith (transfer from City College of San Francisco).

Smith has been slowed by a back injury in recent practices, so his status for the exhibition game remains to be seen.

Three others from the current roster are not expected to play: redshirt freshman Caleb Dressler (back), freshman Jack Hackman (sick) and Negus Webster-Chan (redshirting this season due to transfer rules). Arnold said he very well could play everyone else during the exhibition.

“This is not a do-or-die situation,” Arnold said. “I think it’s important to see what some of the younger guys can do in a game situation, and this is a good time to do that.”

Interestingly enough, the Warriors and NCAA Division II Seasiders played a private controlled-scrimmage last weekend.

“I really like what they do, and I think Ken Wagner is an excellent coach,” Arnold said of the Seasiders. “They’re a very mature, very physical group, and they’re big. They’re actually bigger than us.”

The Seasiders finished 16-14 last season, and four of the top five scorers are back this season. The top returnees are: DeAndre Medlock, a 6-foot-10 senior center who averaged 13.7 points and 4.3 rebounds per game and shot 64 percent from the field; Pablo Coro, a 6-3 junior guard who led the team with 71 3-pointers and averaged 11.8 points and 4.2 assists per game; Bracken Funk, a 6-8 senior forward who averaged 9.8 points and 8.3 rebounds per game; BJ Ford, a 6-2 sophomore guard who averaged 7.9 points per game and made 53 3-pointers.

Tip-Off Notes
Hawai’i vs. BYU-Hawai’i
When: Thursday, Oct. 31; 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center (10,300) – Honolulu, Hawai’i
Television: None
Radio: None.
Live Stats: HawaiiAthletics.com
Ticket Prices: Free admission with a non-perishable food donation for the Hawai’i Foodbank. All seats general admission.


  1. In behalf of the homebound old fans, Eagle, if you can go to Exhibition game, give your “eagle eyed observations” of how the team is doing. Progress. Who stands out, how is team adjusting to new rules.
    About a week from now Eagle, Tip off , Rainbow Classic, and hopefully a wonderful 4 1/2 month journey to the BWC tourney and hopefully, if UH gets it , the Crown and NCAA bid. Hey, Eagle a 20+ game win season and NIT bid would be fine too!

    Go , Eagle enjoy, it is soon here after this Exhibition! Let’ Go Rainbows. Go Bows!


    And thankyou Dayton, great job, real time, the fastest video archive coverage, Mahalo Plenty from fans in Hawaii, mainland USA and around the globe!


  2. Mahalo, Dayton

    Speaking of Game Highlights, Analysis and Comments,
    Maybe the Re-Emergence Clyde, Brandon or the Summer League Regulars?

    I’ll toss in a Comment or Two

    I’m sure Gib will have much to say;
    he seems to be becoming More Communicative?

    Here comes a Challenge of a Season,
    Especially with an Improved Rainbow Classic, Road Trips
    And the kind of Improvements and Results people seem to be Expecting
    HIGH Expectations for a (Still) Young Team…

  3. Eagle, I notice that too. Gib seems to be smiling more, Despite the untimely loss of Big Dressler, who was primed and ready to help down low, he knows, that the increased speed, and athleticism, and that so far, the team from 1 through 17, as n2joy alludes, to is ONE OHANA, No ego guys, or superstars, just hard working competitive guys, who want to win and go to THE DANCE. Might as well aim for the highest goal.

    I noticed a few weeks back you were commenting about MT, whether, he would play, or player in development, I think with the loss of Caleb, MT, though not as big or tall as other low post players,can use his quickness, length, and BBIQ to get rebounds, blocks shots, hit that turnaround jumper, putbacks and occasional 3 ball as well as run with the guards. Same with AV, he as he stated, don’t hold back, and play timid, play Big Boy basketball, just geev em, No scared em Airon, just fly , fly, and fly higher, same with Jack Hackman, Dyrbe Enos, Nikola Filipovich, Brandon Jawato, the loss of Caleb opens more opportunity for Gib to see what the third rotation guys can do., Hey , Eagle, I would not put it past Gib, if the 11-13th guy down the rotation can contribute and affect winning they will play, whether beginning of game or end. As Fotu stated in the SA article, there can be no let down, by first rotation 10, if they are not ON IT, Next up! Gib can smile a little, he has some firepower, Now if they can get down his O and D sets, and shoot good percentage FT’s, with low TO’s, his team, can have a lot of fun. I am being real, as you are too, Eagle, when RBC, comes around, we shall see, those are 3 very athletic teams, if Hawaii can sweep that tournament, they got something!

    Hey Eagle, we been waiting, a little over six months, now it is here, Let’s Go Bows!

  4. Eagle I almost forgot Aussie Mum’ s pride and joy, Michael Harper, thunder from down under!
    This Exhibition game with BYUH, Mike can have playing time too.

    Hey, Mike H. , just go all out, play sound, move your feet and use your chest defense, keep hands to self, play clean, hustle, get some rebounds, steals, block a shot, assists, get 50/50 ball and shoot that deeeeep three..then SSC will roar…..THunnnnnnder in the House, Harper for 3.

    Same with Jawato, man Eagle, that young man is playing , with basically bone on bone, no pad between ankle joints worn out. He is a warrior, He knew this is a key year to do some damage in the BWC, so similar to Dressler, he was looking forward to this year. Take care Brandon J and CD, love both of your attitudes, you are winners already, and will affect UH winning hopefully a lot of games this year.

    Well, now come first stage, game , exhibition against Team other than teammates, hope all 14 or so healthy guys, can play well and come out with victory!

    Enjoy, Eagle, and don’t worry, several regulars, old and newer fans on this fourm, plus maybe clyde,al, jjay, will be there, servante, tako, warriorhaw, etc, and of course the exhibition video posted by the fantastic Dayton Morinaga!

    I can feel the excitement, at least the team is much quicker this year, just have to play together, smart and tough! ONE OHANA…ONE GOAL….The NCAA tournament!

    Go Bows!

  5. Congrats to the Rainbow Wahine’s 70-35.. despite played only nine women!

    Finally here, “can hardly wait”, everybody readied & hungry (fans too), O.K. >>
    How about win by 88-55, better perform on every other category soundly as well?

    To conserve energy for the Rainbow Classic sweep as these are the counted games –
    Starters: Built a bulging lead for the reserves to maintain so that you can rest the rest and just enjoy your good job & cheer’em on from the sideline (set tone for the season?).

    For all the good things the TEAM doing => Happy & proud parents everywhere (royal fans copied)!!!

    Note: Multi-free Wi-Fi’s availabled. Bring your device(s) to enjoy the game more (live stats, etc..)!

  6. Questions for tonite’s Exhibition:

    BYUH has, a 6’10” center, a 6’8″ forward, and a great shooting guard, and a good PG, so they have athletes, and if they get hot, and stay in coach Wagner’s system, they could beat UH, if UH does not come to play. Gib’s Mantra, always, competitive, play to win, even if exhibition, get better, every day!

    1)How will first rotation guys do?
    Probable starters: Garrett Nevels 6’2″, Brandon Spearman 6’3″, Keith Shamburger 5’11”, Christian Standhardinger 6’8″ and Isaac Fotu 6’8″.
    First off the bench? Quincy Smith 6’0″(if back is okay, game day decision), Dyrbe Enos 5’9″, Mike Thomas 6’7″, Aaron Valdes 6’5″, and Davis Rozitis, 7’0″

    I think the whole team and Gib are competitive, so depending on score, and if UH has chance to win, he would stick with guys that can get win for team.

    However, now is opportunity for Mike Harper 6’5″, (UH secret weapon?:D) Niko Filipovich 6’0″, Jack Hackman 6’5″(still sick , probably out, game time decision I guess?), Brandon Jawato 6’4″(two bad ankles, a real warrior!), and Stefan Jovanovich. 6’10”, Stefan has to still hit the weight room and get good muscle mass nutrition, if he could be 240 or 245, with his agility, he would really help down low, against the NMSU’s, MIzzou’s and Cal Irvine, who BWC coach said are loaded(per Eagle’s hoopstalk summary! thanks Eagle)

    Since this is an NCAA approved Exhibition game, Negus Webster-Chan according to Brian M. in the SA, said that he cannot participate in game, pretty sure he will be giving suggestions, and cheering team on. I keep on forgetting how young he is, however he can handle ball, pass it well, and is quick on spin moves, and getting shot off, deeep 3 balls. He will be like another coach in practices and on the bench. Great to have Negus here at least for couple of years. Really helps team!

    Go Bows!
    Will follow on live stats Eagle! Have a great time at the game, and don’t worry, Dayton will have summary and video coverage later, and maybe servante, al, n2joy, jjay, warriorhaw, DK, gobows, tako, 808, and several of the other die hard , or should I say live large, UH MBB fans, will see game and chime in with their summary, as we say, the fans, that can go, great experience, if UH stay out of foul trouble, and work Gib’s system to perfection, along with great D and shooting from field and especially this year, the FT line, UH BB team will be okay!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    P.S. if they don’t look that sharp, UH MBB team, they have less than a week to get scout on Tenn St and get errors corrected, seems like a very smart UH team this year, I BELIEVE, these young guys on a mission to win a lot of games, and go Post Season Big Dance, or Little Dance NIT!

    Go Bows!

  7. This is the type of game, with the 5 projected starters, plus off the bench, Jawato, Enos, Harper, Rozitis, Thomas, Valdes, Filipovich and Jovanovich, team just have to play within the new rules great defense, game will probably slowww down over time wise, becuase possible more fouls called for using hands on offensive player, or forearm to the back, holding post position, that type of D play been going on for decades, As Spearman says in SA article, just gotta adjust.

    I hope UH plays loose, play hard, and get up and down court, force action by pressing, maybe final score 87-63 or something, UH has to score in the eighties, that would make it real exciting!
    Hope UH comes out on top, I think they, will. New, season first game, one week away as UHF says!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  8. GIB didnʻt attribute the “Extended Game” Length to ʻcoaching stoppagesʻ, etc. (although i might have suspected such);
    he DID say last night that the numerous fouls called stretched/slowed down the game to Three Hours — with that many breaks maybe players donʻt get fatigued, but maybe in foul trouble if not careful, adjusting or smartly spread around…

  9. Eagle, remember we used to watch MBB games, see the tempo, which team controlled. Well,just a thought with the new rules, if one or both teams doing a lot of hand checking, and there are no block/charge calls, maybe players, retaliate, or stick out a leg to trip guys, Possibly, in first half , there will be a lot of fouts called on both teams, henceforth, teams could be in penalty and double penalty real early in the game, first and second half. That is what I meant, let’s say, last year the game started at 700pm, usually unless overtimes, or medical emergency, power failure at SSC, the games would finish real time clock at around 8:50 pm or so, so actual real time, fans would be sitting in their seats for about , just shy of 1:55 or 1 hour and 55 minutes or less. With , possibly more calls, and time clock stopped for more foul shooting, games, in real time could run , from 700pm to let’s say 9:10pm or so, unless of course overtime. I am sure a lot of fans, especially if UH is doing good or benefitting from calls and going to the line a lot, don’t mind being at the SSC for another 10 to 15 minutes, especially if they are winning a lot of games close, or blowouts. Either way, that is why some coaches, protested rule change, the tempo of game affected, to them at least. Either way, rules can always be adjusted, this year, see what happens, Maybe, Refs don’t call as tight, however, very sure more FT’s will be shot, and UH TO A MAN, from Dyrbe, and Nikola, to Stefan and Davis, have to shoot 75% or better, entire game, just my opinion, I think that is the way NCAA MBB will be played out this year, remember, going to the park or gym, one and one with your friend, game of 21, however, included, I wasn’t the greatest FT shooter, My friend over 95%, he being 6 inches shorter, he would win 100% of the times, our 21 game, the rules, make shot, then go to free throw line, and shoot, He could hit a 30 foot jump shot, then, knock down 19
    FT’s in a row, he told me, go home to my hoop, and practice FT shooting! That type of 21 game, benefitted guys that could shoot from FT line. If I took him, first to 7 baskets, would win, and you had to win by 2, I would win, because of height, weight, and higher vertical, and ability to block his shots, Still he taught me valuable lesson, esp, playing in 6 foot under leagues with refs, shoot FT’s well, those are the teams that win a lot. Same with UH , practice,and in crunch, time, and this year, entire game, looks like will be FT shooting contest, unless, guys, the D guys, just back off, use their feet and chest, don’t even get in front of guys for charge, and go for clean blocks and steals, UH will have to adjust, if they do, they can have a great advantage, because of their speed, hops, and ability to get to rim!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

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