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Warriors beat BYUH, 101-85, in Halloween exhibition


The University of Hawai’i basketball team overcame some early adversity to defeat Brigham Young-Hawai’i, 101-85, in an exhibition game on Thursday night at the Stan Sheriff Center.

The Warriors eventually pulled away from the feisty NCAA Division II Seasiders, and did it without senior guard Brandon Spearman, who left the game moments after the opening tip with an injured ankle.

Senior forward Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 27 points. He shot 8 of 19 from the field, and 9 or 10 on free throws. He also grabbed six rebounds.

Junior guard Garrett Nevels added 24 on 11 of 17 shooting, and sophomore guard Quincy Smith scored 10. Junior point guard Keith Shamburger scored three points and passed for 11 assists. Freshman forward Aaron Valdes scored eight and grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds.

The final result and statistics will not count for either team.

BYUH stayed close early in the game, and even took the lead a couple of times – the last one at 27-26 with 9:35 remaining in the first half.

The Warriors responded with an 18-5 surge to take a 44-31 lead. Hawai’i eventually took a 51-41 lead at intermission, with Nevels and Standhardinger scoring 14 points each.

The Warriors got up by more than 20 points midway through the second half, but BYUH rallied to get as close as seven late in the second half. Head coach Gib Arnold re-inserted some of the starters, and Hawai’i pulled away again late in the game.

Spearman was in the starting lineup, but played just four seconds after getting injured moments after the opening tip. He fell to the ground holding his right ankle after a BYUH player inadvertently rolled into him. UH trainers took him to the locker room, and he returned to the bench late in the second half with the aid of crutches.

The Warriors will open the regular-season on November 8 against Tennessee State on the opening night of the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Rainbow Classic.

More details, including video highlights, will be posted later.


  1. First of all, Gib, don’t RS anyone else. RS transfer Negus a given. With illness and injuries unforseen, you have to have all the healthy bodies to make the BWC tourney. Sheesh!

    Glad team rallied and go win. We knew that BYUH, has a good team, good Center, Forward and shooting guards. Hope the Rock the Glue, Mr Steady, so important to the team, his ankle is the least degree sprain, not a high ankle, or major ligament damage, would be pretty much a blow. That is why Sham, Nevels, Smith, Filipovich, Enos, Harper, Jawato, will be so valuable this year. I just got that feeling, Gib needs a large roster, to be competitive. Glad they got the win, if they lost…not too good. well only exhibition, however the L,would be devastating on their ego.

    Well UH MBB team, heal up, Spear, Hackman, Smith and get ready for a very good Tenn. St Tiger team, great athletes 1 -15 of them for Rainbow Classic.

    Don’t get me wrong , I am super happy they won. New guys, and injured guys, for UH, otherwise they win going away!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Happy UH MBB team won. Eagle, how bad is injury to Spearman, Man that hurts.
    Eagle, and others that went, well, UH was down players to sickness, and untimely injury. Hope they get well soon!
    Go Bows!
    Happy they got the W.

  3. Saw Spearman on crutches in the tunnel. Hope he’s alright.

  4. Go, Fo-tu and Quincy!

  5. Thanks Dayton for the update! I am so happy to have WI to turn to when I want to know what the scoop is on the team and what’s the latest news.

    Happy Halloween to everyone! We couldn’t make it to the game since we were busy getting candy! How lucky we are to have Dayton to keep us informed!

  6. Hope Spearman’s ankle(?) recovers o.k.; i would GUESS crutches ‘could be’ pre-caution to prevent worsening…
    Spearman’s initial reaction (himself) was to run downcourt and try to play (probably still stinging/frustrated from last year’s late-season injury) — so “MAYBE” it could turn out Not as Serious — On the Flip Side, i’m Not Surprised he felt “Driven” to Try and Test it — Such a WARRIOR…we can All Pray Not Serious — HE IS a Difference Maker — A Senior who Knows what it takes to Win in The BW….

    NEED MORE GOOD LUCK to Keep Healthy Numbers — FOTU also banged up his recently injured knee and was bothered enough to immediately go to the bench/sidelines — since he returned to the game, surmising just a ‘bang’ or shock — but he had us worried… [Welcome Any Corrections or Insider Insight…]

    Ideally Both Players get past their most recent injury concerns …

  7. Quincy also hobbled off the court on two occasions. I’m wondering if the toe injury that hampered him during the summer is still plaguing him. There were times when Shamburger, Smith and Nevels played together … very dynamic, but the smaller lineup was susceptible to physical play.

    Nevels can flat out score; particularly effective with floating jumpers. Stanhardinger played as he always does — like his hair’s on fire. No player hit the deck more than he did, but he also hit a couple of 3-pointers (his last few attempts fell short, perhaps because of fatigue). Fotu probably misses Vander as he’s now the target of abuse in the post. He made a couple of big blocks, one of which he virtually spiked the ball straight down to the court.

    Full-court pressure was hot and cold, though more effective than not. Still nice to see a UH team applying pressure rather than trying to break it.

    I like the potential of Valdes and Thomas, who had a couple of blocks and nice drives. Valdes capped the scoring with a coast-to-coast dunk. Both freshmen just need to play like they belong; they’ve got the skills; confidence will come with playing time.

    Hopefully, Spearman won’t be sidelined long. He brings a lot to the floor as a senior.

  8. OMG First exhibition, never saw so many injuries, even the other team suffered a possible serious knee injury to one of their big guys. Spearman , on crutches, news said he had a high ankle sprain, another guard We are counting on Smith ,also had a possible ankle or foot injury, cheeez, just before opening games next week, we need these guys healthy now. I hope the trainer is taping all of their ankles properly, it is a technique behind it, and the guy is new to the team, young , the gal that was the trainer the past few years is now helping the football team. The team needs to take all their flu shots , rehab , get ready . Otherwise we in for one longggg season. Come on Warriors.! Get Healthy.

  9. Mahalo plenty, thankyou to all that went to game, and gave report, Glad they got the win, and Davis, Valdes, Smith, and Thomas, scored, as well as the real deal Garrett Nevels big time needed scoring. Spearman, that is a key athlete, man oh man, is he on the right strength and conditioning, and as jjay says, the right trainer, taping. To have Smith toe, or back, Fotu, banged knee, Spearman, hopefully MRI is good, however, looks like he has to be a warrior again as eagle says, might have to rehab and heal! Hope he is okay for BWC play. Clyde right on observation on AV and MT, they play timid sometimes, defer to upperclassmen and scorers if they just Ball, play loose, have fun, they are just as good as the other teammates, give them time fans, AV and MT, will be big difference makers along hopefully with a returning Spearman. Man , just like Caleb, hope Spear makes it back healthy and soon!

    That is why, from outset, this huge potential 16 man active roster, now 15, when everyone healthy and well, definite need, cannot go down to 10 or 11 guys, have to have bodies that can play. Good thing early in season, hope no more season ending injuries. Spear get well soon! You are the Glue, the leader, the warrior!

    Go Bows! and Mahalo to Clyde, Eagle, jjay, DK and the rest that gave great report, look forward to Dayton’s video archive of the game!


  10. word circulating on Spearman is “high ankle sprain”…

    we thought Quincy “Looked Like might have been cramps”, the way he was walking/limping funny —
    hope it’s NOT also recurring Summer Injury Effects…

    i thought cramps was possible/likely because
    he played well despite…
    (summertime toe injury seemed to bother him more…)
    hope we can find out soon…

    Strongly Agree with Clyde –
    – i see unprecedented athletic ability and Star Quality in the play of Both Aaron Valdes And Michael Thomas:
    – Aaron had Three Great Series In a Row on their half of the court — Offensive Rebound and Quick Pass to Fotu for Lay-up (which he repeated later in the game), Pressure Defense Steal, Pressure Defense Tip-Steal to Teammate and would’ve had a fourth straight with another pressure tip-away but was called for a foul that could have gone either way…
    – Michael Thomas has Quick First-Step Acceleration that took him from the Free-Throw Line to a ‘blinding-fast’ lay-up and an off-the-backboard block of a BYUH Big… (that confused BYUH fans who thought it looked like goal-tending — it did, but he did it legal-style — before the backboard)

    AN OLD-Time Fan sitting in a Row ahead of us noted: “They Kinda ALL Good and All Need to Play, yuh?”

    i say, Yeah!

    P.S. Jovanovic’s jump hook looked really good, clean, quick, smooth, right down the middle of the basket and would work against anybody…

    P.P.S, Aussie Mum — Michael of Harper Fame had Two good drives to the basket, got one in clean. almost both…
    i think he passed up a couple of three opportunities (ya got to ‘feel’ those before you take ’em — i trust his judgement)

  11. I guess now we await the medical report from doctors, trainers, for Fotu, Smith, Hackman, Spearman, shoots like a MASH unit! Hope the guys get well. They worked so, so , very hard summer till almost first game of season next week Friday! Take care guys. The die hard UH MBB fans, really care, get well!

    Go Bows!

  12. Well, all the injuries and sickness and UH still won, they have some Basketball players that is for sure!

    Go Bows!

  13. Michael Thomas is an absolute gem, 3/3 from the floor and 9 points… but I expected more from him on the free throw line 3/6, and I hope he expects more from himself. Shambergler had 11 assists… But could not get his own shot to fall down going 1/7. I still love this team they just need to get healthy and stay healthy.

  14. VERY Young Players already lookin’ pretty good….
    and As the Coach says,
    “….and you can tell they’ll just keep getting better and better….”

    Good Point that Fotu is feelin’ the physical pressure that Vander used to get regularly…
    dispels some of my early concern that he’s still ‘not taking enough’ shots..
    but always looks different when you walk the mile in their moccasins…

    NOT Sure How Much they’ll Win.
    But sure looks like they’ll be playin’ some ball;
    Can see Why they enjoy playing together…
    Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana counts for A Lot…
    Chemistry…Trust…Enjoying One Another’s Successes…
    It was Really Good to see Both Caleb Dressler AND Negus Webster-Chan
    Who Have to sit out the year,
    enjoying the game, even the timeouts together…
    To me, Speaks Volumes for their Great Attitudes…
    Maybe No Short-Sighted Sulkers Left….

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