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Meet the Warriors: Negus Webster-Chan


University of Hawai’i basketball fans will have a whole year to memorize the name Negus Webster-Chan.

The 6-foot-7 guard is a transfer from the University of Missouri, so he will have to sit out the 2013-14 season due to NCAA transfer rules. UH head coach Gib Arnold believes the future results will be worth the immediate wait.

“When you do see him, he’s going to become one of your all-time favorite players to wear a University of Hawai’i jersey,” is how Arnold introduced Webster-Chan at the Green & Black Scrimmage earlier this month.

First off, fans will have to learn how to pronounce his first name correctly (KNEE-gus … see video for proper pronunciation). His parents picked the name because Negus is a title reserved for kings in Ethiopia.

He is hoping to help lift the Warriors to basketball royalty in future years with his versatile style of play.

“I like the guys we have here, the pieces are good,” Webster-Chan said. “Coach Gib sounds like he knows what he’s doing. I’m just ready for the future.”

For this year, he will have to be the leader of the scout team in practices. “I’m just going to try kill the first string guys and who ever else subs in,” he said. “We’re just going to try to kill them every practice – get them better.”

Upon first glance, most people will notice the tattoos that run along the length of both his arms. Webster-Chan said he has more than 20 tattoos, but his most meaningful one is his most recent – the letters FOE on his fight triceps. The letters stand for Family Over Everything, which he said is a family motto.

“Family is everything to me,” he said. “All my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my brothers have it.”

Webster-Chan actually has an eclectic mix of family and friends. He was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, and his family tree includes relatives from Jamaica and China.


  1. Aloha, Mahalo and welcome aboard Negus! Glad to see how hard you work! That ethic can help your teammates make it to the Big Dance. Cannot wait till you and maybe a couple of incoming PF 3/4 athletic shot blockers and Flemings combo guard can do!

    This year will be great too. Hope that your family is alright, very, very sorry to here of the lost of your dear loved aunties, our thoughts and best wishes with you and your entire ohana!

    Thank you to Webster-Chan Ohana for letting Negus, come far away to help UH MBB team get to next level over next 3 or 4 years!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. UHF here. hoopsa beat me to it! Shoosh, young guy..only kidding, good kid!1
    Eagle, NWC, the type of athlete, ideally Gib is looking for, can play multiple position, shoot it, D up, rebound and great assist man. Gib has potentially 3 more Scholies to offer, watch out, he might bring in guys from east coast, Louisville, or europe, guys THAT FIT.

    He Eagle, only a little over a week until buzzer and tip off, against a very good, at least on paper, Tenn. State Tigers team, lot of guards, and 6’5 -6’6′ wings, and Bigs in the 6’8-6’9″ range, lot of talent in that SEC and eastern seaboard part of mainland USA. Hope, Gib has contacts, I think through Benjy working his contacts got committ from Isaac Fleming for next year. And Isaac F. a big draw for him to commit? You got it, it was Negus, very soft spoken, guy, yet very competitive on court, when you watch, Christian, who is bigger, go against Negus, they both want to win so BATTLE ROYAL, Negus, can provide the scoring punch and some for UH next year when Spearman and Standhardinger graduate!

    Mahalo again Negus for becoming a Rainbow Warrior, and thanks to Dayton for videos and excellent writeups, see, even Dayton is very factual, asks the guys how they feel, and is a reporter, archiver, so we fans can see for ourselves. great jor Dayton.WI the best on the planet for all things UH MBB!

    Go Bows!

  3. Actually I think hoopsa meant athletic 4/5 hybrid, skying shot blocking, slam dunking bigs 6’7″ to 6’11” guys who can run and jump and play hoops for 40 minutes if need be!


  4. It’s too bad Negus can’t play this season, but I’m still amped for the upcoming season. Interested in seeing how the team bands together. I don’t think the NIT is out of our reach this year. If we stay focused and pull out some close wins, I think this season will surprise our doubters.

    On a side note, these videos really got me excited. I was wondering who owns the Licensed to Shoot Hawaii channel…if anyone knows..

    Negus Webster-Chan

    Aaron Valdes

    Quincy Smith

    – UH Fan #001

  5. Now WI, hoopsa, rest his mind, eyes and fingers, he will be at games, or online, or other ways. True UH alumnus, And our family knows the deal, all the male members, went to UH and are former athletes. so we have a ton of empathy for the guys on scholie or preferred grant financial assitance athletes. A lot of work, more so, then when we went to school

    Kudos, to academic advisors, profs, teachers, and athletes themselves for making schooling a priority, have to have that degree to fall back on if pro sports is not available anymore!

    Uhfanzonly1. taking back the posting to WI reins from hoops, Don’t worry, fans, whatever, he chimes in, I will include in my comments, so UHF and HOOPSA family…same like UH MBB team ONE OHANA!

    Uhfanzonly1. Eagle should be fun year, and possibly big winning year!!
    Go Bows!!

  6. I am glad Negus said that, he can use the RS year, even now, to get bigger stronger, work on his ball handling. Fotu and Standhardinger who are a little taller than him, they look so much physically stronger, like rock , marble cut. If Negus is to make it into the LEAGUE, the NBA, man , he would have to be an asolute beast, he has great abs, however needs the legs and upper body strength, looks like his future in the NBA or high euro league, 2 guard. or sometimes 3 spot. Unless, he puts on 20 pounds, and he still being young, maybe as he said, during off time he SLEEPS, why? he want to grow! And that is when your young body starts to grow, if you have good sleep. Shoots, I hope it works out for Negus, he cannot expect it, and he knows now, for UH MBB and UH athletic facilities to even match a San Diego St, University, where their AD Athletic facilities are world class. UH and powers that be, over next term, should help UH out, however, Ben Jay at least being proactive, generating or trying to generate six figure, a lot of donations form the private sector, have to have that Big 5 , Bishop Estate, Campbell estate, Castlle estate, Larry Ellison, make donations, probably form those alone would increase UH AD budget by 30 million, and they could make history in turning UH AD and facilities in to world class, the best in the mid Pacific, with the ability to recruit Asia, Pacific, and Mainland USA, becuase of first, world class facilities right Eagle, Man it is so political. hopefully the big Private Donors step up, and UH makes good use of monies, don’t squander, fiscally responsible always!

    Go Bows

  7. Since Thurs game is an exhibition, Negus should be able to play right? Might be the only time we get to see him before the real season starts.

    Man, I am sooo ready for BB season. I believe we have enough diversity with this team to challenge anybody on our schedule. This should be the most exciting team since the ’02 team.

    Thanks Negus for choosing Hawaii. Family is exactly what Hawaii is all about.

  8. Saw this follow Brian blog: UH practice today.
    Here were the first rotation and second , and scout.

    First team same — Shamburger, Nevels, Spearman, Fotu, Standhardinger

    Second team: Smith, Enos, Valdes, Thomas, Rozitis.

    Third team: Filipovich, Harper, Jawato, Webster-Chan, Jovanovic

    Interesting, subject to change, however, a lot of WI insider fans, before the school started projected that starting five. Some had Rozitis in, and Nevels out if they wanted to go big.

    I think , and I sincerely hope Caleb recovers well, with UH’s Bigs, being very mobile and agile, in the BWC , they have 6’8″ to 7″0″ bigs that can run, and run fast, That can be a huge advantage, also note that, Dyrbe Enos for now, is the second rotation SG, and backup PG, way to go Dyrbe. Also, notice, how much progress, as of now, AV and MT have made, they are currently first rotation guys, One guy of value, I believe without question, unless Gib RS him, I hope not! Jack Hackman, this coming year he will be 20 yrs old! remember he graduated in 2012! the young guy has great shooting touch, and his a grinder, can help UH zone bust, and smart IQ help to move the ball around to the right spots, maybe even an inbounder. Gib has a lot more weapons than last year, no question!!

    Go Bows!
    Get ready to rock Eagle, I hope you can go to Oct 31 2013 700pm BYU-Hawaii vs UH exhibition game, see how the guys shape up against another, team, albeit DII however, you never know, if BYUH is hot, look out! However should be good pre season test!!

    Go Bows!!

  9. warriorhaw: Yup, UHF, replacing son Hoopsa, he pau for a little while , rest eyes and hand wrists. warriorhaw, Negus, has that SWAG coming to Hawaii, hope he does fit in. He wants to get to the NBA. He stated, looks like, or maybe , Gib knows what he is doing, getting recruits in. Hope that Negus attitude is good. Pretty sure that Spearman, Shamburger, Fotu, Standhardinger, Jawato, Harper, being in system, and physically larger than Negus are enforcers, keep old and newbies, in line, and trust me, they will. Negus, keep humble, don’t know if you are going to kill the first 2 man rotation, usually, just one guy cannot beat 5 guys in system, unless, you were MJ or LJ, however even they would have hard time if only by themseleves. Hope that Negus sticks around for at least 2 years.

    That is why, Gib is constantly recruiting, looking for 6’4″ to 6’11” guys, who are good kids, love Hawaii, the teammates, and want to win for UH, the state of Hawaii and its fans, and do well in school and on the court. It is as Brian M. alludes to , the hardest thing to do, sit out one year, RS, especially when you are dying to play. If Negus is mature, and really wants to help UH, he will be okay. Sorry warriorhaw, saw too many Rod Flemmings, Dwaine Williams, Joston Thomas, Anthony Salters, just wanted to play for themselves. Negus, is probably the real deal, who would come thousands of miles and paddle a canoe in a race, and win with Dyrbe Enos against Herr ChristianStandhardinger, the most competitive guy on UH team. Well Negus, have a great , hopefully 2 year run, if you become a lottery pick by JR year, great, however, keep on getting stronger and better. ..Look at the work in the weight room that Fotu and Standhardinger have put in, it shows, they are beasts, hopefully you too Negus, be 6’8″ 215 with your 2 guard skillset, you will be a great additon to next 2 years teams for sure!

    Thankyou to the Webster-Chans once again for letting Negus play in Paradise for hopefully 3 yrs including this sit out RS year!!
    Go Bows!

  10. NEGUS, Welcome & Thanks for helping to Build the Hawaiʻi Program —
    Recruit and Bring in your Best Friends and BB Talent;
    Show Ben Jay, The LTGov & Governator and The Mega-Boosters
    HOW World-Class UH Athletics can be….
    UH TOP 150 World-Wide >> Higher Rated than Oregon, Stanford, Notre Dame…
    FIRST US University with its own Space Program including Rocket/Satellite Launches
    NOW Need to Get Athletic Facilities UP TO Astronomy or Geo-Physics or Bio-Genetics Class
    Get Hawaiʻi Back Up — Top TEN Per Capita Millionaires, NFL, Major Lge Baseball and with your help, NBA as well…

    Meanwhile, Back @ The SSC, when UHMBB starts packing it again, it should become clear that Hawaiʻi always needed to Aim Higher — NCAA Hosting is Minimum 14,000 Capacity…so Accelerate Beyond That — Things “Can” Happen Faster IF Government–Private BOTH Facilitate…Few states can generate multi-$100 Million Surpluses per Million Capita like Hawaiʻi with Vision & Leadership …

    Negus Quality, Negus-Level Work Ethic, Negus Speed…
    a good model/vision for boosting and speeding up this program…
    One Day, One Player, One Ohana at a time
    As Negus says, NO DAYS OFF…

  11. UHF: Thanks for that. You know, I watched Negus a lot this summer and thought he was just as proud of making the pass as he was making the shot. For this reason I think he is not the selfish player as the examples you cited. I agree with the players that you mentioned. But time will tell.

    Also, I am impressed with how Christian and Fotu have improved over the summer. You hope it happens but not always get.

    Lets Go Bows!!
    Lets Go Bows!!

  12. Hey Negus:

    FOE is an acronym for your family to emphasis the ‘love & care’ among you –
    It’s no coincidental for Coach Gib to mottos Ho’okahi No `Ohana for the TEAM!

    He uncharacteristically granted you a ‘license to STAR’ with the TEAM in his paraphrasing –
    Way to realize the great athletic potential he premonition on you (keen/obvious?).

    It’s very refreshing to see that cool, mellow, confident demeanor side of you –
    Betrayed your fierce competitiveness in athletic action.

    IMHO, UR ‘the Best Ever!’; Capable of a phenomenal ‘Record Setting’ D1 career.

    He smiles now liked a fat cat which has just swallowed a juicy swallow –
    Gib found his ‘Man’; NWC is in PARADISE (RU impatient too?)!

  13. 😀
    Awesome, objective real, and positive comments about Negus, and his candor about coach, what Gib is trying to do, or knowing what to do ” he hopes so!” Great that he is honest: “very different life and facilities between Mizzou and Manoa” Mizzou, facilities stricly for BB, nothing else, Here UH sports that use gyms, have to schedule and share. Same that Gib witnessed at Louisville, BB is a business. 24/7 open practice gyms with eight baskets. That is the next level. That in my opinion where the private sector huge donors come in, Bishop Estate, make vestment strictly to BB say…they build an entire building complex for BB, practice, training table, rehab, showers, Practice gyms, Docotors, trainers etc. Same with other sports, Larry Ellison, donates to make ” the Larry Ellison Manoa Pan Pacific Aquatic Stadium and facilities” Those huse , deep pocket private donors have their names glorified, and they have share in making WORLD CLASS, facilities that NBA, NFL, World Cup Soccer,could use.Agree with Eagle, that Minimum 14300 plus seating to host NCAA regional MBB, aim high. Correct me if wrong Eagle and others, still believe Stan Sheriff Center was made to be able to expand, I think to 12500, pretty sure, get together, with UH school of architecture and private donors, and GO UP, and the Dome, GO OUT, very sure, if could support they could add to SSC by 4000 seats, I see a lot of empty room going up 4 rows, higher that top row, and also, the empty gaps could support another 1000 easy. Well let UH build up SSC from within, that was the plan EXPANDABLE, now is the time. Then, maybe when , if Negus is still here, as senior he will be playing in a Western regional hosted, UH top seed, NCAA round one playoff at the newly chiristened 2015 Stan Sheriff Center March 2016.
    Thanks for your words Negus, pretty sure Neil Abercrombie, or his Lt. Governor peek in at this WI, site, Hey Gov, and private donors, think Big for UH first, Make UH at least comparable with San Diego St or better. Go after private deep pocket donors, and use our tax monies wisely! Win , win for all, some of the facilities are the same when we went to school and played sports over 45 years ago. Re do Klum, Make that venue world class, build on top, 2 stories of practice, training table, showers, rehab, and weight rooms , would be NEXT LEVEL first rate. Wow fellow UH fans, that would be awesome …UHF and hoopsa, OUR ONE OHANA UH ALUMNUS VISION FOR MANOA ATHLETICS
    And you work the first 10 guys hard Negus, probably they will not see as quick getting off shot, or spin moves, and great vision and passin like you have in the BWC. That will only make active team roster better, and they can go to NCAA Dance, and YOU Negus will be big part of it!

    Mahalo MR NEGUS WEBSTER-CHAN! Thankyou!
    Go Bows!

  14. I think the “Real” Design foe SSC was positioned and expandable up to 20,000/22,000; Sheriff had a Very Clear Vision —
    Just couldn’t get everyone to see and buy in on it…

    EVEN Women’s AND MEN’s VB have

  15. Even Women’s AND MEN’s VBall have Sold it Out along with Basketball…

  16. Eagle , you hit it on the head, thing done in the Hawaiian islands, you as I probably did , grew up young kid time when Hawaii was a territory of USA, like the virgin islands, and Puerto Rico. We had a few local newspapers. sounds cliche’ however, we were kiddy cornered by 3 neighbors, we left one secret door unlatched, keys we knew where, uncle and aunty , this was life in Hawaii post WW II plus the conflict in Korea was coming to a truce with DMZ, still after 60+ years. still that DMZ. Now, as time went on, and even China PR, Taiwan, S. Korea and even post WWII Japan were working hard on their infrastructure, with a lot , tons of aid from our federal USA government, of which territorial citizens paid taxes to, those countries were steaming ahead of us, in building schools, highways, mass transit systems, economy, etc. Now in the 21st century, it is like we are still trying to get things done with a 1950’s territorial government, outdated to say the least. Even, Blaisdell, Fasi, John A. Burns had clear vision to turn Honolulu into a very special metropolis to compete with any nation in the Pacific Rim . Sadly, look at our roads, garbage and green waste pickups, Trucks out of service. Buses down. Mass Transit, ,maybe never in our lifetime. Sad, If powers that were and are, had Vision, not small kine ., big kine, we would have had a beautiful 70.000+ seat stadium to even host Super Bowl, or world class soccer. 20,000 seat on campus arena, hold regionals, concerts, technology shows, etc. Would attract a lot more people and tourism. UH Manoa, the think tank of the Pacific would have been leader, sadly, with the death of Stan Sheriff, the vision went dim..However, Ben Jay,. being the accountant that he is, …and having seen the Big Time AD programs as Associate AD at Ohio State, I like HIS vision, win or lose, he is PROACTIVE, if UH Manoa, wants to be cutting edge, moving with the big boys, when conferences realign, and possible UH wants to be part of say, PAC 12, have to improve, and correct weaknesses in infrastructure. Ben has to make a lot of kamaaina friends, real kine in private sector, and have good relatioship with that crazy game, and players in it: POLITICS local style, I like Ben’s Vision, as well as Gib, hey even the golden girl, a great young coach took a gamble on two Mt Sac athletes who did not qualify this semester to get in. At least she tried.So, after, those hundreds of words, I AGREE, Eagle, we don’t let Stan Sheriff’s Vision die, he literally gave his health and life to UH sports, if he and Riley hadn’t pushed for Dome that was expandable and over 10,000, UH would still have on campus arena of, remember this number? 4000.!! Thanks to Stan’s Vision, he never got to see it, however his son Rich is doing a great job maintaining it. I would not doubt if Ben peaks in at our comments. So 3 things Ben to improve UH AD facilities, 1)I am with you, tear down, and rebuild a 2 story Klum gym , state of the arts., with, 4 practice courts, and one main arena, that sits 4000 and can add another 1000 seats, at 5000 seating, can also, have conventions, shows and good for HS sports. 2)Expand SSC, from 10300 to 14000, get together with private contractor, and if it is union thing, talk with UPW, and get design plans from UH architecture and engineering depts. 3)Re do the Aqautic center, world class swim meets, and NCAA championship meets, in the most logical place to have…Hawaii.
    4)Finally, finish that TC Ching complex, it is a nice one, and add more seats to bleachers surrounding track. instead of 4000, have 9000, could have soccer matches, and local HS football games , and concerts as well.
    A Big However, Eagel: takes, Moola, dinero, pesos, franc, yen, mun, pounds, good old American Dollars and that is where Ben earns his salary in the most challengin AD dept , and job in the USA. I hope Ben can do 70% of those things over next 10 years, or before we die!

    Eagle, to get the best student athletes, people, and have Manoa facilities attract regional NCAA, and world class events, VISION, have the best facilities, Ben is trying, he like Gib , Norm and Laura, are working their butts off helping UH teams get better, Coolen, still waiting for world class softball stadium too. So you get my point, Eagle, not just me, thousands of other fans of UH sports, there is money somewhere, we have been paying for near 60 years to State, as well as Ben has to drum up support from deep pocket private sector donors. Hey Mr Ellison, worthile investment! Mr Lanai!
    We shall Eagle and fellow fans, first of all, WVB, MBB, FB, MBB, WSB, WS, W and M swim and diving teams, golf, tennis, track, cross country, have to win conference and national titles on a consistent basis, then monies, hopefully will come in.

    getting back to Negus, keep your dreams of NBA alive, Neugs, cherish that Gib and MBB staff as well as UH offered you a full ride scholarship to get better and bigger RS year, then perhaps one or two years. be elite team playing “Derrick Rose” type explosive 1 or 2 guard in NBA, before that BWC player of the year. I love the way, Eagle , that Neugs passes the ball, very crisp, and his BBIQ high, so he knows where to pass to, not to high, not too low, just right so guys can catch and score!
    Have great off year getting better Negus, then join Isaa Fotu and Isaac Flemings, MT, AV, GN . , KS and SJ, JH, NF, CD, DE, BJ, MH, and three more new scholie (either from outside or given to existing ahtlete who earns scholie possibly over year or next!!)Great things ahead, and work in class , Negus, towards a degree so important!

    Go Bows!

  17. That guy, Negus has ATTITUDE. Mean this in the best way. Some would say the “eye of the tiger.”
    Watched him play during summer league and it was evident then, that he was very good and has the potential to be GREAT. Next year can’t come soon enough for all but in order for the crowd to roar, quality work as to be performed to improve and shape himself into a smaller version of King James. “Eye of the tiger!!!” do the work…hone your skills, do the drills and at the end, create the thrills and chills of championships.

  18. tako: I wonder if Negus “blows up” next year, 20 pts, 6 assist to 2 turnovers a game, 88% from FT line, 42% from 3 line, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, 1.5 blocked shots, and 4 star leadership, leading Hawaii to a top 15 finish in AP poll, and win games, go to elite eight, I think definite possiblity, if he knows his draftable stock is guarnateed, if HE IS ONE AND DONE? Possible. He has the tools. And another thing tako, in open gym, seeing, in summer league, and scrimmage Green White, he defers to other teammates, the active ones, so they can make the shot or dunk, he loves to pass the ball to open, guys. That is a trait, that not too many 3 or 4 star athletes have! His mentoring of Christian, Isaac Fotu, Garrett Nevels, Spearman, Thomas, and Valdes, will prove invaluable, it is like having a coach, on the RS scout practice team. His level, and he said earlier interview, that he is holding back, not showing his whole game. I wish he does, in practice, and Fotu, Standhardinger, Nevels, Thomas, and Airon V have tremendous battles with him, be as physical as possible, it will make Negus better, and as I have stated before, UH MBB in BWC will never see a player like Negus at 6’7″ with such a great overall skillset, he is the real deal. He just has to get bigger and stronger, same as at Mizzou, going against those monsters. Hope Negus can travel as practiced player to Mizzou with the team, valuable help, maybe with Negus’ help, UH can upset the might tigers, and UH would be on the way to fantastic, fantastic season!!

    tako, old time fan, like , me, eagle, and couple of others who have watched the team pre Fab Five through the year 2013, almost 50 years. MBB with Gib and new , more athletic players., it is getting me goose bumps, or in Hawaii, for Aussie Mum, we say “Chicken Skin”…bumps of nervous excitement!

    Go Bows. Negus, help UH get to NCAA this year, Then help them repeat to Dance next 2 years!
    Let’s Go Rainbows!
    Man, I am old, however, excited, to be a 50 yr plus rainbow warrior fan! Go Gib, year 4 , could be wins galore!!

  19. we just got a glimpse of what top programs look like….he seemed shocked to see Missouri vs. Hawaii facilities….wonder what bob nash would say about negus compared to what he said about rod Flemings

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