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Meet the Warriors: Jack Hackman

Jack Hackman likes to play the guitar in his spare time, but it is his outside shooting that he is hoping will hit the right notes with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Hackman, a 6-foot-4 freshman guard, is in his first season with the Warriors after spending last season with an amateur program in Germany. He is a 2012 high school graduate of Jesuit High in Beaverton, Oregon.

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“I try to think of myself as a player with a high IQ, and everybody on this team has a high IQ, so I think it’s going to be beneficial for the whole team,” he said. “There’s places to get some 3-point shots and that’s where my strength comes in, but also places to be more than a shooter – set screens, play defense, stuff like that – so I think I can fit in.”

Hackman came from a championship program in high school, but his basketball roots were planted long before that. He was born in the basketball state of Indiana before moving to Oregon when he was a young child.

Hackman was the last player added to the 2013-14 roster, and he is aware that he must work his way up to earn playing time.

“Fight for playing time and encourage the other guys and make everybody better in practice,” he said of his current role. “Just try to knock down shots and be a solid player.”

As far as adjusting to life as a college student in Hawai’i, Hackman said he is enjoying it, but is hoping for a certain restaurant chain to make its way to the Islands.

“I love Mexican food and I love Chipotle,” he said. “And I know there’s not a Chipotle here in Hawaii.”


  1. Now we know Jack, about Jack Hackman! Welcome to UH MBB team Jack. We need your hustle, BBIQ and 3 point knock down spot up, deep, deep 3 ball shots, you and Jawato, Harper, so important. oh yeah also Dyrbe, Enos is a very good spot up 3 ball shooter!

    Aloha Jack welcome aboard to the UH MBB Big Dance, Good Chance!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Welcome Jack Hackman! Man, talk about high IQ Gib has offered spots to on UH MBB team for this year and next. It appears, all 17, all of them speak well, they are bright young men, who know exactly why they wanted to come to Hawaii. Help UH win BB games and go to Dance. Plus the education, remember now, UH , if I remember, maybe top 160 academic University in the world , so great place for schooling.

    Shout out to Mom and Pop Hackman, thanks for your support of a very mature and bright, young man!Wish the best for Jack and the whole team, the Super Seventeen!

    Go Jack, bomb some threes!


  3. Welcome, Jack
    Have a Great Season & Career Here!

    Designated Shooters — set good screens, play tough defense, keep opponent’s shooters from setting up and hitting — AND Blast in those threes right off the bench — Jawato, Harper, Hackman & Dyrbe. Will probably call Jack ‘Jackman’ a few times like when he really deserves it — two, three and more threes can quickly flip a game, establish a controlling lead or just ignite his teammates onto a run…

    play & uhf – Coach Jackson apparently has established Open Lines of Trust & Communication with coaching staff (but things change from even what they expect), so Hoops Talk is also sounding more like an ‘Insider’ Radio Talk Show — besides the specfic 1-2 guard improvement (Sham, Spear, Nevels, Quincy & Negus next year), Jackson also Noted the definite improvement in outside shooters — That Improvement, That Stat, is easy to track… there was also some talk ’bout redshirting Michael Thomas, although i hope he’s allowed to develop on-court since i see ‘three’ as a potential ‘need’ area this year, depending on AV, but likely ‘solid’ next year wih Negus…

  4. I would think Green/White Scrimmage would be a Good Time for a scheduled visit (although could be smallish crowd);

    Jamie Dixon says all their (BYUH type) pre-season scrimmages, even their intra-squad game are televised
    WE Gotta get OC-16 in gear…

    glad wi.com WILL probably have it covered…
    a lot of times highlights are better (for fans; for coaches, 100%, multi-camera, better)

  5. Hey #21, Hackman:

    Welcome & congrats for winning the last slot to THE INCOMPARABLE TEAM (17th);
    Completing this largest group of all-in capable winners for UHMBB ever!

    Your proper upbringing by a professional father, which not surprisingly molded you with full-confidence.

    Much luck to you when jacking the rock thru-the-hoop beyond the 3-point-mark –
    License to greater PT… 21-4(black)Jack >> A win-win Win Career in Paradise!

  6. Eagle, man, thanks. I guess on this forum, if we are respectful, accurate, and promote a UH MBB fan and family friendly atmosphere, Dayton is cool with that. Even, if we COMPARE notes, if other media type, and the buzz in local BB community is the same. And lo and behold, it is! UH has some very good PG’s , and SG’s for the next couple of years. Great, however, for current, video real time access to practices, interviews with the young men, coaches, potential MBB guys, Dayton IS THE BEST INSIDER online, and NOW GLOBAL!

    I agree with you Eagle, unless, Mike T. is just not as mature, physically, man the young guy, looks legitimate 6’7″ and growing, at least 215 lbs, however he has to hit weights and get stronger, the other older guys look so much more physical. However, if Mike, really sits down with coach, and says he will explode, no scared em, bulk up, jump higher, block shots, rebound , D up, run like the win, and he wants to help now, which I totally agree with you, if Aaron and Mike T. are flyin Hawaiian BB athletes, will make that 3 spot better, more traditional with 1, 2, 3 4, and 5 spot at times. However, I still think if Mike T. can get super stronger in next month, he is going against PF’s Fotu and Standhardinger, much older, wily and the are bigger and stronger, so he is going up agains mature men. However the upside, going against two All BWC first team potential, and player of the year candidates will make Aaron and Mike that much better!

    Here’s one fans vote: Gib please consider, keeping Mike T. active, if he works hard in weight room, gets the O and D down, He and Aaron, can help on D, and rebounding, to match, any 3 men down the road. Just my opinion Eagle, however, I still like that 14 or better yet 15 man active, with two RS’s this year. Up to Gib, the athlete and the parents.

    Neat, SA, BM writeup, maybe Dayton will have article too, Gib went up to Louisville to watch their practices, how they run defenses, offenses., great timing, with the mandatory 1 to 2 day breaks with this new NCAA practice schedule. Man, If Gib can get at least half of what Louisville , current defending NCAA MBB champs down, and maybe 10 guys on his team can implement this season, whew!! UH can be hunkin and dunkin, should be fun, Eagle as old man Uhfanz says. You deserve it, you long time MBB fan, enjoy this season, could be great, I hope they go to NCAA’s!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  7. Sorry, Jack! You learn from what Gib can glean from Louisville practices, will be awesome, you, Mike Harper, Jawato, Enos, Mike T. , Aaron V, can be the D shock troops, come in as a group, and balls to the walls, traps, steals, blocked shots, dive to the floor for loose balls, run, and 3 ball daggers!

    Go Jack, Jack the deeeeep 3’s!

    Welcome Mr Hackman, they call me Tre Hackman! 😀

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  8. Jack Hackman 6’4″ or 6’5″, Brandon Jawato, playin hurt, real warrior at 6’4″ 200, Michael Harper 6’4″ 200, and Brandon Spearman 6’3″ 200, they could play the hybrid 2/3 spot, if that is the way Gib is going. And use Aaron V, and hopefully Mike T. as swing SF/PF, help down low., to the wings,

    KEY: I am sure, Gib is looking for precision Offense, so many sets, Gib might have to simplify a lot initially so guys don’t get too confused, and especially, this is where 10,12, or 13, 14 guys get to play some PT or a lot of PT, if the aforementioned wings, play 2 and 3 spot, great Defense, balls to the walls,..All the good and great teams, had, the whole team buy into great and organized Defensive schemes, D can produce Offense, transition, early offense.

    Key Jack and Mike, Mike T. Aaron, Dyrbe, Brando Jawato, Brandon S., play that solid D, and team will be good, very good. great D and run your O to a Tee!

    Go Rainbows!

  9. Dunno if you guys remember the ex-bow player that transferred out w/ Reggie Carter, he was also a very good player. Anyways, Mike T has a similar built and the same huge up side. If he is still growing he may experience “growing pains” and need additional time to “boom” the tune like Christian. Believe the team has enough hybrid players for the 3 spot. Allow them to battle it out for PT, this competition will only make them better.

  10. Are you thinking of George Lett who transferred to Centenary? He had a good turnaround jumper. Thomas is around that size.

  11. I think it was George Lett a 6’7″ forward, from NYC. He played at Centenary and they played at Hawaii, against Larry Little’s Bows.

  12. Thanks, yes, it was George Lett. Doesn’t Mike T have that same look, although he’s a lefty? Think we have a good one but may have to wait a year, IMHO.

  13. tako and Barker(Tommy?)Fan, you guys go waaay back in the day. George Lett, Ed Torres, Henry Hollingsworth, Reggie Carter, some guys recruited by Rick Pitino? Al Menendez? Bruce O’Neil, lot of east coast connections.

    One thing, nearly 40 years later, a guy like Mike Thomas, who is still growing, and tako you are right, and hawaiifan09 has a point too, though I would not dis Mike for not being ready yet, Mike the skillset of these young guys, youth league, from when they are 3 or 4 yrs old, YMCA, AAU, clinics, etc. their abilities are really good compared to years ago, although Reggie Carter was a gem, sad on his passing. And George Lett, I think led Centenary in scoring, and maybe had a shot at NBA tryout.
    I remember the game when Centenary, I think Riley or another coach was coaching the Gentlemen from Shreveport, came to the Blaisdell, Larry Little’s team might have beat them, I think , so long ago., George was a little bigger , was a senior I think and had a goatee.

    Yeah, Mike Thomas, if patient, and the guy could grow to legitimate 6’8″ maybe 6’9″ and be a SF, wow!tako, you are correct though, that is why I thought, put Spearman, Jawato, Harper, Hackman, and Valdes at that 2/3 spot, that wing, to be able to guard , D up and run sets, They would be fine, however, if Mike just explodes, he hesitates, because the older guys are just so much more bigger and physical. He is a talent, and he has 4 or 5 years to get really good!

    Go Mike Thomas, we love you, and thanks Mr and Mrs Thomas for allowing Mike to become a Rainbow Warrior! Go Bows!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go Airon V, start to fly, no scared em, start to tip slam, flush, lobs, block fotu at the rim, etc, we need you!

  14. Neat , on Gib’s trip to visit Louisville practices to observe and learn O and D uptempo, and how to modify for his team, also mentioned he is recruiting Kentucky area! Hotbed of good talent!

    I always liked Roderick Flemmings, the guy a tweener, original Kentucky committ, however, he was super strong, and had some of the highest flyin left handed put back slams, I have ever witnessed! Wonder what ever happened to super Rod?

    Kentucky , a Basketball state, HS, AAU, JC, wow, hope Gib gets a SF and PF or athletic C!
    His UH MBB program could be getting better and MORE athletic, and competitive in a few years. Sheesh, get the season started already!

    And Dayton Any word on Jamie Smith? Did he get Visa straightened out?


    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  15. Coming shortly an annoucement from UH MBB that a BYU-Hawaii exhibition game is being finalized. Great to get that game in before the start of season, especially with about 6 new guys on court with returnees for first time!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  16. 10/31/2013 BYU-Hawai`i (Exhibition) Stan Sheriff Center – Stan Sheriff Center 7:00 p.m.
    from UH Athletics site.

    Nice if OCsports does a promo or even shows game , even if delayed, to build up fan support.

    Man, Oceanic Time Warner has billions of dollars, would be nice to share some of that wealth by helping out UH MBB, even with the recruits, and potentially good season, you know how it goes, that core 5000-6000 will show up for first game, then, depending on how it goes, might drop to 4000+,
    UH AD dept and UH MBB, has to go all out assault, and that is YOU Ben Jay, to help all programs get exposure.

    As Eagle says, WI, will have the best HILITES of scrimmage Green White and BYU-Hawaii exhibition, Dayton does great job, the camera work plus editing, is world class!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  17. I guess, and it is truism, WIN and in Honolulu, MAYBE they will come, economy and other things to do, in Honolulu on weekends and Thursday nites are school time for kids.

    Maybe, play, Fri , Sunday games ? BWC makes up their schedule for UH, so no input there.

    Gib and team just have to win, like that 2000 or 2001? NCAA MVB team, that should still have that trophy, very arcahic rule, that had them give back national title.

    Rainbow Warriors and Gib, JUST WIN BABY!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  18. Playhoopsa-Yes, I remember those days when Pitino and Menendez used to recruit a lot of East Coast guys. Reggie Carter was an unbelievable get. I’m still trying to figure out how Red Rocha got Tom Henderson to come here.

  19. BarkerFan: Well, after UH got that hotline of inner city kids, great free lancing and park street ballers, good athletes, then things went awry, for some of us in elementary or middle school, that period from 1976-1988 pretty bleak, though Little had some teams that won 17 games, never made it to any post season tourneys.

    Tom Henderson, Tommy Barker, Reggie Carter, all made it to active NBA rosters. Tom of course, probably the best , a First round NBA pick, and in one wire service a First Team All American as a senior, as well as an Olympian in 1972. He also, has an NBA world championship ring with the Washington Bullets and Wes Unseld/Elvin Hayes/Bobby Dandridge.

    Tom was inducted into the UH circle of honor, a few years back, great guy, and one of the best,,if not the best to ever play MBB for UH. A one man gang, could change complexion of a game by his defense, quick hands, steal, pick, blocked shot, and go…layin and one, or his 60 ft passes to his forwards who were not paying attention and dropped the ball for what would have been an easy two! If his bigs had good hands, and were always alert, especially on the break, Tom would probably had about 10 or 11 assists and leading the nation during 1973-74 senior season. Oh well, Red Rocha had a good get, too bad,….what went down, and then next coach introduced. Red Rocha, very,very classy coach and man, a great at Oregon St and NBA Detroit Pistons! Sad on his passing too.

    Well BarkerFan, nice to remember, UH had some great athletes! Guards galore! Hopefully, Gib, I think so,he knows, you cannot , in any era, win big, and advance in post season without very, very good guards. Here’s to, Gib finding another AC or Tom Henderson, though, I believe Gib has 4 or 5 very capable guards now and next year!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  20. BarkerFan

    Tom Henderson came here on the heels of 2 incredible seasons of the Fabulous five. Plus Henderson was a JUCCO transfer and did not have the exposure to go to top schools. But he he was good enough to get a tryout for the Olympic team and the rest is history.

  21. Tom Henderson my favorite ex UH and NBA WORLD Championship player! Hopefully one of Gib’s guys will have same success. First round NBA pick!!

  22. Also Coach Pete Gillen…

    Bruce had one of the Nati

  23. Bruce had one of the Nation’s Best Young Coaching Staffs…

    Pitino, Menendez and Gillen all became D-1 Head Coaches…

  24. Eagle:

    Apologies to WI, since this Post Forum more informational about Exhibition thought I would share some complimentary commentary from radio that will build more excitement for MBB hoops!

    I love WI, (still the best ONLINE video, full access to Gib , staff and team on the planet)however I also enjoy the banter of On Point(since Artie did play guard at UH for 4 years, one as freshman with JV and 3 of his last upperclassmen years) with Artie W.

    Secondly, Artie, called Gib, great about 8 minute or so interview, excited about the guard rotation, much more athletic, Spearman last year, now 3 more with Smith, Nevels and Shamburger. Plus overall. Should hopefully guard teams with 3 guards now, last year Fotu, Standhardinger, chasing, small guards around on D, hard to do.

    Will Stefan and Mike Thomas have impact for this Year? Gib stated that, Mike has a huge upside, now coming out of his shell, had great week of practice, including yesterday , his best, he expects Mike to continue to get better, and down the road, THIS year, be in there to help UH MBB get some games finished.

    Same with Stefan, he has an upside too, though Coach says it takes longer to develop young Bigs. Looks like, if holds true, thought Eagle , that was neat comment from Gib that if holds to form Mike T. is getting better as the weeks go by, and Jovanovich is developing and will be in there THIS year! I personally, maybe you too, as well as some others, wanted Mike to play this year. At least that was the latest on Mike T and Stefan, their development and playing this year. Great!

    Comment about Aaron V. brings great Athleticism, great bounce, new, young, however, has to learn system, Aaron can help with his game too.

    Finally, Caleb Dressler, still on the mend. Hope he gets well, at least 3 teams, will be very tall and large in the BWC, so need Caleb, Davis, and Jovanovich, to help battle the big teams.

    Still WI with hard working on his own extra time and posting, putting up videos, really late, when hoops my boy and this old geezer are still awake at times, we appreciate Dayton Morinaga, the real Warrior Insider, Rainbow style,

    Hey Dayton enjoy your Meet the Rainbow Warriors interviews, great stuff. We know more about these 17 guys than most people in Hawaii. Really makes it personable! Nice kids too! Mahalo for your hard work. still the best in the video real time, and latest Insider for UH MBB on the globe!


  25. Hi 21 4(black)Jack,

    FYI: Take a special trip to Halewa in the northshore,
    find the famous Mexican Food restaurant call Cholo.
    Their Chipotle is unreal!

    Good ideas ask Mike T. to go along. You two might become business partners!

  26. I have a good feeling about this kid.

  27. If we would have stayed together,that 1975-76 team. I think we would have won a NCAA championship. George Lett.

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