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Meet the Warriors: Dyrbe Enos


Dyrbe Enos understands the responsibility that comes with being the only Hawaiian player on the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

“It’s like a blessing,” he said. “I feel like I just have to represent the state of Hawai’i, pretty much, and all the Hawaiians out there.”

Enos is a 2012 graduate of Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama, and a redshirt freshman guard at UH this season. He was a member of the scout team in practices last season, but did not participate in any games.

“I think it was good – helped me get used to the pace of a game at a college D-1 level,” he said.

Enos realizes he still has to work his way up the depth chart, but he has displayed an ability to knock down open 3-pointers in recent practices and scrimmages. He went 3 for 4 from long range in the team’s Green & Black Scrimmage last weekend.

As the only “local boy” on the roster this season, Enos also realizes his responsibility as a teammate and source of O’ahu knowledge.

“They’ll ask me what kind of beaches there are to go to, or good eating places,” he said of his teammates.

Enos opted to attend the University of Hawaii in part to stay close to his family. His loyalty to family and faith can be seen on his arms. On his left arm is a tribal tattoo with tributes to his family, and a “Jesus fish.” On his right arm is a Bible scripture passage.

Staying at home to play for UH also allows him to partake in his “other” sport – surfing. “I’m a beach boy – I like to go surf and pretty much just hand out at the beach,” he said.


  1. Thank you so very much Dayton for this video and writeup about our representative from the 808, Dyrbe Enos. I believe he can play 1 and 2 spot. Love his shooting touch. Dyrbe , give it your all, with loss of Caleb, going to need every man on roster to win that BWC tournament and hopefully NCAA invite.

    Aloha and Mahalo to Enos’ Ohana, And special shout out to Rykin, Dyrbe’s older brother who was part of UH MBB years ago, who encouraged Dyrbe to go out for UH MBB team. Mahalo Rykin!


  2. Eagle and fans, watch the posts and comments now…Dyrbe , local boy, and very good athlete. I always liked his shooting ability in ILH, and co player of the year! Dyrbe, shoot that 3 ball, and run the PG position and combo, when Gib calls on you!

    Positive comments, for all 17 guys. They are ONE OHANA, and they will as a TEAM, working hard, playing together and smart, “smell” Success this year!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Eagle, nice writeup by Dayton, we regulars, really appreciate what Dayton and WI work hard at to promote all things with UH MBB! WI Rainbow Warrior Nation!

    Go Bows.

  3. Agree with UHF, stay POSITIVE, the guys are just young student athletes! They will have success! Comments should be good. What else can you say about a fine preferred walkon, good guy, student and baller!

    Go Dyrbe Enos, and thankyou to Enos Ohana!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  4. Interesting, sad for Caleb, hope his surgery goes well and he can come back to UH MBB team in good shape and contribute next year! Great young man.
    Observation: Enos and Hackman can shoot the 3, their specialty, however as Dyrbe alluded to, Gib is going to play guys that can D up, so the shooters have to be able to play defense too!
    If Gib is going to pressure full court, traps, doubles, etc, he needs a bunch of guys ready to rotate in and out. That is where, in my opinion, guys like Dyrbe, Jack, Jawato, and Harper will be so vital. Just constant pressure, and these guys have ability to score, ZONE busters if you will. Pretty sure, BWC teams, will try to ZONE up UH. So, UH has to be ready to hit 3’s here at SSC and on the road. Along with that hi energy twin PF , hybrid, stretch, 2 headed attack monster, FotuHardinger! Rozitis, Jovanovich, MT and AV guarding that rim, and scoring put backs, rebounding, as well as D up. UH can be better for sure. Still want the guys, all , now, with loss of Caleb, all possible 14 or 15 active roster guys, ALL of Them, be able to hit 75% or better from FT line. So key this year, with change in rules, hand check, forearm, block, charge,etc. UH with athletic, guys going to rim, will have advantage, however, they have to be able to play solid, within the new rules, fundamental, move your feet D.
    Should be Fun Year. Hope they can win a lot of games and Dance, Dance, Dance!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. Memory not so good now. Old age. However, fellow MBB fans, if you think back to local kids that played for UH, who could you recall that had impact on team and winning?

    Guards: Kalia McGee 6’1″, David Hallums 6’1″, Jarin Akana 6’0″, Alika Smith 6’2″ were good guards,

    Forwards: Bobby Nash 6’7″, Julian Sensley 6’9″

    Center: Brad Pineau 6’10″( who post UH career, had very good Australian Pro league tenure, and son signed with D1 school this year)

    and of course, he wasn’t a Rainbow, nice if he stayed home: Derrick Low , Iolani. Wish that UH had a game with Washington St. when Derrick was there, would have been great game at the SSC!

    And of Course, Mr Dyrbe Enos, hopefully he will be part of a 4 year run of excellent UH BB success!

    Go Bows!

  6. Sorry, I forgot our 2 sport star,MIah O., who really , with his quicks helped UH be much better when he took over PG position during his 2 years. If he didn’t get hurt/sick, as did Zane, their final year together, pretty sure UH MBB would have won 18-20 games easily those 2 years!


  7. Yes, Miah at only 5-9 (IF that’s an accurate height) Made a Huge Difference for Two Seasons, leading The WAC in assists (7 apg; Second was 6-0 Freshman/Sophomore Keith Shamburger @ SJSU) … As An “Emergency” Point Guard (pg), because No One else was Effective at Running the Team And Winning…

    Probably Dyrbe’s Five-Year Advantage (versus Miah) is NOT Needing to be ‘Thrown to the Wolves’ Nor to do it all himself…Now there IS Depth and Talent @ PG, so Fatigue, Daily Practices against guards as good as, if not better than Most Opposition, should allow Dyrbe (and his Co-PG’s) to be successful over time with their Talented UH Surrounding Cast — the very thing that also attracted K-Sham to transfer in…

    Dyrbe’s Second Advantage is that Coach Gib recognizes that Dyrbe Can Be a fully functional two-guard, as long as, as DE pointed out, he can harass effectively on defense, so he might not often need to play the challenging Quarterback position and ‘Can’ get on the Court at Two Positions (Miah, only one)… maybe not, but size and/or quickness ‘could be’ Dyrbe-Playing Time Limiting Factors…i do however agree with Brian M’s position that Dyrbe on the Court probably does Not take too much off of the table, especially as he continues to get stronger, faster, quicker…and his deadly shooting ability and quick release could keep him in the game for extended minutes…As a Local Fan Favorite, Revving Up the Crowd… IMUA! Kamehameha E!

    Go ‘Bows !

  8. Eagle , great comments as always! I am sure the Ostrowski as well as Enos Ohana appreciate it as well. Agreed, Dyrbe, has RS year in UH system with Gib already. Miah, helped out, coming over from football team, and did very well. Football probably affected Miah’s shooting touch. I believe, Dyrbe, I might be wrong, he was strictly a Basketball athlete at Kamehameha Kapalama. He could shoot it. I remember, Gib saying after a call the coach show, that he wanted to see a HS game. I think he went to see Dyrbe play his senior year.
    As Brian M. alluded to, and Brian watches the practices, as well as the Green Black scrimmage that we saw, Dyrbe,in there as PG, the third one, or part of a 3 guard lineup, Gib can trust Dyrbe.Dyrbe has as mentors, Keith S. and Quincy Smith. I like Nikola Filipovich as well. Gib did the right thing, offer LOI and spots to preferred walkons. Possibly , if we include Dyrbe, who was actually a 2 guard out of HS, but now can run the poing, 4 PG’s on this year’s roster. And , the good thing Eagle, they all look like PG’s, or just good guards, with athleticism, quicks, hops, and can shoot it too. That is a solid reason, why the upgrade in team. The “replacements” for GJ, MC, JT and HB from last year. The PF’s , Fotu and Standhardinger, love to get rebound to, and run with these guards, and the guards are learning to get the ball to Isaac and Christian in the right spots for them to score. It reminds me of the Fab Five, or the Savo led, with leading assist man Nerijus Puida teams, look for open man, move the ball around. Well Eagle, countdown begins, about 13 days till first game of season. Should be exciting year. The guys are hyped, and ready to rumble!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  9. you all probably bash me cause u think i’ll say negative things about dyrbe…..im probably the only one here that can say anything to him cause we buss each other ballz all the time…he won’t play even his senior season unless garbage time

  10. Dunno how you came up with your conclusions, but from your comment I am guessing you play ball against each other and from this experience you’ve made your conclusion. That may very well be today’s news….

    Since Dyrbe is playing on a D1 team, don’t you think the goal is to play at that level? To encourage any player to continue their journey, examples are provided, in this case Micah O, since he provides similarities and was successful.

    Don’t think anyone is bashing you. But, do believe most posters are encouraging objective comments and to be supportive. In the case of Dyrbe, he decided to walk on, his choice…whether he takes the court will depend on his ability to help the team win. As on the blackcourt, if you win you stay on, thus, when teams call out “next” they assure they choose players that will help them win. Not so different anywhere else, you gotta be a baller to play on the court. Most are encouraging Dyrbe to complete against his best self to reach his “goals.” -with respect

  11. With this team, we have some good 3 pt shooters and also with guys like Dyrbe we have zone busters. Not sure how much pt Dyrbe will get, but I assure you it will not be all garbage time. I really love this team from top to bottom.

    We have a lot of weapons this year and they are cocked and loaded.Ready to fire!

  12. From UH Athletics site:

    Dyrbe Enos RS fr. 5’9″ 170
    2012-13: Redshirted

    Prep: A 2012 graduate of Kamehameha Schools-Kapalama in Honolulu….a three-year starter in basketball for the Warriors…earned first-team all-state honors and all-league three straight seasons….averaged 17.3 ppg as a senior and was named the state’s co-player of the year by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser…led the state in three-pointers made with 40….guided team to a state championship as a junior as the Warriors finished with a 28-2 overall record…also helped team advance to the state finals as a sophomore…named to numerous all-tournament teams, including for the prestigious ‘Iolani Classic and most outstanding player in the Hawai‘i High School Athletic Association state tournament…served as a team captain…played club basketball for the Hawai‘i Raiders.

    Personal: Born in Honolulu, O‘ahu…full name is Dyrbe Kai Nainoa Enos…majoring in secondary education…has one brother and three sisters…older brother Rykin is a former member of the UH basketball team and a current member of the Warrior football team…parents are Dygre and Terry Enos of ‘Aiea, O‘ahu.

    Rykin, a fan favorite. Actually Rykin, I think went out for UH football too! Nice that older sibling encouraged Dyrbe to go walkon at UH, and he was granted a spot. Dyrbe, smart young guy, watching the videos, and seeing video of Green White Scrimmage, he is a really good, open, and deep 3 ball threat, legitimate. That year off, Dyrbe picked up good muscle weight, and he is learning from Spearman, Shamburger, Nevels, and Smith, 4 very athletic and tough guards, going up against daily in practice.

    A lot of us appreciate how hard it is to go to school, have social life, eat, go hit weights, maintain GPA, and work sometimes 3 hr late practices. Dyrbe, hasn’t given up. He is like a Miah, however, Dyrbe was known in local HS BB circles as a guy who can shoot, and he is not shy, to put it up. Decent handles. Has to learn to play Good ,very good defense, I agree with Brian M. , if Keith was out with fouls, and Q had turned his ankle in a game, I would not hesitate putting Dyrbe in there, He would have Spearman, and Nevels to help out. Dyrbe, representing the 808, and a preferred walkon not LOI full ride, Mahalo to Enos family!

    You go Dyrbe, just play solid 808 BB! And fellow local fans, we have to cheer on the only guy from Hawaii, a true Hawaiian, Dyrbe Enos ,No Ka ‘Oi !!


  13. Have a great season Dyrbe from Down Under!

  14. I tell you dyrbe will not be close to the pg miah was….dyrbe can shoot but come game time its way different…he will never be as quick, explosive or strong but I know his family and they will push him hard….not much can say they played d1 college ball

  15. Hey Eagle and all UH MBB fans here and aroung the globe, it is now 8:46a.m. Hawaiian Standard time. In a little less than 3 days, BYU-Hawaii exhibition game with UH. Should be a good test to see if the team has their Defense and offense in. And who are shaping up to be, I would guess, the first 5 and up to 6 or 7 this year, especially with the loss of Caleb. Man , I still feel sorry for Caleb. Young man, hang in there and go to school and rehab well after surgery. Hopefully you will hit the court as a very good big for College.
    Regarding, UH team and first game of the season, time goes by fast, I am sure all 15 possible active roster guys, are working very hard and want nothing better than for team to start season official! That happens, in a little less than 11 days and counting Eagle! Team should be exciting.
    If I were coaching againg: My vision or coaching philosophy with this team personnel?Team has quick guards and some quick wings as well as Fotu and Standhardinger, Soooo, I would impelement a Defensive philosophy of starting off game with full court pressure, see if can get some early baskets and a lead into the double digits, if the other team , they have good guards and wings, and can break our press, and get 2 baskets early up on us, and they go up 6-0, I back off and go to man with zone principle, sort of a matchupzone, with guys, always, always. without fouling, cover like a glove, without touching opponent, move your feet, and hand in guys face. the 3 point shooter for other team. And of course, have the very quick help of perimeter stopping penetration, and Bigs guard rim, as well as wings shooting out to corners. so no shooter left uncoverd. With this year personnel, including local boy Dyrbe Enos, team will have to do that. ….When UH faces the Big Big, teams, than, PF’s Fotu and Standhardinger as well as Jovanovich plus MT and possibly AV, have to use their length and hops to block shots, rebound,hustle for 50/50 ball, and BOX out at FT line, make FT’s the entire team , 77% or better . In the last 5 minutes hit 90-100% of free throws. I would limie TO’s and they should be higher than normal, if we are going uptempo,to 13 or less. Take care of the ball. I hope that Jovanovich can get some good Serbian food here. Nice if Stefan were able to gain the weght that Caleb carried, be albout 245-250 with muscle. I know Stefan is another smart, BBIQ baller, he will be alright, the Bigs want to play a lot, now, Stefan you are part of , including MT , a 5 man Big men rotation.!!

    Crazy! Eagle, if you can, I cannot, make it to the BYU-Hawaii exhibition game at the SSC 7:00 pm Free Admission WITH a canned good donated to the Hawaii Food Bank!. Should be great primer, test, get out the bugs. before playing a highly athetic and Big Tenn. St. team in the Rainbow Classic!
    On Fri. Nov 8 as I type my last few word of blogging,clock has moved on, and I know you are a professional and very busy guy Eagle, just relax, come back and post, when you see the regulars on board with their HIGH ROAD expectations and observations.

    Go Bows? Well Ben Jay let’s us cheer, Go Rainbows, Go Rainbow Warriors, Go Bows, Let’s Go Bows,. or just Go Warriors!
    Have a fun season Eagle, I think this team, if the play as ONE OHANA, don’t get attitude ego problem, whether in for 3 min or 33 min, all for TEAM not self, even guys that ride the pine, cheer for team, then this 2013-14 season will have great success!!

    Aloha Eagle and Fans, very, very soon Season starts!
    Go Bows!!(old and new school cheer!) 😀

  16. TRUE for ALL Posters here…

    Mahalo, Aussie Mum, especially to the families who give to the program (and care) as much as anyone here, other than maybe Dayton, the coaches and players…

    Good to see Game Performance Thursday from this team —
    will post (key) perceptions…
    Trick or Treat?

    [Thanks for the Call Out…]

  17. Aussie Mum and Eagle,Tonganator ,TribeV Valdes Ohana and all UH families. .you have great young sons playing for UH and Hawaii fans!! Mahalo so very much. For their and your help!!

    Personally.. I believe Micael H. ,Jack(3 Ball) Hackman ..Jawato …and 808 represent local boy Dyrbe Enos will have a lot to do with team’ s success this year..hustle, defens..and ability To hit 3ball..Gib could have more fouls to give with aggressive. Pressure D with those. Fantastically four!! Aussie mum have in the land dowm un(der)!!!

    Aussie mum watch out Hawaii weather report.possible “thunder from down under” approaching the SSC With deadly 3 point shot in left hand hi arc rainbow 3 pointer to win game!!

    Cannot wait for season to start!!

    Go Bows!!

  18. Aussie Mum..sorry, I meant have Fun in the land down UNder!! Lot of fans of Mike Harper.terrific that aussie young man like Hugh Jackman, but more better baller. Jackman. Grat abs ,Mike more .eight packs!!Good fun your son!!


  19. Hey Dyrbe:

    UR an accomplished Youngman-
    ~1. Outstanding HS basketball career.
    ~2. High academics UH admission.
    ~3. Preferred-walk-on invitee.
    ~4. Valued scout-team member.
    ~5. “Strongest small player” worded by Captain Spearman.
    ~6. “Good 3-pt shooter” praised by Coach Arnold.
    ~7. 1/17 of the INCOMPARABLE 17 (lone 808 presence).
    ~8. Honored Graduate in-schedule.

    The Enos Ohana should be very proud!

  20. very, relaxing, puts we Rainbow Warrior nation here and away in such a safe state of mind n2joy!!
    love your insights, you know some about basketball, I would gather that you are a regualr at the SSC for years. Your seats are probably right behind the coaches Bench! The team appreciates your support.

    You have things in order Priority:

    Pecking order:
    1-Coach Gib
    2-Athletes LOI’s
    3Athletes Preferred walkons(very special kids, working as hard as any on team”
    4)You , eagle, myself and several other true blue going back to Klum and Blaisdell, from Howie Dunham and Freddie Smith, till Gib team now.

    Basically, the guys keep positive, use this opportunity for Centers: Rozitis, and Jovanovic to play a lot this , year, I checked the rosters of some of the DHC and RBC lineups, as well as N. Arizona, and Mizzon clubs. The have athletes and some teams, a LOT of Bigs who seem to be able to play. However, as the new guard , and even spearman allude to, this team, UH, will not take off plays, they will try to go 100% , balls to the wall, effort. With that philosophy, and relaxing and perimeter guys knocking down 3’s and D pressure and runouts, fast breaks, thunder dunks, and “thunder from down under, secret weapn deep right or left hand corned,….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….BOOM!! Team, this extra 2 weeks to blend in 9 guys to Gib’s season, huge. Hope UH MBB comes out of pre BWC play at minimumc 10-4, or better yet 11-3. 12 – 2. or it might be THE SPECIAL Season, is UH sweeps Mizzou and N. Arizona on the road, and wins two very competive DHC and RBC tournes, as well as beat the other teams pre BWC. . …if MIracle, team has become MACHINE, like transformer comic book, then look out, UH coming into first game, here at SSC at 14-0.

    Hey Eagle and Aussie Mum wake me up…Wow…it was not a dream, UH buy all accounts is better where they should be, the backcourt , better guards. and the Bigs, will work it, the more Reps the better! One Ohana!

    Go Bows!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Go Fighting Deans!
    Go Warriors!
    Let’s Go Rainbows!

    Side note: Dayon, any latest on Jamie Smith, will he return to help UH MBB promote, that guy is fantastic!

  21. Hey ‘hoopsa:

    UR liked our Gib System admirer, to be star starting point-guard, Keith Shamburger of our beloved UHMBB TEAM, smooth as silk, always under control, quarterbacking the plays making every open receiver looked-good and scores; As far as Dayton and WI+ is concerned UR 1/3 of the robust, unrelenting, unfailing defender of the players.. XO’s of this forum, encouraging posts and, making posters looked good as well. Without you leadership & contribution – will suffered a 50% reduction in comment volume!

    As an exciting-basketball junky; Just an admirer of the INCOMPARABLE TEAM – My pleasure is letting the current 17 know that we appreciate them as well as they appreciate being here in Paradise! (again, except to be grateful for your kind words otherwise.. unnecessary)!

  22. n2o4joy, Mahalo Plenty n2joy, for kind words about our boy hoopsa. He is a true blue fan of UH MBB for over 30 yrs. Myself, UHF, a little over 50 years. Our house, we love the speed of NCAA MBB game!!

    When Dayton created this forum, hardly anyone posted, Then, I saw, al, DK, servante, n2joy, and especially MR UH BB fan Eagle. Eagle, commented to me about my posts. Even if the articles were more incidental, not earth shattering, still keep banter going, to keep WI going, I will post from time to time, however, since hoopsa had time, work furlough, he just kept the flames going, almost 12 hours watching posts , blogs, SA articles, on MBB, 12 hours a day. Then he tells me whats going on.

    I think when season starts next week friday, we will switch roles, I will post a little more about game pre and post comments, and banter back and forth with the great fans on this site. Hoopsa, and myself in the past, we get worked up a bit, become defensive of Coach and athletes, if fans start to bash them, which is not showing true Aloha, We are Hawaiian, bloodline and Hawaiian welcoming at heart, in otherwords, love your neighbors, who are our neighbors in Hawaii, fellow Hawaiians, no matter , what shade of the human race. That is our feeling for UH and Gib, Love that aside from upgrading and trying to retain great student athletes, he gets IT, the Hawaiian culture, and how unique to be playing NCAA D1 ball in the middle of the Pacific!

    Thanks again, n2joy, probably I will take over for couple of months on posting, hoops, can reat his eyes and hands! He loves Dayton’s site!
    The rah rah UH MBB Go Gib family of east Honolulu!
    Go Bows!

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