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Meet the Warriors: Caleb Dressler

Caleb Dressler already spent all of last season sitting out of games and learning the system as a redshirt player with the University of Hawai’i basketball team. He doesn’t want to do that again, which is why his main concern right now is healing his injured back.

“Right now I’m just day to day,” he said. “No practice, just light stuff.”

Dressler, a 6-foot-10 freshman center, has missed the past two weeks of practices due to the back injury. When healthy, he is expected to play a role as a “big body” among the rotation of Hawai’i post players.


“I feel like I can be a big body, bruiser,” he said. “Be the type of person where they’re not afraid to use all five fouls … take on some of bigger players in the Big West, and just beat them up and get rebounds.”

There will be one change for Dressler this season, and it will be his jersey number. Although he did not appear in any games last season, his practice number was 25. He was surprised to find out this summer that 25 had been given to freshman Michael Thomas.

“I’m wearing number 54 this year because Coach (Brandyn) Akana gave away my number last year, so I have not say in it,” Dressler said.

True to his positive disposition, Dressler made the most of his opportunity to select a new number. “I just picked it because it sounds like a big number,” he said.

Dressler came to Hawai’i out of Evergreen High School in Vancouver, Washington. “It’s not like here,” he said of his hometown. “It’ll rain and then you’ll be cold. It’s just a whole different atmosphere. I miss it, but Hawaii’s good, too. I love it all.”

Among his hidden talents, Dressler says that he can sing “pretty well.” Teammates Jack Hackman and Michael Harper can play the guitar, so Dressler said he is willing to perform a song, perhaps a Christmas carol during the holidays.

“If you could get us together and he’s willing to do it, I’m willing to do it,” Dressler said.


  1. Mahalo Caleb, always an excellent attitude. Heal well, we need you to bang with the teams with Big Post players.

    You are a winner, already, in class, and as a RS last year. You can really help UH MBB this year. Love that “use ALL 5 fouls” not afraid to beat up, and bang with other Bigs. We need you and Stefan to be there to help when going against, Mizzou, NMSU, DHC, and the BWC teams with those huge 7’5″ posts.

    Get well Caleb!


  2. Caleb Dressler or CD in the house! Man, I feel bad that you got hurt. Take care of your back, so it can take care of you in later life!

    Love your jump hook, mid range jumper, elbow jumpers too,.Your ability to pass and cut to rim.Also, that big 245 pound banger frame! GET well, and better CD , team can always use a big. You, Davis and Jovanovich!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and hang in there Caleb, you will be with team very soon!


  3. Shoots! Caleb has to meet with doctor, see how his back is, and whether need surgery. Bummer! Hope, the herniated discs get better. However with back injuries, you have to be careful. Dressler has his life , post UH , to look forward to!

    Loved Caleb’s attitude, last year banging in practice against Vander. Caleb probably opposite of VJ in attitude, and persona. I still like Caleb’s BBIQ, in summer league, first year, he was recognized as a smart one. Julian Sensley helped him out, good pointers from a former UH big to a current big.

    If Caleb didn’t get hurt, he would be in that top 2 rotation at Big with Davis. However, so important that Stefan Jovanovich is ready to play. Otherwise, that spot, the 5 , when needed against Big teams, is thin.

    Main, thing Caleb, get well, if need medical attention, do what is best for your health, then get as close to 100% physically fit, and go to war, when you are cleared. Still, love your game and personality. ! A true warrior!

    Mahalo, thanks to the Dresslers, for sharing Caleb with UH MBB team, last year, ALWAYS cheering on his teammates, I am sure coaches and others appreciated him. He is a ONE OHANA, team player. I am personally, well myself and UHF, for you Caleb, get healthy, and see you helping to bang those big boys, and help UH MBB team get to NCAA’s.

    Get Well CD!

  4. I love this kid. Caleb has improved from last year. Both physically and in his game. I watched Caleb quite a bit in the summer league and what I like about his game is when he gets an offensive rebound, he goes straight up for a shot. No bringing down the ball or resetting his feet. Kind of springs (haha limited tho) on his ankles and goes back up before opponent has chance to react.

    Caleb, heal up well. You will be important this year.

  5. Hope Cortisone, training/rehab, acupuncture, etc. gets the back better this week, this season …

    Keep Pluggin’, and The Great Attitude, Caleb

    You’ll be knocking around opposing bigs, boardin’ and knockin’ down jumpers again “soon” ,
    The sooner and healthier the better!

  6. Eagle and warriorhaw and fans, agreed , you have to be a real astute fan of MBB to appreciate Caleb. Well…not only know BB, just know good young men, And Caleb fits the bill as ONE OHANA,even though away from the cooler, and wetter Pacific Northwest, has adjusted and loves being here.
    I appreciate his thought, Hawaii though being warmer, it is great for conditioning and training for Basketball. The conditions are right. Eagle, I hope, and by NOW, since Dayton did that interview days ago, that Caleb did meet with doctor, and they somehow determined, it was good news, no season ending surgery, maybe acupunture, shiatsu, back brace, ice bath, and heat, stretch and strengthining and on the cardio bike. Somehow, this year with increased, and heard that MT is really stepping up his game in practices(!), athleticism and speed, there will be games where, a TRUE PHYSICAL Big will help UH MBB team. Hope the doctor’s visit went well Caleb, and you can play this year! Just get well, and when cleared or repaired , we need you, great guy that you are and BBIQ smart Big!

    Go Caleb Dressler! CD in the house!

  7. Always thought that Caleb was a fantastic recruit and that his game is pretty solid, all the-way-around. His offensive game already looked quite improved (with a jump hook) since he got here. I think some fans may have forgotten about him, but he’ll likely be a good player down-the-line.

    Hopefully, he will not miss much more practice time.

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