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Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana

The key number for the University of Hawai’i basketball team this season will be one. As in one family.

More precisely: Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana.

That is the Hawaiian phrase for “one family,” and it will be the motto for the team during the 2013-14 season.

“It’s the difference between good and great; it’s the difference between champions and just an average team,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “There are no great teams that have never been together and bought in. That’s why it’s become our slogan and something that we teach and talk about every day.”


Arnold said he came up with the concept of “one family” during the summer, and then assistant coach Brandyn Akana met with Hawaiian language professors to get the proper translation.

“I still believe that the most beautiful word in the Hawaiian language is ‘ohana, maybe awfully close with aloha,” Arnold said.

The 2013-14 Hawai’i roster features players from seven different countries and five different states. They now all know what the Hawaiian phrase means.

“The first day of practice Coach emphasized one family to us, so I think it’s going to play a big role this year,” redshirt freshman Aaron Valdes said.

Redshirt freshman guard Dyrbe Enos is the only Hawai’i-born player on the roster, and he is a Kamehameha Schools graduate, which means he immediately understood the importance of the motto.

“It’s really important because you want to come together as a group – one family, one team, one ‘ohana – stick together,” Enos said.


  1. Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana! One Family! One Team! Great team motto + hard work = CHAMPiONS!!!

  2. Whether learning from Our President
    Who This Week Finally Got One of The Richest Countries in the World
    to Start to Plan for and Take Care of Every Single One
    “Obama-Care”, ‘Really ‘Ohana-Care…?

    OR our Musicians and Athletes

    The Prophecy is that ‘When the World Finally Learns to Live Together in Peace and Harmony,
    It Will Be through Learning The Native Pr

    Ho’okahi No Ohana

  3. Principles…

    Ho’okahi No Ohana

  4. Thanks for writeup and video as always Dayton!

    Yes, yesterday we blogged all day long about individual player or players, what they lacked or what they excelled at. Even the visiting recruits will be reminded of that ONE OHANA, ONE FAMILY. Stick together back each other up. Older returnees, and RS active from last year , help the new freshmen and transfer. I guess that is what I was sticking up for in defense of some of our young True Freshman, and a RS Freshman, who are not ostracized however, are part of team, and sticking to that motto, and improving as individuals and as a team, Mike, Dyrbe, Aaron, Caleb, Jack, Stefan, Nikola as RS and true frosh will do well , and really help the team, All 17 super guys, ONE OHANA, will win as a TEAM. Great motto and phrase Gib and UH MBB team! Everyone as a team on equal footing, truly unique to only Hawaii!

    Go Rainbow Warriors,
    Have a great 5th day of practice.
    And Josh, and last two recruits have great visits to the Ohana, very special group of young men!


  5. Finally when all of us on WI forum from USA to around the globe, our comments and thoughts, should echo that of team motto, mantra, ONE OHANA, together as families, fans, friends fellow students, together united , to kokua each other!

    This forum will be for the better, constructive, positive and welcoming. Great motto, and good job picking that phrase, Gib,and staff!

    Ho’okahi No Ohana!

    Go Rainbow Warriors and WI forum members, we are ONE OHANA, supporting by our comments, the TEAM, freshmen to senior, all as one, not individually, collectively, and seeing them blend in their talents. Guys have worked very hard, and their hard work will pay off in good season and many wins. All the team, are going to contribute in one way or another!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Beautiful!
    😀 😀 😀

  6. Just peeked at the schedule… Pretty soft schedule this year. There’s a good chance UH gets 25+ wins. However, it’s so soft that UH has little chance of receiving an at large bid to the NCAA tourney.

    Mark your calendars on nov 16 as UH travels to play Mizzouri in Kansas City. That will be the true measuring stick for this team.

    Too bad they couldn’t play at Mizzu next year when NWC is eligible.

    Going back to my earlier point, the only way UH can get an at large invite would be if they win the Diamondhead, win at Mizzouri, sweep all non conference home games, win 67% of conference road games, win the Big West reg season title, and get to the Big West a Tourney finals.

    In other words, they gotta get to 28 or 29 wins with the losses only to the top Big West teams on the road, and beat Mizzouri.

    In other words (part 2): win the Big West Tournament

  7. Concur…

    Just about “Win it All” to earn an At-Large
    and The Season THAT Happens, Hawai’i will Have “Arrived”…


    WIN The BW Regular Season (NIT) and/or
    WIN The BW Tourney (NCAA Tourney)

    So Also Mark Your Calendars for March 13 BW Tourney
    Maybe we’re Going to Disneyland

    Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana

  8. FUHA and Eagle: This year Four is where Gib earns his extension contract, which is probably being finalized as we speak. Gib has the pieces to make a run for NCAA. FUHA, history with UH, very hard to get an at large big, you are right though, beat Mizzou on the road, NMSU here, in other words win all the tournaments before selection Sunday March 2014. Win out , every home game, plus , you are right, have to win most of road games, I think UH MBB team including BWC play, total of 30 games? So you are correct, about a 28-2 or 29-1 record plus make it to the championship game of the BWC tourney, maybe, especially if they knock off several teams with high RPI’s out of conference games.

    Believe the BWC is a one NCAA bid league, unless, you are a top 25 team from start till championship game, win or lose, maybe, NCAA, they don’t know we are part of the USA! Crazy. Definitely winnable, and winning 20 plus games , regular season title,and if still hot, win that crazy BWC tourney and don’t have to wait for at large bid.

    It all starts very soon, first week of November 2013, FUHA, and Eagle, the seniors, and the entire OHANA as ONE, are on a mission, they want the Big Dance, the NCAA invite. Go for it Rainbow Warriors! Let’s Go Bows! One Ohana!


  9. Eagle, get out your rally flag and “H” hat, and prep your voice, for starters, Oct 19th Sat Scrimmage, Green White game, after today less than 2 weeks away, soon via, the other media writer plus our number one source Dayton and WI, Gib will let us know how well the guys are doing on their offensive sets, transition, etc. Still team, heard they have a lot of shooters, every one has touch out to 3 line, including Davis, Caleb and Stefan, they have to shoot Excellent FT percentage entire game, and especially, be perfect in the last 5 minutes to win the close games!

    As Brandyn Akana says, and you can tell his sincere excitement, team is exciting, athletic, hi flyers, and a lot of shooters. should be good. Gib likes the athleticism and quickness of guards, and the progress of his young SF/.wings, only 4 going on 5 days of practice ,still 25 more before season starts, Team will get better. At the Stan Sheriff Center, too bad, handicapped so I cannot attend, however, Eagle, jjay, hawaiifan09, servante, gobows, n2joy, and later Aussie Mum and Tonganator when you visit, plus UH Senior, al, mid range game, Palolo warrior, ROB T, and I apologize a ton of other great fans I missed, in behalf of the home bound, who follow on PPV or online BWC feed road games if they still have that, make sure if you are able, fill up that SSC . With, hopefully Jamie Smith leading the cheers of the Maniacs, SSC will be a rockin! So , as you here the arena a rockin, do come knockin, to buy ticket and get in , enjoy a really good season.

    Go Bows!

    Uhfanzonly1. One Ohana.Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana

  10. Also fans, don’t forget, per SA media MBB guy, in the works an exhibition game with BYU-Hawaii before first game of season, they have to finalize date, so that should be soon. Good prep for a good Rainbow Classic. Hope they get that game scheduled, so important for the new guys!

    One Ohana.

    Hey Eagle, MBB is back in town, get ready for some HOOPS HEAVEN!

  11. So late last nite, hoops and I battle for Post position, just joking, in case I got post out too late early this a.m. A LIST BY SUPER UH RECRUITING GURU OF OFFERS AND POSSIBLE EARLY VISITS:

    Sorry had to update offer list:

    1)Josh Fox 6’6″ hopefully no full tear of ACl, a more minor one, where he can rehab quickly, he is a leaper, and wiry strong, an athlete.who is here on visit with family, so important.

    2) 6’5″ 185 pound athlete SG out of JC in Texas offered

    3)6’7″ 230 PF 3 star athlete, our of HS in Georgia

    4)6’10″ 210 athletic center JC out of Nebraska, could put on another 25 pounds, must be quick and can run, just my guess, if he bulks up and is quicker than Vander, look out, a tall athletic, guy who can play SF!

    5)The Mystery, unless you fans know who it was, who visited from Sept 26 till Sept 29 the week of WVB and the Fresno St. FB game.

    So there you have it eagle, thanks to the recruiting guru on other site, fantastic job he does, if we include possibly Evan Fitzner, if he decides, since he has been offered, and Evan trips here, possibly if mom,and dad let Evan make decision, maybe we can have Cheri’s son here for 4 years. the young man, is a very good one, growing into his body, just great BBIQ and hope he has a great senor season and all the accolades!!

    Eagle, exactly two weeks till Sat Oct 19th for Green White full scrimmage, two halves, to see guys, and that BYH Hawaii exhibition shortly after that, should be fun!!


  12. Because you are the TEAM, this 2013-14 season (the INCOMPARABLES, plus Gib & Staffs), doing everything within your practical limit, progressing deservingly toward your furious desired aim invariably, positive results are favorably rewarding to mention the least.

    There are perfectionists demanding every ideal goals in their imagination, characteristically (very impressive but, maybe beyond reality!);
    On the other hand, exists some Ying ones (like I am) choose the easier way out, averting being in the harm’s way to reach the aimed destination practically for the same result.

    Why want to be in the mercy of others? Facing all the improbable they tend to blame you on for your elimination?

    With utmost TEAM efforts.. we shall take everything bounced our way except disqualification for the BWC Tournament then, Just string yourselves with 5-6 WINS!

    Your honorable parents and loved ones, The Aloha State will be very happy & proud of the TEAM.

  13. UHfanzonly1

    He’s a good one alright. I think Evan Fitzner is waiting for the call from Stanford. But guess what? No calls yet. You know what that means. We are still in the hunt. If Stanford don’t offer him a scholarship it opens the door to all the other schools he’s looking at including Hawaii. He’s got a Kevin Durant build with similar game. Wow a 6’10 wing. I think even the NBA scouts are keeping an eye on his progression.

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