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Hawai’i in the recruiting hunt for Fox

Josh Fox enjoyed his last trip to Hawai’i back in January, even though it resulted in a loss for his basketball team at the time. If he enjoys his next trip to Hawai’i, he may just decide to stay for a while.


Fox, a 6-foot-6, 200-pound forward, is the latest recruit in the mix for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. He said he will be making an official visit to Honolulu this weekend.

His name should be familiar to UH basketball fans. Fox was a starting forward for UC Riverside last season as a true freshman. He averaged 9.3 points per game and led the Highlanders in rebounding at 6.5 per game.

“This is going to be my first (recruiting) visit after leaving Riverside, and I’m not sure if I want to visit anywhere else right now,” Fox said. “Hopefully this visit goes well and I won’t have to worry about anywhere else.”


Fox requested – and received – a transfer from UC Riverside at the end of the 2012-13 season. He sat out the last three games of the season due to an ACL injury.

He is currently enrolled at City College of San Francisco, but is not sure if his knee will be fully healed for the upcoming season.

“I’m still rehabbing, so I’m undecided for the season right now,” he said. “If I’m not ready, I might just use the year to get stronger and build my knee back.”

(Fox is No. 12 in blue, defending Isaac Fotu in a game last season at the Stan Sheriff Center, in photo at left)

Fox was healthy for two games against Hawaii last season, and he averaged 11.0 points and 6.0 rebounds in those games. The Warriors won both games, and Fox admits he took notice of the Hawaii schemes.

“I was actually kind of jealous of the way they played, with a lot of running, and I wanted to kind of play in that kind of system,” he said. “So after I enrolled at City, a couple of schools started calling, and I got real excited when I got the call from Hawaii.”

It may help that Fox has relatives in Hawai’i, and also has Polynesian roots. He was born in Fiji before moving with his family to California when he was 4.

“My mom always makes sure we’re aware of our culture,” he said. “We have kava bowls in our house and we go to Fiji Day out here. I have relatives who speak Fijian.”

Fox said Long Beach State and Pacific have also expressed interest, but “Hawaii is the main one right now.”

Below is a video from Fox’s senior year of high school at Sacred Heart Cathedral during the 2011-12 season (he is wearing jersey No. 3 in white/green):


  1. walk-on at best

  2. hawaiifan09, it seems that you are correct on Michael Harper, Dyrbe Enos, Aaron Valdes, Jack Hackman, and Nikola Filipovich, you could be right on Fox, however, why trip him? Don’t remember Harper, Valdes, Hackma or Filipovich tripping. They flew straight form hometown and walked on. Preferred invited as a spot on roster.

    hawaiifan09: Do you do the sportsbow, rivals scout report, who is comitted, sportsbow pretty accurate on who committs, we shall see. I still would like to see Evan, and possibly one of the Senegal 3 make a trip over. Pretty sure, if Gib trips 4 guys before November, 2 will sign. Don’t think he would spend all that money from a very limited recruiting budget to offer Fox a spot on roster as a walkon. Usually, the invited preferred walkons, are called, they talk things over with athlete, the parents, make a decision and those families foot the bill for flight over and tuition.

    hawaiifan09, if you are so bright, and I don’t think you are. why waste money, very expensive to have Fox trip UH and Gib, unless Gib was going to offer a full ride 2 year scholarship? Gib would be stupid , and that after 4 years, I know he is not, don’t want to waste plane and hotel fare that you don’t have.

    hawaiifan09, maybe you should stay in San Jose ,Ca., nice College town.

    Nothing but negaive, now, I told you fans, he don’t like coach, team or recruits, hawaiifan09, go to the San Jose St. Spartan boad, if you won’t say anything positive, you are like a black cloud coming over beautiful Waikiki Beach. A Downer.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, go away hawaii(nope)fan09…you are showing your true San Jose Blue colors.sheesh!

    Ignore, hawaiifan09, Eagle, jjay, ROB T, FUHA, Aussie Mum, Tonganator, waiting for UH Senior, Clyde, al, Palolo Warrior, servante, and I know I am forgetting the other died hards, apologize, I ain’t going to respond to hawaiifan09’s venom, nothing good to say, absolutely nothing.

    Potential recruits and families, listen to n2 joy, Eagle, ROB T, gobows and the rest, that support your sons, and potential recruits, I will black out his posts, hawaiifan09, he can do same to mine, however, I am true fan and backer of UH MBB, and like Hfan09, and it is impossible for
    Gib to recruit 13 4 star recruits, take 2 or 3 star and develop, maybe get shot at possible 4 star, and JC elite, as well as international talent!

    My eyes are officially closed to so called fan hawaiifan09(Oahuan?), NOT!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  3. I like the fact that other players from our OWN conference are looking at how our program is heading, it’s hard enough to recruit here and it takes someone very special to WANT to come here. If we can get them here rather them going somewhere else, I take’um!

    Come on down Josh!!

  4. roygbivs: roy, you breath of fresh air, that H….09 guy was getting to me, trolling perhaps?

    Yeah, Josh Fox had some serious hops, on video, he has to develop a mid range to 3 ball shot, the kid can jump though, very athletic, and POLY bred. Come on down Josh, get that polynesian starting 5 going!

    Hope that possibly 3 recuits sign early this Nov 2013, sets a good precedent, or else sign 2, then hold two for late gets by April , May LOI signing date, Gib is on the right track.

    Hey welcome back Negus, now, make the practices really competitive, and teach Aaron and Mike T. some of your awesome spin moves, and take off the dribble penetration, and quick release 3 balls, you, Negus can help team reach the NCAA’s ,.. glad to see you back Negus, and condolences on loss of your 2 aunts once again!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  5. I think even if Hawaii made it to the NCAA’s and won the dang thing. the National MBB title, hawaiifan09, would still not be happy, Negative Nancy, probably a coed!

    WI , and UH MBB fans, stay positive and together, theses are just 17 to 22 yr old young men going to school, working extremely hard on academics and athletics, very,very hard to do, and they are going to be alright. UH MBB, team don’t read hawaiifan09, who is not your fan, his or her posts, it could be a 16 yr old, private school kid!

    Uhfanzonly1. supporting Gib and team and families and future recruits, Hawaii is a good place to play NCAA D1 ball, hopefully get NCAA major league D1 facilities soon, am sure Ben Jay working his arse off getting it done. getting the monies. In the meantime, Evan, Senegal 3 and others, come and make UH MBB the best in the Pacific and a top 20 NCAA contender every year!


  6. Apologies, nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong with hard working coeds, and especially student athlete coeds, UH has some of the best in the world, so wonderful, just ask the male athletes!


  7. And aplogize, nothing wrong with public or private schools, some of the best came out of either institution now, world and financial leaders. hope we get out of this FEDERAL SHUTDOWN, which is bad!


    Sorry, Dayton, got a little intense, when hawaiifan09 says that Aaron V and Mike T. not really top talent, might not sniff the court, sounds like he thinks they are dogs, however, I and hundreds of other WI insiders and viewers, and especially families of players, recruits and their families read our posts, so I will go back and just support Hawaii, Gib , the University, the true fans, and the student athletes. I guess hawaiifan09, has his right , freedom of speech, however, I would not pick on a couple of young athletes and say they are not great players, when the two in question Aaron V and Mike T. have just got in 3 practices, in Gib’s system , who knows, down the road this season, maybe both will be in the game to help team win.!!

    Love your hard work Dayton, burning the midnite oil or lamp!

    Mahalo Plenty, UH MBB fan forever!

  8. Walk on?I dont think so this kid was impressive against UH last season and had a good true freshmen season, and has tremendous potential. He will be really really good as an upperclassmen.
    If he heals fully from his acl tear he will be a great addition. But he should redshirt at his junior college so he has three years of eligibility.

  9. Agree, redshirt, heal strong, strengthen ….develop range out to 22 feet, and high percentage mid-range…
    better …transfer to UH in January and get to know the system this redshirt season…

  10. Standhardingeresque

  11. Sorry guys… gotta agree with hawaiifan09 on this one…. He’s a 6-5 power forward with a capped ceiling who played for a woeful UCR team. Also has ACL injury. On the plus side, he’s a good, smart team player with bball iq. Poly roots are a bonus…

    As of today, our only post players with eligibility for next season are 6-8 Fotu, 6-10 Dressler, and 6-10 Jovanovic. On the wing (SF), we’re good with 6-7 Webster-Chan, 6-8 Thomas, 6-5 Valdes, 6-4 Jawato, etc.

    Does Fox’s size/skill set fit in with how our team has been constructed? I thought we were going in a different direction with the recruitment of 6-5 undersized “combo” post players (i.e. Joston Thomas and Trevor Wiseman). To date, we’ve passed on similar players with similar size/skill set and poly roots… ie. Ako Kaluna (NAU).

    If he’s a walk-on than great… we tripped Filipovich who’s a walk-on so you never know. Though my money is that he’s being recruited as a scholarship athlete.

  12. gobows: Thanks for your insight. At least you give concise specific reason why Fox might not be the fit. Or possible tripping,(which in my opinion, Gib would not do)preferred walkon. Has to be an offer for scholie. Filipovich, offer, and trip, there was no scholie at that point to offer? Don’t know.

    As Gib stated in last updated recruiting video, he is quietly confident as Eagle says, that guys verbal committed, or have committed to make visit this fall. Would be great, if as one media guys, says, if UH has early verbal committs from good BB athletes BEFORE the November signing date, gives validation to program and attracts better athletes.

    Dayton, can you find out who was the last recruit, after Isaac Fleming, during the Fresno St FB game week who visited? And thank you for keeping us alerted to who will be tripping us soon!

    gobows: makes sense right? MBB and UH athletics, budget so limited, Gib cannot afford to trip 4 or 5 guys and only get 1 commit out of those, he has to be very sure, the guys coming in are going to verbal and sign. I liked when Spearman came in for trip,loved it, verballed and LOI signed and faxed, same with Garrett Nevels and Quincy Smith.

    Agree with hawaiifan09 and others, Gib has to get , or start getting 3 or 4 star athletes or world international top 100, to really elevate program, it will be really good for MBB program, and create consistent winning program, give him another year or two, if sign EF and possibly the Senegal 3 or some ot Benjy’s east coast , south east and midwest inner city athletes!

    hawaiifan09. maybe we will be surprised if Gib gets a 3 star PF and 3 or 4 star athletic SF/combo SG. and a great athlete 3 or 4 star next spring. and of course, always, possible the 5 walkons, could earn that extra scholie.

    Go Rainbow Warriors. and thankyou gobows, for your opinion, however, Gib has to be careful who he trips, FEDERAL Shutdown, and UH AD dept budget shutdown or monies for recruiting very limited!

    Go Rain BOWS!


  13. And gobows, UH Senior, jjay, ones who visit campus, see practices and athletes walking around campus, do you think that Mike Thomas and Aaron Valdes, won’t even smell playing time this year? What is the buzz? From what Gib says, it will take time, however ALL the guys, in particular the Freshmen, i.e. true and RS, have a lot of catching up to do to learn O sets. Garrett seems to be picking up stuff pretty fast.

    I still, will not, knock down any 17 to 22 yr old, trying their best, and some walkons, ohana footing the bill, and say they are not Basketball worthy, what a slap in the face!

    Mike T. and Aaron V. just go out, as Eagle says, hell with what hfan says or blogs, and get PT and help UH and Gib win 20 plus games, along with the seniors, Davis, Christian Spearman, Jr. Shamburger, and Soph. Fotu, plus an emerging Nevels, team looks to be solid top to bottom.

    next hawaiifan09 post will be: ALL the new guys, are overrated, they are not ballers. sheesh that would be total doo doo. The kids work hard, in practice, I can see the sweat, weight room, the reps, the biceps, and abs, and leg strength, as the weeks go by, never seen it before for BB team, the team is physically, and now, will take 6 weeks, BB IQ ready!!

    Go Rainbows!

  14. They had a hard time dealing with quickness and aggressiveness in the post last year – both games. And as a true frosh, had nearly identical numbers as Fotu with a bit higher rebounding average.

    Live physical body. Plays with aggression and attacks the boards. Can nearly guard all 3 post positions in the Big West. A proven, nearly 10 and 6 guy as a true freshman in this league. Runs well, with the ability to catch the ball and finish efficiently at the rim. Projects to a multi-year starter type in this league.

    Plug and play after Standhardinger graduates, with 3 to play 3.

  15. mid-range game:

    Thankyou mid! Gib and staff, that is their job to evaluate. I remember those, games, Josh Fox, had the elevation game, very athletic, fits that 6’6″ mold of multi position player that Gib wants. Looks like he will enroll in CC in Cali, use year to keep academics in order, not play, just rehab his ACL, it is a gamble, however, I love his athleticism, plus would be good fit, because has relatives here from Fiji, another Pacific Rim country.

    mid range thank you.
    and Eagle, senior forum member thanks for validating and defending good student athletes Aaron and Mike T., they don’t deserve the diss.!

    Go Bows.

  16. playhoopsa are u their mother?…nah I think uhfanzonly is….they are not great players but I never said they are bad student athletes….im giving my own opinion and u don’t have to read it…I don’t think vander, shaq or joston got 100 percent love on here either so u can baby these kids or push these men

  17. I think this kid would be a solid get. He’s a proven player that we know can contribute. Of course last years Riverside team was lacking talent but he still put up numbers as a true freshman. You guys need to layoff hawaiifan09 though I don’t think he’s said anything extremely offensive while voicing his opinion. A lot of times hawaiifan09 is giving a realistic opinion that for anyone that knows basketball would agree with. Michael Thomas is not going to get significant playing time this year. He’s too raw and is not ready to majorly contribute. Of course he could have games with 8-10 minutes a game but don’t count on it. Thomas has a ton of potential and can turn in to a great player for us in the future. Making that statement is not offensive. I’m a huge Hawaii fan and I will support every athlete on the team, and I hope that all can contribute but that is just not realistic. Don’t hate the person that is giving a realistic point of view to a season. We all know how hard they contribute. Just because I work out multiple times a day, putting in the effort does not mean that I’m going to turn into an NBA prospect. We all love our players and commend them for their efforts and hard work they put in and will put in but please guys lets lay off the crazy parent talk here.

  18. FBI24: Good points, well taken, we get back to backing team. No question from outset, dad UHF and I, feel that Michael Thomas, Aaron Valdes, the true and RS freshmen and JC transfers have 6 weeks to prove what they can do. If they can contribute, and this was said so many times, even by Gib himself, if all , let’s say 14 or 15 active players, buy into their role, whether cheering from the bench, working hard on scout, or if they are called in to play, whether 3 min or 33 min a game, do the best they can to help TEAM win as a TEAM.

    FB, hawaiifan09, probably realistic, he might be one of the UH coaches! 😀 however, none of us can make a blanket statement, when the 30 official practices before the start of first game, are not even over with, you, hawaiifan, and hundreds of other fans, would be happy if Aaron V and Mike T, could contribute, this year, albeit 3 min or 33 min a game. My personal observation, Aaron and Mike could really help out on Defense, and FB you know that NCAA, OIA, NCAA DI, DII, DIII, guard play AND oustanding Defense wins championships, and gives your team a shot at moving on in post season.

    So that is my take, I think the potential, even in the next 6 weeks, if Aaron and Mike T.s roles become ones of spelling the 4 spot of Fotu and Standhardinger, that would be great, quicker defenders, long arms, and learn how to position defense, will help UH close out and win games here and on the road.

    However, Mike and Aaron if you met them, their parents too, are nice young guys, they Tribe V ohana, and the Thomas family first class people. It saddens me when hawaiifan, or even I have done it in the past, and I apologize for that, as well as dad UHF, we make BLANKET statements, this guy or guys,and call them out by name will not smell the court, or Josh Fox, will be walkon. Unless hawaiifan09 is a coach(maybe he is Akana or Taylor or Fish, just trying to motivate the guys, I don’t know :D), In Hawaii, we call that talk stink, Pilau, Gib and we fans too, are trying to be above that type of talk and attitude. Give the guys from freshmen to seniors benefit of the doubt.

    Sure, Mike T., Aaron, Caleb, Jack, Niko, Stefan, and Dyrbe, NCAA D1 ball is an entirely different animal, they work hard, and these kids have off season, and learn quickly UH MBB will have real shot at NCAA’s this year. Especially with Shamburger/Quincy Smith at PG, Spearman, Nevels SG’s.combo, Fotu and Standhardinger PF/now stretch forwards, and Davis’ leadership, with the new guys following those leaders, UH can have great season.

    Anyways, hawaiifan09. apologies from dad UHF and myself hoopsa, we all want UH MBB to do well, as much as I like Laura Beeman and the WBB program, we know that the Men’s BB and its success will drive the BB program and the support of the state first and foremost, however, Laura is a great young coach!

    hawaiifan09, keep on giving your observations, makes for lively forum!!
    Makes Mike and Aaron work harder!

    Mahalo Hfan!
    Go Rainbow Warriors, and apologize, Dayton, nothing vulgar or controversial, or attacking Gib on this site, it is Fan, and Family and potential recruit friendly, FB, that is what WI is all about, not the other forums with venom.

    This site, is helping ones like Evan F, and the Senegal 3 make decision to come to Hawaii, and good kids, walkons and scholies are coming , build a program the right way, and they will come…

    Go Bows!!

  19. Yes I agree playhoopsa lets get back to the real topic here which is UH Basketball. I’m fareful certain everyone on here loves UH basketball and no one would be mad if any of the players becomes a superstar. We’re all rooting for them to succeed and become what we know they can. However, as fans lets all listen to each others opinions. Hawaiifan09 see’s the potential signing of this kid as not up to the standards of what he would like Gib to recruit. In a way, I believe the way he does in that we should concentrate on getting the best we can, the best fit, the best student athlete etc… I also believe this kid could help our current constructed team for next year in the conference that we are in. College basketball is much different from the NBA and having a 6’6-6’7 PF that is athletic, plays hard, and is skilled can help a lot. Just look at Christian. Fox could help us with our weak big outlook next year if our players don’t develop and turn out the way we hope they do. In that sense, I would not mind the signing, if we have a potential contributor ready to sign why wait for a player that we don’t know even exists or for sure will sign. But lets all be less sensitive here and take each others opinions and compare them to our own. If you combine every person’s opinions on this site of each player its quite possible we probably would have the perfect overview of the player.

  20. Just my opinion: Negus back. Great love to see him in gym. Negus could really help on teaching the SF wings, Hackman, Valdes, Jawato, Thomas, Negus has a tremendous first step, and spin moves, and range out to 30 feet on quick jumper. Neat that Stefan, or some of the smaller guys, once in awhile can reject, Negus’ close to basket shots. however, Negus is a talent. and his experience, and guys going against him in practice will help UH prepare for RBC, DHC, against NMSU here, N.Arizona and Mizzou on the road, and BWC 3 ball jacking league. I still say, PF’s and now SG and PG, UH will match up well here at SSC and on road.

    Go Bows!

  21. Agree completely Negus is a stud and quite possibly will push our guys harder in practice then our opponents even push them. He is a tremendous asset for us and I really believe his presence on the team this year, even though he cannot play, will be more then felt. No worry Negus, the Big West will feel your wrath in a year from now.

  22. Mahalo FB124, new to the forum, appreciate it, you are a first class moderator. Love this site, WI all things UH MBB. hawaiifan09 has his viewpoints, so do dad UHF and I , hoopsa. We are long time alumnus, and former UH athletes too. We love what Gib is doing, and the high character kids. I hope with time Aaron and Mike will be contributing to help UH win.

    No question, Gib is trying to establish that Pacific Rim Poly , this is Hawaii’s team in the mid pacific, as well as take a shot at a 3 or 4 , maybe 5 star(1)rated prospect.

    He seems more relaxed and confident, probably knows, bring in , trip maybe 3 guys before Nov signing date with hope of signing at least one or two more. nice if they are 3 star rated in USA or top 100 international players.

    Agreed, and apologies, aplenty hawaiifan09, very concise to the point, your views. UHF dad, and son hoopsa, we love Mike and Aaron, nice, nice young kids, great family the Thomas’ and the TribeV ohana.. I think as you chimed in FB124 that Negus, can really help the team, he is an elite talent, and can help the team on their moves, how to get better, quicker, BB smarter, and defend better, Negus, working with scout, will make the entire team better, heck, maybe the scout will be beating the starters from time to time, hopefully not too many times, should be fun year!

    hawaiifan09, brother keep on posting, varied opinion, and we all have one or two.
    Key: you and all on this forum, not like those other negative forums and blogs, who just want to have Gib go under, I support along with dad, whomever the coach, and we host the young guys too!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, and hawaiifan09(you graduate UH 2009?), myself 1989..oh well WE ALL want to see the entire 17 guys have awesome year, from sideline or on the court, Work hard all you MBB athletes, the sensational super Seventeen.

    Now FB124(yoiu sure you not Gib? just joking! :D)

    Go Rainbow Warriors, Warriors, Go Bows, and go Fighting Deans!


  23. hawaiifan09, like the famous Oahuan from other forum, you try to be objective and real. Sure that scramble and gamble first , second year recruiting and the exodus of athletes not too good. Funny, how major sports media, and ESPN, picked up on, that spring MBB exodus is Pandemic, every school has guys either not enough PT, discontent, go pro, homesick or just quit BB altogether, is reality in 2013.

    Probably UH MBB could lose one or two in spring, who knows, that is why I think Gib offered preferred walkon spot to 5 guys. He has that buffer , enough athletes to complete season, just in case of academic, discontent, or other problems. I think by year 4, and now with APR much stricter, UH MBB program has to retain, keep happy, win, on court and in classroom, and either go high level PRO leagues, euro or NBA early, guaranteed, or finish and get degree in 2, 3 , 4 or 5 years. Gib knows, MANDATE, keep scholie athletes APR good, and graduate, them, even if pro, have them come back for summer school, spring, or summer break and get degree, it is a must,

    As Eagle alluded to TW, BM, SS, I think Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Mike Thomas, Stefan Jovanovich, Niko Filipovich, Dyrbe Enos, Caleb Dressler, Aaron Valdes are very, very good BB talent and students, so , it was sad, and not too good that those guys left, howeve I hope they are happy, and now the 12 scholie athletes currently will graduate, have good GPA and APR, and win on and off the court, Gib is headed in right direction, and UHF and hoops, are considering just like you, jjay, and many others, not next year with NWC, but THIS YEAR FOUR, Gib has to break down the DOOR to get the NIT or NCAA invite and 20 plus win games, it is a must. Then all happiness in Aloha land!

    Ben Jay, mandates it, and Gib has to comply, he will!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  24. fbi24 is right in many ways…..fox could be a solid player but not sure a scholie type for my standards or gibs in his 5th/6th? recruiting class…..I want gib to be able to get those 3 star and above players…he’s going in the right direction of older JC players since we have a bunch of young ones and idk maybe gibs just entertaining him as a plan b option….we could do much better…..he did go all over the country right?!!!

  25. I recall Fox being a tough, hard-nosed player. His rebounding stats were also extremely good for a freshman. He played well against DePaul in UCR’s opener last year (scoring 17 points). This guy has room to improve as well, as he might come in as a RS sophomore.

    Note: He was the San Francisco HS Player of the Year. That, along with his freshman D1 stats, are good enough to warrant a scholie, IMO.

  26. But, I do see the concern here. Coach still needs someone to fill the void left @ center (whether it is a PF banger or an athletic center). I would hope he goes after an athletic PF in the mold of Joston Thomas or an athletic center with one of his last two scholarships remaining. Also, a high major mid-season transfer (as LBSU did the last two years) would be ideal, if we are aiming to compete with the talent at Northridge and Long Beach.

  27. DK: excellent points on recruiting. Also, valid points by hawaiifan and FB124.

    That is why Gib, with shortened recruiting window, went virtually around the world, Cali, Oregon, Delaware, east coast, europe.

    Hawaii loses Standhardinger, so we need a PF with high motor, and Christian is a good one, was a starter at Nebraska. Also, we needed a combo, since we lose Spearman. Well Isaac Fleming verbal commit, hope he signs his LOI this November, really good 3 star athletic type. Now, I agree with you DK, we have some good BBIQ and academic, and pretty fundamentally sound Centers, however, if Gib got that Senegal, 6’11” center, and athletic one who can develop for several years, AND, that athletic SF who can rebound, score defend, and not like JT, will follow the Team concept. Gib would have a solid 2014 incoming recruiting class.

    Hypotheticallly: Sign Isaac Fleming SG/combo athletic 3 star. Josh Fox, developing young athletic guy, with higher ceiling. a 6’10” or taller euro or african nation athletic center, plus a super strong 3 star PF type 6’8″- 6’9″ 240 lbs. even if he came late January, as a D1 transfer, when all that movement happens.
    Shopping list : SG/combo, SF developing high flyer, Athletic 6’10” or taller developer, block shots, rebound, yet much quicker than Vander. And hold out for the late get D1 transfer in April May LOI signing date. or if can, they enter school early as Eagle says, for Fox and that D1 transfer. With Negus next year, plus Fotu, Nevels, Sham, Q, AV , MT, UH will be a top 35 team at least, a really solid team for years to come.

    DK great analysis, and I do agree with hfan and FB124 the dynamic of recruiting, what UH MBB really needs to compete not only in BWC, however agains, the Big 10, Pac12, SEC, ACC, etc.

    I believe, with Brandy Akana, doing what we are doing, going thru a global data base, and establishing contacts getting connections, and some times just coincidence, an AC Carter, who got his GED went to Saddleback and the rest is history!

    DK, I am excited for this season, however, Gib steps up the possible offer of 4 scholies for next year, with another upgrade in talent and right fit guys, man Eagle , hawaiifan09, FB124. DK ,. servante, ROB T. Palolo Warrior, mid range game, n2joy, clyde, al, jjay, and the rest Tonganator, TribeV and Aussie Mum, and Mr Thomas’ , Mike T.’s papa, UIH MBB will rock the BWC and the top 25 rankings for 4 years to come!

    Am I excited, yeah, never since the Fab Five, Henderson days, AC led teams, Savo, English 27 game NCAA back to back invite teams.

    This year , not over yet!! We haven’t even begun, would be good bet, the guys really stay together, and win together, good chance to dance, team does not want NIT or CIT, their goal to a man is the NCAA’s the big slippah, the Big Dance!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, exciting stuff all fans, MBB is back!


  28. Just Fantasy Recruits(or maybe not ) for 2014 class incoming.

    SG/Combo 3 star: Isaac Fleming 6’3″ 190

    PF/stretch: Evan Fitzner 6’10 or 6’11” 230

    Athletic Center: Senegal Center 6’11” 230

    D1 transfer of SF athletic Josh Fox: 6’6″ 200, the guy plays waaay above the rim, however has to have mid range, create own shot, good handles, rebounds like a demon(which he can) and shoot the occasional 3, Fox likes UH and its style of going up and down floor, so signing him is a real possiblity, to a 3 year scholie, not a walkon preferred.

    see how turns out.

    Hell, we still talkin UH hoops, non stop for last 5 months, I love it, don’t you fellow fans.
    Get that, and I hope Jamie Smith is back in town, got Visa straightened out for good. with the Maniacs, Good fun for all, and hopefully a ton of home and away wins!

    Hey fans, Exhibition with BYU Hawaii in the works, maybe late Oct, or week before the first RBC game, also fun time, full game Green White scrimmage, Just guessing, I don’t know what they will do pre the scrimmage, maybe,dunk contest ,3 ball shooting contest, student half court shot, band, dancers, and rubber man, should be fun! 😀

    Hey about 2 weeks away from Green White Scrimmage, should be fun!

    Go Warriors, Bows, Fighting Dean, Rainbow Warriors!

    It’s winning time! The Thing!

  29. Hawaii 09 is correct in that some people say some things at other sites that criticise coaches or play. But on this site they seem to be more tamed down. To me warrior insider is not the forum to put down players. He could have said that so and so will need to work harder to see more playing time later, but it was not put that way. If I make comments on staradvertiser or sports hawaii or big west Yuku I am a lot harsher, but parents chime in hear and this does not seem like the right venue for that style of criticism, I really do not like to go after players unless they do someone really stupid, but to me coaches, staff and referees are more free game. If you all knew how many posts I decided not to post (deleted) you would probably laugh. I like a lot of what hawaii09 posts other than that one.

  30. ROB T. I agree 100% with you and hawaiifan09, on those other two sites as well as a SA blog, wow, it is merciless, no holds barred. Sure, my dad UHF and I, yes we were the twin like defenders of Gib and players, we would go back and forth against what we thought was not right. However moderators, Administrators, would let us know, that it is just a forum, not be threatening, be factual, and keep it civil. Got pretty wild over there, so when Dayton opened up his forum here, we , UHF and hoops felt comfortable.

    UHF and hoopsa, our family we got some notes, on this forum from Dayton to keep factual, remember, players, family members, those that are preferred walkons, or trying to walk on, check out our posts, so we keep it factual. I think Dayton does an excellent job of moderating, pretty sure, he has had to email some forum contributors, and say if they are going down that negative way, statements in regards to athletes, etc, actually calling out their names, that is out of bounds. Remember these are young people. Cheri Boyer, chimed in, wishing her son Evan might consider Hawaii, that was nice, and we remember how gracious and nice and a wonderful athlete Cheri was.

    So ROB T. and hawaiifan09, and UHF, and hoopsa, we have to be civil, this is a FAMILY ,FAN and FUTURE possible RECRUIT ZONE, ..we try to keep as civil and show aloha spirit as possible, consider hawaiifan, if at your school, or place of employment, or in your family circle, if it went public by your ohana or others, about your shortcomings, you and your family would feel PILAU. That is what Dayton’s site is about, all things UH MBB, no UH WBB or FB, UH MBB, and we all have a part in potentially helping by our positive or constructive comments to help recruit players to Hawaii, I am sure Gib is happy about what Dayton, WI, Ameriprise, Valerie Schmidt and we fans do to promote UH MBB. All the guys unless convicted felons, are good guys at UH MBB program we support them, hope the best, no need to single out guys by name and drag them through the muck even if true. Gib and staff will remind them in an effective way. Some can take it, some cannot, however nowadays, better to do it Hawaii way with aloha spirit.

    If hawaiifan09, or like Oahuan, before you, if you want to rant and rave and call out by name the athletes, you can always log off and log on to those forums.

    If what you bring by your comments, sure Gib and staff are being paid, by we tax payers, and some private or booster monies too, so perhaps, we can be more critical of them, however, if my son is Mike Thomas, I am sure as mad as heck if a stranger is ragging on my home boy. Pretty sure, UH MBB team was told by Coaches, don’t read the posts, bunch of hogwash anyway, some good, ..I like when Dayton asks the athletes and coaches, questions that we have, and Dayton posts the reply video, coming from the source itself!

    hawaiifan09, this is the FAN ZONE, with young people as I was chided by someone for statements I made in past, a lot of young people log on, so we keep it above board, with love, and take the high road., hey try it for one month, every post, that you make is supportive of all the players and coaches unless they are doing something, as ROB T says, stupid , immoral or criminal, if you think there is too much KOOL AID drunk here, or too family oriented, well you can go to the R rated and X rated sites.

    Since my kids and I, as well as dad and his great grandkids, post and follow all over the mainland, I hope WI always, and forum members always take the high road on posts about players, sheesh, they are working so hard in school and bust okole in practices.

    Dayton, WI, is the best for Fans, Family and Friends of UH and its Athletes. A million smiles and thankyous.

    Go WI and keep it civil and upbeat for the young guys, they don’t deserve the junk comments, unless, they are criminal!

    Go Bows!!

  31. In the spirit of the conversation, “at this time,” feel, we need to recruit and best available “athletes,” Josh is one of those that fall within this category. Don’t believe we are at that point where we have a hosts of 4 and 5 star players knocking on our doors. Recalling not too many years ago, past coaches were lamenting on how difficult it was to recruit players to come here, thus, the focus was on JC types. Believe, success will continue the PROGRESSION and SUCCESSION in recruitment.

    Currently, we have an excellent CORE of student/athletes. They have the makings of being an excellent TEAM and capable of playing competitively at a high level. The expectation is so great that all are talking NCAA tournament which are where the MAJORS play vice the MID MAJOR caliber playing the NIT (still very good). Aha, great goals hah?

    So, at the end of the day, start to finish, it clearly illustrates HOW this program has grown. The caliber and talent has grown over the few years. Along with that so has the expectations. Today is a cause for celebration. Oh, how we’ve growth…smile already!

  32. Just Josh thoughts …

    Having Played on Teams with and without Great Teammates, i think itʻs Way Harder to Excel and Give your Best All the Time Without Good Teammates — Losing Wears down Most players, other than the really driven or Gunner/Ball-Hogs… AND IF the other Team really Wants to WIN, they can surround and neutralize a ʻTeamʻ with Less than Two or Three ʻGood Playersʻ… and good teammates tend to also get you the ball in better position, more often …
    Those are Good, Fotu-Like Numbers for a guy with much less height (Too Bad ʻbout the height, my only real concern)
    so “Maybe” Joshʻs 10/6 is More Impressive…

    Whatever i or we think … Gibʻs probably smarter or more right More of the Time …
    At Least someone (or several) are willing to pay him pretty good Bucks to Professionally make these efforts and choices …

  33. tako, mahalo for your post! True, Gib has brought MBB and a lot of good buzz about it, through thick and thin, some mistakes, however, to his credit, and with a staff that has been together about 4 years, now 3 or 4 star and top 100 in the world athletes are wanting to come to Hawaii. Some are sending in their video hilites, talk to coaches, with support of their families, amazing, I have never, ever seen this happen with MBB program in over 40 , maybe 50 years. Several athletes, good ones, willing to walkon, and be part of something special.

    In a few short years, a MBB program that has never had a losing season, albeit, two CIT tourney invites, and a lot of memorable games and moments, and despite ailment, and untimely academic or injury befalling key players, UH and Gib would have won maybe 5 or 6 games more over the past 3 years.

    Now, the buzz word is: If you want to play for a MBB program that is in a league that you can win, and help become a top 25 level team, and go consistently to NIT’s and better NCAA’s come to Hawaii! And where can these athletes train on the beach with the beautiful girls sunning themselves, and the curious fans and tourists, checking them out, who are they these great looking athletic males? They are Rainbow Warriors, or Warriors.!!

    tako thank you for the reality, wake up and smell the roses, see the forest thru the trees, love the beautiful sunrise and sunsets, UH MBB , and the talk and potential surrounding is going big time, and in our short lifetimes, we don’t have to wait another dozen years! This year, 3 seniors, a Jr. RS PG, and an All American Freshman now sophomore, talent from NZ, are waiting to take Hawaii back to where it has not been since 2001, possibly the NCAA tournament and some wins in that classic!!

    Tako, well said, well played, kudos to you. Now, concentrate on the MBB athletes the programs, helping Gib by supporting program, and by our comments celebrate, UH MBB is back in a big way, and Thank you Gib ,your beautiful wife and fantastic children. Have a great season MBB team!

    Go Bows. Or Rainbow Warriors. or UH Rainbows, just go Fighting Deans, Imua!

    Uhfanzonly1. Hey recruits, on your visits to Hawaii in next few weeks , think about it, a beautiful place, you can pack a 10300 seat arena, and be the ONLY NCAA D1 program in the Middle of the Pacific, and win the RBC, DHC, and the BWC tourney and go NCAA’s , we got your backs, and tako, along with servante, ROB T., hawaiifan09, Aussie Mum, Tonganator, Chicago Pride, TribeV, Kapalama Heights ohana, Oregon BB is life, FUHA, Eagle, n2joy, jjay, Hawaii Senior, Manoa Baller, mid range game, al, clyde, gobows, hoopsa, UHF, let us enjoy the ride, UH HOOPS IS HERE!

    Have a great six weeks of practice guys, and a great possible exhibition with BYU Hawaii in a few weeks if date can be found that will be a touchstone.!!

    Uhfanzonly1. one of the first along with Eagle, al, clyde, n2joy, forum members, and joined by a lot of others who love MBB no matter who is the coach, and they win and have fun!


  34. Two Weeks to Green-White…
    That Should Go Fast…

    Esp with All You Guyz Blogginʻ All Day and Night (Thanks!)

  35. Sorry, Josh Fox , rehab well, RS at CC college, see if you can get credits, finish fall semester if allowable, and transfer for Jan 2014 semester, if you verbal commit and sign LOI this November. You could still rehab, however get used to Hawaii, and the people,and it would be the start of another love affair with a Poly player who can jump through the roof of the SSC!

    Welcome Josh, have a good visit, and think about it, you and your family, any athleticism, one star, or 3 star, that will play in UH MBB system, Fit in and win on court and class. We want you to be part of our ohana!

    Also, Evan, talk to mom and dad, see if a visit is possible. You would like it, you are a high get! Cheri, your mom would love to have your here as a Rainbow Warrior!

    Senegal Center with 3 yrs, to play, consider, being a better faster, athletic Center than past ones, we have had, get strong and think about it if offerred.

    Finally D1 possible late transfer, another NWC if you are out there, the world is nuts, come to Hawaii, a little bit safer, and food is good, and with you BB even better!

    Come on down Josh Fox! Fiji Forever!


  36. One big question mark is how has the acl injury healed, is he 100% , does he have same lateral movement prior to the injury, need to make sure Fox is back to same level.

  37. Hey Eagle, we old timers, blog WI insider veterans, still remember when no one was posting on a slow, video writeup by Dayton 3 years ago, you told me COME ON! start posting, we gotta keep WI insider alive, not go dead! So myself, and my son hoopsa, and a couple of stealth grandkids, are keeping the Warrior Vibe going.

    Eagle take care of yourself and your family, glad you can go to games, I cannot, however, I follow on OC, or online or radio. You are right, Green White almost here, a little over two weeks. Plus, if you saw other media blog, UH is trying to set up definite exhibition game before start of season with BYU Hawaii, that is excellent, with 7 freshmen, Hawaii needs that game.

    I guess all of the blogging, we are antsy, JUMP BALL already, let MBB hoops begin, Gib you done a good jog promoting, very low key UH MBB, now Dayton and other media guy going full force, with FB down, BB and WVB will be the GAME in town.!! GAME ONE.

    P.Sl love N. Chow, hope he gets his first of possibly six wins, starting against SJSU! sure that Keith S. will be there!

    Uhfanzonly1. I am so excitedm son hoops too, we can;t wait ,for UH to start balling and winning TIME!!

  38. I believe we play the field before signing this kid??…uhfanzonly really wanna give out the scholie that fast??

  39. recruiting is never ending so who cares about holding a scholie, we know damn well the way college basketball is that some scholies will open up in spring.
    This kid will be a solid contributor and add depth and he has already proven to be able to contribute in the big west, who knows if another freshmen or new recruit will do the same.

  40. gib the man himself cares about holding one…he said it himself

  41. Dayton: Wow! Thank you for your site, and letting us post away! Look forward to more news on recruits, possibly who they might be. Gib says a couple made commits to come visit before Nov 2013, so we await who they might be aside from Josh Fox.

    Mahalo Plenty, very exciting day, at least no matter what opinion we all have, we are all talking about UH MBB, it has been some time since there has been this much interest in having UH get the best athletes, and how we think guys are fitting in this year. I applaud, all the forum participants for caring about Gib, the team, and the season that is approaching very,very fast.

    UH MBB and maybe WVB and WBB, will be sports to keep an eye on, this winter to March. Should be exciting. After this post, hope you have another, feature, popping up! UHF and I look forward to it!

    Thankyou WI, Dayton and sponsors, and diverse contributors, we want the young guys to be successful, and with good coaching and tutoring of NWC for young and returnees, team , I feel will be solid. From PG thru solid smart Centers, and a loaded active bench!

    Go Rainbow Warrriors, and good nite Hawaii Fans, hope UH FB gets its first win tomorrow nite, Sat Oct 5th 2013, and two weeks from then, on Sat Oct 19th 2013, Green White Scrimmage, fans, students, Maniacs, and team will enjoy kickoff to regular season. UHF Ohana for fifty plus years fans, of UH MBB, can’t wait. Stay positive fans, Gib has it going in right direction, MBB going to next level!!

    Aloha, and sleep tight!
    😀 😀 😀

  42. Probably duplicate post, another media guy, said, that Josh Fox and family currently today at third practice was observing the workouts by MBB team. So quite serious, so far, with Spearman, Nevels, Negus, and Quincy, after their trips, they verballed and signed LOI’s. sheesh, Gib and staff see a real upside to Josh Fox, I know that UH could not keep him from dropping down from the ceiling and flushing ball, or just jumping over guys, the guy is a Fijian physical athletic freak. A baller! Maybe, Josh, just might be, just my opinion that 2nd early verbal commit, that will sign early Nov 2013! Wow, I think this coming week, maybe one more visit, great if it is Evan or the center of the Senegal 3~!

    Go Gib, you are doing your SC recruiting thang! Dang it, go Gib!

    Go Bows, Warriors, Rainbow Warriors.

    Hey I better go to sleep, it gets more exciting as we approach the midnight hour!

    Go Bows!

  43. Or Dayton, I might have missed it , who was the recruit that visited when WVB played Fri nite and UH played Fresno St. Sat. pretty exciting stuff for potential recruit?

    Are you able to give name of that recruit, we know that Isaac Fleming tripped in August, another PF prospect has a late Oct visit, and of course Josh Fox and flight Fiji is here with his family, hope he likes football, and rehabs that knee! has good bond with UH team, it is a monster roster, of good friends!

    Mystery Dayton, from Thursday Sept 26th till Sat Sept 28th, who was the mystery recruit? Or do you know his vital statistics, height, weight, scoring average, GPA, honor society, poly, caucasian, of Taiwanese? just joking, getting sleepy, suspect, seriously, Gib brought in Isaac Fleming August, the recruit last week end of Sept, and Josh Fox, first weekend of Oct, so mid Oct probably one more, neat if 3 of those guys, are the FIT and all stick to verbal commit and sign the binding LOI Nov 2013, it will be history making for UH MBB. potentially some of those guys might be 3 stars, WOW!

    Good nite!
    😀 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  44. BTW, knee/ACL IS a Legit Concern, but for Hard Workers using Todayʻs Health/Healing Technology, HWorkers ʻgenerallyʻ WILL Recover and Faster than ever…

    And Until we start installing/Legalizing Power-Assisted Legs/Knees And/OR Adding Height, JFox is ʻStuckʻ @ 6-6 and his Vertical is Subject to His Own HWork and UH Trainersʻ Knowledge/Technologies…
    (Plus UHAD announced beginning PED Testing…so Avoid getting Clipped by that…)

    so my main concern remains height, although we know from Charles Barkley, Reggie Cross, Tim Shepherd and John Penebacker, that a (6-6) Physical Specimen with a Non-Stop Motor (m-rg quoted ʻStandhardinger-esqueʻ) and Always-On Desire is gonna get his And A Bunch of Yours….With ʻSome Improvementʻ 10-6 can become 12-7 or Better

    GET US Da Best, Gib!

    UHMBB No Ka Oi!

    Whichever Offer you can get…
    Welcome, J-Fox!

  45. Eagle , from video before Gib, with a gleam in his eye, and a slight wink, and that very cool demeanor, you know that wily good ole Recruiter, has some Ballers in his back pocket, Flemings, came out of the blue for me, wow, legitimate 3 star currently going to a Military Prep school, huge discipline, think Riley Wallace times ten!

    Evan Fitzner still has interest, he could be on a trip.

    Maybe that athletic Center from Senegal.

    The Mystery, Sept 26 to Sept 29th 2013 recruit could have been EF or the Senegal, or another 3 star?

    Pretty sure, Gib will sign at least 2 , maybe 3 , for this Nov 2013. Flemings, Fox(maybe), Fitzner(wow, I call him a 21st century Bill Walton, needs strength yet BBIQ high as the sky, the PF on sportsbow list, says he has visit coming end of Oct. so Gib has several,to work open gym with the guys, see how they like Hawaii and the islands and SSC, Garrett, Nevels, Negus, Quincy, and now Isaac Fleming, thought about it, and that recurring theme: “help this BB program get better, win championships and go NCAA’s” those guys have bought into it, plus playing in Hawaii, eighty degree weather outside, so much better than Dec or Jan in sub freezing weather outside to and from dorm or to bus or plane in Mainland.

    These super seventeen love it here. so far so good Eagle, if I were a 3 star PF, and I had opportunity for full ride 2, 3 or 4 or 5 year scholarship to help me get degree to take care of myself in later post UH career I woud jump at the chance, and that is what Negus,Nevels, Spearman, Shamburger, Smith and Flemings did, hope , maybe it isn’t Josh, however Gib and staff must think highly of him, and perhaps his ACL tear, is not a complete tear, not as sever, with operations and hard rehab, can come back stronger than before. If not Josh, next, maybe Evan? fun stuff Eagle, Keep posted.!!


  46. Hey Eagle, that great recruiting updater on other forum boy a lot of search and posting, great job.

    1)Offer to Josh Fox, who is currently here with family for weekend. 6’6″ rehabbing great BWC type athlete.
    2)Offer to 6’7″ 230 PF out of Georgia, 3 star athlete
    3)Offer to 6’10” 210 Center out of Nebraska JC, the athletic big maybe from Africa or Brazil?
    4)Offer and visit by mystery recruit, whom? Sept 26 till 28th, Dayton will let us know if he verbally committs.

    So Eagle, takes some of the guess work out of who received offers, actually 5 offered, one of them chose Oregon, so leaves us with the above known quantity of 3 plus the mystery recruit.
    That 6’10” 210 Center out of Nebraska JC, could be another Vander, however maybe quicker, he can put on another 25 pounds for sure, big schools will be after him if he has a huge sophomore year at the JC college.

    Hope Gib signs seals and delivers, at least 3 of these type of athletes, without question, bringing them in for visits, he is pretty confident they will verbally committ, Start the bandwagon, Eagle the season hasn’t even started, and we are getting excited for next year’s class, which should be awesome too. However, I want Standhardinger, Spearman, Rozitis to get the BWC tourney crown and go to NCAA’s this year, and win several games. That would be something!!

    Uhfanzonly1. and faithful Eagle, UH MBB guru!! and super fan!

  47. Mystery recruit: Evan F.? that would be neat!


  48. I personally don’t know much about Fox but I did go to every UH MBB game last year and I can recall him getting some work done on the court. I wouldn’t want to knock the guy down before he gets the chance to prove himself but the ACL injury is a big concern. I think if he heals well next year and practices constantly he could be a preferred walkon in his first year with UH than the coach could decide to give him a scholarship. Gib and the staff are very limited on funds especially with all of the debt we are in. And tuition is only rising! I started school, my tuition was a little over $3,000 and now that number has increased by $2,000 which is kind of a lot for an in state resident. Anyways, Gib and the staff really need to use these limited funds wisely.

    Playhoopsa: I have always respected your comments and your ability to look at both sides of a story. But I have never seen you get so mad at another fan’s comment. I remember in the beginning of the summer I got really pissed that a fan called out my friend in the summer league out of nowhere who wasn’t a UH affiliated basketball player but he is currently a student. I went an a rant and was accused of being a troll or Blog cop. I understand what you mean about other fans talking stink about certain players. In a way, Hawaiifan09 was being realistic but he could’ve worded it differently. If you only overheard some of the things other students at school said about our UHMBB program; you would be livid.

    And to answer your question, I think the word around school is that MT should redshirt and learn Gib’s system. He would be able to get better and really contribute next year. I think AV could get some PT but our roster is huge and its definately going to be a fight. Also, I wanted to clarify with Dayton if Gib cancelled walk on tryouts again this year. I know some guys at school were interested in trying out but Gib has cancelled every tryout open to its students. A lot of fans don’t know this but a lot of the UH students that ball are talented or have played collegiate basketball elsewhere. I don’t know if you guys remember the UH manager Nick Milan, but alot of students thought that he should have been a player and not a manager. He had a nice outside stroke and he would have made a good guard. There is open gym for the students after the UHMBB practice every night. I also heard that UHMBB was no longer interested in Armburst and they told him that the UHMBB roster was full.
    I guess we are all passionate about UH MBB and we just want our program to get better! We also need some more student support.

  49. Sorry had to update offer list:

    1)Josh Fox 6’6″ hopefully no full tear of ACl, a more minor one, where he can rehab quickly, he is a leaper, and wiry strong, an athlete.who is here on visit with family, so important.

    2) 6’5″ 185 pound athlete SG out of JC in Texas offered

    3)6’7″ 230 PF 3 star athlete, our of HS in Georgia

    4)6’10” 210 athletic center JC out of Nebraska, could put on another 25 pounds, must be quick and can run, just my guess, if he bulks up and is quicker than Vander, look out, a tall athletic, guy who can play SF!

    5)The Mystery, unless you fans know who it was, who visited from Sept 26 till Sept 29 the week of WVB and the Fresno St. FB game.

    So there you have it eagle, thanks to the recruiting guru on other site, fantastic job he does, if we include possibly Evan Fitzner, if he decides, since he has been offered, and Evan trips here, possibly if mom,and dad let Evan make decision, maybe we can have Cheri’s son here for 4 years. the young man, is a very good one, growing into his body, just great BBIQ and hope he has a great senor season and all the accolades!!

    Eagle, exactly two weeks till Sat Oct 19th for Green White full scrimmage, two halves, to see guys, and that BYH Hawaii exhibition shortly after that, should be fun!!


  50. Thank you UH Senior, of all the posts, and participants in WI forum, you are one that I really, among some others respect, since YOU ARE a student. Sad about the walkon tryouts being cancelled, that was a tradition from start of NCAA MBB program for UH for decades. Also, as regards to MT, and AV, I took exception to hawaiifan09, saying that those guys would not even get playing time,they are not that good. Probably at this stage, however that is where coaching comes in, Gib would have to get Mike and Aaron to buy into rebounding and Defense, they could actually help at the 4 spot, when Isaac and Christian get into foul trouble. Gib runs a lot of sets, so for any freshmen RS or true, it is hard to pick up, That is why Nevels being older, JC transfer, and Shamburger RS JR D1 transfer pick up sets quicker.

    Anyways, I drop that tirade against hawaiifan09, that is Pau, let’s concentrate on this year, with the seniors plus the guards Spearman, Shamburger, Nevels, and Smith, along with wings, Jawato, Hackman, and Harper, who need to hit mid range to three ball plus ALL of the team has to defend penetration and 3 ball, along with all BWC conference twin PF’s Fotu and Standhardinger, I have confidence that team will be much, much better, remember, good teams have good guards, great teams have great guards, if we are somewhere in between or a little better, PG’s that will shoot, drive and dish, UH will compete well in BWC. Hey UH Senior,do you know if Jamie Smith is coming back, he is great generating enthusiasm for UH MBB with the Maniacs, hope he gets back to Hawaii.

    Have a great school year, and this year 4 for Gib is critical, I agree with jjay, hawaiifan09 and probably you too, Giib has to win 20 plus games and go to NIT or better yet NCAA’s , if he does that, next year will be even better!

    Go Warriors!

    and thanks keeping me level headed, sometimes, when guys criticize young athletes I get upset, seen it happen when I played hoops, and we were a championship team, Never wanted to play with those type of players and coaches again. However, did play with great sportsmanship teams in later life, love of the game .GAME ON, UH Senior, and take care, love your young words of wisdom!


  51. added to above post, uhfanzonly and his late,late , late sleepy headed son, playhoopsa, long long day posting, however dad uhfanzonly appreciates your few and insightful comments, very wise young man, Dad, UHF and playhoopsa, myself, the son, say Mahalo, we want all the UH students to get their degrees and those that have athletic scholarships to cherish them and use them to do well in school and later life..

    UH Senior, you should have your own Kaleo website, vey akamia young person!!

    Go Bowx, Warrios, Rainbow Warriors, or just go UH MBB and Gib win the BWC tourney!!!

  52. Apologize UH senior, don’t get too old, like dad UHF and I playhoopsa, we use same keyboard PC, so we fight over posts, not post up. Love your comments, and if you have more words of wisdom, chime in, or if UHF dad or hoopsa going off base, and now I am zoned out, should go to sleep, let us know, we respect you students the athletes and the great families of the players..

    And last Word UH Senior…say a Million thanks to Dayton , WI, Ameriprise, the Schmidts, Valerie S. and son, as well as all private and public donors, this site, started a few years ago, is fan friendly, UHF and hoops, we got eaten up on those other forums, quite, bombastic!

    Aloha UH Senior, hope to spot you at the games, if you can make them, wave a hat or towel, at the carmera, since dad and I are homebound, that is why we post and do email most of day!

    Aloha.Go Rainbow Warriors!

    ;D 😀
    sorry hawaiifan09, we are ALL fellow MBB fans who want team to have great year!! 😀

  53. The Future Does NOT Have to Look Like The Past
    Definitely Some Reason for Optimism and Raised Expectations…

    BUT (Anchors Aweigh!) Part of the Reason is NO Track Record
    ‘we’ still haven’t done well enough, to anyone ‘outside the bubble’ or program…

    Evidence: Looking @ Outsiders’ Analysis:
    Was just reading my “On-Line Blue Ribbon Basketball Yearbook”
    5-Year Wins: 13-10-19-16-17
    5-Year RPIs: 245-257-163-203-224
    “Maybe Only One or Three WINS, or Spearman/Vander Injury Avoidance away from “Better”

    Positives: Standhardinger, Fotu, Shamburger: All All-BW Candidates
    Question Marks: Backcourt Unproven: C
    Big Men ‘Developmental’ (Per Gib): C+
    Bench/Depth Weakness: D


    I still think we have FOUR 10 ppg ‘Returning’ Starters
    Plus Fifth Position to fill with MOP AV, 3-Star MT & Champion Nevels

    …and We Will Soon See…


    Please Get The Step-Ups, Gib!

  54. Just for the fun or your lol :
    Can you imagine what ht. & sz. of the Anteater animals are?

    7-6 290 C,
    7-2 255 F/C,
    7-0 260 C,
    6-10 240 C,
    6-10 215 F.

    TEAM peripheral efficiency need to be in the 75+ % area;
    Big D then run, run, run.. (make them dropped)!?

    May we OVERCOME.

    PS: With the robust, relentless triple guru, XO’s assisting persistently – Your report, Dayton, has prosperously reached to a record 54(+?) comments per.
    My congrats with deep appreciation (undisputable, invaluable entertaining daily to me for 2-straight yrs)!

  55. Height in basketball is overated!! quickness beats height!

  56. Fox is getting the royal treatment – Instead of personally playing with the brotherhood, he just seating comfortably behind the bench experiencing the shock thrill from how good his next season teammate futuristically (he loved last-year’s team then, now.. fighting to hold-back his tears). I’m envisioning he’ll commit, NLOI asap come Nov.!

    Any player loves Hawaii, all-in for the Gib-system, works hard to contribute to TEAM ‘W’s..

    Aloha & welcome to Hawaii, whenever you ready to grab a will be hard-to-get scholie!

  57. Fox injured his ACL and still not fully recovered…though even if he were healthy I don’t think he’s able to practice with the team. Open gym would be ok though.

    We’ll see what happens in recruiting over the next month. Can’t wait til the start of the bball season.

  58. Fleming – Fox would be a good start…

    On Par with last year’s Thomas-Jovanovic…

    Something like Fleming, Fox AND Fitzner would be a Splash…

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