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Green & White scrimmage set for Saturday night


The University of Hawai’i basketball team’s Green & White intrasquad scrimmage will be just that on Saturday night.

“We’ll treat it like we do any other scrimmage we do at one of our practices,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “It’s a chance to get better, and it’s a chance to go against each other with referees calling fouls and everything, but the main thing we want to do is prepare ourselves for our first game, and that’s coming up real soon.”

Saturday’s scrimmage is scheduled to start shortly after 7 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center, and admission is free with open seating.

The Warriors will split into two squads for the scrimmage, although Arnold still had not determined the squads as of Friday evening.

“We’ll probably try to make the teams even, and then see how that first 20 minutes go,” Arnold said. “If we need to change it up after that, we’ll change it up.”

The Warriors are scheduled to play two 20-minute halves, and Arnold said he will swap players at halftime if such changes are needed.

“We’re still looking at different combinations, and seeing what certain guys can do in certain situations,” he said. “We’re not expecting a huge crowd, but at least it’s a chance for some of the new guys to play with the lights on in the Sheriff Center, so we want to see how they react.”

After the first 20-minute scrimmage, the players will take a break to participate in a slam-dunk contest. Arnold said he is allowing any and all players on the roster to take a shot at the dunk title. “I know a bunch of guys have been practicing their dunks, and a bunch of guys have been talking, so who ever wants in is in,” he said.

Redshirt freshman Aaron Valdes placed second in the dunk contest last year, and enters as the favorite this year. Among the newcomers, junior Garrett Nevels is probably the top challenger.

Senior Davis Rozits said he wants to enter the dunk contest, and will bring “a big surprise.”

— — — — — — —

Abel Porter, a 6-foot-2 point guard at Davis High School in Utah, is on an official visit to Hawaii this weekend.

Porter averaged 13.7 points and 3.4 assists per game as a junior last season, and was a second-team All-Utah selection by the Deseret News.

Here are a couple of videos on Porter (the first is his half-court buzzer-beater in a game last season; he is No 15 in the second video, which is from the summer prior to his junior season).


  1. Time to rock the SSC! GAME ON! Slam, jam, and wham! 3 ball flying, AV and MT skying, rocking, socking, have fun UH MBB jockin!

    Have good time UH team! Have fun!

    And fans, great support, the time begins now, for Green and White scrimmage. Time has come today!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Eagle:

    The time has arrived, the OFFICIAL start of pre season hoopla, or showcase to public and potential thousands of fans, to the 2013-14 version of Gib year 4. I think he has a great bunch of young guys, hard workers!

    Eagle, we have waited over 6 months since end of season in March of this year, now it ALL begins, the road, to the exhibition game against BYU-Hawaii, the…Rainbow Classic, and yes, old and new, Rainbow Warriors, let’s go Bows or Warriors, either way, just win that BWC tournament!

    Have fun this season Eagle and thousands of UH MBB fans here and around the earth!


  3. Hmmm. Abel Porter,? another PG. I guess never can have enough good point guards. Thought that Gib would be looking for SF , PF and Center. Actually, he has those to offer, so he is inviting official visits to probably under radar guys. Must be THE FIT guys! Well welcome Abel have a good visit, and consider becoming a Rainbow Warrior!

    Maybe 2 guys, sign LOI early in November? We don’t know, still have time in next few weeks, still wonder, another super SF, and PF or athletic Center, JC with 3 to play or great young HS get!

    Anyways, let’s enjoy the scrimmage and this season first!

    Go UH MBB!


  4. Abel probably, have great senior season, has that something! Rechecked, yup, was offered! So scheduled trip, also, possibly others.,, we shall see in next few weeks!


    P.S. What fellow UH MBB fans,do you think Gib needs to fill possibly 2 or 3 scholies(or of course offer to current roster).SF,PF, PG or C?

    Abel, must be Able!

    Enjoy trip Abel!

  5. Thanks…Lookinʻ Forward to Tonight’s Scrimmage… Much Build-Up to this point; Good to see where The Team has progressed to this point – So Much Work by the Guys and Coaches (Mahalo)…

    Historically Gib prioritizes recruits, so to be in town ‘This Weekend’ (A ‘Big One’, and prior to NLOI signing period) i would infer that Gib & Coaching Staff have already determined that Abel can help this team… [Mahalo, Dayton]
    however, Tweets are NOT from Any Official sources, so similar to the confusion some experienced last year with Niko Filipovich, i would Not Assume Any scholarship has been offered (until Confirmed by Officials, e.g., UH);

    That Said, Welcome, Abel! Have a Great Trip and Senior Season –Choose U.H.!

    For the Fans, we know, Coach needs to replace Senior Brandon Spearman, either from within or without — i would think that would have been Isaac Fleming, an Upgrade @ Four Years and Three Stars… but we also know Gib & Co. want ~Six D-1 Guards (to run the schemes he wants) and we currently have ‘about four’ confirmed (BS, KS, GN, Quincy & anyone emerging, elevating….BJ, MH, JH, All potential 2, 3’s and DE) ….

    Also need replacements for Christian and Davis …as we have confirmed or potential depth weaknesses (five/seven now, two seniors, probably ‘need ~ six’)….so i would expect a high priority on power forwards and posts…(Incoming…)

  6. to me another point isn’t what we need unless he can push sham/nevels for the starting spot….he just doesn’t seem up to my standards

  7. hawaiifan09:

    You know I have to agree with you on this one. Gib and staff must know something, or see in the guy, the ability to play perhaps combo guard, or he just had a fantastic summer AAU run, and he can down the road, be the guy to take over for Shamburger.

    Well hfan, Gib does, have a lot of offers out, and several trips to give, so he is making use of them I guess. Still think he needs as UHF says, SF, PF…or super 3 yr to play JC Center, or fantastic, 3 star or better athlete. we shall see what happens. Recruiting always intriguing!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  8. Greetings everyone!

    Anyone know if scrimmage will be shown on the OC Sports? Or anywhere else.
    We look forward to seeing everyone next month at the SSC.
    Go Bows!

  9. TribeVx4: Hey Valdes dad and Ohana! Yes, I checked local TV guide, sorry, I could not see any OC sports coverage of UH scrimmage, unless another forum fan knows.

    To drum up support for team, OC sports, should do that, at least for mainland USA and global family and fans, potential recruits!

    I know that Dayton will have video hilites of scrimmage, up and running as soon as he can. Dayton Morinaga, the hardest working UH MBB media coverage guy, on his own time after full time job, doing that in Hawaii. Dayton, once again, a HUGE Thank You!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    For those outside of Honolulu, does anyone know of OC sports coverage of Scrimmage? I could not see any listing. ?

  10. I think last year, there was about 2300 fans? Maybe this year, at least, with UH students maybe..(well they always have stuff to do on weekends..!).and the die hards. Glad it is at 7:00pm HST.

    Should be fun!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    And Tribe V. I don’t know of any video online live or delayed feed. BWC games, they have that media student with a one angle video cam. Maybe UH should do that too. Someone in CIS or Communications major, do that on the side, a video online feed, maybe Kaleo? Student Newspaper people?

    Anyways, Dayton, whatever happened to Jamie Smith, a great guy and supporter of Manoa Maniacs and UH MBB?

  11. Probably Abel enjoying the beautiful weather, beaches,(that still have sand!) and meeting with team, staff, and perhaps looking at SSC and gym.

    Abel, I would assume will be there at the scrimmage, though UH coaches cannot comment on him. A week or so ago, Josh Fox was in town, and took in UH scrimmage in Manoa.We shall see.

    And Eagle, has to be, Gib being proactive, make use of his recruiting base, the ones, he knows, will possibly commit as preferred or LOI, still have to wait on Isaac Fleming, you never know until, official from UH!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  12. The Standards That Count (Most) is The Coaches’ —

    Whether a Recruit is An Immediate Impact Player or Redshirt/Role Player and Down the Road Future Starter/Finisher is largely dependent on the coaches Insights and Vision to recognize Talent, Work Ethic, Personality and All the Factors they get paid to Evaluate — then How Hard the Recruit works to Improve (and Earn/Retain a Scholarship)…

    ? TRUST The Coaches ?

    They’re the Ones most responsible for building the Team we’re excited to see and learn about Tonight

    and (for this recruiting period) Next Year…

    TribeV – Maybe we can get a Ground Swell going and/or Enough Fans and Roar in the SSC and on TV to get OC-16 or another enterprising entity to televise/video-stream…(Next Season?) … “WE” should call their Programming Managers…(Earlier) — Good Luck to AV on Establishing a Challenging, Spirited and Dominant Tradition…

  13. Does anyone know if the girls are playing tonight?

  14. I’m sorry women’s team is having a scrimmage as well

  15. Brand “M” Reported, No Wahine Basketball presence programmed for tonight’s activities……

  16. Think the bows having a quality guard base now and for the future is a good way to start. At least that’s one less quality item that you have to recruit for. I agree with everyone, that we need a PF recruit, better yet, a PF that can play both the 4 and 5 positions. Just speculating, but just maybe, Gib is anticipating a major impact of the new rule that limits use of hands and arms and is thinking of recruiting quicker and more gifted offensive players. And, when players get here develop their defense and marry it up their already developed offensive skill sets. This may mean a more up tempo exciting style of play. Thus is important to recruit quality players that can deal ‘with and out’ pressure both offensively and defensively. This year’s team is the preview of the future. Watch them and watch out for them, they are hungry and have come to the table to eat. On ESPNU the coach from Indiana U said, that he is looking for 365 day players ’cause that’s what it’s going to take to play at the highest levels and that he has a bunch of them on his team this year. Negus seems to fit that mold if he continues to work hard. Who else????

  17. We also need some athletic big men, let’s hope that will come to fruition in the spring.

  18. Good comments all, valid and with merit! Makes sense to get the pipeline going to get guards, quality, with handles, can D up , 3 ball , and go to rim with quicks. Remember fans, we knew, UH MBB team shortcoming past 3 years? Guards. The quick ones who could play D1 level.

    Now, Gib establishes, UH as : Guard central-“you want to help us get to next level” and correct, agree with statement, with the new NCAA rules, now, coaches have to recruit, without question athletes that can deal with it.

    Makes sense too, the comment, build the groundwork with guards, PG first, SG second, then those wing type,, who can play 3/4, i.e. Negus, great transfer, Negus, I think he knows, his goal , to help UH MBB get to NCAA’s, he will help this year going against the first unit and rotation guys. Negus, by all reports, working his butt off. He knows to get to HIS next level, maybe shot at NBA, he has to get physically stronger too. That guy, has a wonderful work ethic as Eagle alluded too.

    So, that seems to be Gib’s recruiting direction, Guards(good ones)first, LOI or preferred walkon,then Wing/SF, PF who could play 4/5. He starts getting the RIGHT FIT guys, as UHF always says, Gib and UH MBB can be consistent, hopefully, post season bound NIT, NCAA every year for years to come.

    Enjoy the season fans, I think if ONE OHANA, as everyone says, is really what the athletes believe and strive for: UH will win a bunch of games, and be in the mix to win BWC tournament, which is what every team strives for, to GO DANCE, NCAA the Big One!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  19. Correction to my above post about Negus, I meant, Gib try to get, guys that can play 2/3, though Negus is really, as he says for now, a 2 guard.

    jjay: That is the MONEY recruiting season, April-May, when possible D1 transfers or those PF’s who play 3/4 are available. Pretty sure, now that Gib has his vision down, UH has contacts out on the PF types from west to east coast, and Europe, overseas, wherever they may be found.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Once again, have a great trip Abel!

  20. sheesh,sorry , jjay, I meant PF’s that can play 4/5 !


  21. Gib back home , yesterday, Friday, so……from Bluegrass state:

    So, if Gib can implement some of that philosophy into this year’s UH MBB team, half court, full court, traps, pressure, and have 2 probably PF’s , the only ones I can think of Isaac and Christian, who would be position defenders, or Davis, Stefan, Caleb, not sky walkers, but just stay by rim, to protect, if opponents get by their press..

    maybe AV, MT, can help reject stuff that gets through presses. If UH can full court D press some, creates, quick strike transition offense, and that is the type of BB that gets fans excited, and creates separation and leads, as well as ability to come back!

    Well, this extra 2 weeks of practice, time , pays off. Visit with the National champs coaching staff, awesome ! At least try some of their, D, and see what happens. Fun type of BB, if you have athletes, and I think Gib and team are getting there in next couple of years!

    I would say, Gib will be in recruiting mode for athletic shot blockers too!

    Maybe Dayton will have video update more from Gib about his trip!

  22. Neat!! Hoopsa made it to scrimmage! Now 6:35..pm..First time getting first look at UH MBB Team in Person..,look like will have hard core and newbies here.. estimated. .if fill up lower arena little, maybe 2000 plus! Hopefully! !
    Here we go..

    Go Rainbow. Warriors! !

  23. Yes…I stayed till about the 5:39 mark before end of second half, I think the USA squad(UH guys from USA) against the World squad(foreign born, well,..outside the USA, )which included Brandon Jawato, who has Indonesian lineage!

    I think USA was leading at 6:30 mark , 32-29.

    First half: Brandyn Akana/Fish(Black) coached team vs Benjy Taylor( Green)coached team.

    Observations: Qualify statements, as Gib announced to nice crowd around 2500?. that it is basically a team scrimmage, and we were invited to watch, he wasn’t sure if 10 people would turn out. For a Sat. nite in Honolulu, and not a real game, very nice crowd!

    Keith Shamburger: really tries to run sets, wasn’t looking to shoot too much.

    Quincy Smith:sometimes over pentrates, however is agressive trying to make something happen going to rim, ..we haven’t had that out of PG play last year!.. running point for winning Green team of first half. He looks like a capable, PG, just needs experience in D1 game. Q has some hops! In person, probably , at least 35 inch vertical, halftime slamdunk contest, he got one of those bounce off , and grab throw down, pretty awesome for a guy 6 foot tall, he can really sky!

    Garrett Nevels: Looked at his hands, one finger looked like in splint, maybe hurt it(?)to my surprise, he was not jacking 3’s, and trying to score at every opportunity, along with Shamburger in backcourt, he tried to run sets too.
    Mike T. and Aaron V. at their heights ,what maybe AV 6’5 1/2″ and Mike T. about 6’7″, they both battled, Christian and Isaac pretty good.

    When Isaac and Christian, get going, they are as advertised, They will be team leaders, on O and D.
    Same with Brandon Spearman, steady, hustle, and team guy.
    Jack Hackman, can shoot the 3, in scheme of offense.

    For a scrimmage, and probably all the guys were a bit nervous at first, first time under lights in front of 2000 plus people, The hustle and effort was there. Finally I got to witness in person!! Glad I did!

    Davis, still has to work on his inside game, …that is why I say, Caleb Dressler’s return so vital, Caleb can score points. Davis, a lot of hustle and can block shots, get some rebounds. Davis not your true low post, baby hook, turnaround jumper, dunk on you big, a euro big, he has to block shots, rebound and hustle, make good passes, he will help team Whole team huslted, which is great!

    Negus, is Negus, he hit a deeeeep 3. and made some nice passes, defer to active guys.

    Correct on all media, accounts, plus videos we watch, team more athletic, still have to get cohesive, although, it wasn’t the first five and first rotation guys going against scout, second rotation, they split up the teams, evenly, or tried to in the first half. I was enjoyable.

    Shamburger, Spearman, Nevels, Smith, even Enos, will help at guard. Still they have to be able to break traps, and pressure, sometimes Q would get stuck in the corner, he will learn as well as team!

    It was just a scrimmage, 3rd one in first 3 weeks of practice, in another, 20 days or so, Nov 8, the real deal against Tenn. State, who probably have athletes, UH has to have really good guard play. I am sure they will. Over next few weeks, Gib will have them ready, definite need for good guards, hey Abel and Isaac Fleming, come on down!

    I enjoyed the scrimmage and atmosphere, really appreciated it, too bad could not stay longer, had to get home to Ohana!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Team has young guys along with upper classmen, and they Do Go Very hard, ONE OHANA, just get better every week every game, they will do well come March. just keep improving guys!
    I like this team. Look forward to exhibition against BYU-Hawaii on Haloween Night! Oct 31 2013!

  24. Also: Tonite’s scrimmage, the guys go hard on Defense, every thing going inside, if it is weak stuff, Isaac Fotu had some nice denials, just swatted that ball away! Same with Christian, the Bigs and MT and AV, they played very hard, anything or anyone around the rim, the guys were trying to deny.

    No zones, just man, I believe. Fun scrimmage, however, things team still has to work on. Still 20 more days, Gib has video, can be fixed.

    Remember it wasn’t the first team and rotation guys going against second rotation scout, it was a balanced team going against each other, although, Quincy did alright, getting his Green team, with help
    to a , not sure, I think 42-27 victory?

    I forget, it is only scrimmage, and a lot of fans, stayed and enjoyed, just a fun nite with the team, new and old guys!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    How’s about you other Fans who were there , YOUR OBSERVATIONS of team?


  25. Much Mahalo Hoopsa !! Being many time zones away I really appreciate the reports from the scrimmage.

  26. One thing very important: This Team, looks like finally, IT IS ONE OHANA, the guys not pouting, just playing, studying hard too. The freshmen, first semester, carrying a 3.8? or something incredible GPA, that is great news. Plus team, all of them seniors to frosh are going to class, and seniors, on schedule to graduate, which is so important.

    IT WAS A FUN for FANS, Families, coaches and Team. This team if start winning a lot, will be the talk of Hawaii as well as around the globe with Rainbow Warrior Nation.

    Agree with MBB site post, the Dunk contest at halftime was very good, and Davis Rozitis, jumping over Benjy, Brandy and Gib lying down in front of basket, what a distance of 10 feet, Davis easily cleared that span and more and threw down. Great dunk Davis, as well as MT, super length, and throw down ability, AV out of site TribeV. Probably Aaron will post to you, photos of his dunks, as well as WI video update of scrimmage! Q as was stated can sky, as well as Nevels,. UH this year has some high flyers.

    This team, seems to enjoy Hawaii, the staff, the University and life. !! Great team, and agreed with others, this team THIS YEAR, can be really special!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    And Aussie Mum, Michael Harper “thunder from down under” plays with great effort and hit a rainbow 3 from the corner. Mike has great hustle and desire, he helps UH team a lot, he does help younger guys too!

    Look forward fans to great season. Team just stay together, grow, and get better and better, then good things will come this March, a chance for the Big Dance!
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  27. …and U.S.A. defeated The World 52 – 43

    SO CHECKED IN with a couple of basketball akamai fans, looking for a couple of ‘man on the street’, fan in the arena, First Impressions…”Whad’ya guys think?” 1) Wow! They look pretty good, real athletic, yeah?… 2) They look so much better than last year!

    Note: Those were long-time loyal fans, so they could be every bit as biased as ‘me’…

    My Opinion: It was a WISE CHOICE to Cash In those scholies of otherwise returning players in favor of more talent, skill and athleticism (Hey, the coaches’ jobs/careers ARE On the Line)… the front-line guards are NOT (just a prediction) or at least, rarely going to get picked, stripped or lose the handle on the ball — their hands are just too quick and skilled — the ball moves any direction they want and super-quick, and their balance is outstanding — the sharpest, crispest passer though is Negus…This also could be one of the best free-throw shooting teams in a long time — But WI.com followers already knew this was possible Along With Unprecedented Three-Point shooting capabilities…

    More to Follow…

  28. Eagle, first time this year I saw with my own eyes. Great venue, fun nite!

    Correct, for me, long time fan too, compared to last year, and previous 3 years total, those guards, Shamburger, Spearman, Nevels, Smith and even Enos, know what they are doing, are more athletic, quicker, not afraid to mix it up on D, look for open man, they can shoot FT’s! Which is so important this year.

    The disclaimer: so far…ONLY 3 weeks into practice, and this squad looks like a Basketball team, reason, the guards. Now we know why the recruitment, and constant recruitment of quality guards, then wings, and 3 and 4’s.

    What will make UH MBB team very hard to deal with in BWC play and hopefully against(try to win, or really be competitive)Mizzou, and N. Arizona on the road, if the guards, and those two outstanding, and I say this without prejudice, it is so obvious, the better pair of stretch 4 PF’s in the Western USA NCAA D1 landscape, Christian and Isaac will be absolute beasts this year. Along with much, much better guard play, like having 4 Spearmans from last year. The team will be fun, at SSC maybe, hold court , win out if can, and do some damage on the road, how WITH OUTSTANDING GUARD PLAY!

    shout out to akuhead2, I thought so, Eagle, some of the forum contributors, are from the BIG BIG Island of mainland USA, and they follow our comments and observations. that is why it takes them awhile to post, however, they can read Dayton’s writeups, in person interviews with coach and team, as well as the best Video coverage of UH MBB on this planet.

    Eagle, it is coach Gib’s job, livelihood, however, as he stated, he GETS HAWAII, he understands, it is more than a place to play ball, it is a way of life, culture and community, I wish Coach Gib, a great career at UH for a long time, and his 2013-14 team much, success, maybe, just maybe, March Madness. Da Big One!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, oh heck, Let’s Go Bows!

  29. One final thought about scrimmage. For both halves, a total of 11 or the 15 guys that played made at least ONE 3 POINTER, these guys can shoot out to 3 line. If in a game, teams zone them up, UH could have potentially 5 guys on court who could hit mid to 3 line shots. So vital!

    Go Bows!!

  30. Hi Playhoopsa and Eagle,

    Thanks for posting an update on the scrimmage – sounds like lots of fun and plenty of action – wish I was there with you all!

  31. Mahalo Aussie Mum!

    Michael is much more ʻsolidʻ, stable this year — he keeps his footing and balance well, and i can tell he has more awareness of “the next option”, where his teammates may be emerging or likely to break open; heʻs also setting his feet and keeping his weight options better which should allow him to surprise some defenders (teams that donʻt know our system ʻas wellʻ; BW teams might stay a step ahead defending as they get pretty good UH prep & coaching) with pivots and slashes to the basket; in the first half, he was clearly concentrating on working the system, and hardly looked to shoot (he “can” get open anytime he really chooses because he has good quickness, speed and height and has trained himself to shoot threes from anywhere); in the second half (iʻm guessing coach told him to shoot, ʻcos he was actively considering that as an early, even first option, but for tonight at least, was tentative and not planting his feet on those shots — that better balance and readiness (evident in the first half) will show up ʻsoonʻ for his shots (i would guess/expect during pre-season, before the first game) and heʻll be hitting more like the Air Force game and more like Dyrbe and Hackman (i say Jack, man) …

    for the “three-observors” and Louisville-Style fans, “WE” have clearly been “Paying the Price” the previous season(s) with the many missed threes — Gib tells them: (Christian, Isaac, developing shooters like Brandon Spearman “was” or Quincy might still be) to take at least one three to get the feel for taking threes in the game, if make it, take another, etc. until we get, like here and now where Christian and Brandon are probably reliable 33%+ shooters and Isaac soon should be; so that this team appears to have most (maybe “All” by year-end) confident in hitting their first two threes…(theyʻre Not necessarily going to stop IF they donʻt make their first three for any reason, but gather themselves and watch for a better opportunity….
    (as opposed to “Bad” three shooters who take a bunch of bad shots until theyʻve shot their team out of the game).

  32. I thought that the referees did not call the guard play as closely as the were supposed to. Our players have to be ready for the new rules! You can’t use your. Forearm in post defense, can’t keep hand on offensive player with the ball, can’t use your hands to hamper dribbler going to basket.

  33. ROB T- yes, it seems like referees were trying to let guys just play for fans. Very sure next scrimmage, I think is against BYU-Hawaii Laie, a closed one. Maybe then refs will start calling those.

    It seems like, if refs call things really tight, this year, in NCAA MBB, the game will really slow down, it will be time wise longer, with the parade to the FT line every few minutes, if not more often.

    UH has to adjust, on O and D, to the new rules, very sure, they have to.

    Interesting read on Gib’s visit to Louisville observing their, press, it has to be, with those guys out front pressuring so much, there must be illegal contact and hitting or impeding of opponent. Wonder if refs will call it on the Louisville Team, the defending national champs. Know that, Pitino is a proponent of new rules. Maybe HIS guys were getting hacked, or hit, with no calls last year.

    Have to see how each different officiating crew will enforce the new rules.

    Falls on coaches, and teams to adjust, I believe UH will, or will have to , to have success. They can use it , the new rule to their advantage, at the same time, have to play within it, to stay out of foul trouble, maybe the reason for possibly 14 or 15 guys active, with a lot of guards!

    Go Bows!

  34. Where was the read on his visit to louisville

  35. Eagle – thanks for your observations and feedback – really appreciate it – alot. You really know your basketball!! I hope Michael reads your feedback!!

  36. BUT OUR Weakness is our Lack of Erasers –while Fotu looked good skying on defense last night and Davis can Swat, we probably cannot afford Christian and/or Isaac getting benched with ʻRimʻ Fouls; Dresslerʻs Back problems ded

  37. [sorry…]

    Dresslerʻs back injury deducted Five More Fouls … so iʻm guessing our Full-Court Pressure Defense has “X” number of fewer Defensive breakaways before we need to go back to more Conventional Defenses…

  38. ROB T: Louisville one day trip write up, SA by BM, was online premium CS article. Very neat stuff. Hope Gib will use it. Maybe Dayton will have interview about Gib’s trip to Louisville soon.

  39. Hope Abel ʻwantsʻ to come to UH and vice-versa (since we did trip him);


    IF Raasean Davis verbally “committed” to Kent State as some sites report…

    IS he cancelling his 10/25 Trip to Hawaiʻi OR is he willing to see ʻsomething betterʻ (OR Way Better) out here?
    (ITʻS NOT OFFICIAL until NLOI is signed … in November, at Earliest…)


    GIB: Get these guys AND/OR BETTER….

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