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Exhibition against BYUH set for Halloween night

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will play an exhibition game against Brigham Young-Hawai’i on October 31 at 7 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center.

The exhibition contest was not listed on the original schedule, and was announced on Thursday through the UH Media Relations office. The BYUH Seasiders are a NCAA Division II program, and the result and statistics from the game will not count for the Warriors.

Fans can gain free admission to the exhibition by bringing a non-persihable food item to the arena to donate to the Hawaii FoodBank.

Here is the complete release:

Fans will receive free admission to the University of Hawai’i men’s and women’s basketball teams’ exhibition games on October 30 and 31 by donating a non-perishable food item for the Hawaii FoodBank.


The women’s squad hosts UH-Hilo on Wednesday, Oct. 30, and the men host BYU-Hawai’i on Thursday, Oct. 31. Both games tip at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will not be issued for the games and seating is general admission.

The men’s basketball team will help collect the food items prior to the women’s game on Oct. 30, while the women’s basketball squad will do the same prior to the men’s game the next evening.

The most-needed food donations are:

Canned meats
Canned meals (spaghetti, pasta, chili)
Canned soups
Canned fruits
Canned vegetables

In addition, all children who attend the Halloween-night men’s exhibition in costume will receive free candy at Gate A.

About The Hawaii Foodbank
The Hawaii Foodbank is the only nonprofit 501(c)(3) agency on Oahu that collects, warehouses and distributes mass quantities of both perishable and nonperishable food to help feed Hawaii’s hungry. Donated and purchased foods are distributed to over 200 member agencies on Oahu and Kauai. Last year, the Hawaii Foodbank distributed over 13.4 million pounds of food including over 4.2 million pounds of fresh produce to those needing emergency food assistance in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Foodbank is the state’s only affiliate of Feeding America, the national Food Bank Network comprising more than 200 food banks across the country. The Feeding America affiliation is one we proudly share with our Kauai Branch, the Maui Food Bank and The Food Basket on the Island of Hawaii.

The Hawaii Foodbank is a partner agency of Aloha United Way and Kauai United Way, an integral part of Hawaii’s safety net serving people in need.

To learn more about the Hawaii Foodbank or place a secure online donation, please visit www.hawaiifoodbank.org.


  1. A big Mahalo to BYU-Hawaii for making possible the Oct 31 exhibition game, so important for UH MBB team to get a game under their belt before the Rainbow Classic. Will be win win situation, helps the Seasiders too!

    Thankyou Laie!

    Go Rainbows!

  2. An Opportunity
    – To Prep for the Games that Count; and
    – For the Fans to see the progress & improvement from 10/19 to 10/31; and
    – Enjoy this Team one more time…

    Hope Dressler can Play Soon — Begin the 4-Year Battle-Growth Partnership with Jovanovic…

    Also Mahalo to Louisville — Here’s to a Renewed Win-Win Hawai’i-Pitino Heritage/Relationship…

    Mahalo, FOODBANK — NO ONE Should Go Hungry in Hawai’i, U.S.A. or Our World…

  3. Eagle:

    Apologies to WI, since this Post Forum more informational about Exhibition thought I would share some complimentary commentary from radio that will build more excitement for MBB hoops!

    I love WI, (still the best ONLINE video, full access to Gib , staff and team on the planet)however I also enjoy the banter of On Point(since Artie did play guard at UH for 4 years, one as freshman with JV and 3 of his last upperclassmen years) with Artie W.

    Secondly, Artie, called Gib, great about 8 minute or so interview, excited about the guard rotation, much more athletic, Spearman last year, now 3 more with Smith, Nevels and Shamburger. Plus overall. Should hopefully guard teams with 3 guards now, last year Fotu, Standhardinger, chasing, small guards around on D, hard to do.

    Will Stefan and Mike Thomas have impact for this Year? Gib stated that, Mike has a huge upside, now coming out of his shell, had great week of practice, including yesterday , his best, he expects Mike to continue to get better, and down the road, THIS year, be in there to help UH MBB get some games finished.

    Same with Stefan, he has an upside too, though Coach says it takes longer to develop young Bigs. Looks like, if holds true, thought Eagle , that was neat comment from Gib that if holds to form Mike T. is getting better as the weeks go by, and Jovanovich is developing and will be in there THIS year! I personally, maybe you too, as well as some others, wanted Mike to play this year. At least that was the latest on Mike T and Stefan, their development and playing this year. Great!

    Comment about Aaron V. brings great Athleticism, great bounce, new, young, however, has to learn system, Aaron can help with his game too.

    Finally, Caleb Dressler, still on the mend. Hope he gets well, at least 3 teams, will be very tall and large in the BWC, so need Caleb, Davis, and Jovanovich, to help battle the big teams.

    Still WI with hard working on his own extra time and posting, putting up videos, really late, when hoops my boy and this old geezer are still awake at times, we appreciate Dayton Morinaga, the real Warrior Insider, Rainbow style,

    Hey Dayton enjoy your Meet the Rainbow Warriors interviews, great stuff. We know more about these 17 guys than most people in Hawaii. Really makes it personable! Nice kids too! Mahalo for your hard work. still the best in the video real time, and latest Insider for UH MBB on the globe!


  4. Just a Thought .. O.K., An Action or Two As Well…

    Mahalo to Pacific Risk, Ameriprise, The Schmidts, and other Advertisers & Donors…

    SINCE UHAD BEN JAY was Tweeting for Funds/Donations:

    Sent In TO WI.COM, More Donations
    Including “In The Name of “DALLAN” who was So Inciteful and Insightful
    to foresee last year’s team getting stuck BELOW 20 WINS … NOT This Year!

    ssssssso… just a reminder ALL to Support Our Favorite and Most Consistently ALL YEAR 365D/ 24/7 UHMBB Supportive Site…

    GREAT News on MT & The Bigs …
    Suspected they had it in them —
    maybe even moreso and more longer (sic) than Ozi & ‘Roop …

  5. Eagle: Man, oh man, UH MBB season will be here really fast!!

    It always puzzled me and hoops, who were Dallan and Oahuan? When things were hurting with Gib and the team, or before season even starts, a lot of negativety! It is the No Spin, Have to say Something to Stir the Pot, Generation I guess.

    Anyways, you enjoy along with our family, hopefully, and I think UH and Gib have a good shot to have successful season, and some Post Season play. The guys work very hard, shoots, 3 hr practices, sleep, study hall, classes, and being young people , that is a lot, however when they start winning as a team this year, and maybe win that BWC tourney, well, the naysayers, will stay away.

    Eagle have a great time watching the team at SSC this year, should be exciting, and if MT and SJ and CD are there helping team win, all the better Yeah!

    Love that Gib is going to Louisville to sit in on practices, hey, Gib develops recruiting base, he should use WI or UH athletic site videos of guys paddling canoe race at Waikiki Beach, beautiful, maybe get a couple of athletes out of the Blue grass state!

    Uhfanzonly1 and Eagle, keeping the flames of UH MBB interest burning with a lot of other wonderful Forum contributors, and long, long time UH MBB fans as well, enjoy the ride this year, could be a
    good one!!

    You are right, I liked the comments from coach about the young wing and the young bigs, plus AV, very positive, you can tell coach and staff and players are very excited. Let’s tip off already!


  6. Me No type to well, sorry for typos! I meant “negativity”! We try to stay as positive, unless, really the program is being abused, or illegal stuff going on, or just need for change, hope coach stays around for several years to come, to win a bunch of BWC tourney titles!


  7. Really appreciate the videos !! For those who can’t make it to the games, re-posting the games on-line, or any highlights, can keep us in touch. Like the interviews too and got to say appreciate the energy that Davis has brought to this special aspect of the UH coverage. Big question here will be, who will carry on next year. Can’t start thinking about that too early. We could see that the freshman were new to the concept in their Da’Beast interviews. The support from this website for DaBeast films is just great. For us, it is a big part of the Ho’okahi No ‘Ohana. Mahalo.

  8. In addition Eagle to my old man UHF, OP with AW did mention, the Coach, about replacing VJ’s rebounding. So key. We all know that Vander was a pretty solid rebounder, sometimes, lacking on hustle and defense, however, could count on him for 8-10 rebounds per game. So this year , where is that rebounding going to come from? Maybe by commitee. The guards, plus I hope Isaac and Christian will not just try to leak out, they will get a little more rebounds, plus when the bigs, led by Rozitis , Dressler and Jovanovich, Valdes and Thomas, plus the guards ALL have to rebound.

    You know the adage, fundamental basketball, if you control
    BOTH O and D boards, you can win a lot of games. Without the rebounds, after a good defensive stand, or getting O rebound putbacks, in other words without Rebounds or loose ball, even Team rebounds, without the ball, UH cannot get to guards to run. True dat!

    I am sure, that is the next emphasis, Defense, Compete, all the guys, run their sets, limit turnovers, and EVERY man on court, get that REBOUND, then UH will be competing for BWC titles and NCAA’s. Go back in the day to FAB FIVE,they were not the tallest guys, however Holiday, Pennebacker, and Davis, and Rebound, 30 against ASU in 1971 Rainbow Classic, super rebounder Bob Nash, a record that might never be broken in our lifetime.

    Go Bows, get the rebounds that Vander used to get, and you can win championships
    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Fellow fans, besides my old man UHF and me, we didn’t catch every detail of OP interview with Gib, and AW, so if we got things mixed up or not clear , chime in, this is a FAMILY, our OHANA, WI nation!

    Go WI and thank you Dayton Morinaga!

  9. akuhead2- You are super cool! You are right from Bill and Zane’s excellent adventures and first video chronicles to Da Beast Productions, to Da Beast Froductions, maybe Rozitis hands the reins to Isaac super Fro, and maybe it will be Fro and Jo(vanovich) Features, crazy!

    Only in Hawaii, !! I don’t think this type of interaction, and fun, is had at any NCAA D1 MBB program in the nation, at least not Hawaiian style. Rozitis, is a bright guy very witty, and his sidekick Isaac great sport, very fun stuff, however, what will make it better, Da Beast Froductions, if it happens, interviewing the super seventeen and saying: How does it feel to have been selected to the NCAA tournament as winners of the BWC tourney or at large(pretty sure they would have to be 33-1(?), I don’t know, I think BWC is still a one bid conference?

    Anyways, akuhead 2, I don’t know if you are relative of a true showman, aku head the original, ?!

    Have fun, and thanks Dayton, for making all the videos available, and letting the UH athletes have some joy too. Not all play, have fun as UH student athletes, another great recruiting tool, any Future communications or Film makers, want to come to UH and play ball?

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  10. Time for hoops getting near! Imagine, next week Sat. Oct 19th 2013 at SSC, at 7:00pm, admission FREE, with dunk contest, promotions I guess, I wonder if Jamie Smith will be there Dayton?

    A full 2 halves 40 minute scrimmage. Green vs White., like back in the day, those were fun, 110-109 scores, don’t know if they will not play D, however, pretty sure, put on a 3 ball display and some dunks, fast breaks. Should be fun for those that can go.

    as akuhead2, says, and I am old home bound guy, those that can go, please go, FREE!

    And thanks to Dayton and WI for any video recap of hilites! Thanks in Advance Dayton and WI!

    After that scrimmage, a closed scrimmage with BYU-Hawaii, then the exhibition on Oct 31 2013 SSC against same BYU-Hawaii Seasiders, should be fun, FREE admission, though, encourage bring can goods, for the Food Bank excellent cause, help our ohana, less fortunate!


  11. Rebounding??? Davis has the physical tools to be a great rebounder, one of his greatest gifts is his quickness and hustle. If he can turn the corner and become “DA BEAST” from the EAST, this will be major. That’s the big ??? as a 7 footer he hasn’t dominated down under, YET….I am hoping he does.

  12. tako:

    I 100% agree with you tako. When Artie and Gib were discussing loss of Vander’s rebounding, Artie did mention Davis. That guy, probably the most gifted 7 foot, probably 7’1″(?) he is very tall, Big Man that has ever played at UH. As Tony Sellito says on OC sports, that Davis plays like a SF, a euro big, however, Artie, and you and I, know that Davis, has to play strong AND make himself big. Davis, if he

    wants to , can be every bit as good as Vander was., He can shoot with either hand, dunk it, rebound, block shots, great timing, and he can run with the guards, plus a graduate student, academic awardee, and nice guy. tako, if we see Davis around town, or scrimmages, we have to say, hey

    Davis, play Big Boy Basketball, if Gib gets Davis, Stefan and a healed Dressler, to just go up like MEN against the BWC bigs, huge advantage to UH. UH will have the 4 athletic guards AND developing potential SF/wings, as well as a trio of the better Centers in the Western part of USA NCAA MBB D1.

    Davis, shout out to you, actally, tako, I bet it is a motivational tool, Gib saying, I don’t know we lost Vander, so where , or WHO will get those rebounds, now the ball is in Davis’ hands, he can be more than just a token 7 footer, he can be a game changer! Plus, Euro Pro leagues, know about him, his skillset, without question he can play in high euro leagues, however even there, he has to play BIG

    BOY basketball as Artie says. Davis can do it. tako, Davis can be DA BEAST of the Boards, gobble all the basketballs that come off the O and D glass, like Tommy Barker and Melton Werts and Bob Nash, did back in the day!

    Go Rainbow Warriors and Davis, Rebound, Dunk, block shots, and help team to NCAA’s we cheering for you man, Chee hoo!


  13. Dang at practice, Niko, dislocated his non shooting shoulder, his left. Will be on sidelines for awhile. I wonder, if now Gib gets guys attention , to compete, however, Gib, you might have to slow things down, so guys, are not so on fire, that they get hurt, trying to battle and compete on every play in practice. Don’t know how they do it at Louisville, however, hope Gib, you keep as full an active roster as possible, that injury, snakebit, bugaboo is starting rear its head! Dang, we don’t want to be short key guys, down the stretch that could cost games and possible NIT or NCAA berth.

    Take care of the guys Gib, they are working hard. Good group, and you will do well!

    Get Well Niko, he is going to be a good PG for the Rainbow Warriors for sure, hard working young guy!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


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