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University of Hawai’i head basketball coach Gib Arnold is well aware of the busy schedule his players are maintaining this preseason.

“We’re just going really hard,” said Arnold, who is about to enter his fourth season as head coach of the Warriors. “I’m really pleased with this group’s work ethic in the weight room, on the track, and we’re doing some individual workouts now and they’re playing some pick-up ball. I’m just real happy with how hard these guys have been going.”

Arnold has been keeping busy himself, trying to squeeze in numerous recruiting trips before the start of official practices on September 27. He is currently on a two-week trip that will take him to Europe and then both the East and West coasts of America in search of future Warriors.


The start of practices was moved up by two weeks this year. “The biggest difference is it’s going to help us prepare for the season – you have two more weeks to prepare for your first game. On the flip side of that, it also cuts into your recruiting time … you have to try and fit in all your recruits before practice starts.”

Arnold noted that the roster for the upcoming 2013-14 season is set, and he is looking at recruits for the classes of 2014 and beyond.

Several current players have missed preseason workouts due to various nagging injuries and illness, but Arnold said he expects all of them to be ready for the start of practices.

“We’ve been going hard and guys have been getting banged up,” he said. “But nothing serious, nothing permanent.”

As far as the schemes for the upcoming season, Arnold said the sleeker look of this team should allow them to “play a little more up-tempo defensively.”

“We have the personnel to do that this year,” he said. “We’ve always been a pretty good running team. But we have been inside oriented with our bigs and I think we can adapt from that and move a little more outside.”

He added that the versatility of returning forwards Christian Standhardinger and Isaac Fotu will give the team numerous options. “We haven’t had that luxury – before we’ve kind of only been inside,” he said. “We’re going to have those guys play both inside and out.”

As far as his contract situation and a possible extension, Arnold said it is “in the final stages of working that out.” His current contract has one year remaining.


  1. Recruiting gonna be very interesting this coming season can’t wait to see the type of talent gib can bring in

  2. Good for NCAA to allow earlier practices, however as Gib stated, the coaches have to squeeze in recruiting window.

    Hawaii, must be a pretty good sell, for guys wanting to contribute right away, if they are athletic and can fit Hawai and system, and community, great!

    To have 17 current guys, walkons and scholie, that is amazing for this year.

    If Gib can get his big, SF, combo guard, and best athletes for 2014 and beyond, great things ahead for UH MBB!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  3. Mahalo for update Dayton!

    I am glad that UH BB will be starting practice in less than 2 weeks, on Sept 27 2013 Friday.
    There is a lot of buzz about the team! Thanks to Dayton and WI , we have seen on video what the new guys and returnees offer!

    Happy to know, with the quicker more athletic team, Gib will uptempo a little more. Not the Loyola Marymount teams of Paul Westhead of the 90’s, mabye a more controlled uptempo on Offense and Defense, exciting type of ball, spearheaded by breat defense!

    Very sure that Gib will still mandate that the guys play good D , and take care of ball to close out game, inbounding ball, etc, so UH can win more games!

    Can’t wait for season!


  4. Hey Coach ‘Old,

    You are 4 years ‘Old and counting with UHMBB –
    It has been exciting & non-exciting as any growing pain would dictates;
    You had warned that normally will take 5 years to sculptured a bronze chess-set so.
    We are 20% ahead of schedule in term of gathering chessmen! Congrats for the performance in this prospective of the task.

    You’ve got as good as metal quality is available. With the grinding & polishing you put on each, plus they worked hard.. by themselves, we believe that every game are going to be a battle!

    PS: Nice to see coach Fish giving one-on-one lessons to Michael T (just guessed) shooting with his left-fin. No wonder you learn so fast!?

  5. small recruiting class barring anyone decides to leave the team….gib should be very picky and hopefully can get at least 1 high-major prospect whether freshmen or transfer that can play right away

  6. Gib good comments, it is very telling how new guys have improved, gotten stronger, more used to playing with returnees, from early July.

    I like this team:

    PG’s: Shamburger, Smith, Enos, Filipovich

    SG’s: Spearman, Nevels, Harper

    SF’s/Wings: Jawato, Hackman, Valdes, Thomas, Negus

    PF’s: Fotu, Standhardinger

    C: Rozitis, Dressler, Jovanovich

    Look forward to the hard work preseason paying off this year. Great to see, the older guys helping newer guys adjust, evident in open gym. The guys, all 17 , are working a sweat up, open gym they look exhausted, from weight room, running, going to school(most important!), and adjusting to life as D1 NCAA athletes, the only D1 MBB program in the middle of the Pacific, the best!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    And, as n2joy, stated, I agree, this year 4 and looking to 5, Gib, you did state, from your hire, that it would not be overnight,take several years to get right fit, type of student athletes. Great job!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  7. If this team can hit 20 wins and go to the Dance this year it will open up recruiting big time. We need more exposure to attract marquee players. I’m tired of hearing what Kentucky, and North Carolina scored in recruiting. Hawaii is a volleyball power. Why not basketball power? We don’t have a major professional team. UH is everything in Hawaii. Fact, we should be a national power in every sport. If we want it we could have it. Trouble is not all have bought in. Corporations have only token interest and wealthy individuals rather sip mai tais at their beach front homes. Maybe this year’s team will spark an interest of support from the entire Hawaii community.

  8. 20 plus wins or big dance will really have a big impact on recruiting….also long run in NIT would be fine….CIT would be a dissapointment

  9. Yes. Agreed. Fourth year, great potential, still bottom line: NIT or NCAA. if can win several games in NIT or at least one in NCAA, fantastic year.

    Gib has a roster of good agile PF’s, who can step out, probably the top 2 or 3 in the BWC, plus at least 4 or 5 guards that can get up and down court, and finish.

    Go get em Gib, BWC regular season title, plus the BWC tourney title, would be a fantastic 2013-14 season.

    Know, without a doubt your seniors , plus RS transfer Keith Shamburger and Fotu, plus the rest of squad want to go big time Dancing!

    It all starts very soon!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    P.S. don’t know if we can compete for recruits with Kentucky , UCLA, North Carolina, however, we could use a Phil Lott, Ray Reed, Troy Ostler, Ahmet Gueye, AC Carter, Justice Sueing, Chris Gaines, etc. those were great athletes, as well as the team work, and smarts of the Fabulous Five.

    Gib can start a new era this year!!

  10. servante:

    Yes, Hawaii is fueled by success of Football team. How they do, they are the money makers, UH athletics follows, i.e, the good Tomey years, JJ years, even McMackin’s 10-4 year.

    I like this group of guys, huge roster, however, some with ohana help, walking on, actually only 12 of 13 scholarships used for this year, so ONE extra for next year.

    Recruiting is tough, even to beautiful Hawaii, however, with decent athletes, even if not top 100 world players, just great defenders, shooters, and team guys, UH can win consistently.

    I thought, just my opinion, injuries to Hiram Thompson, Bill Amis, Zane Johnson’s mono, Spearman’s high ankle sprain, Jawatos ankle and hip problems, could have cost UH Gib era, at least two or three extra wins per Gib’s first three years. Such a fine line.

    Like the athletes and quickness, they are not thick, however can play fast, from PG to PF, at least 10, I think will be in that uptempo, D and O attack.,

    After tonite’s post, less than 10 days till first practice Fri Sept 27 2013!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  11. Hey TEAM (UHMBB Staff & Players),

    Ever heard of the name Mosley Malone? Probably not!
    How about Judy Mosley? Maybe by a very slim chance!

    We are at a pivotal time for progress.
    In need of every possible motivations, inspirations.. to propel the TEAM toward success.

    Could we be:
    ~ Instinctive & hungry.
    ~ Relentless & consistent.

    A blue-collar hoop supremacy to crack the 20+ barrier?

    It’s time. it’s time..
    Go grab a copy of today’s SA and, read everything about Judy Mosley basketball!

  12. With All Team Positions now covered by two to four year talented players, recruiting should be able (to choose to) focus more on pursuing Impact Players (Greater Risk of Non-Signee), as well as upgrading talent and developing the next wave…

    GREAT Work, Team!
    The Physical Effort Is Apparent — Bodies look chiseled, physically improving and superior over even just a few months ago…and Coach Confirms as much, the effort and improvement….we haven’t usually got (a lot of) Top 100 players, maybe Gib will strike the motherlode soon — Negus and Friends(?) could be the start of that — but until then, we need to scour far & wide as the coaches have done so well, for developing talent and physicality, then work hard to sculpt and ‘build our own’ better players… This Team, These Guys, look like the best assembled ‘pre-season’ team in a long, long time — The Wins that follow Will Inform Us How Good, How Long, How Well the Mental & Psychological Effort pays off…….

    Maybe Christian or Isaac (or Negus) or other, The Relentless Army of Guards?
    Will Effect a Judy Mosley Type Impact on the Program…

    Mahalo, Coach & Dayton…

  13. Gib can be excited. Happy that Spearman is good to go physically and knows UH system 1 year. Christian and Isaac, two great forwards who will have very good season, stay healthy! And RS Jr , All WAC, one year in UH system Keith Shamburger, along with Davis, the graduate(!), with his experience, with Gib for 4 years. Just those 5 guys, along with the RS’s active , returning guys and new recruits,

    Stan Sheriff Center should be a good BB enviroment to get a lot of wins, and hopefully on the road, if they play great D, and have good guards controlling tempo, and possession, if they can split, or have good showing at Mizzou, yes, UH could potentially go 20 win plus.., in respect and good memory of Judy Mosley, remember her well, she was like the Moses Malone of UH Wahine BB, steady player, good one, all time great hoopster for University! Today’s teams, both men and women, could learn from Judy, a grinder, and a winner.


  14. needs or wants for 2014-15 recruiting class?

  15. Warriors for ‘Old:
    * Werts C 7’2 255.
    * Fotu PF 6’11 240.
    * Carter PG 6’6.

    Wahine for Bee’:
    * Martin C 6’8 180.
    * Mosley PF 6’5 170.
    * Cockett PG 6’3 155.

    Here we come 2017-18 Final Four’s!

  16. We all know winning 20 games and NIT or NCCA invite key for Gib and program which I believe the team can do!! As Eagle said and others can attract top talent!! Gib for next year loses 3 seniors ,a PF, C. and a combo guard,plus he has the saved scolie from this year,so potentially 4 to offer. Believe. Gib will for the best fit 4 athletes wherever they be on the planet!! Love it, hope Evan. Senegal 3 or combo east coast in mix or one Tom Henderson!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!


  17. I’m smelling Big Dance this year….

    Ben Jay… extend Gb now while it’s cheap. Once this talented roster comes together and starts winning Big West Championships, the price tag gets more expensive and then you have to fight the big schools from taking him too cheap.

    The biggest reason to extend Gib is to make the exit fee expensive. In one or two years, I can see bigger programs looking to poach Gib because of his recruiting ability.

  18. If Gib expects to bring in high caliber recruits he needs to upgrade the schedule. Have you guys taken a look at this year’s opponents? There are some good teams who made the NCAA but in terms of name teams the biggest may be Missouri on the road. The rest are no-names and will not attract top line talent who play against the best thru travel ball all year round. Players know players and Gib has simply got to upgrade the teams coming in. Playing Chaminade and UH Hilo in the same year is telling.

  19. turfwar:

    I think all of the die hard long time and new fans of UH MBB know the schedule is not the greatest, DHC, RBC, New Mexico St. here, LBSU here and away, might be teams that make it to the NCAA’s or made it last year.

    Another reason, this year FOUR of Gib , I think is KEY, he has to win 20 plus games and go NIT or NCAA, if team comes together, and can win BWC regular or tourney title, which they have a good chance of doing then, Gib has something to show possible recruits, yes, we did go to NCAA last year 2014 March, and we won a couple of games.

    And Gib is right, same as Rocha, Little, Wallace, and Nash knew, the kids have to be the right FIT for Hawaii, no matter what the schedule, you get 3 or 4 ego monsters, entitled athletes, who expect everything on a platter, UH and Hawaii is not the place for them. That is why, not only here, but nationwide, every spring, athletes NCAA MBB, have this mass exodus, if they don’t like it , they transfer or go overseas, or minor league pro ball.

    Hope Gib, will get another Negus type of guard, and SF, PF’s like Fotu/Standhardinger. Hawaii BB will be set to win a bunch, hopefully for years to come as FUHA says.

    Either way turf, it is going to be exciting this year, much quicker pace, and with Christian and Isaac, whom I think are top 50 in the USA BB talent, BWC should be good battle.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  20. Well, much respect to Isaac and Christian, I forgot there are 300 NCAA D1 schools in USA, so Fotu and Standhardinger, definitely top 100, or better! If they get there numbers, and help team win BWC and win in post season, definite, BWC all conference!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  21. Just an added note, to those that chose to move on from UH MBB team, the guys from last year, and previous, when here at UH, great young men, very nice guys. Just wanted to move on, play more, and some go back home, there is no problem with that. I really respect, the guys that travel very far from home, even from California, to come to Manoa to play ball for UH. I really do. I hope all of them, are doing well, in pro ball, another college or moving on with a happy life!

    As for schedule, yes, Gib has to build up to an attractive one for fans, however, he would not schedule, 10 preseason top 25 teams, if they would come before BWC, that would be very hard on a young team and program. Give him time, maybe, there will be a UCLA, Stanford, Norte Dame, Pitt, North Carolina, and Kentucky(now, maybe in a few year, Hawaii might beat them, those one and dones!)

    Any ways, Gib has a great bunch of 17 so far, hope, the guys who choose to, stick it out, graduate, and have much success over next 3 to 4 years and beyond,!!

    Hey Fans, Countdown, after tonite, ONE WEEK till first official regular season practice, then Oct 19 Green White Scrimmage, followed by Rainbow Classic, Get ready to rock that SSC !!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  22. As Former UH Athlete stated Gib’s stock is definitely going to rise in the years to come. Also Ben Jay is turning out to be the entrepreneur this school needs to get to the next level. Creative people and those that take calculated risks are what we need. This school don’t need leaders of the recent past—unless you wanna go backwards.

  23. Playhoopsa —
    RE: Hope Gib Will Get Another Negus Type Guard, SF, PF

    BY Negus-Type Guard iʻm intuiting a ʻcompleteʻ, skilled, all-around player,
    who can pretty much “Score-At-Will” (My Definition)

    As you Alluded, they might already be here:
    Some of it is a Willingness to take the ball, almost selfishly,
    As Coach Fish points out, Isaac ought to shoot so much more that his Field Goal percentage could/should drop from a BW Leading .635 maybe all the way down to a (Still) Conference-Leading 55%, averaging instead of 10 ppg, up to 15, 18, 22 ppg(?)

    Maybe a similar evolution should be true for Christian, .535 last year @ 16 ppg up to 18-22 ppg?

    They Are Young, but Aaron Valdes and Michael Thomas are awfully athletic, hard-working and quickly building skills — iʻm hoping they ʻproveʻ to be a dynamic duo powering the small foward position at maybe 15 ppg with also a high percentage (the high percentage has little basis other than both are strong finishers (not unlike Fotu/Standhardinger) and all their teammates are intelligent passers: Christian/Isaac on Interior Passes and the smooth passing Shamburger-led guards from the perimeters and penetration…)

    Posts/Centers: Similar with Davis, Dressler and Jovanovic benefitting from well-run offense and passing, but No D-1 Track Record other than Davis at .583…

    Guards: Have some hope that Garrett Nevels, Brandon Spearman, Keith Shamburger, Quincy and Company Can Bring/Improve their shot selection and improve guard play significantly beyond last year (iʻd say Most Expect some of the Greatest Improvement in this area).


    ONLY A WEEK ʻtil Full Team Practices…

    Itʻs Almost Here…
    Good News: These (Great) Guys are Already here…

    I think the schedule is pretty well-balanced for a Young Team (Half are First-Year players here)–
    Tourneys Are Strong, Challenging ʻOptionalʻ Road Games before Conference, and canʻt do much ʻbout BW Schedule…
    IF They Prove they Can Play at a High Level this season, iʻm sure there will be an Up-Tick in the Risk-Taking….

  24. gibs stock will only rise if he can coach and not have another 2-4 players leave at the end of the season

  25. According to the NCAA, 40 percent of college basketball players will switch schools during the course of their eligibility, a staggering number that has caught the eye of everyone within the sport. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/9642325/transfer-rules-change-next-season-ncaa-says
    Hawaii fan 09 was reading this a little ago and wanted to share it with you. I have no doubt that players wil leave if Arnold gives all of the starting 5 30 plus minutes per game and does not substitute enough! He did say he was going to play more up tempo.

  26. ROB T, hawaiifan09, servante, FUHA, all solid, and spot on observations on Gib his team and program


    no question, the development of AV and MT key, they are long, can run, skilled, just have to have D1 game experience, if those two, provide, 13 or 14 pts between them, or more, steals , blocked shots 3 pointers and just be able to run with the guards, This YEAR, UH can win the BWC. I have no doubt. UH loses Christian, who I hope will average around 17 or 18 pts , 8 or 9 rebounds per game. That is the puka that Gib has to fill, Christian’s hybrid, stretch 3/4 spot. Negus, is very, very skilled, top 100 in North America type of player. Gib never stops recruiting, if he can lock up a combo guard, another AC or Tom Henderson type, will make guard rotation even better, also, if he gets EVAN, wow!, that would be a great get, that young guy is a big get, lot of the major schools after him!

    ROB T:

    spot on, now , Gib has the type of players to uptempo, if he is going to be like UNLV, LMU, Southwestern Louisiana of old, he has to play at least 10 guys, with 10 to 30 min between them. Makes the starters and first 5 or 6 off the bench happy. Correct, fact of life, now 13 years into 21st century, any NCAA MBB team across the land has guys transferring. If they don’t like something , they go, maybe have a Women VB exemption, if both schools agree, transfer, if they pay their own way for year, they are eligible, immediately, I bet UH would get some top notch players, however their parents would have to be very rich.


    I have a hunch, that is why Gib is offering preferred walkons spots on roster, no scholie used up, after one or two years , if they can contribute, they might earn scholies. Huge roster. Remember, this year ONLY 12 of 13 scholies used(one given to Negus who is RS this year sitting out), 3 guys, 3 seniors eligibility up this season, so would have 9 scholie guys returning next year, they all have chance to play this year and next. Always possible, however, it affects APR if Gib loses, scholie players to transfer or they go back home.


    Bottom line, Gib has got guys now, who have athleticism, skill, seem to really love Hawaii, Ben Jay, will probably have maybe an extension contract through end of 2015, I hope, And Ben, got to love the guy, really trying to get UH to the next level, has to, otherwise, NCAA D1 sports for UH might be dead in several years. Ben is doing his job! I think he has good coaches, Shoji, Trapasso(well he has to win WAC again and advance in NCAA’s), Wade, Beeman, Chow, Coolen, and all the other sports. Now, I hope, private and government will provide needed funds to upgrade facilities, that way, can attract top notch recruits versus the Ohio States, Michigans, Nebraksas, UCLAs etc. Heck even the Fresno States!

    Loved the two former UH BB coaches, however, Gib has a chance this year FOUR to take team to the dance, the guys all 16 active players, want nothing less. They have really worked their butts off for sure!

    Let’s go Rain….BOWS!!


    P.S. Don’t you all love talking about UH MBB ? I do! Hopefully by selection sunday, next March 2014, we will all be chiming in, Gib and team, ALRIGHT,UH an 11 seed vs, Gonzaga in Pocatello, Idaho! NCAA first round pairing! And UH goes out and beats the Zags in virtually their own backyard, by 15 pts!, That would be a Hoop Dream come true.

    Get ready, one week till FIRST PRACTICE, and real time updates of guys progress in Gib’s system, please NO more , Mono, ankle sprains, knee injuries, other ailments.


  27. Gib has a stable of Basketball athletes this year! We shall see how he can coach these guys. If he can get them to play great D, take care of the ball, rebound, and shoot well, UH BB can go post season, maybe NCAA’s!!

    About transfers: Interesting UH currently has, Davis Rozitis(USC), Christian Standhardinger(Nebraska),Keith Shamburger(San Jose St), Brandon Spearman(originally played for D1 Dayton as freshman before going to JC for one year), and for next year Negus Webster-Chan(Missouri), so transferring out, for these guys and UH, UH BB benefits. I guess, as was stated, that is what happens nowadays.

    Hope UH MBB has great year. Starting with the Rainbow Classic, and New Mexico State here, and Missouri on the road. WE shall see very soon what UH can do. If they work hard, play smart and together, Big Dance can await, or at least Little Dance NIT!


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