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Standhardinger reigns on the beach again

Christian Standhardinger knows exactly where the koa bowl trophy for the “King of the Beach” competition will be this season – right above his locker.

It is the same place it stayed last season, when he won the trophy for the first time.

On Saturday at Waikiki Beach, Standhardinger became the first player to repeat as the King of the Beach champion for the University of Hawai’i basketball team. The senior forward edged fellow senior Davis Rozitis in the final tally, 17-16.


“I was lucky, actually,” Standhardinger said. “I did my best and competed; happy it worked out again.”

The King of the Beach competition was created in 2010 by head coach Gib Arnold as a way to celebrate the end of preseason workouts. The competition includes various conditioning drills in the sand at the world-famous Waikiki Beach.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Standhardinger and Rozitis are the two most experienced players on the current roster.

“The key is tactics, experience,” said Rozitis, who is in his fourth year with the program. “I think I gave a pretty good run for Christian, and it was great that we all competed.”

Standhardinger built an early lead in the competition after victories in the beach jumps and weighted-ball toss.

Rozitis won the final event of the day – a wild run in the sand, into the ocean, then back up the beach – but it was not enough to overcome Standhardinger’s early advantage.

Redshirt freshman Dyrbe Enos – the only Hawai’i-raised player on the roster – placed third.

Standhardinger is now the only player to win the competition twice. Previous winners were Bill Amis (2010) and Hauns Brereton (2011).

The session ended with a fun “Hawaiian style” football game in the sand. Arnold and his coaching staff teamed with the upper classmen to defeat the freshmen and sophomores, 4 touchdowns to 3.

“We are now 4-0 in the annual football game,” Arnold boasted. “And yes, it helps that I am not only the quarterback for our team, but also the referee.”

The King of the Beach marked the final day of preseason conditioning for the Warriors, who are scheduled to begin official practices this Monday.


  1. Mahalo for writeup and video Dayton, spot on as always. It seems this years Sensational Seventeen, really like each other, Hawaii the University, the people and life .

    Good stuff!

    Congratulations Christian, well deserved, and nicely supported by your fellow athletes.

    Some say wait till next year, I say, with you Christian, Davis and Spearman as leaders, as well as experienced Shamburger and all world Frotu, Isaac, you guys will win BWC regular and tourney championships, and go either NIT or NCAA. You guys deserve it!! All seventeen from new to returnees worked really hard.

    Practice and study well, look forward to the Green White Scrimmage and first game in the Rainbow Classic!


  2. Congratulations Christian – well deserved – you are a great competitor.

  3. Well Done, Christian!
    Long Live the King!
    Great Effort, Davis & Dyrbe!

    See you all @ Green/White Game
    Work Championship Hard This Season!
    And Recruit Your Future Replacements…

  4. ‘The harder I worked; The luckier I’ll get’!
    “I was lucky.., I did my best and competed.. “, the two consecutive reining King of the Beach humbly proclaimed!

    ‘Grinding in Paradise’ –
    Does anyone knows how long took the powerful pounding waves to ground the corals into grains of sand (One of Mother Nature’s unbelievable feats)?

    ‘A steel rod can be shaped into a fine, sharp needle’.
    Epitomized that persistent dedication will produce worthy result.

    ‘King Christian’ is invariably The Leader by Example.
    It is obvious that his influences are flourishing in this TEAM .
    >> AN INCOMPARABLE TEAM, WHO ARE DETERMINDED TO EARN THEIR WINS (making the entire Aloha State & their loving parents proud).

  5. LOVE this video! Made me laugh and smile! That is some hard stuff to do and yet everyone did it with a smile on their face while locking in on bringing out their best to compete together and against each other!

    Great work! Congrats to Christian and Davis! Seniors showing what experience brings to the table!

  6. INFO: Unofficial ANS:

    The type of coral/rock that is pounded, rocked or rolled by wind and water into small grains are generally more like ‘silica’ sand which is more rounded and polished — you’ll see this in deserts, many mainland beaches, or where they use polishing compounds, grit and gravel to burr off, round off and polish such as in a rolling cleaner or polisher…

    The type of sand found in Hawai’i and other tropical areas is coarse and angular, often jagged or edgy and (is widely believed, you can see it in videos as well) is wholly attributed to being coral, broken off, bitten off by millions of parrotfish who chew and disperse the ground coral (sand) — scientists have attributed “all” the angular sand to the parrotfish (Part of Mother Nature as you noted…although winds and waves move and re-work the sand)…

    Back to UHMBB…

    MUCH Meaning to the Lei…
    Welcoming the Newcomers and Top Finishers…

  7. hardinger looking good and if he can keep a cool head he’ll dominate BW

  8. One word Christian: BOOM! Good job!
    I like the fact that Christian says he put on 20 pounds of good weight I guess. Notice, most if not all the guys from Dyrbe to Garrett Nevels have ABS, bricks!! Good conditioning, team might not be as thick or heavy set as past, however they are quick and Strong.

    Look towards a great 2013-14 season, and Eagle, n2joy and the rest, I hope the recruit or two, who have/will arrive in islands over next few weeks, will have great trip and committ! A nice 3 and 4 star? Maybe, as long as they ar Stars and Team players for UH and Hawaii, they are winners, even if 1 star!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  9. Official start of regular season tomorrow! Monday Sept 30th 2013,First NCAA practice. Guys, you all worked hard, during off season, now put it together, and do some winning! WI forum and fans, in Hawaii and around the globe backing all of you! Have a great first week of practice. Don’t forget study hall, and making the grades, keep GPA up and work towards a degree!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  10. LOCK-UP Another Commit… ?
    Pray We Get At Least One of The Next Two Trips
    OR TWO of Next Four Visits…
    (Seems Gib, Team and Co. been doinʻ Better Than 50% On Trips…)

    OR Even Better…

    E Komo Mai…

    Great Wrap to the Fiscal Year
    Tomorrow Start The New Bigger Winning Season….

  11. It’s the BOOM !! Baby!! BB time !! Let’s get it started, the road to the Big West Title starts NOW!! This is our year Warriors !!!!

  12. Who da guy closed to the Boom tattoo?
    Another 3-star tripper?
    He passed for Christian’s younger brother, who has the same kind of genes!

  13. All Filipinos, well at least this one is proud of Christian representing. But we’d all be happier if we can get back to the big dance!!! Mansu mansu Standhardinger and UH Bball!!!

  14. Shout out to the acrobatic bamboo-stick dancing groups in Hawaii,
    This is your King Christian’s senior year already, last chance to show the haole your stuff.
    Might earn yourselves a trip with TEAM to the Big Dance or, Small Dance in the Big Apple!

    Perfect time to start practicing, too! Well worth your while, right?

  15. Just guessing and looking at roster. UH coaches, athlete and their families would know the best!

    Red Shirt(sit out one year)

    1) Negus Webster-Chan(cosmopolitan lineage, fits right into UH and Hawaii culture) becuase of transfer rules. He has to sit out one year as RS and be activated as JR RS next season. So we have to wait, though, Negus promises to bring his “A” game to scout team and practice hard against the first 9 or 10 active roster guys, which is good, only makes Negus better and team will not see a lot of skillset like NWC in BWC!, win, win situation, nice if he could play immediately !! Maybe the challenges to the NCAA will have affect down the road, change some rules, as long as does not create unfair or illegal advantage!

    2) My second guess: a very young, really young age wise, freshman guard will RS this year. Will help him get used to school, being away from home and let him get bigger stronger and in system, the kid is a really solid, or will be PG.

    3) This is the one that Gib alluded to , in last video, about how the guys progressing, the video before King of Da Beach. He said, Negus, a given RS, per rules, one OR maybe TWO freshmen might, might RS,

    My guess, if two wings who are true freshman, one a SG/ wing the other a long athletic tall SF/wing, will be battling it out, to see, what they can bring to table for this year. If it would be beneficial for them to sit out one year. Coach, player and parents decision.

    Ideally I would like to see Gib carry a full 15 man active roster, 10-12 guys play rotate in and out for Defensive schemes, and fast paced transition offense. 3 guys as scout, and back up role, for team on the road. This full roster would kill the bugaboo of running out of guys that can play when March runs around, when guys get hurt, mono, high ankle sprains, or worse, academic problems.

    Then for 2013-14, Gib would have 15 on active roster, with two NWC and another to be announced RS for the year. Of the active roster guys, 4 guys are preferred walkons, so no scholie used, potential for them to earn one.

    I think, with Gib being one or two key players down past couple of years that cost him having 19 or 20 game regular season records, he is making sure, even if offer to good walkons, Interesting strategy, though I am just guessing that is what he is doing, overstocking the roster, for help in case of ailments, physically or academicaly or psychologically!

    He learned!

    He is the coach, we shall see what happens,giant roster, a lot to choose from, go big, go small, go big and small, however, with the guards and forwards never go slow again!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  16. Sorry, NWC would be RS Sophomore next year!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  17. Sorry folks,
    There won’t be any ‘Big Fro + Small Fro show;
    He’s (Ore)gone!

  18. n2o4joy:

    That is why Gib said SEVERAL guys either commit or committed to making visit. Still have chance to get one more early Nov LOI, signee, we shall see.

    n2joy , thanks for keeping us posted!!

    Either way, UH should be good this year and next, if they play stellar D and shoot well!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  19. Should be interesting first day of practice, me, old age and home bound, cannot attend games, however I did so for nearly 35 years before!! Love the MBB team!!, however thanks to good side of internet can keep posted by WI and others how practice this week went. Mahalo Plenty Dayton and crew!

    Saw This: First Official Practice for MBB team: Today , Monday September 30, 2013 at 3:00pm HST, at the Stan Sheriff Center. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

    Remember back in the day, watching Howie Dunham, Tom Newell, Fred Davis, then, Nash, and co., Werts, Henderson at Klum, Cross, Gaines etc,in open gym , at the parks, local gyms, and Klum,UH MBB players were balling all over Honolulu!! until, UH would close practices. I am sure, this is Media day too, get the sound bytes out, and quotes, huge roster, we shall see, from Beach Video, guys, look in great shape.

    Have awesome first week of practice, and Gib, instill that DEFENSE into them, pretty sure, guys play individual and team lock down D and run Gib’s sets, without TO’s will see playing time this year and help team win, guaranteed. Special bunch these 17, with potential of 14 , 15 or 16 active,

    Tomorrow October 1 2013 already, in a little over month first game of season, prior to that Green White scrimmage, should be fun next six weeks!!

    Uhfanzonly1. shout out to followers from Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, Latvia, Toronto, Chicago, Cali, Oregon, Germany, I am rocking my wheelchair!!..and Kapalama Heights.Hon, Hawaii!

  20. can’t wait for more recruiting news

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