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Official practices begin next week

The University of Hawai’i basketball team will crown a King of the Beach this weekend, then begin its official practices next week.

The Warriors were originally scheduled to start practices this Friday, but head coach Gib Arnold said he opted to push it to Monday to create “a more consistent week-long practice” schedule.


The 2013-14 roster features 17 players, and Arnold said he expects all 17 to be in practice jerseys and ready to participate on Monday. He added that all five positions are open as the team prepares for its season opener on November 8.

“When you look at it, you got a big roster this year,” Arnold said. “Negus (Webster-Chan) can’t play and we’ll maybe redshirt one or two of the other guys, but if you look at it, you got three guys for each position, so it should be pretty competitive.”

The players have been involved in individual workouts for the past month, but Arnold said full team practices will be a completely different experience, especially for the newcomers. The individual workouts are restricted to groups of four, and thus

“They got an idea of some of the principles and some of the breakdown stuff,” Arnold said. “But once we start going up and down and introducing our transition defense and our transition offense, that’s when a lot of the early teaching really takes place. That’s going to be a lot for the new guys. It’s pretty overwhelming when you consider the many different things we do defensively.”

A different type of competition will take place on Saturday morning, when the annual King of the Beach takes place at Waikiki Beach. The players will compete against each other in various beach-related drills and races. Senior forward Christian Standhardinger won it last year, and is attempting to become the first player to win it two years in a row.


  1. Man, oh man, really got excited for start of practice this Fri Sept 27 2013, however, crwon “King of the Beach” first, let guys get relaxed, then official practice begins Mon Sept 30 2013. Get ready to have some hoops heaven fans!

    A few more days Eagle, we can wait!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  2. Recruit coming in to visit this week, awesome! Keep posted for who, he or they might be!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    A possible Power Forward, or an athletic Center? or just another NWC?
    😀 ?

  3. IDK who’s coming in this week but 3* PF Raasean Davis is visiting Oct 25.

  4. Thanks dannyp! Wouldn’t it be something if Gib go commits from 3 guys early LOI’s for this November 2013. Isaac Fleming, maybe a PF and a Center or hybrid PF/Center. UH MBB program would really be attracting some 3 star, or better talent for future years! 3 or 4 years down the road. Awesome!!

    Evan? Hawaii is a nice place to be, plus the beaches are great, and weather is nice!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Also shout out to Benjy and his connections, relationships, recruiting, in fact Brandyn and Scott Fisher too, great job laying groundwork for UH MBB future success!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  5. Yeah, Another Three-Star, Equivalent or Better, Recruit or Two Committing should put Hawaiʻi on pretty solid future footing — Coach Gib is starting to exude a quieter Confidence, less frenetic, but obviously putting in the long, hard hours, days and weeks, globe-trotting to find good to great players; and starting to clearly see the fruits of all thse labors and really hard work, travelling and in the gym…kinda playing Santa Claus with great trips and two to four-year careers to work out and live in paradise while pursuing an even richer rewarding six-figure and beyond pro career…and degree for Life Beyond….That kind of Promise and Result (he does have a good track record, visible as those framed jerseys) can really set up prospective UHMBB players and their future families and careers for a Very Good Life…more than some may have seen in their lives ʻtil now….while someone like Evan may simply be choosing where he wants to invest the next four years in setting up his own great future life … and Win 40, 80 or a Hundred(!) games while theyʻre at it…BTW, Most Three Star players would make an Immediate Positive Impact… Michael Thomas and Negus are good early indicators of How Big that Splash May Be….

    Well, Come To Hawaiʻi !
    Welcome to Hawaiʻi !
    Go ʻBows !


    Saw Some of the Pre-Season College BB Mags —
    Most See the Future as Similar to Last Year (or Last Few Years);
    One Picked UHMBB to Finish 3rd in BW, One Only Sixth
    (i will NOT Put my good money into a ʻRagʻ that didnʻt do their homework or that poor in Vision) —
    But Thatʻs How Many People Think —
    That the Future is similar to the Past …
    Those BB Fans are about to discover How Much Better UHMBB can be…
    (like some of the Warrior Insiders, mostly at WI.com(?), may already be aware…)
    Amen to that…

  6. Mahalo Coach & Dayton…

    Trying NOT to Read TOO Much into The Apparent “Hinting”:

    “…we’ve already had some guys commit to either play for us or to take a trip…”

    The Good Standard to avoid just ‘being tripped’ by high profile recruits is to get a pre-trip commitment from a prospective recruit that you already like and Trust that, “IF you like what you see, will you sign with us? [Yes]”

    Then it mostly comes down to really having a good to great trip, connecting with your teammates and experiencing the real-ness, the reality of Hawai’i, its program, place and people…a good, honest salesperson, coach and staff can take ‘that’ to the bank…

    By November….(?)…

  7. O.K…. Fantasy Becoming Reality?
    (JMHO, No Need, But Sure Wanna Be Right ‘Bout This One…)

    EARLY Prediction…

    TWO MORE Three-Star or Better Commits and…

    TOP 25 National Ranking Not Later Than 2015…

    …Maybe Top 70, Top 50 or Better THIS Season…
    (RE: Top 100 have Good Chance of Making NCAA or NIT so that is NOT Saying That Much …
    AND that would be The Most for Last 10 Seasons…)

  8. According to sportshawaii.com, Hawaii offer to Dwayne Benjamin, SF 6’7 215 a JC 4-star!
    “Small Fro” brings his own ladder to the rim – as The Dean would said “Worth the price of admission just to see him plays”, not even to mention Big Fro + Small Fro..!
    He is a Roadrunner among ducks. I’m really, really angsy to see his NLOI for Hawaii.

    TEAM, pls be prepared to IMPRESS seriously when he visits (even better than how you did it for “Small Isaac”), O.K.?

  9. n2o4joy: Yes, thank you for the link! Offer to a 4 star JC SF! Awesome, also, looking out for an athletic Center.

    Gib is going after 3 star and above HS, Prep School, High rated Euro, Africa, Asia, JC USA, wherever the atheletes and right FIT guys might be Eagle!

    Hope Ben Jay, gets that contract worked out, which I am sure he is. Gib in year 4 and 5 is doing his recruiting thing! Went around the world in past 10 days or so! Hard work by Gib, Benjy, Brandyn and Fish is going to pay off!

    5 or 6 , 3 to 4 Stars on future MBB rosters, potentially!

    However, Gib , has to get the guys to still buy into TEAM, the NBA or High Euro league pro ball is great, however, team has to bond, whether 2 star or 4 star, or no star rated, to win, and everything falls into place.

    Good recruiting and selling of Hawaii Gib!. The Hawaii Visitors Bureau should acknowledge what Dayton and WI , plus the UH MBB program is doing to promote this beautiful place, to live, get and education, Win a lot of Basketball games, and prepare young men for future lives!

    Go Bows, Warriors, Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Go UH Hoop Team and Gib!
    P.S. Eagle, probably the most interesting and exciting recruiting potential going on since waaay back in the day with successful UH teams of the seventies, late eighties till nineties and now in the 21st century.

    Also n2joy, Gib stated in above video, That it appears that possibly more than 2 might be making visit in next few weeks. So that signing of possibly THREE LOI’s and very, very early verbal committs, which is fantastic for Gib and MBB program, would be AWESOME!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!
    Now, we have to sit back and watch, who committs before early November LOI date, should be interesting, so far a 3 star combo guard, now, a SF and PF/C athletic? We shall see!

    😀 !!

  10. Eagle and n2joy and fellow fans: Great shout out and mahalo to Negus. He was a top 100 talent out of Toronto Canada, played some ball, prep in USA before signing with Mizzou, and actually starting for several games. He has a year to work with UH team, and pursue his dream in a couple of years, trying to make the Leauge!

    n2 joy, you are correct, the current 17 guys on the roster, seem to be enjoying so far, the experience of being in Hawaii , whether scholie, or preferred walkons seeking to earn scholies, fantasitc!

    A roster of 17? UH waaay back in the day had a 16 roster team, which included a few RS’s!

    Maybe this year, in practices, Gib will see , as he says, possibly one, who actually offered to work out one year, get adjusted, then be activated for next year, aside from Negus, awesome, very humble and hard working young guy with great ohana from far away!

    Once Again, Dayton, you Da Man, you beat the other media guys, because, you have virtual 24/7 access to Gib, staff and his student athletes, which other TV station, or paper, has a real time video, very current from UH MBB source itself, NOBODY but Dayton and WI, a Million Mahalos Dayton, UH MBB , a true labor of love by you, thanky to Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise, donors and fellow Rainbow Warrior WI contributors.

    One Word: AWESOME!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  11. Agree 100% n2joy, besides the coaches, the MBB athletes can also, help potential recruits to make decision to come to Hawaii. As Isaac Fleming stated, he likes what he sees, the potential, and whom he could be playing with to win championships. AS he said, as well as NWC, GN and QS, plus SJ and MT, they liked the guys, the weather, the ohana feel, and felt they could really help UH get to as Eagle says that top 30 or 35 consistent, MBB ranking every year. Would be Fantastic.

    UH MBB , team shout out, have a great season, and thanks to all of you 17 for choosing to be part of the best NCAA D1 MBB program in the Mid Pacific!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Plus, Honolulu, has a lot of diverse places to eat food from different cultures,or the best of USA, cuisine!
    All potential couple of recruits visiting over next month, have great visit, and shout out to your families, we appreciate your young sons, and their willingness, with your support to play and study at the University of Hawaii, a top 170 or better academic institution in the world!


  12. Dayton: You did it last pre season I think, had short video of MBB team doing weights, broad jump, and testing for vertical. That was neat! I would imagine, Garrett Nevels and Quincy Smith two lithe guards, have vertical, standing jump of at least 33 inches or more. Aaron Valdes, definitely 38 inches or more, Negus, I don’t know, the guy is an athlete, maybe he has 34 inch or more , or maybe he goes to another level, next year! Pretty sure, Michael Thomas, man he seems to be growing vertically and putting on a little muscle by the day, since July!, MT probably can get up higher than 32 inch vertical, standing jump. UH has at least several guys who can go get ball, or take ball to the rim, play at the rim, true athletes, and only getting better by the day!

    Dayton Question: How accurate are the listed heights for the MBB athletes? MT was coming in out of HS at 6’6″ , now UH has him listed at 6’8″, which is great. Jack Hackman, his AAU coach said he was 6’5 1/2″ , UH site has him listed at 6’4″. Previous,Aaron Valdes was listed at 6’6″ coming into this summer, now UH site has him at 6’5″, I guess, the guys shrink and grow over a few months! 😀

    NIce to have video of vertical jump testing plus height measurement, I remember Joston Thomas, was listed at 6’7″ coming into UH, when he went to NBA workout, pre draft, they measured him at 6’5″ , I guess bottom line, whether 1 inch shorter , or 2 inches taller, as long as the guys can play well and win games!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  13. Awesome!.. Anyone know who’s visiting this weekend? Should be a good weekend for a visit with Women’s VB on Friday, and King of the Beach competition and Football on Saturday.

  14. I was never a fan of using all your scholies in the early signing period of course unless you can sign top players….for a team like us we need to save 1 because there’s always a bunch of studs you can find later in the season and actually see what they do their senior season

  15. hfan09:

    I know that one Isaac Fotu was an early signee November. He enjoyed his visit, the extended poly ohana here, and he is a good one. I think with UH MBB, if they can sign two 3 or 4 star athletes early, get them on the LOI dotted line, UH has locked in two good athletes, who can attract another for that possible Spring April, May LOI date.

    Would be awesome, if Gib got the 3 star guard , so far verbal, and a SF/PF super 4 star, to sign in November. I can’t remember any UH former coach having early signee 3 or 4 star recruits ? Gib is recruiting athletes who have the grades and love Hawaii.

    Hopefully this gets the MBB program grounded and highly competitive and winning BWC championships and NIT , or better yet NCAA invites for years to come. Exciting stuff, the last 6 or 7 years before Gib came on board, only Roderick Flemings was a huge get.

    Go Rainbow Warriors, hoping a 3 and maybe 4 star recruits will sign in November, beat the other schools, sign, perhaps, under the radar gets!


  16. i think this year the players will have their names on the back of their jerseys

  17. hawaiifan09: That would be nice. Each player represent their Ohana and hometown, state and country.

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    King of the Beach Tomorrow. I never knew, that it drew, several dozens of tourists and interested ones to that contest. Once again, Waikiki Beach, beautiful site, hope it doesn’t rain, and great recruiting tool.

    Herr Standhardinger, defending champion , who will claim title this year?

    Anyways, Hope the RECRUIT , who is in town at this moment, takes in the WVB game, fits in well with the team, likes Hawaii, and thinks about committing! Hope UH FB upsets Fresno St too, if that recruit likes football!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Almost Hoops time!

  18. Dayton, what WI forum members as well as many UH students and SSC fans would like to know. What is status of Jamie Smith? Will he be here for MBB season? We all hope so, he is great for Gib’s program and the Manoa Maniacs, though we know Jamie directed others to continue the promotion , cheers and spirit for UH games!

    Come back Jamie Smith , we miss you.!


  19. “King of the Beach (grind) 2013″

    ~ 1. ‘Spearmint’ – Hottest challenger per super-charged power, speed & experience.
    ~ 2. Nevels – A dark-horse winner based on quickness, smart, selfishness (to win).
    ~ 3. Thomas – Staff bump-upped height, athleticism, anticipation prospect in 2014.
    Mike for ‘Mighty”. If he add-on another 20-30lbs., all-around skill improved,
    toughness became second nature. A starting center in the near future (got da IQ)!
    ~ 4. Jovan – You credited yourself with sound fundamentals as well as a sponge to
    everything UHMBB.., can you keep-up with Mike?

    Aloha & good luck to you all!

  20. Having Recruits actually join in the Competition Might Be a Bit (Too) Much…
    BUT At Least they’d have some sense of How Much Harder And Different it would All Work Out Here

    Viva La Difference!
    Long Live The King of The Beach…

    Looking Forward to The Who, The How and How Well Trippin’ Went
    and Who’s (Unofficially) Scheduled to Follow…

    Three Stars, Four Stars, Hawai’i and Future National MBB Stars…?

  21. Hooray for Christian Standhardinger, as Negus says, ” the guy is a hard worker”, Defended 2013 King of the Beach, all 17 plus, ONE major recruit(?don’t know for sure?) in attendance at beach, last nite at unreal WVB game, as well as tonite at UH FB game,

    which I am hoping that FB team can score 28 pts and win by 1. I think they are going to do it if the O line can block and the defense can stop 3rd down coversions and the deep ball, catch and run after catch!!

    Mein Bester Herr Standhardinger! Danke schön! Maraming salamat! KING OF DA BEACH now King of the BWC. Been all over town, listening and taking to Artie Wison., Tony Sellito, the summer league coaches, the staff when they at shopping at Costco, the BB guys at the WVB games and the Football games, They Feel this Super Positive Vibe in the 17 young athletes, in particular what the returnees have bought into., over summer turn their weakenesse into strenghts, which they have. Plus Stefan, Michael Thomas, Quincy Smith, Garrett Nevels, Negus(4 star out of Toronto) high level D1 transfer, plus, Niki Filipovich, and Jack Hackman, and OUR BOY, 808 represent, and buggah can shoot the rock when left wide open, teams will have to respect him, plus, Dyrbe smart BB kid!

    Consensus, of Coaches, to trainers, ball boys and girls, team doctor, DOB, AD, Gib has BB talent from 1 thorugh 17 this year, sign at UH office should say, before you think of your comitting, remember, all spots are up for grabs, even if you are a McDonald’s AA! No ego maniacs, Selfish Sallies, ball goes into the Black Hole, never comes back out.,

    Have guard that can go to the rim, finish and one, or dish with nice passes to open teammates. Love the guards, SF’s , SG’s/ wings, PF’s, and Centers, a lot of them Hey team follow the lead of the King of DA BEACH, always give smart BB IQ 100% , then you will win Rainbow Classic, home game against NMSU, and maybe shock the world by beating last year NCAA invite team Mizzou at home( you know Negus is chomping at the bit, want UH to have good showing, if guards control tempo, and bigs, do a dance,and UH plays smart , hard and together, maybe by end of December UH could be 13-1 before start of BWC play, I think they can do it. Gib you gotta coach your arse off, however, now, you have good kids ,students competitors and athletes, a feel good team, whom have worked super hard since early July.

    Go get em Gib, pack with at least 6000 every nite, with some sellouts. the SSC with hopefully Jamie Smith leading 800 Manoa Maniacs !! Man Gib I am sweating. Hope you get a couple of LOI early november 2013, will set UH MBB up in good stead for years to come. Better yet, go to NCAA, or at least NIT over next 4 years, you will get your 3 , 4 , and maybe a 5 star BB athlete to come here. Ben Jay should be happy, didn’t cost a lot to have Arnold on board, now Ben, if Gib wins big this year, lock him into a multi year contract, not easy buy out, we want Gib to be able to recruit good next level athletes , people and students over next 4 years. Then, Ben, you will fulfill your vision, take UH up to top 50 athletic program in the nation.

    And darn it, with private monies, state help, maybe a couple (Ellison of Lanai and Oracle fame!!) could vest a lot into UH athletics, an on campus, 45000 seat stadium, new weight rooms, light bulbs toilets, re do the UH 1 and 2 practice gyms, restore Klum to its original beauty, make the campus safe for coeds, and make the UH athletic program shine in the Pacific, it should be the centerpiece, athletically and academically , no question. I am donor, small, kine, UHF, wife, grandkids, myself, siblings and kids all graduates of UH system, we love Hawaii and its athletics..

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

    Negus and Niki, I don’t think Christian is a HATER, he is a lover of WININING, !! Negus, you can get on his nerves or game in practices, help to make him stronger with the ball, go either hand, lower the arc, for both Christian and Fotu, in fact whole team GOAL: FT % near 80% for ALL 15 active roster guys, so key, UH could score 80 – 90 pts a game, however, in last 3 minutes, if they cannot hit key FT’s to close out games, and they lose, it will be like last couple of years. So guys , PRACTICE FT’s get a good coach, and spend time, same routine, relax, focux, bend knees, and hold form, not to high the arc then money, and GAME WON, BWC tourney win and NCAA INVITE coming up very soon!@!

    Great job this year Herr Standhardinger!
    Go Rainbow Warriors, all you guys from Negus to Dyrbe, don’t be Haters, be lovers of WINNING and going to NCAA’s

    Dang nab it…come on, get that Green White scrimmage going!!

    Exciting year, Dayton…and thanks so much for video updates, on your own time, plus the amazing support of private, small and large, and Ameriprise!


  22. Playhoopsa, that post has to be in the running for the longest post prize this season!

  23. Sorry Aussie Mum, so excited for start of regular season first practice!!
    Saw Mike’s photo with sign “thunder from down under” in photo from Aussie land!!
    Pretty soon Mike Harper will be battling for SG or wing. He will help team win championshi!

    Aloha Aussie Mum!!

  24. Over-Stated…(See http://www.sportshawaii.com)

    Negus is Two or Three-Star (Vice Four);
    Shamburger was Good but NOT All-WAC…

    Sim to G.Jefferson, Manroop and Ozren, newcomers, including redshirts,
    need to ʻProveʻ can play D-1 And WIN D-1…
    (Many or Most ought to do well…weʻll see…)

  25. Mike H. Will help UH win BWC championship and hopefully NCAA invite!!

    Michael will tear opponent’s offenses Asunder with his 3 pt Thunder From Down Under!!

    Aloha. Aussie Mum and dad and Ohana!!

  26. Eagle , that is why Gib brought in Nevels, Smith, Filipovich… those guys are not 4 or 5 star recruits however those 3 plus Shamburger and even Enos can compete in the BWC right? Gib and team are trying to win the BWC tourney. and go NCAA’s.. this stable of guards are much more athletic. And can score …just need real.game experience… Eagle it…would not be shocking if UzH won the BWC ..I would be surprised if they did not finish first or second.,,UH guard rotation is so much better,. Fotu and Standhardinger wiil.make guards better.
    Go Rainbow Warriors!!

    Keep the faith Eagle… UH will be a winner on and off the court!!


  27. Does anyone know who the recruit that visited this weekend is??? If he went to the football game and stayed until the end he saw an exciting game that was almost an incredible come back!!!

  28. That was a great game ,almost came back from 39pts down!! Warriors!! Always possible for FB team to go 6-2 the rest of the way!! WVB game awesome too!! My favorite time of year UH MBB ,WVB, and UH footbLl.
    Recruit ,think about it zUH atletics can be exciting!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors! !

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