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Hawaiian style workout


The University of Hawai’i basketball team has discovered a new way to take advantage of the natural playground at Waikiki Beach by adding a new twist to their weekly morning workout sessions – canoe paddling.

“We like to take advantage of the elements here and we have this beautiful ocean and this beach right here,” assistant coach Scott Fisher said.

For the past few weeks, the Warriors have been training in the sand at Waikiki Beach, but those sessions are mostly about building leg strength and quickness. The paddling session was designed to incorporate some of the upper-body muscles.

“That was a good workout for the arms,” redshirt sophomore Negus Webster-Chan said.

Not all of the players were available to participate, so the team was separated into three crews for the paddling session. Experienced paddlers from the Royal Hawaiian Waikiki Beach Boys served as the steersmen, and gave the team a quick lesson in technique.


Once the players got a feel for paddling in the canoe, they participated in half-mile races against each other. The crew of Webster-Chan, Dyrbe Enos, Niko Filipovich and assistant coach Fisher emerged as the top canoe on this day.

“We went hard,” Webster-Chan said. “Picked the shortest guys, strongest guys on the team. Everybody was talking to us, we were the silent assassins.”

Enos is the only Hawai’i-raised player on the UH roster this season, but it was a new experience for him also. He said he has tried stand-up paddling (SUP) previously, but this was his first time in an outrigger canoe. “Fun day, good workout,” he said.

The winning crew prevailed in both of its races thanks to being in the right place at the right time to have waves help push them to shore.

“Let’s be honest, they were on the inside, there were more waves, and that’s why they won, that’s it,” argued senior Christian Standhardinger.

In any case, it was another “only in Hawai’i” moment for the Warriors.


“I don’t imagine Indiana University is out doing something like this, or even Duke,” Fisher said. “But there’s no doubt about it, it’s a great workout and it is a lot of fun. The guys enjoy it and it’s a little bit of cross training.”

Prior to the paddling session, the Warriors received a brief history lesson on Waikiki, canoe paddling and surfing.

“I think it’s important when these guys come out here from different places, whether it be Toronto, Canada, or Munich, Germany, that they learn a little bit about the culture and history here of the island,” Fisher said. “We thought we could combine both some athletic events with the history and, of course, outrigger canoeing is a big part of what we do here in Hawai’i.”


  1. At a beautiful site, lovely day, an NCAA Division I Basketball team, working out , canoe paddling and races, great stuff!

    Gib and staff are on it, being at Hawaii, it is about the lifestyle, the culture, besides school and Basketball.

    The guys seem to love it, I am sure they do!

    Nice writeup and video Dayton, a True Insider!


  2. Mahalo Dayton, WI staff, & sponsors! This has got to be the best recruiting video ever! Beautiful weather & Waikiki – just another great day in beautiful Hawaii! I can visualize that this will be an annual pre-season event! Congrats to the winning team members (with the only Hawaiian player!).

    To all the other D1 basketball teams – eat your hearts out!

  3. Great to see the follows working together!! Gonna be a great season

  4. What a beautiful way to promote things Hawaiian. WI+ media arts at da best by Dayton & cos!

    Developing upper body strength can be fun & enjoyable too. Hope all of your future recruits have a chance to witness this!?

    Come & lay the foundation for a sucessful life, beside elevating your D1 hoop dreams.

  5. The Outrigger UHM Basketball Team — Outrigger Classic Sponsor?

    ought to be developed into a LARGE WALL Mural in the Athletic Complex and into Recruiting Brochure…

    START Team Introductions to Theme of “Hawaiʻi 5-0?
    WITH the Team ACTUALLY Paddling the Outrigger Canoe!

    Upper Body Strength Building Up ʻNaturallyʻ…
    Actually USING The Muscles in Competition…

    ? WHAT Would be The Activity to Build Up DUNKING Skills ?

  6. No where on the west coast do you have a finer beach , California? forget it, too cold , gotta wear a wet suit, and the water there is gray, Hah! It’s Warrior time !

  7. Thanks Dayton, nice video!

    Great recruiting tool, Evan, Delaware, Senegal etc, come enjoy Da Beach!
    That part about competition, and guys still arguing who won, or who had advantage, crazy !(wait until Green White scrimmage, the bragging rights of who won,game or slam dunk , 3 pt contests as long as guys have fun, stay together, be a TEAM)?
    Bottom line, the active roster, with support of whomever RS’s, come together, battle, and whomever on the court, whether score 3 pts or 30, ALL OHANA, win the game.
    These guys, can be part of something very special THIS YEAR!

    As the Waikiki Beach Boy said, and we agree, Have great success this year!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  8. What a great video Dayton! I was impressed that you could get the shots in without the camera getting all wet!

    As a former paddler, I love seeing people getting in the canoe!

    To all the fans and parents out there, I just have to put another shout out to Dayton, who has a full time job and does all his video shooting and editing in his spare time. He is the one who wakes up (at the crack of dawn) to film the early beach day work out, stops by the gym, or jumps in a canoe with first time paddlers and constantly gets new quotes from the guys. He keeps everyone in the loop on all the things that makes the University of Hawaii Men’s team so dynamic! Kudos to his dedication to the fans of Warrior Insider!

    Hope everyone enjoyed their summer!!!


    Wait a minute, I too old. Haha. What a great training day. Thanks Dayton

    I was hoping to see another open gym session video but this was just a riot. I was laughing the whole way thru. Team Fisher! Haha. Crack me up.

    NWC double bicep pose after. Nice!

  10. Awesome video, Dayton. For those who only know Dayton from this web site, please know that he was the preeminent reporter on UH basketball and ocean sports — paddling, surfing, etc. — while at the Honolulu Advertiser.

    As mentioned above, this is a great recruiting tool. Or, as Eagle suggested, put it up on the video scoreboard at Stan Sheriff with the Hawaii 5-0 theme. It’d be a great entry theme for the team.

  11. clyde:

    Mahalo for reminder. Yes a lot of us old timers know how much Dayton loved covering UH MBB team. He was the man. (How much access Gib allows to Dayton is great!!)Now with the internet, and this unique website, his reach in sharing more than open gym, or after game interviews, the total lifestyle of UH MBB athletes. Great, great work Dayton, and a million mahalos!

    To Valerie Schmidt, thankyou to you and your ohana for sponsorship and keeping WI afloat, it is a GREAT recruiting tool, if potential guys and their families, look at the videos, and follow the interviews, though thousands of miles away they get the sense of something special in Hawaii, and its Basketball program.

    Gib ,and staff in four years has developed something special, Gib has got it, same as LB with WBB, Hawaii, is a very special place to play sports and more importantly get a degree and pursue great things post UH!

    Mahalo again Dayton, working full time, and burning the midnite oil, and getting up early on your own time to do great things for UH BB. I remember, when your site was first being constructed, now it is the ultimate INSIDER for all things Rainbow Warrior Basketball.!!


  12. The UH1F ohana, UHF1 and playhoopsa, appreciate this site and forum. Very fan friendly, not a lot of venom, like some other sites and blogs. We ALL LOVE UH MBB hoops for years. playhoopsa , the younger in our family of fans, will post probably when season starts, so he can concentrate on his business and family.

    Myself, not as much posting, however, Love UH MBB since mid sixties, so hard to keep away, and now typing no problem, since home bound. Love your site, Dayton,and graciousness in letting our family post, since we are rabid UH BB fans. Some other posts are from same family. We are all over Hawaii, and Mainland.

    Anyways, UHF1 , ..I cannot wait for season to start, I personally think Gib has a shot at BWC crown, tournament. If the guys, the new and returnees, play as a Team as playhoopsa and I always mention.

    Go UH MBB team. Warriors, Rainbow Warriors, or Let’s Go Bows!

    Great season ahead, I can feel it!


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