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‘Grinding in Paradise’

University of Hawai’i basketball coach Gib Arnold likes to call it “grinding in paradise” and it has nothing to do with eating plate lunches.

It has more to do with the Warriors preparing for the upcoming season, and taking advantage of some of the natural playgrounds that only Hawai’i can offer. Specifically, the Warriors started their annual beach training program this past weekend at the world-famous Waikiki Beach.


“I just think it’s one of the things that makes this place so special,” Arnold said. “We can come down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and workout in the morning. Our guys get up early on a Saturday when a lot of guys are sleeping, and they’re out here grinding in paradise.”

The workouts include various running, jumping and other drills designed to utilize the resistance provided by the soft sand at Waikiki Beach.

“It’s not easy, it’s hard,” Arnold said. “But it’s also a lot of fun and helps us get, obviously, in great shape and helps us build togetherness.”

The beach workouts will take place once a week throughout the month, and it will conclude with the annual “King of the Beach” competition – which features the players challenging each other in various beach-related races and drills. Senior forward Christian Standhardinger won the competition last year, and he said the key is to “go hard.”

Standhardinger and some of the other veteran players provided encouragement and bits of advice for the newcomers to the team.

“It’s way harder to move on the beach than to move in the gym, so you just got to prepare them a little bit,” Standhardinger said. “Let them know that after 15 minutes, when your muscles get real tired, you just have to push through it and you’ll be fine.”


  1. Mahalo Dayton for video update!

    Boys, working hard, on nicest venue in USA, Waikiki Beach!

    Go UH MBB team, get into good shape and do some winning!

    Have fun!


  2. Maybe no King of the Beach, the Kings of the Beach!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, about 24 days to first official day of practice, wow!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, work it!

    Thanks for video Dayton!!


  3. Believe at end of video, saw Da Beast! Davis Rozitis, one of the X factors for this year’s team, along with, Michael Harper, Jack Hackman, Stefan Jovanovich, AV and MT!
    Great bunch of shooters, who , if well conditioned, play full , half court pressure defense, and the condtioning will be key, if they can run more and finish this year.

    The more I look at videos, the guys, are , correct hawaiifan, eagle, ROB T, servante, jjay, and all fans, they look like basketball athletes. Everyone can bring something to the UH MBB table. So far, very good.Could be a 10 , 11 deep team, if need be, maybe don’t have to have 6 or 7 guys to depend on, though that, core of Standhardinger, Davis, Spearman, Shamburger, and Fotu , …plus Enos, Harper, Aaron and Michael T., key. I like this team!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.!!


    Only guys, I did not see, unless anyone else noticed, did not see Quincy Smith or Brandon Jawato, must both still be hurting, hope they rehab okay!

  4. Wonder how is Caleb Dressler? Injury?

  5. Thanks Dayton – I love seeing the boys work out on the beach – beach training is the hardest!!!

    But I agree with Gib – where better to grind on the beach than in Hawaii.

    Keep working hard boys and it will pay off

  6. Garrett is an athletic beast.

  7. no wonder why gib recruited so much players to his team……more chances for someone to defeat christian

  8. how’s about u get the team to do koko head then treading water at sandy’s….superior athletes after that

  9. Mahalo, Dayton, Staff & Sponsors…

    Even the Returnees can tell this builds them up
    Strengthening, ligaments, tendons and muscles, burnin’ and toughening to avoid in-season fatigue and injuries….

    Just building on every effort up to now and cranking & ratcheting up another notch… and another…
    Going Hard … This Team, these players seem to understand giving full effort…no dogging…

    What could be better on Saturday Mornings in September?

  10. Hey DaBis,

    As the long Summer gets hotter and hotter and without any DaBis Froduction for the longest time –
    Your avid fans got frantic..
    Worrying that while your pal The Wizard of Ozland, enjoys your company so much on your visitation that he tried to secured the Starting Center job for his pro-ball team for you so, you be making big bucks too and you going ahead with your plan of sending for your beautiful “lovely Hula hand” in marriage! Happily has forgotten the togetherness there with the Waikiki TEAM (you promised “I will return to Waikiki.. “).

    After much waiting you finally shown your tallest-standing face @ the final seconds of the “grinding in paradise”, “body by beach”.
    Though jet-lacked effect is in evidence >> An eminent relief (for fans anyhow)!

    ~1. With your natural gifted agility, backed in your comfort zone that even with half hazard effort still earned your title as “The King”.
    ~2. Without the Invincible He Who Opted Out as your suppressor, despite at time you might miss a dunk by eight inches within two feet, you inherited the starting center job,
    fulfilling Gib’s dream since you’re the prized recruit for USC days; You’re the Prince of recruits in his heart. Invariably supportive for the full five years (future/current Warriors, note this, isn’t this the kind of creditability you want?).
    ~3. 1.9 ppg, 2.1 rpg will be 200%+ increased for 2013-2014 to make your salt from Waikiki water worthy.
    ~4. You dominate the Big(s) of BWC (including the 7’2, 7’5..).
    ~5. Unbelievable graduated-sr breakout year catapults TEAM reach NCAA tournament and beyond!
    ~6. You made BWC Honorable Mention list.
    ~7. As Defender of the Year won by Jovan, you got the Most Improved crown for the better as ever.
    ~8. WI shall enjoy another year of your just as outstanding contribution in behind the scene.

    Master degree to be ensured. The DaBis in academic still available!?

  11. Oh yeah, BB time coming, King of the Beach, who’s the next King?!!

  12. n2o4 — Nice Vision for Davis…

    Monsieur Beast — Should You Decide to Accept this Mission as The Standing Gib Grad…
    Thank You for the “Fifth Year”… As GIB’s #1 Recruit to Hawai’i…
    Go Out in a Beastly Blast!

    To make the BW All-Defensive Team you may need 15-20+ mpg…
    in which case we’ll be enjoying the Blocks, Steals, Slams and WINS !

    YOU Helped Build Your Great, Continually Improving, Supporting Cast…

    Have a GREAT Year!

  13. Hey fellow die hard UH MBB fans, I love this WI site moderated by the supreme Insider UH MBB, Dayton Morinaga.

    Enjoy banter and comments from: jjay, FUHA, Tonganator, TribeV, Aussie Mum, servante, ROB T, Eagle, hawaiifan09, playhoopsa(that ohana boy!),n2o4joy, Clyde(Dayton good friend,and great stat man), Josh, and I am missing a bunch more.

    I believe the beach workouts, started with Bob Nash, I remember, seeing, Tony Akpan working out one morning, near Kuhio Beach walk groin.

    Great tradition. And for the young guys, what an impression for tourists and young fans to watch!

    Agree: That Garrett Nevels, is AN ATHLETE. I am thinking if Quincy Smith, were healthy, he would be running and battling with Nevels, they are both quick, and lot of burst energy.

    Guys look good…Fans comments on this site, so supportive, other sites, wow lethal, not fan or family friendly.

    Dayton thankyou for this Aloha for UH MBB site, a lot of pure love for UH MBB team.

    Mahalo. Guys, keep working hard, and Quincy, Jawato, and Dressler, get better, and get well!


  14. Maybe beach workouts started when Riley Wallace was in final year, don’t know.

    However, this is Hawaii’s team now, great bunch of athletes, they in numbers, will be well conditioned, 10-12 deep, run and gun, and have fun, good legs to shoot FT’s to close out close games,can pressure D, a lot during game, get run outs, dunks and 3 pointers, quick. Should be exciting.

    I think , just for completing the 5 session, Sat beach workouts, speaks volumes for guys competing and getting better, You usually don’t see 15-16 young guys on beach workout, at 600am on beautiful Sat morning. great to see passion!


  15. Davis: Your Mission, if you choose to accept it. “Dunk the Ball…Dunk the Ball…Dunk the Ball” One hand, two hand, reverse, tomahawk, off of lobs, dunk on the 7’5″ center. Also “Block the shot…Block the shot…Block the shot”…..Yes agree, Davis can jump, and his timing is good, I still remember when Vander was in foul trouble at SSC against those huge NMSU front line, Davis, was a Beast.

    n2joy, Yeah, maybe Davis was condsidering, Eastern European pro ball, decided to come back for gra year, very loyal, Gib’s first, original recruit to graduate in 4 years, and to be part of team for 4!

    Davis: Be A leader, you have a potential Euro high league contract awaiting, if you average 8 pts, 8 rebounds, 2.5 blocked shots, and 3 dunks a game, 55% FG , 45% 3 pt, 80% FT, and 2 steals and 3 assists per game. If you average, 18 pts, 12 rebound, 3.5 blocks, 60% FG, 48% 3pt, 88% FT, 5 assists, 3 steals, and BWC player of the year, talking about NBA, lottery, or first round pick.

    All up to you Davis, the most coordinated, agile and quick, 7 foot plus, 240 pound center, really a small forward, stretch PF, that UH has ever had.

    Go do it Da Beast!

    We cheering for you, along with Stefan and Caleb, when battling teams with giant bigs!


  16. Fans, what is really great? The older guys, or ones been through the beach workout from last year, encourage the younger new guys. That is solidarity. Just to get better. The conditioning and bonding will help UH win a lot of games. And, yes, a lot of coaches are like Gib, helping them to get better, by conditioning.

    Nice group of young men, UH has to promote the
    Super Seventeen…Potential great 14 or 15 on active roster this year.

    I think fans, we are in for a good season!

    Love attitude of new guards, Quincy, hope he is okay, and Garrett Nevels, want to get better and win. The wings, Aaron V. and Michael T, who is getting more confident each day in Open gym. and the returnees, helping UH MBB ohana, become winners, champions of the BWC regular and BWC tournament titles. NCAA or at least, NIT here they come!

    Strength in numbers, maybe one more, depends on Gib, walkon? we shall see, that would bring UH roster up to 18! Wow!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! And physcially fit, and great looking athletes for young fans, the loyal ones who look up to them!

    Go Rainbow Warrriors! Go Bows!!:D

  17. One. OHANA!

  18. GREAT WI.com Coverage:
    Summer League Highlights
    Catching Up with …Individual Interviews
    Beach Work
    Open Gym
    Small Group Practices?
    Official Practices?
    A Day in the Life (Da Beast Froductions?)

    Is it Too Much like a Team Scouting Report to talk with coaches about and catch some videos of what each group — point guards, wings, forwards, Bigs are working on as a Group — while i would ‘assume’ every good coaching staff in D-1 are using somewhat similar drills, would it give a Wily Monson or LBSU Assistant Coach, for example,TMI, ‘too much information’ on group weaknesses, than say reviewing “Live Action” game films?

    i know the WI.com crowd would appreciate the insight into how this staff is masterfully building All the Common/Similar Shared skills that allow every player at each position to run all the plays…

    BUT maybe not if we were giving too much info to the opposition?


  19. Eagle: You bring up valid points, however, would think that game film and what Spearman, Standhardinger, Fotu, Rozitis, Jawato, Harper, can do BWC teams have video from last year.

    Shamburger, video from WAC years.

    The X Factor for this team, ” the focus is different” in terms of offense. Last 2 years it was get the ball into Vander. Now, Gib would like to run and uptempo on O and D. Definitely he is going to implement D first, since a lot of old and newer guys can shoot some.

    Probabaly by DHC time, BWC teams will have definite read on what kind of team UH is going to have, in fact for thousands of UH MBB fans, All of us should know by then. Can they run, finish, close out, rebound, defend, guard and defend the 3, are they inside and out now., is there better chemistry?

    With new guys and RS’s Dressler, Shamburger, Aaron Valdes, Michael Thomas, Quincy Smith, Garrett Nevels, Stefan Jovanovich, and whomever else on the active squad this year, WE ALL have to wait to see how team meshes in practice, can they D up, trap, get steals, can they run decent fast breaks and finish, can THEY INBOUND the ball under pressure. etc.

    As I say, and only my opinion, With Hauns, Jace, Vander, Manroop, Ozi, and Gee Jefferson gone, this year’s team is very different, should be quicker, and in my eyes, Fotu and Standhardinger barring serious injuries or reinjries are probably the best, if not one of the best forwad tandems in the BWC. They are good, really good.

    Eagle, about that time of the year, between, start of WVB and Football, and first practice Sept 27 2013. Pretty sure, that is why Gib would have closed practices and workouts too, if he were implementing specific sets and plays for teams such as NMSU and Mizzou on the road, the RBC and DHC teams.

    Gib, has a fresh start, good athletes at guard at wings, and the bigs can run, and shoot 3’s too.
    BWC, has to guard 6’8″ twin towers, who can move, go to rim, rebound on O and D, start the break, finish, and step out for occasional 3.,,good dilemma to have. Gib and staff must be smiling!

    Pretty sure, these pre season and summer league stuff, open gym are not giving away too much, you notice on the open gym guys are almost going half speed, same with summer league, so they don’t get gassed or hurt!

    UH MBB should be fine, a ton of athletes, now they have to work as TEAM, that is the secret, has been for sports, for decades, work as a TEAM, defend as a TEAM, score as a TEAM and finally win ball game, a lot, as a TEAM!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


    First pracitce starts in about 21 days , 3 weeks!!

  20. Also Eagle, No way would super UH MBB supporter and our friend Dayton Morinaga run an excellent site, for fans, families, friends, students, and potential recruits, that could be accessed by other teams, though Dayton is a great moderator, he can spot out the trolls.

    Dayton would not, I say would not, compromise UH MBB, and what they are trying to do, nor leak, strengths weaknesses, it is still waaaay tooo early in pre season to come to conclusion how team can do.

    We fans, watching videos of summer league and open gym, notice different things about new and old guys, however, once again, they are not going full speed, and not running UH implemented sets.

    More , so, Dayton provide a service, so we can see what guys look like, are some guys better shooters, rebounders, are guards better ball handlers, defenders etc. Really not till
    Gib and staff roll out the ball for the individual position workouts and full practice starts. If his team is just blazing in sync on D, and running controlled fast breaks, and some guys can break guys down, and score, he would probably state it in a month or so.

    Maybe something to the effect, that “now we have PG’s with good handles, go to the rim, mid range floaters, jumpers, 3 ball shooters. The SG’s have worked hard on their ball handling too, I have confidence that, not one, but several including the wings can handle and pass the ball well. That is a key, good ball control. UH has that this year with guards and wings, look out BWC, UH can match up. Either way, I say, UH has good leaders up front in Fotu and Standhardinger and hopefully Rozitis plays like Dirk Nowitzki!

    Go Rainbow Warrriors!


  21. Yeah, subject to Dayton & Co.’s available Time and Stamina,
    We’d All study any and all of the above team insights as videos
    as we gnaw at the remaining, but quickly vanishing ‘wait’ time
    ’til practices, games, Wins and Recruit Future Star Commits…

    Longer pre-season should be an advantage to smarter, more disciplined teams; better disposition and BBIQ now versus three previous years’ teams…and more ability to learn and retain more complex offenses, defenses, traps, presses, options…

    Go, Bows!

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