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Comings and goings of open gym

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It’s still the preseason, and several members of the University of Hawai’i basketball team are still getting adjusted to their status as NCAA Division I student-athletes. Others are nursing nagging injuries to be fully prepared for the start of official practices later this month.

With that said, it has been difficult to get the full roster of 17 players together at one time for an open gym session.

Two players, however, were able to participate this week after sitting out recent workouts and open gym sessions: sophomore guards Brandon Jawato and Quincy Smith. Jawato was out with an ankle injury; Smith was sidelined with a toe injury.

But their addition came on a day when several others were out due to illness, injury or schedule conflicts.

Nonetheless, all of the players are participating in preseason conditioning, and there does not appear to be any significant injuries or setbacks as of this week.


  1. yeeeah MIKE!!!!…looks like you’re coming out to play….I couldn’t imagine u adding 6-7 inches on your vert….would be scary seeing him turn into a Galloway but with a shot to the 3 point line….quincy looks to be a back-up but a solid one better than previous years guards….nevels will be that last 5 seconds create a shot for the win type guy…he’s been steady since day 1…I can see jawato and Hackman chillin on the 3 point line with a smile……haha just video observations

  2. So is it true that Mike thomas has grown 2 inches since graduation? He still might be growing if so.

  3. Aloha Dayton & sponsors,

    Mahalo for the fast & often, exciting reports/updates.. even in the off-season!

    This website progressively maturing into a truly international attraction, simply beyond our wildest imagination. And that the TEAM’s performance exactly fits for the same evaluation!

    Just can’t holdback my hype & enthusiasm on this UHMBB season.

    Hoping they maintain their focus, coolly execute their moves at this level..

    “Sky is the limit, guys”!

  4. So happy to see Quincy and Brandon Jawato back! Also Negus.

    Without a doubt, although preseason, and open gym, these guys, 16 or 17 of them, go to the rack, which NO Gib previous 3 years team had guys do consistently, in fact last year, the guards, with exception of Spearman, stayed 15 to 20 feet away from rim, plus Isaac Fotu has added the 3 ball to his game! With he and Standhardinger, able to score in transistion, low post, AND 3 ball, Lethal for BWC.

    Nevels can score, Shamburger, still PG leader, set guys up and score, Quincy, interesting 3 ball set shot, he sets guys up, Jawato, hope his ankles are good to go, looks STRONG with the ball,..

    Nice Video Dayton thanks! WE die hard MBB fans can see, this edition, even before NWC years starting next year, can run, gun and have fun! If they D up, rebound and take care of the ball, wow!!

    Guys, heyyyyy!, Still awaiting my man Big D! Rozitis, we have to see you post workout with Latvian, and Croatian summer.!! If Davis, has a monster body and O and D agile and Dunkenstein game, SSC will be rocking, UH senior, and maniacs will have a lot to cheer about!

    Exciting! The best video open gym I have seen yet!

    Can’t wait for season! Even Oct 19 2013 at SSC Green vs White scrimmage, 40 minute halves, and 100-99 scores, hopefully! πŸ˜€

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Keep working hard and stay healthy and do well in school!!
    : D

  5. hawaiifan09: Michael Harper right? The guy is takin no ____ this year. He came back to Hawaii to play ball!

    It is exciting, and we know, reality check ,only open gym, but, from all reports the guys are doing this on their own, despite a work load in school, illness, getting used to D1 NCAA school life and routine.

    Exciting stuff!

    Glad to see Q back. Don’t know who works with the guards, either, Gib , Brandyn or Benjy,
    PG and SG deep, I like it, POTENTIAL= possibly very, very good, just bond, and work as team!

    Should be exciting hoops this year MBB style!

    Come out to play open gym
    Davis! Rock that rim!!

    Nah, we thank you for graduating and coming back Davis
    Rozitis, very first class grad senior!! Mahalo!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  6. Green White scrimmage Oct 19 2013 700pm at SSC, sorry apologize sheesh! I meant 20 minute halves with referees, full game. Would be something if they played 40 minute halves!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  7. Apologize again hawaiifan09, you meant, and thanks for recognition, “show me something” Michael MT Thomas! Michael T. has stepped it up! Big time, also, Michael Harper, Mick, is going hard, all the guys are, however hfan09, with MT and AV, with transition, flushes, weak side shot blocking , steals, and elevation, that 3 spot looking much better,

    Agree with Hackman, BBIQ heady player, plus Harper,, hitting the left wide open 3 ball from the corner or top of the key, lethal!

    MT , Michael Thomas, go vertical young man, with strength coach, you could work on increasing 2 or 3 inches in a year, if he gets up close to 40 inches, along with Airon Valdes, man, this year, along with Quincy, Nevels, who have serious hops at guard, Spearman, power dunker Fotu, and hustle slamma jamma Christian, Finesse, Centers Jovanovich and Dressler, so many more weapons for Dyrbe, Keith and Q to dish to!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  8. Josh: Don’t know, official listed roster on Hawaii Athletics sight have him at 6’8″ 200, maybe he is closer to 6’7″, he looks much better since summer league!

  9. Good to Have The Injured Back Healthy Enough to Play…
    “Stay that Way”, And Keep Improving….
    i think i’m seeing:
    Better Passing AND Catching, Ball-Handling, Shooting, Defensive Responsiveness and Rim-Focused Aggressiveness

    WAZZUP? UH Men’s Basketball, Babee…


    NO Tricks, Dayton….

    UGuyz remember the First Time you saw the Globetrotters Live?
    You Knew it was All a Set-Up but the skills were still Amazing…
    Little Bit Li’Dat…

    I Don’t Blame WI.Com UHMBB Fanz for Getting Giddy
    Maybe We’ll ALL Be Fooled…

  10. Davis, drink your muscle milk and hit the weights!

  11. We have 2 really good point guards! It will be interesting to see how Gib splits up time between the two of them. I still think Q is a better passer but Sham knows Arnold’s systems. The real question is who plays the best defense!

  12. I believe sham and nevels are better offensively but I think quincy is a better defender…either way he’ll get minutes

  13. Damn…. best open gym session to date. THis group of Bows are going to be special.

    I know it’s way too early but I feel UH is ready to win the Big West and be a top contender for years to come. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

  14. Mahalo for latest Open gym session Dayton!

    Echo thoughts, posts of fans on the forum. UH team looks like they have a group of good Basketball players. The type that will, handle ball well, look for open teammate, whomever that might be. The range of the Bigs Christian and now, Fotu, out to three pt line will really make it a mismatch for BWC teams.

    Wish, Davis will get stronger, play big, so he can have impact, when UH goes against those giant frontlines, of New Mexico St., possibly , a very tough early road trip at Mizzou, a lot of tall and talented athletes, as well as DHC.

    Davis, as one comment was made, eat well, hit the weights, take it seriously, If UH has great year, and goes , hopefully to the BIG DANCE NCAA’s in March, and wants
    to ADVANCE, Davis, Dressler, and probably, I hope so he plays, Stefan Jovanovich,

    who is a good shot blocker, Bigs at 7’1″(about), 6’11”, and 6’10”, I appreciate how Dressler, is getting into shape too, lost a lot of baby fat, he looks leaner, very smart young man, Caleb can help down low.

    Gib has himself guards! Now emerging SF’s, a trio of true posts. The guys look like getting into great shape. the SSC and hopefully win split or better on the road , sweep or protect house as home, UH can have a great season.

    This video show cases, some really great athletes!
    Go UH MBB team!
    Team looking good, pretty sure they can’t wait to start official pracitce , then RBC first game, we fans, too, should be fun!!


  15. “The Incomparable Ten”?

    Of course you all are – each member of this PERFECT TEN TEAM. Borrowing the Olympian competition grading system, awarding the best competitor(s) for his/her/(team), the top scorer(s) who performed in each phrase of a category, earned a 10 for all.

    Fans admire your hard work, dedication, and discipline toward progress for preparedness.
    It’s obvious that you exhibited such remarkable successes despite a busy schedule!

    Outstanding participant order: Michael T, Jovan, big Cal. Just as ‘Difference Makers’!

    Excellent BBIQ translates to game-time skill has never before been this encouraging.

  16. Imagine the battles for starting and bench rotation, when practices begin. With the athletes, and guys, ALL, the new, and returnees, buying into getting into great shape, and working on weaknesses, i.e., ball handling, extending range to 3 line and mid range shot, PG’s that can finish at the rim and one, play D , and run transition. Bigs, who are smart. Rebound , block shots, take up space and finish.

    With a huge roster of 17 or 18, Gib could split up those teams in practice into 3 groups, A, B and C. If all buy into their roles, win for University, the fans, the students and Hawaii, it shapes up to be a good, very, very good season. Very impressed by the quickness, ball handling, athleticism, skill, improvement in guys since July and summer league. They are working very hard and it is showing.

    Of course, we know, all championship teams any level, are great Defensive Teams, Gib mantra, sure, you guys can shoot, can jump, can pass and handle the ball, Now can you all, the first 10, play major league championship individual and Team defense, full and half court pressure, traps, block shots, weak side, rebound everyball off the glass or loose 50/50 ball. Well , fans, you get the picture.

    And for the new, guys and RS’s, how will they do, in running offense and defending the 3 ball and penetration, against real NCAA D1 teams in November.

    Well, Gib has a lot of pieces to fit together, The guys look like they have the right attitude, I love how they share the ball, and will pass to open man. Plus, for uptempo, Gib has some depth, probably 10 guys who could run, and press, and fastbreak all day. When, winning time comes, PG’s and SG’s are very capable, we shall see, of running the half court sets. Key: You cannot run, uptemp 40 minutes a game.

    Then Fotu, Standhardinger, and the SF’s, and a Big go to work. If they are doubled, pass to cutters or out to wide open 3 ball mid range shooters, where UH might just have at least 4 on court at all times.

    Looks, good, as FUHA says, and Reality Check, we know, still waay too early, however, great fun to look forward to Gib’s most athletic and scoring potential team in four years!

    Go UH MBB!


  17. I don’t believe the Big West has seen many teams in the conference that can go inside and outside. Last year we had to play catch up due to the lack of outside shooting and point guard play. But this year, not only we will match them in the back court, we will have balanced scoring with power plays from the bigs. If the back court is effective in scoring there won’t be too many double teaming down low. As such Fotu and Standhardinger with one on one coverage could score at will because of their height, quickness, toughness, and agility. Our front line could really dominate this year because of the back court. The BW won’t have an answer to our bigs. Welcome to big time basketball.

  18. servante:

    I agree with your assessment. We can be so thankful, owe a HUGE MAHALO to both Isaac and Christian for returning this year. And if Davis, who is as coordinated and agile a 7 footer that UH MBB has ever had, doing some damage, and the two Young Bigs, whom I really like BBIQ, Caleb and Stefan, plus SF’s AV and MT, JH. defending and scoring, running, finishing…wow!!

    Along with a HUGE improvement in guard play PG and SG. The Backcourt that matches, might even surpass BWC, UH might just along with LBSU, be the elite in BWC.

    KEY That Christian and Isaac came back. They are very BB IQ saavy too. Plus Isaac worked on his outside shot! Along with Christian, able to hit from 3 line to the rim scoring. BWC look out.

    Gib and staff, must be really smiling, they just have to have all ACTIVE roster guys buy into roles, whether 3 min or 33 min a game, just work and win, no matter who is on court. UH could Win both BWC regular and BWC tourney title, either NIT or NCAA invite!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!!


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