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Wealth Strategy, Central Medical advance to Summer finals

It was a night of surprises at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League semifinals on Thursday at Maryknoll School Gym.

The first semifinal featured a surprise winner, as Wealth Strategy Partners upset defending champion Solar Universe, 94-86.

The second semifinal did not have a surprise result – regular-season champ Central Medical Clinic defeated Clark Hatch Fitness, 85-67. However, the player who sparked the victory was a surprise: University of Hawai’i sophomore guard Michael Harper.


Central Medical trailed at halftime, 34-26, but Harper came off the bench in the second half to score 17 points on 7-of-7 shooting from the field to lead the rally.

“It was pretty good; slow in the first half, missed a few shots,” he said. “But second half came out and got my rhythm going. Made a few 3s, good defensive stops, and my teammates got me involved.”

Harper returned to Hawai’i from Australia just two weeks ago – a month later than expected due to visa issues. – so this was just his third game with Central Medical. He scored a total of 13 points in his first two Summer League games.

“I wasn’t able to play in Australia, so to be able to get some game time under my belt allows me to get in the swing of things,” he said.

Incoming UH sophomore guard Quincy Smith returned to action for Central Medical and contributed 12 points, six assists and three rebounds. He missed the previous four games due to a toe injury.

Former UH forward Bill Amis led Central Medical with 20 points, nine rebounds and six blocked shots. He scored 14 in the second half, including a clutch 8 of 9 shooting from the free-throw line.

Clark Hatch Fitness went cold in the second half, and the 67 points was the lowest total by any team in the Summer League this season. UH junior point guard Keith Shamburger had 11 points, eight rebounds and four assists for Clark Hatch; incoming freshman forward Michael Thomas hit a 3-pointer in the second half for his only points.

Former Chaminade player Leon Ballard led Clark Hatch Fitness with 17 points.

In the first semifinal game, former UH standout Julian Sensley was the difference as he scored 32 points – including 19 in the second half – to lead Wealth Strategy Partners to the upset.

“Just as a leader, I felt like I wanted to carry the team and put everything on my shoulders,” said Sensley, who played professionally in Korea last season. “I was able to get some good calls, which was to make up for some bad calls, but that’s part of the game.”

Former Chaminade guard Wally Coulibaly added 23 points and former UH (and Kamehameha) player Pii Minns scored 12. Wealth Strategy Partners does not have any current UH players on its roster.

UH senior guard Brandon Spearman led Solar Universe with 22 points, and incoming UH sophomore Negus Webster-Chan scored 20. Spearman also grabbed seven rebounds.

Former UH guard Zane Johnson and former Hawaii Pacific forward Kawika Smith added 18 points each for Solar Universe.

UH redshirt freshman Dyrbe Enos and incoming freshman Niko Filipovich received limited minutes, and neither scored.

Central Medical Clinic and Wealth Strategy Partners will play for the Summer League championship on Saturday at 7 p.m. at Maryknoll. The game will be televised in Hawai’i on Olelo channel 49; it will also be streamed live on the internet at www.youtube.com/olelocm


  1. other than Julian whoʻs been at this for a long time (we first started going to Summer League games to get an early feel for his game before his official arrival at UH, just like Daytonʻs doing for all of us with this yearʻs new and returning players), with this yearʻs post-season switch-on of defense, it becomes tougher for players to just take over a game…thatʻs a good intro for the newer arrivals who might not have experienced that in high school, AAU or JC….and will see more of it in D-1…
    then team effectiveness outweighs individual game performances over the long haul…

    Oi, Oi, Oi! …Michael Harperʻs in the House … Finally Arrived —
    and weʻll be lookinʻ for more impact games ʻtil it gets to be the expected thing, heh, Aussie Mum?
    make the drive, lay-ups, hit the shots…slow your man down, make a difference…

    —Just Paper…
    Q for the coaches: i realize they may have been travellinʻ some with their teams or even to get home, but do we ʻknowʻ for certain that Christian and Davisʻ paperwork/Visas, etc. are up-to-date in anticipation of their return trips?

    Mahalo, Dayton…

  2. With Jawato down with a fairly bad ankle issue, Harper will get a shot this year as UH’s shooting specialist off the bench. Harper has shown that he can get really hot, but hasn’t logged in enough minutes to know if he can be consistent. Jawato is pretty streaky. As we saw, when he’s on, he’s red hot.

  3. Spearman is at his best when he slashes to the hoop. He’s got the most explosive first step on the team and he can get by most guards when he wants to. I like that he can hit some jumpers, but hopefully he attacks the rim more now that there isn’t a 6’10” anchor w/ 2-3 defenders clogging the paint.

  4. Two UH MBB athletes who made impression on myself, and helped CMC comeback and hold on to win against WSP, Q Smith(playing hurt nonetheless!) and Michael Harper, Aussie Mum’s pride and joy.

    Those two, were very good working together as well, they actually played some D!

    Michael ‘arper, thunder from down under, bringing the X factor to UH MBB this year, he will do whatever it takes to help team win!
    Q is a very smooth athlete, head always up and looking to advance ball, and hit open man. Very quick, good handle, explosive jumper, good court vision. Still , in system with Keith S. and other guards. UH looks primed to be a top level team in BWC.

    Coupled with Standhardinger, Fotu and Rozitis(the ability they have, experience and leadership)UH can hopefully, and I seriously think they will if the bond as one TEAM, have a good year pre NWC era!

    Go Rainbow Warriors have a great season, and Jawato, Quincy and Isaac, rehab well , be safe, the whole team, and have fun this season!

  5. Edit to above post: Apologies! I meant CMC comeback win over Clark Hatch Fitness not Wealth Strategy Partners. Sorry about that.

    Keith Shamburger is a warrior, sometimes, with his passes, his teammates were not able to finish. Keith is a team player and orchestrator first and foremost, he will shoot, only when has to. Maybe this year, with support of Spearman, Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Enos, Harper and Hackman, Fotu, Standhardinger and the 3 good Centers, Davis, Stefan, Caleb, and Airon Valdes, he will have guys that can finish, as well as Keith can offset that by his scoring as well.

    Keith is a Warrior for sure!! In fact all the UH guys, I only wish Michael Thomas will explode, unless he is hurt, he can shoot, and I know he can jump higher ,block shots and rebound, according to his Youtube HS hilites, comeon MT, you can do it! Up the level of intesity and game, you will be great bookend 3 spot with AV!!

    Mahalo Dayton, for super summer coverage of summer league.
    Look forward, to interviews of coaching staff, and new and returning athletes as well as some open gym video.

    I don’t know about King of the Beach, wonder if guys might get hurt with that tradition? Hopefully they will all 15 guys be safe and healthy this year , on run to BWC title and hopefully THE BIG DANCE!

    Still early, guys have to work hard, and unite, and Win, they can do it, they have the guards and bigs, and a great physically fit looking , and vastly improved, at least this summer , AV!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  6. very quiet night for UH players

  7. Hey Mick – great job!

    And yes you are all right, I am a very proud Mum!

    I loved seeing Spearman as well on the video – he has such a ‘tough’ attitude that comes through on the video. I wish I could be there in the crowd, it looks like you are all having a great time during the summer league.

    Thanks again Dayton for the coverage. When I watch your videas it feels like I am still part of it – even though I am snuggled up in bed with a temp of 8 degrees celsius outside and I am watching you all have fun in your t-shirts and shorts (and probably enjoying a few beers after the game on the beach!!)

  8. Three-Game

    Big Boost when Negus becmes game-eligible…

    For Now, will Spearman, Shamburger, Nevels, Aaron be able to hit consistently?

    WILL Harper, Jawato and Hackman be able to consistently Boost off of the Bench — we donʻt Need 0-fers or 1-for-Fives… 40-50

  9. 40-50% from the Bench and 30%-Plus from Core-Starters…

  10. Hey Michael H,

    Welcome back (what a relieve)!
    Glad that 2wks is all you needed to shake off those jet-lag & non-playing..
    Into a string of 7-straight shots, 17pts 2nd-1/2 stimulant for your team’s victory (as expected), non-too-soon as what you are capable of.

    Tomorrow will be Championship-time (right on schedule):
    ~1. Amis shut-down Sensley.
    ~2. Harper Thunder-strike Coulibaly.
    ~3. Smith wrapped-up Broadus.
    ~4. Oishi walked-on Minns.
    ~5. Pape softened Leather.

    Took-care of business; Amis >> MVP (back to pro-ball)!

    Make Aussie Mum even prouder.

  11. I’ve been around for many years now. I have seen a lot, as most of you have. This is just my opinion. This NCAA Summer League now has more former college players and non college players then current college players. Ok, ok….a lot of these players may still be competitive.

    The fact of the matter remains…..the name of the summer league itself explains what it should be. NCAA…..The major minutes should go to the players that are currently in college, headed to college, and then to the few professional players that are here from Hawaii. If there is any more room, why not develop the seniors to be on the local high school teams.

    As i watch these teams, here are the list of names that I see playing major minutes….Kawika Smith, Scott Kato, John Lane, Broadus, O’a McGee, Pi’i Mims, Leather, Geremy Robinson, Llewelyn Smalley, just to name a few. Although I enjoyed watching them play in the past, that time is done. Some of these guys are anywhere from 34 to 42 years old. Come on man, let the college kids develop.

    This is the second season in a row, that a starting UH point guard, has had to make a public statement to get more playing time. This is the second year in a row that a former college player has caused a fight during a game.

    There needs to be a change. Make one or two teams with former players or street ballers all together, so that when I come to the game, I know what to expect. I’d like to come to a game and see some of the current college players play. I’m not talking about only the UH players. I’d like to see some of the Chaminade, UH-Hilo, BYU-H, and HPU players as well. I really don’t want to see one of these players play for two minutes per half and sit on the bench so that guys like Robinson, Smalley, the Anderson’s, Smith, Kato, Sensley, etc. can relive the dream.

    Yes, I know this may not be popular, but it is my opinion. At least change the name. Take the NCAA out…….

  12. Aaron Valdes Summer League MOP !
    Huge Congratulations!

    Wealth Strategy Partners Champions,
    UHMBB Alumnus Julian Sensley Championship MVP…

    Nice Showing by Quincy Smith still hobbled by recovering toe injury…
    Good D by Michael Harper…

    Nice Broadcast by Gary Digman….
    Thank you, ʻOlelo TV….

  13. The Maryknoll gym was nice and seemed to bring out quite a few people in spite of television coverage. Seems like more and more people are following the Manoa summer league. I’m wondering what kind of crowds the Stan Sheriff could draw. Since this league is geared primarily for current UH players I would think that UH could take a little interest in this and hold the tournament at the Sheriff. Charge a token amount say $5 or $10 with lower seats only to minimize cleaning expenses.

  14. Yeah, i also thought that would likely, maybe definitely, work…

    Esp. “Championship Night”,
    First Game could be a UH (Or League) All-Star Game IF NCAA Allowed….

    Maybe 2-4,000

    Do Some schools charge for their Spring Football Game?

  15. Much respect for Q and Mike Harper! Lot of hustle. They got beat by more experienced and athletic team.

    Quincy Smith is a baller. You can tell that bruised toe bothered him Thursday nite and tonite. Definitely not 100 per cent. Tonite , maybe 60 per cent. Still he scores 20 pts. Q needs to play with UH team, or teammates who know where to be to receive the ball. This is just summer league, however, Quincy certainly is a PG for UH. He and Shamburger will run that O and D for team this year, alongside the legion of SG’s.

    Didn’t realize how tough Quincy is, he will take the ball to the rim and draw fouls. Very tough young man, and playing hurt nonetheless!

    Aaron Valdes, great young man, and his Dad and Ohana great support. I went back to look at Aaron’s senior HS year a La Jolla, he has skills. At that time about 2 inches shorter, and 15 pounds lighter, Aaron will be great at wing this year, especially with his D and rebounding, plus he is very, very athletic, and shows ability to hit 3 ball, mid range floater, hilite dunks, block shots, steals, and good BB IQ to pass the ball and facilitate.

    Hopefully Jack Hackman can be the other wing, coming in as a mature 19 year old with experience playing ball in Germany with elite players. MT, Michael Thomas, has to really improve from now to fall camp to have shot at contributing, seems so young, MT, don’t hold back, young man, follow Aaron’s lead and explode, hit the weight room now, and no scared em!

  16. Nice of Olelo to provide excellent live coverage on cable TV for those not able to go. Including outer islands. At this site, we are interested in the returning and new UH MBB athletes. They did well, very competive and athletic bunch. Look for good thins from UH this year!

    Agree with other comments about use of SSC for championship game, however, you would have to have UH current athletes in that game. As Eagle alluded to, have an all star game prior to championship game. However, with UH, the State and powers that be upper campus Manoa, who knows if that would happen!

    Shout out to new guys: Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Stefan Jovanovich, Nikola Filipovich, Michael Thomas and Negus Webster-Chan. Great young basketball talent. Gib really did a good job in upgrading the athleticism as guard , with Shamburger, Nevels and Smith, and Aaron Valdes might just be a beast at small forward!

    Cannot wait for Christian, Davis to return, those are LEADERS, strong , smart players, in addition to the talent brought in , and the RS’s active this year, UH can do a lot of damage in BWC and hopefully win the BWC tourney and, not mistaking, UH MBB team from 1 through 15th guy on active roster, if that is what they will have, want , NCAA or bust! Team is motivated.

    Should be exciting year. Key, the 3 additional talented guards, Keith, Garrett Nevels and Quincy Smith!

  17. I was hoping that CMC would pull out with the win tonight. It was a tough loss but Wealth Strategy did play well offensively and defensively. They also played like a team and passed the ball to one another.

    To buffnblu:
    I do agree with you that the NCAA College Summer League should showcase current college players in Hawai’i and on the mainland. The group of older men that get the most playing time believe that they have gained “status” because they have been in this league for so long. However, you mentioned Pi’i Minns and he is only 22 years old. He is actually still a UH student and if you read one of the earlier articles, Minns have been playing at the UH open gym due to the injured players.

    Pat and his wife have been running the NCAA College Summer League for years and I think having any game at SSC would be quite pricey. The league has few sponsors and all players have pay a $20 fee for costs.SSC is owned by UH Manoa and it would really be up to them to make that call.

    Tonight, it was a good game. CMC tried to come back but WS came out with the victory.

  18. Sorry so long ago, maybe 35 years..I can’t remember perfectly, just take a guess:..Yes, saw one of the first summer leagues, circa 1978 or 1979 with UH athletes Tony Wells 6’8″ 230 lb center from Larry Little’s team, Mark Hackett 6’2″ guard, UH freshman, Joe Frazier 5’8″ PG who could dunk two handed, Thomas Louden, JC all american guard 6’1″ guard out of NYC, Robert Smith ,

    lithe 6’5″ SF UH JC transfer, Eric Bowman, leaper, very thin man, out of Chicago,JC transfer, 6’8″ 190 lb PF, Aaron Hines 6’2″ SG, super hops, dunk over people, Even Bob Nash , of NBA Kansas City Kings played too.either 1979 or 1980? Even 6’10” center out of St Louis Schools, Brad Pineau, who had post UH career playing pro ball in Australia.

    True, the draw for those, summer league games, the early, back in the day, ones. the UH MBB current players. They were usually the ones putting up 30 or 40 points. One year Tony Webster 6’3″ guard for Larry Little team, put up 63 pts in a game.

    as an ineligible RS freshmen, one Andre Morgan, 6’3″ guard who would tour with Magic Johnson and Zeke Isaiah Thomas, playing summer ball in mainland, was a true talent, however, sad ending to his UH career.

    However, the Tim Dunhams of Chaminade, or Tony Randolphs, Gilbert Hicks of UH Hilo, Lew Smalley,of HPU were awesome talents as well.

    Maybe, make the league, the Manoa Invitational Open Summer Leauge. Current and former Hawaii college players, and elite HS ballers. Balance the teams, with experience, size, and talent. otherwise, these older guys, will always be the teams that will win the championships, usually,

    however, last year Brandon Spearman virtually singlehandedly won championship game with 46 pts for Solar Universe.

    Hey, before we get carried away, it is SUMMER league, a chance to run and gun, work on shooting, NOT for Fighting or getting all steamed up. Even Gib leaves it as option for UH guys to play. Certainly they don’t want to get hurt or reinjured.

    I hope Quincy is okay, so important to UH PG depth!!

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