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Open gym sessions begin

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Classes have started on the University of Hawai’i-Manoa campus, which means the UH basketball team has started “open gym” sessions.

The sessions are basically five-on-five scrimmages, with the players calling their own fouls and keeping their own score.

The first official practice for the team is still a month away, so the open gym sessions serve as a chance for the players to get used to each others’ style of play. Some of the players – such as senior forward Christian Standhardinger – were not here for the summer, so this week has been the first time to interact with new teammates.

In the video above, several players were unavailable, either due to injury or conflicting time schedules.


  1. As Requested, By Many

    Thanks, Dayton !

    It Begins….

  2. Dunno if I am just hoping that this season will be better, but, the “team” at this point sure looks 100% better. Christian looks stronger and maintaining his balance on the inside. The PG play is impressive (watch out for Keith and Garrett at guards). Stefan looks tough at center. Brandon looks quicker and nasty… Not so concerned with the 3 spot, Michael H, Jack and Valdes look consistent enough to be tough outs. Thanks for this informative video look forward to viewing more to track improvement.

  3. Good action up and down. Heck, the best part is the music. Great stuff.

  4. minutes will be very hard to come by this season so we’ll see who really shows up during games

  5. Didn’t see Fotu, Rozitis, Jawato. Not sure about Filipovich and Smith.

  6. Mahalo Dayton from all the fans and families from Hawaii to New Zealand and future recruits and their ohana!

    Observation, a lot of the athletes, from 1 through 5 spot, have pretty good form on their shots.
    Jack Hackman, a needed wing, nice stroke, can run court and finish. He will be great addition.

    Guys share the ball, they all want to win, seems like everyone made a shot out to 3, or to the rim.

    Of course, great foundation, UH MBB athletes from 1 through 16 or 17, if all can shoot from field and especially from FT in real games, bodes well.

    Very, Very soon, Sept 27 2013, first practice, so Gib will install Defense. With depth and athleticism, if he keeps an active roster of 14 or so, he could full court pressure, half and 3/4 court traps, seems, like the bigs, and we haven’t seen Davis back yet, protect the rim,.
    Airon V. is still shooting it, nice form, as well as handling the rock.

    Pretty sure Gib is smiling, a group of young guys who are more athletic, can shoot, and want to win.Hope they buy into their roles, 3 min or 33 min, just help team win, whether on scout or first 9, 10 players off the bench.

    Enos, can shoot, he , if can run PG and D up, maybe Gib will play him, he sure is in great condition.

    Keep the video Open and pretty soon real practice updates coming Dayton, you are the Insider for all things UH Rainbow Warrior Basketball, men, Mahalo again!!


  7. Derek: I think Fotu back in town, he was away during 10 day break back home in NZ. Rozitis, according to all accounts, is back in the USA. He is graduate student, so make sure he has course to take, fall and spring.

    Niko was in video, he has nice stroke out to 3, good court vision, I like Shamburger, Enos, Valdes, Nevels, Filopovich, when getting the loose ball or D rebound and looking up court, that is good sign, they look for OPEN man, very, very good sign. Team passes pretty well too,, however, as D tightens up in practices and real games, we shall see who steps up.

    The quality of the guards, a HUGE upgrade from year 1-3 for Gib, that is why I say, Gib is very happy, he has, at least 5 or 6 guards, who ARE just that guards, combo, PG, SG, wing, they handle ball, pass, D up and shoot it, with decent, and sometimes great quickness, I love their ability to go to the rim. Last year, a PG that started, hardly ever attacked the rim, or hit mid range jumper of floaters

    Nevels, Shamburger, Smith, will to to rim.

    IN REGARDS to Q Smith, DAYTON a Question?: How is Quincy’s toe, the one that had deep bruise or fracture. pretty sure, maybe that is why he is not in open gym, healing rehabbing toe/foot?

    Another thing FELLOW fans, were my eyes playing tricks on me, or did you see a PG about same height, maybe weighed 190 pounds 5’9 or 5’10” who looked like Troy Bowe in the video, possible additional PG walkon, or was that Keith, bulked up.? Memory and eyes not good, would be neat if we did have another Troy Bowe, when he was on it, and doing well on and off court, he was a solid PG, strong as ever.

  8. Thank you very much Dayton! Very soon start of practices, Green vs White Scrimmage, HPU exhibition then Rainbow Classic, will be here real soon!

    About Jack Hackman. He is what we saw on Youtube videos, his dad made of fundamentals, his German elite under 19 team games. , not fresh out of HS freshman, he has worked out and played with men in Germany, practicing with them.

    Now we know Jack, about Jack. Nice shooting touch, gets it off fast, knows where to be to receive pass and launch.

    Agree with other posts, with Aaron V., Jack Hackman, probably Thunder from Down Under , Michael Harper, at 2 or 3, Harper, looks super confident, does not back down, nice, floater, to the rim, and shoots the leftie 3 with a hammer, nothin but net! Besides Airon, Harper the aussie lad might be one of the most improved since last year.

    Michael Thomas, just gotta get stronger and more confident, Michael, no scared em, just beast it, dunk over Airon, (Aaron would welcome the challenge) however, both of you stay safe, don’t want to hurt your hands or arm/shoulders. Michael and Aaron, can get the lobs, Michael, I know you can get up 3 or 4 inches higher, seen it, so jump and touch the top of the box on backboard, should be a sure fire, winner of a slam dunk contest if they had one.

    Nevels, Jovanovich, Smith, Thomas, Valdes, maybe Dyrbe wins it! Bet Enos can dunk!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors,

    This week, good to be UH alumnus and UH starting athletic year, soccer started, now USC, and FB, Shoji, and WVB against Number 1 Texas! then, in about a month UH BB, start practice, soon after, regular season!!

    ­čśÇ D:

  9. Thanks Dayton you r the best . Watched it during lunch break will watch again more closely later tonight. Can’t wait for the season to start!

  10. Looks like Jack can get some playing time , if he can play defense that is, he has a nice stoke. Noticed Brandon, and Aaron look in much better shape and stronger. Niko was definitely there, he’s the kid with the fauxhawk, had some really nice passes.

    had to mute the second song, terrible!

  11. In general, early but already notable:

    1) ‘Bows look more solid, may be in better shape;

    2) Appear more Focused, both with and away from the ball;

    3) Part of that focus appears to be a (more) defensive empasis, which is Smart ‘cos That Will earn them More PT minutes with Gib & Staff; already appears harder to put up shots near the rim;

    4) Better ‘posture’, more heads up play, so likely, better handles, each player looks more comfortable moving with, as well as passing, the rock;

    5) Already appears to be more, better, sharper, more creative and better controlled, passing;

    6) As already noted, better overall shooting form, shots look under control (might just be highlight effect, but seems noticeably better shooting fundamentals

    7) Look Like they’re having “Fun”, Liking and Generally Impressed with their teammates…;

  12. how much better is a jack Hackman over a jawato or harper?….I believe all aren’t that athletic and can’t create their own shot…probably won’t be able to guard the faster sg or bigger sf….just maybe his 3 ball is really that dangerous?

  13. hawaiifan09: Glass half empty or half full. Positive, Jack has pure stroke. A 3 ball specialists, showed some range from top of circle, way past 3 point line. Sort of like a Zane Johnson Range. He must be an excellent FT shooter as well. He was instructed by dad , AAU, HS and German elite 19U and pro team practices really well. He knows positioning, where to receive ball, rub off screens, set screens, decoy screens.

    He is not a NWC neither is Aaron or Michael Harper or Thomas, Jack is a Basketball player, if his strength if getting to right spot, in sync with guards, receives pass at right time, I would bet his 3 point shooting percentage will be high 38% maybe more, FT shooting, probably in high 80 per cent. Hawaii fan 09, with players like Jack and Harper, the guys who can spot up and shoot, rebound some , and d up as a team, those guys, some times much, much more valuable, than 3 ball wannabe Joston, or SS, live and die with poor percentage 3 ball selection and shots.

    Jack, if he learns system, as were great 3 ball specialists, Alika Smith, Jake Sottos, Mike Mcintyre, Michael Kuebler, etc, and Jack is shooting for good percentage, when the guards penetrate the seams of defense and hit Jack, Harper, Thomas, or Aaron, in the corner or top of the circle, before D collapses on them, 3 ball in the pocket, having, 4 or 5 legit 3 ball bombers, even if cannot break man down, or create, just knowing how to move without the ball to get shot or get ball to another shooter, or cutter to the hole, is invaluable. Just ask any YMCA, AAU, HS, NCAA, NBA, euro league coach the catch and shoot with BB smarts, player is so valuable today, they can be effective to score a lot of points in a short period of time and catch up mode.

    You say Michael Thomas doesn’t show you anything, you say Jack, cannot create, no better, maybe worse than Aaron , Jawato or Harper, However, Jack might be the answer to an injured Jawato, Jack can shoot the rock, so can Dyrbe Enos.

    On my teams, coaching, look for hustle guys, follow coaches plan, work on fundamentals on their own time, work in system, not selfish, and have natural and develope ability to hit layups,floaters, FT’s and nowadays 3 pointers from out to 27 feet money, I would take 5 of those guys on my team any day. Also,. UH has the great help of Keith, and hopefully a one hundred per cent Quincy Smith to help facilitate, which Jace and Roop, tried, however, either step too slow, or hesitant to go to rim and hit shooters, in the wings or top of the key.

    Hawaii fan, PG’s = good, always head up, looking for shooters, open man, even Niko and Dyrbe great at that, huge ..difference from last year. Gib is licking his chops, anxious to implement UH MBB system on offense and especially defense for these perimeter players.
    Summation Hawaiifan: Jack is not a Hack, he is a Smack down, 3 ball shooter, will help team immediately, will just have to get stronger , play D and rebound from 3 spot.

    Welcome Jack Hackman(my 2013-14 Jake Sottos/Mike McIntyre, Mike Kuebler, Matt Lojeski)!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  14. hawaiifan09: Well we know Jack , Harper, Enos can shoot pretty well from 3 pt line. However, practices have not started yet, so yes, whomever can play D, will play. This group of 15-16 guys highly competitive and want to be winners, no question , they are going to play fast, strong, and D up individually and as a team. Can envision a lot of pressure and traps, steals, blocked shots deflections.

    Give MIchael Thomas and Jack Hackman a chance, Hawaii fan, let Gib see what they can do in practice, then Gib can make assessment. Hawaiifan, we miss out on something when observing these young guys, they ARE young, not old men, so , give them time, now with Practices starting Sept 27 2013, and having a month to prepare for first game of regular season, lot of time to help players develop more, and as Gib stated, some that were questionable of having career in pro ball, with extra gym time, might have shot at hgh euro, or even NBA.

    Positive: good kids, and the want to win the BWC tourney and the NCAA invite!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  15. Mr Rozitis not arrived yet? Possibly turning pro and not coming back? just wondering

  16. Agree that Jawato, Harp

  17. (DM — Please Delete Above)

    Agree that Jawato, Harper and Hackman may not be ╩╗Athletic╩╗, Great Leapers or shot blockers in the mold of Valdes and Thomas, BUT IF they have the discipline to move their feet and get to the right position before the opposition, they╩╗ll cut off baseline drives and prevent uncontested threes and box out and beat their ╩╗athletic╩╗ opposition 2 or 3 out of four plays, provide 15 Tough Fouls and (╩╗Hopefully╩╗) equally as many made threes — if they have more made threes than fouls i╩╗m guessing we╩╗re Winning 60% of our games…

    i just hope (Expect, due to our tough coaching staff) that even our ╩╗athletic╩╗ players are going to have to do the above ╩╗right things╩╗ to get onto or stay on the court…

  18. Eagle: Again you hit it spot on. Whether Athletic create, or in system fundamental athlete, either one, when on court has to be in sync, work with team to be able to win a lot of games. In Basketball history, even UH, there was a team in the mid seventies, with a 6’11” JC and HS all american center, a NYC,Philadelphia 6’9″ HS shot blocker, quite fierce, as well as a 6’9″ HS All American transfer from UNLV in the front court, a JC All American PG, “tiny”, and the Shooting guards were a host of guys trying to fill that position, It seemed like all of the frontcourt guys wanted the ball at same time, same with “tiny”, the poor SG, seemed out of sorts, not really SG or PG. It was not a team, the bigs on court at one time were dominated by smaller , in system guys, who out ran and outhuslted UH . That year, could have been huge, in terms of wins, however, you were right, UH had a lot of inner city talent, however, not all , bought into coach’s philosophy., one of the most frustrating UH teams to watch , and they won 16 games that year, could have been 26!

    Just watching and listening to Jack, Michael(Thunder From Down Under), Jawato(if healthy), they all want to win, and do what coach says, 3 min or 33 min of PT Same with Aaron and MT. I think this team will bond. Keith is a tough dude, same with Spearman, they will lead the young guys to wins, no question.

    Team and Execution then win first, athleticism and personal accolades always second right eagle?

    Once again, it is only first open gym when school started video we have seen , in next month ,we will learn more.

    POTENTIAL: Great possibility Not yet realized.

    Hope to see the P come to the fore!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  19. we better hope he can shoot it cause Hawaii’s D has been very suspect over the years….i’ll just go on the record and say harper won’t get minutes and enos definitely won’t play unless blowout

  20. hawaiifan09: To be honest Hfan, I think Gib will play whomever will help team win 20 plus games and go to NIT or NCAA. That is bottom line. Even if he had to start 5 walkons.

    Winning is everything.
    Brings team together, benefits coaches, fans and state elated, and BB program starts moving on up.

    Seen it in the past, some of the best teams, no superstars, just TEAM players, and winners. They beat the Athletes. Same as pickup ball at gym or park, usually in first game, until older guys tire, the smart, team ballers, beat the street high hoppers, everytime.

    Whether, Harper, Hackman, Enos, Filipovich and Oishi are starters and the WIN and win a lot, what does it matter, as long as UH wins, and Gib has got to, 20 plus or more this year!!

    He has some talent. Go get em Gib. Have a great season!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  21. im not being negative but u gotta get real…..we should only be playing 8-9 deep….walk-ons wont play unless injuries

  22. Sooner or Later, Gib will find a walk-on (or two) who works so hard he helps the team win a few games…

    OR even like Jace, Aaron Valdes or Michael Harper, earns a key role, starting position, scholarship or Pro Contract…

    That╩╗s part of why the coaches are trying to avoid ╩╗labels╩╗, whether for the Expectations, Treatmrnt and self-fulfilling prophecies of the fans, coaches or the players themselves…

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