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Catching up with Negus Webster-Chan

Imagine watching an exciting movie trailer that ends with the disclaimer: “You can see the full movie in 15 months.”

That’s kind of what Negus Webster-Chan did with his performance in the recently completed Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.


The 6-foot-7 guard averaged 26.1 points per game and wowed the crowds with his shooting range – he hit 32 3-pointers in just seven games.

“It went well,” he said. “I wasn’t trying to show my whole repertoire, but I showed what I can do a little bit.”

Those skills will be on display only in practices with the University of Hawai’i basketball team during the upcoming 2013-14 season. Because he played at Missouri as a freshman last season, Webster-Chan will have to sit out of games this season with Hawaii, per NCAA transfer rules.

It is a role he is already prepared for.

“Just bring leadership to the team, still,” he said. “Try and get everybody better every day in practice, show them what they’re going up against.”

Webster-Chan has been in Hawai’i for just two months, but it has been a productive summer. In addition to his Summer League play, he completed a couple of classes at UH-Manoa and got to work out daily with his teammates.

The summer session ends this week, and Webster-Chan said he will take a trip home to Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to spend some time with his family before the fall semester begins at UH later this month. He was quick to point out that his workouts will continue at home.

“I don’t take breaks,” he said. “No days off.”

The Canadian-based website www.ciaboucebasketball.com recently did a lengthy feature article on Webster-Chan and his journey to get to Hawai’i. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE


  1. Great writeup and feature Dayton!


    Welcome to the University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball Ohana Negus! Great story, and all of the UH fans and people of Hawaii appreciate you being a great help to the hoops team. It will make the team better and you can enjoy the journey. Maybe you can help the wing players and shooting guards, knowing they are going up against an elite talent in practice for a year!

    Mahalo(thankyou) and aloha for making the University of Hawaii your home for the next 3 years+!


  2. Negus, it was great to get a preview of your partial repertoire during the summer league! Next year’s team will be awesome!

    That was a very well-written story by that Canadian writer and gives great insight on Negus’ background and his drive to get to the NBA. FOE -“FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING” SAYS IT ALL!

  3. Thanks Dayton for a good report.

    NWC’s 1st impression has been overwhelming (fan for good).

    The Canadian article is a must read for all of UHMBB.
    It realistically & completely portrayed the current Gib Arnold program (particularly for parents and/or recruit who need to make the final decision to join)!

    Long but, complete (felt like watched the whole movie!).

    The program will be pivotal & critical starting 2013-2014 season!?

  4. Great job Dayton, thank you for that link to the article on Webster-Chan!!! The author of this piece did a wonderful job and looks like a piece that could be in ESPN the magazine. I hope that the University of Hawaii and the atmosphere here in Hawaii help this young gentleman reach the goals he has set for himself.

  5. negus just stay out of trouble, work hard and be humble…oh yeah and stay the whole 3 years lol….hopefully we bring in a top 100 player for next season to compliment u

  6. Great story. True, that link, if potential families and recruits or transfers want to know what Hawaii, coach Gib and staff and possiblity to help UH MBB to reach greater heights, as well as help athletes reach their dream, possible high level pro basketball career, excellent writeup by Canadian reporter.

    Negus, Family Over Everything, he has a very supportive family and is a very mature 20 yr old. To come from Mizzou, who were in the 2012 NCAA tournament, to seek out a place where he could make difference, great storyline.

    All recruits, and your parents/guardians, friends and relatives have to read that article and link:

    I liked the part, about how Negus felt comfortable right away with UH MBB team. They seem to have hit if off very well. And the relaxed, not in business suit, casual attire of Gib and staff recruiting Negus. Laidback. That is Hawaii.

    We will see how it goes. If Negus, if showing only a portion of his game, imagine what he will do in practice as RS, as well as next year! If he has a good one or two years, and incredible run, who knows, maybe Negus will acheive his dream of being drafted by NBA.

    Wish you the best Negus and family, have a great first RS year with team. Stay the course!

  7. Interesting, just one, or maybe even two, elite NBA type athlete on UH MBB team, can produce successful team. UH athletes who played in NBA, Bob Nash, Tom Henderson, Tommy Barker, the late Reggie Carter ,(transferred to St Johns after freshman year), Trevor Ruffin, AC Carter, Predrag Savovic.

    However I am positive, if Gib could recruit, or have transfers, like Predrag Savovic, AC Carter, Trevor Ruffin, and guys like Ahmet Gueye, Troy Ostler, Michael Kuebler, Phil Lott, Terry Houston, Vincent Smalls,Tommy Barker, Chris Gaines,Nerijus Puida, Mindaugas Berneika,Mike McIntyre,and those teams go to NCAA’s, he would be happy. Those were good athletes and had good careers.

    Hope Negus has a good UH career too! Negus, great attitude, help team get better. Mahalo!
    Maybe this year’s seniors, Davis, Christian and Brandon will chase their hoop dream too! Wish the senior class a great year. And Negus helping to develop team in RS practices too!

  8. Another lovely guy that speaks well and is obviously very committed.

    Best wishes for the year Negus!

  9. I always wondered about his name. Well now I know that he comes from a multi-ethnic background. And we are a multi-national team. Interesting when you read the stories behind players and how each has their own unique piece of the puzzle that makes up UH basketball. He could definitely be our future go to wing man.

  10. Welcome to Hawaiʻi Ohana, Negus –FOE
    Iʻm Glad YOU have Family thatʻs supporting Your Greatness
    (Not the other type that tries to imprison one anoth

  11. er and KEEP ʻem Bottled up in “Hometown”)

    and Thanks for having The Independence and Courage
    to Go where Others (Big Name Players) are “Afraid” or unwilling to Go…
    You Could visit The USS Missouri @ Pearl Harbor (i might pronounce it “Mis-e-ry”)
    BUT You are already a Great Ambassador for Hawaiʻi …

    Bring Some Virginia (Huntington Prep) and Canada All-Star Friends…
    Recruit Your Own Supporting Cast/Team…

    Great Two Write-Ups, Dayton…

  12. I think Gib sees NWC as a taller version of OJ Mayo. It’s not just coincidence that OJ Mayo and NWC have a link… OJ played for Huntington HS in Huntington, WV his senior year. At that time, OJ committed to USC, recruited by none other than Gib Arnold. NWC attended Huntington HS in Huntington, WV his junior + senior years.

    NWC has the potential to be a program changer for UH. He’s got the type of game and body that NBA scouts like. Long, athletic and a guard skill set in a SF body. Hopefully NWC blows the roof off Stan Sheriff, gets drafted, which could lead to more high profile recruits.

    UNLV just had Anthony Bennett go #1 in the draft. Although he was one & done at UNLV, his impact for UNLV will be felt for years to come. Top level recruits see that UNLV is cool with bringing in top talent and prep them for the NBA. The Rebels have already received a commitment from the #5 recruit (Dwayne Morgan) in the 2014 class and are in the running for the #1 recruit (Rashad Vaughn).

    I know UNLV is a much higher profile basketball program in a very good basketball conference. But NWC has the ability to have a similar effect for UH. If NWC has success and gets drafted, I don’t expect UH to be able to out recruit UNLV or the top programs for the 5 stars, but I think it paves the path for more 4 Stars to give UH a legitimate chance. Being Canadian, NWC will definitely open more opportunities for Gib to land top Canadian talent, which is a quickly improving talent pool.

    I am fully confident Gib is a good enough recruiter to parlay NWC’s future success into more high profile recruits.

  13. BTW, that was a great article. thanks for the link.

  14. I will absolutely support NWC if he leaves early for the NBA draft. He’s got huge potential and sounds like Gib is going to showcase NWC when he’s eligible. After watching the limited Summer League footage, it’s really easy to see NWC is a couple levels above the other players.

    NWC and Fotu are going to be a heck of inside-out duo. If Fotu keeps progressing, there’s a chance we all get to witness two potential future NBA players on the same UH team. Better go and watch them before they leave Manoa.

  15. WHEN the Team gets to THREE OR MORE Legit/Future NBA Players who can score AT WILL,
    they will be hard for Most D-1 Teams to stop/shut down, especially with the game on the line…

    Therefore, When WILL Coach Gib, get That Next One?

    Right on The Verge; The Brink of Something BIG…

    Isaac Fotu @ 18-22 ppg;

    Negus Webster-Chan @ 22-27 ppg;

    NEXT: _________

    Who wouldnʻt want to play with these guys and their very cool teammates?
    Actually, In System, the current line-up with Christian should be hard to slow down…
    BUT ISAAC & NEGUS can Score (and Pass) At Will…

  16. FUHA and Eagle, great observations, and truisms about Negus and what he can possibly bring to UH. He is definitely a top 100 athlete in NCAA D1 ball, with a shot at NBA if he keeps getting stronger.

    Gib is really working it, on the recruiting trail. Evidence of that? The walkon candidates. Word is getting out , by Gib and contacts, that UH MBB team needs athletes and right fit young men who would love playing in Hawaii for a startup program, where they can help it get to a higher level.

    I agree with Eagle though, THIS year with Christian Standhardinger, depending on how much he improved from Jr to his Sr. year, alongside Isaac Fotu, with Spearman , Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, Rozitis, will be very competitive in BWC, with legitimate shot to win that BWC tournament.

    No question, with the interest in MBB and NWC, the guys playing THIS YEAR are motivated, no question Davis, Christian, Spearman , the Seniors, and the rest, want to go NCAA’s this year. Having NWC RS and practicing, helping guys, and bringing a top notch D1 athlete to go up against every day in practice, will help team tremendously.

    Looking for, Christian, Isaac and Shamburger, Spearman , Davis to lead team to a lot of victories. It is all up to the current guys, they still have THIS year, to do big things. Looks bright! Can be great season! NCAA is definitely a goal!!



    A DeShawn Mitchell might have been enough to be The THIRD, (IF he also applied himself to studies)…

    Otherwise a Bob Nash, Reggie Cross/Terry Houston, Tommy Barker, Reggie Carter, A.C., Tom Henderson, Predrag, Rod Flemings…

    ought to be enough…

    ANY of them would kick the Program to a Higher Level AND help pull together The State;
    (Maybe Enough to Float a Bond/Stretch the Legislative Budget to Expand SSC to 14-22K)
    Any One as ʻThe Thirdʻ should Push UH into the Top 25/15…

    OR MAYBE weʻll be seeing an Aaron Valdes Elevating into The Mix…

    FUHA — i Agree, GIB & Staff Work hard enough to make more of the above Happen…

    Lightning Often Strikes in the same place…

  18. Eagle and FUHA, about Isaac Fotu,

    I hope he is near 100% healed from MCL tear by start of season. He is a legitimate, big time NCAA D1 athlete. If Isaac has mid range to 3 line jumper consistent, can handle ball well, with his very quick first step, spin moves, athleticism and power, He potentially, and he has said it himself, could be the next UH athlete from MBB program to make it to the NBA.

    Like Ahmet Gueye before him, a little undersized in terms of height, however, remember Paul Milsap out of LaTech ?.. they list him at 6’8″ in NBA, he is probably a shade under 6’7″ , however Milsap, developed a consistent jumper out to 3 line along with his D and rebounding. He was a tweener, a great O and D rebounder in college, however, he worked hard, now he is that top notch hybrid power forward/SF in NBA. Great story.

    I think Isaac Fotu, similar situation. Isaac height wise is a tweener, not 6’9″ or 6’10”, maybe 6’8″, so he would be a “powere” small forward, would have to develop his jump shot and be excellent Defender and FT shooter, and able to handle the ball. If he puts up huge numbers this year, pretty sure Isaac, might make jump to Pro ball, if opportunity, pretty much guaranteed arised.

    The great part about Isaac’s, and maybe even Christian’s situation and abilities, we have them together, in tandem, to provide a lot of excitement, and get to NCAA or NIT dance this March. With steady guard play at PG and SG, and Wings, UH along with Fotu and Standhardinger could be dynamite.

    Ben Jay, should make more discounts for HS to gradeschool, accompanied by parents, maybe 4 in a family get in to games for price of 2 tickets. Open up seats in lower bowl, make parking affordable, a lot of more freebies, with the UH team in place now. SSC can have more fan support in house!

    And Eagle, definitely SSC arena is expandable, I think they can fit up to 13500, with the extra room there now, and they also can go upwards.

  19. The “NWC” elite MBB athlete RS in waiting affect on UH team for this year? I beilieve, all the guys on the active roster this season, will play even harder, refuse to lose and win a lot of games.

    Thanks to NWC, for becoming a Rainbow Warrior! However, your presence, and a lot of UH MBB fans, saying wait “till next year” NWC active, will want to go big time, this year!

    Either way, it is a win, win situation.

    UH MBB team with the forward tandem, and legitimate good PG, and added athleticism will do well!

    Just stay healthy, and together, on the court and in class guys!!

    😀 Exciting times to be a true UH MBB fan!

  20. Also, in above video, very humble and great attitude of Negus to say he wants to HELP this year’s team win BWC tourney and go to NCAA’s. That is a true Rainbow Warrior.

    Mahalo , thankyou , Negus and to your family!


  21. can’t wait for pre-season predictions…lets see where they rank us to finish the bw

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