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Catching up with Christian Standhardinger

Breathe easy, University of Hawai’i basketball fans. Christian Standhardinger has returned to Hawai’i after a summer in Europe.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 senior forward, is the top returning scorer and rebounder for the Warriors. He averaged 15.8 points and 7.9 rebounds per game as a junior last season, and was a first-team All-Big West Conference selection.


Standhardinger returned to his home country of Germany for the summer, and trained with Germany’s national basketball program. He was the leading scorer for a German select team (not the national team) that traveled to China for a tournament.

“It was a good summer; I worked on a lot of stuff,” he said. “And I hope I can contribute this year for our team.”

Standhardinger will be expected to contribute in numerous ways this season, as he is one of three seniors on the roster (Davis Rozitis and Brandon Spearman are the others).

“If help is needed, they know they can come to me and talk to me,” Standhardinger said of his role as a senior leader. “But I think Brandon Spearman and Keith Shamburger, they’re pretty good leaders already.”

Standhardinger worked out with some of his new UH teammates for the first time on Monday, and he said he liked what he saw. “I think we got a very good team – we got that winning attitude,” he said.

In addition to training and playing basketball in Germany this summer, Standhardinger said he got to spend time with his family. One of his highlights of the summer was helping to coach his younger twin sisters at a beach volleyball tournament in Germany.

“It was Standhardinger/Standhardinger playing beach volleyball and Standhardinger as coach – we had that family thing going,” he said.

Standhardinger is also in his senior year of classes, and is on pace to graduate next spring with a degree in business marketing.


  1. Herr Standhardinger, Sehr Gut(very good, very well!!)

    Aloha and welcome back Christian! Look forward to senior leadership from you, Spearman and Davis Rozitis.

    You have great guards, good wings, and steady Center/Posts.

    If team follows your hustle, and refuse to lose attitude, All for Team, no one person wins BWC tourney crown, share the ball and everyman D up, you guys can go NCAA tournament!

    So happy to see you had great summer, spent time with your ohana in Germany, now back to Aunty and the UH SSC!

    Rock the SSC Christian, UH MBB will be very good indeed. Teach the guys, to give 100% and be winners every minute they are on the floor!

  2. good looks like another open gym should be up soon

  3. Welcome Home Christian!! Big West Champs, tournament bound…

  4. OPEN GYM VIDEO! Thanks Dayton, know you work very hard, along with your cameraman and staff!

    Now we can see whether guys can shoot, Shamburger, Nevels, Niko, Enos, Spearman, Jawato, Harper,Smith.

    Guys can break down guys off the dribble and create: Quincy, Garrett Nevels, Shamburger, well NWC we know he can do a little of everything!

    Whether the SF’s , Wings, I think that is the KEY spot, open for grabs, if Gib goes, PG, SG, SF and PF,PF or PG, SG,SG, PG and Center. Or a lot of combinations!

    Open Gym, at least we can see that the bigs, can run without tripping over their feet, very agile, and whether, Davis and Stefan, hopefully Caleb too, can swat the weak stuff away from the rim.

    And whether Hackman, Valdes, Thomas will be agile active wings with to the rim and spot up 3 game.

    Should be fun, I think , probably the most even talent over all Gib has had in 4 years!!

    Now as Christian says, can they stay together, for whole year, no EGO maniacs, or like a former SF and Center!

    Great kids, Now Gib you have to coach them well, and guide them to 20 plus winning season , and settle for no less than BWC tourney crown and NCAA invite, or at worst 20 win and NIT.

    OPEN GYM VIDEO, Mahaloa Dayton if you can. The couple of die hards on board this forum, are dying to see all 17 guys, scholies and walkons, do their thing, on UH practice courts!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!


  5. IF Christianʻs sisters have most of his height — 6-3, 6-4 or more ? — and work ethic and skills — beach volleyball improves your passing, digging, movement, maybe blocking and overall skills — maybe videos to coach Shoji would reveal a future prospective middle blocker or two that they can get coached up early enough to help out here in the volleyball capitol/capital– weʻre the only (Hey, Upcoming Bus Grad) program that makes money….

    Welcome Back, Christian!


    This Yearʻs Team may be so much faster…
    maybe that was a Sonic BOOM!


    iʻm aware of the rest –Whatʻs the “S” in ROYGBIVs ?

  6. Thank God, the Lion has returned! King of the Beach brother , coming up!

  7. King of the Beach , fun workouts, I remember when Tony Akpan, was working out on the beach, he looked like a football player out there!

    Working on sand, early in morning, plus sights and sounds of tourists and kamaaina alike , sure the UH MBB team like. Just hope guys don’t get too competitive and get hurt.

    That is the theme for any sports team. UH FB, pretty good so far, except for Kennedy from Waianae, no serious season ending injuries, well, one guy on sidelines supporting team by his presence!

    So IMPORTANT, as other comments brought, strenghth, stretch, and stride for physical, mental, emotional, and athletic, and NUTRITIONAL balance , will help team stay strong and healthy..

    Can’t wait, UH athletics, WVB, W Soccer, girls are rough and tough under Bud Nagamine, and UH FB, I hope they finally upset USC, if UH and Chow beat the trojans, will bode well for entire UH athletic year and teams!!

    Go Rainbow Warriors.!

    Christian Warrior!!

  8. Hey Christian S,

    Fans getting concern with your timely return for the academic start on the proper track!

    Some guys got A’s for each Summer session they take (advancing their graduation chart).

    All-around blue-collar hard-worker like you, probably will caught-up in no time!?

    You’re still the good, old humble-nature self. Gaining a full-load of international BB plays & workouts instead. Definitely boost your game-time confidence all season long!

    You instantly & modestly referred the leadership-role to the dynamical Brandon S (avoiding “The too many cooks, spoil the soup” situation >> no co-captain, tri-captain distractions this time around?).

    As UHMBB entering into the fourth-year under the helmsmen ship of Gib-recruiting, has ripping some encouraging results, as far as overall-quality of active athletes is concerned.

    If the coaching will directly put forth a 20+ wins season for the very first-time then, what quadrant of the achievement-circle landed on, will change the course of its program in the next two years.

  9. As Hard as Christian works at his game, should be interesting to see what he and the coaches have come up with:

    IF he can Challenge with two or three Threes Made(even better than his 33% of last year) that should force the defense to follow him to wing/perimeter, leaving key easier for all to penetrate and drive, including getting his own Contact Three-Point plays …

    IF Isaac also has more space (with Christian’s added range and without the Vander-Clog), he should still shoot at high-percentage (#1 in BW by A Lot) even with 4 to 10 more shots per game…

    and the guards should be free-er to do All their things…

  10. Eagle : As always great observations!!

    Key to UH MBB success and O and D philosophy? Christian, Isaac’s dynamic game, and you are correct, if Isaac can develop mid range jumper , even an occasional 3 to keep D guessing, The addressed weakness at PG and SG, those perimeter guys will be/ are getting excitied, they can attack the seams, drive and dish, I noticed Keith has ability to finish and one, same with Quincy and Garrett. Brandon is attack mode all the time, Brandon Spearman has to hit high 35 percent or more of his 3 ball, maybe 38 per cent, as well as 80 percent from the FT line, his physical attacking style, along with Isaac and Christian, and the guards that can finally attack the rim, finish, and make FT, UH will be a harder team to defend.

    And ONE MAJOR GIB AREA: Gib would say…: I don’t care if you are a walkon, Nebraska, Mizzou transfer, top 300 HS player in the world, had experience overseas, or were the pride of Kamehameha shcools Kapalama to Big Island, Honokaa,

    IF you young guys, don’t play 100% defense, that I am going to design for the talent we have now, if you slack off at any time, not diving after loose 50/50 balls, diving into the stands, steals, blockshots to your teammates, challenge hand in face, fighting through screens, sharing the PT and supportin all 14 or 15 active guys on the bench in the game, you will sit on the bench with RS’s and water person, and manager, or buy a ticket.

    Gib, I hope you have a two year extenstion. You are bringing family values, a reall Hawaii Polynesia experice to UH MBB, that is why Negus liked it, Garrett, Quncy, Chrisitan, Davis, Jack Hack man who trained in GermangyP.S,,open gym OPEN GYM<hint Dayton…will give us a glimpse.

    Would love to see the guards breaking down their defenders, creating own shots, as well as assisting other.s

    Christian, Davis, Spearman and Shamburger LEAD by example and winning on and off the court, NO MELODRAM THIS YEAR, at the award banquet would like to see the entire roster get MOP award, because, you went to elite 8!!

    Go Warriors….What????Impossible? Dream big! Never late to be great and win in NCAA elite 8!!


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