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Standhardinger standing tall for Germany

Christian Standhardinger might be missing out on the high-scoring action of the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, but he’s doing some high-scoring himself overseas.

Standhardinger was the leading scorer for a select team from Germany that participated in a goodwill international tournament in China this month. In addition to Germany and China, teams from the United States and Italy participated in the tournament.


Through seven games in the tournament, Standhardinger averaged 26.7 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. He shot close to 60 percent from the field for the tournament, including better than 50 percent from 3-point range.

His best game was against the American team, as he finished with 41 points on 15-of-22 shooting, 12 rebounds and four assists.

“I have been working hard over in Germany, working a lot on my shot,” he said. “This is pretty good competition in this tournament, so I came prepared, ready to play.”

Standhardinger has been training with Germany’s national program, but the team that went to China was a select team of “younger” players.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 sernior forward, is considered the leading returning player for the 2013-14 University of Hawai’i basketball team. He averaged 15.8 points and 7.9 rebounds per game as a junior in 2012-13, and was a first-team All-Big West Conference selection.

“I wish I could be there in Hawai’i working with my teammates, but I am getting ready for the season over here,” Standhardinger said. “I will be ready for my senior year.”

He is expected to continue training in Germany for the next few weeks, then will return to Hawai’i for the fall semester of classes.


  1. Sehr gut Christian! (Very Good Christian!)

    Keep up the good work. Come back and lead UH MBB to NCAA’s! You are working hard.

    Hope, our boy Michael Harper gets here soon, Visa cleared, and Davis Rozitis as well!!

    Great to see all the 16 or 17 potential UH MBB team members RS’s, walkons, returnees, and new guys working hard, very hard this summer!!


  2. Dayton you are the king of reporting news related to UH Basketball!!!

  3. Hey, Dayton:

    As ROB T said ur “The King of Reporting News”!

    Re: Christian’s training successes >>
    Even he is with the younger team, his statistics are certainly impressive!
    Would you say a jr-national team still better than our CSL?
    If they promote him, would he still be coming back to our TEAM?

    I’ve become a big fan of his since last CSL, really thrill & enjoy his plays.

    #34 & #42 are the “Heart & soul” of the 2013-2014 TEAM respectively!
    These two young stars should be the TEAM Co-Captains;
    They are the leaders of good enjoyable MBB.

    With some (hard-earned) luck, Christian’s jersey will be hanging in Gib’s office.

    This year’s TEAM will made Hawaii PROUD!

  4. Awesome!

    I know its early but a return to the Big Dance seems very possible the next few years.

  5. Christian – great work – thinking of you from Down Under – I am sure you will have a fantastic senior year and make your family even prouder of your accomplishments both sporting and academic.

    Dayton – I know the fans love your work but I wanted to acknowledge the tremendous value that it adds to all the families of the players both Nationally and Internationally. To be able to click a button and catch up on the latest about the team, see their smiling faces and hard work plus to get feedback on the latest thoughts of the fans is just fantastic. Thank you sooo much for all your hard work – I will send Michael back with some Tim Tams for you!!!

  6. FUHA;

    Bottom line DEFENSE. IF UH MBB can defend the 3 line against BWC teams, in fact all teams they play, TEAM and INDIVIDUAL Defense, they could dance , even this year.

    I think, personal opinion, UH wins the Rainbow Classic, split on the road, competitive, no blow out loss at Missouri on the road, and wins the DHC, UH we know will be able to compete for BWC tourney crown. I say, by Jan 1 2014, we shall know!

    Exciting stuff, and a lot of new posters, comments from newbie, and renewed interest die hard fans, on this forum!!

    Great stuff!!!!

    Shout out to Davis,GET Bigger, stonger, dunk the ball, no weak stuff and lead BWC in blocked shots, defend protect the rim, along with Fotu, Standhardinger, Thomas, Valdes, Dressler and possibly Jovanovich, Along with the 6 guards, Shamburger, Smith, Nevels, Jawato, Spearman and Harper, guarding the 3 line, and penetration, good TEAM and INDIVIDUAL Defense, along with close to 80 pts a game average offense, holding opposition to less than 50 pts a game, UH could be a top 35 team.

    Way too early, however exciting stuff, Hey UH MBB fans, jump on the bandwagon, hopefully, Gib’s team will peak in Feb, March 2014 and go to DANCE THIS YEAR. Possiblity. Gib has to coach them well!! And NO UNTIMELY INJURIES OR MELODRAMA!

    Go UH MBB!!


  7. Tim Tam Mania Returns once Aussie Officials get Michael Harperʻs Visa moving — they ought to Recognize him as one of their ambassadors …Not Yet a Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, Les Miserables, etc.) but hit a bunch more in-game threes and dimes and ʻarper Jackman would be a well-earned monniker…

    Also Calling out Da Beast — No Fear of beinʻ on both sides of the lens… why Da Beast Video shortage?
    Latvia Team …the Promised Ozren Visitation and Update…

    or our rehabbing ʻFroductions Partner could start the New Player Introductions, impressions, strengths, improvement goals…

    Just Really Glad WI.com team is Firing on all Cylinders….As So Many have noted…Major Mahalo(s)

    Maybe weʻll see Some ʻD-1 Dʻ on former HPU All-American Llewellen Smalley report

  8. ….reportedly in town for a couple of Manoa Valley Gym games…

    Ist Teamer thought:
    AS HARD as He Works….
    i would Not bet against Christian, already a First-Team All-Conference Selection
    becoming One of The Most IMPROVED Players in the Big West….

    After Full, Smart Recovery, i could say the Same for Isaac Fotu…
    Hey, Big-West Trollers, Think About That!

    and Who Else Returning or Newly Emerging?
    Hawaiʻi Will Likely be One of The Most Improved Teams in the BWC…
    You Cali Teams Ainʻt Seen Nothinʻ Yet!

  9. Quick update from Manoa (Dayton will have a little more details later)

    Wealth Strategy Partners 115, Central Medical Clinic 105. Wealth (3-4) knocks Central Medical (5-2) out of first place.

    Kawika Lyons 30 for Wealth, Kyle Pape 23 for Central. No current UH players competed. Quincy Smith (Central) did not show.

    Solar Universe 104, National Fire Protection 99. Solar Universe (6-2) ascends to first place. National Fire is 4-4.

    Good news … Negus Webster-Chan, who sat out most of the second half on Tuesday after injuring his right hand, and Brandon Spearman each had 30 points to lead Solar Universe. Niko Filipovich added five points, and Dyrbe Enos did not score.

    Garrett Nevels scored 28 points and Stefan Jovanovich added 19 points and 14 rebounds for National Fire, which again played without Isaac Fotu (who isn’t expected to play this summer as he recovers from a knee injury sustained a couple of weeks ago).

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