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Smith enjoying early summer success


Two games into his first year with the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League, Quincy Smith is enjoying the way things are going with his Central Medical Clinic team.

“We want to have a winning attitude going into the season, so when we get ready to play it’s all about winning,” Smith said.

Smith scored 25 points on 10-of-15 shooting to lead Central Medical Clinic to a 95-83 victory over Grantco Pacific on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley District Park. Central Medical moved into first place in the six-team league at 5-1.

Solar Universe and National Fire Protection Co. are both 4-1, and both had byes on Tuesday.

Smith, a 6-foot-2 sophomore point guard who is in his first year at the University of Hawai’i, has led Central Medical Clinic in scoring in each of his two games in the Summer League.

“Most important, we put up the win,” Smith said. “I had fun again, it was a great time.”

UH teammates Aaron Valdes and Caleb Dressler were impressive in defeat for Grantco Pacific. Valdes, a 6-6 freshman guard/forward scored a game-high 30 points on 13-of-22 shooting, including 3 of 4 from 3-point range. Due to a lack of players on the Grantco roster (only six showed up to play on Tuesday), Valdes handled the ball for many of the possessions.


Dressler, a 6-11 freshman center, had 25 points on 11-of-17 shooting, and grabbed eight rebounds. In his last three games in the Summer League, Dressler is averaging 24.3 points and 9.7 rebounds per game, with a .667 field goal percentage.

In Tuesday’s opening game, Clark Hatch Fitness earned its first victory of the summer, 90-82 over Wealth Strategy Partners.

Freshman forward Michael Thomas made his Summer League debut with six points for Clark Hatch Fitness. He had to sit out games last week – and could not even work out on the UH campus – while awaiting clearance on his medical examinations.

“It slowed me down a little bit … I could have played last week,” he said. “But I’m good, I’ll come back from it.”

Junior point guard Keith Shamburger arrived to the gym in the second half of the game, but still managed to score six points in about 10 minutes of action for Clark Hatch Fitness.

The Summer League games will continue on Saturday with two more games at Manoa Valley District Park.

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com



  1. Dayton, appreciate the report and video, thank you.

    Glad to see Quincy so productive early on, and Aaron and Caleb working together so effectively. Fun times!

  2. Mahalo Dayton, Brandon….
    Thanks for also keeping running (summer) stats.

    Good that first-year players are gaining clearance earlier (than last year);
    Now IF our returning players can all clear their Visas…
    (Hope Michael Harper is able to keep up with his class(es) on-line, like Isaac)

    Fun Times…Looking like Good Times and Step-Up right around the bend…

  3. The UH boys are looking awesome, can’t wait to see them in uniform! Really didn’t think of Valdes, Dressler and Q as scoreres but it’s obvious from the video that they are the real deal. Again, can’t wait to see them in action, this season couldn’t come any sooner.

  4. any word on the knees of Fotu and Filipovich?

  5. was hoping for more production and athleticism from Thomas

  6. Give ʻim some games to get his legs and acclimated to his team and the league.
    Heʻs (they all are) really young…
    Not everyoneʻs gonna land running like Nevels and Q…
    Dressler took some time to get into the flow; Fotu as well.
    Now they look unimpedable, hard to slow down and defend, at this level, and probably up to D-1…

    Do we have Any Players left without range to three solid…Davis?
    Could also infer they have or can quickly develop (decide to stop and pop, use) the mid-range…

    So, Good Athleticism, Quickness, Work Ethic and Size for Defense
    and good vision, passing, movement and shooting for effective offense
    it “should look like the Coaching” is Improving Fast….

  7. I know, I know, it is only summer league, not intense , physical defense on the road, against athletes that can shoot lights out, however, From what I have seen of returnee Caleb Dressler, even if he is not jumping 32″ off the ground, and not flushing every ball within 4 feet of the rim, Caleb is a PLAYAH, period, he is not selfish, i.e. One Vander, hold ball tooooo long Joaquim, Caleb is smart, when UH goes against, by Mizzou, and DHC, and Rainbow Classic Bigs, who want to push him around, Caleb is a rock. great hands, good passer, works well with whomever gets him the ball, decent rebounder and will not back down to anyone, real enforcer in their.

    Stefan Jovanovich, has that Christian Laittener(spell wrong sorry) look, just shy of 7 feet , weigh about 240 pounds had a higher vertical than Dressler, and is averaging about 3 blocked shots a game, good passer, smart BB IQ, good shooter, will pass to open guys and not panic. Good player

    Aaron Valdes, no one in this league so far can shut him down, he is the most athletic BBaller on the court. I am very happy for Aaron, had to wait a looong year, and now , the hard work, we worked on his shot, always good shots, wait until running with UH guards in transition, it will be Hi Slamma Jamma, Dunk City. Great Job Aaron, you look taller and stronger, great abs and tough body.

    Q Smith, what can I say, hey fellow fans, as for academics, I believe Q was a qualifier out of HS, he could have went DI after senior HS year. Played one year with one of the better Cali HS teams in the state. HE IS THE X FACTOR for UH MBB guard line, he can play PG, SG, Combo Guard, quick hands, feet, explosive jumper, good rebounder, looks for the open man, and can finish, we know it is only summer league defense, however, he is getting into condition to finish in the regular season , Q keep getting a little stronger and bigger. You Q Smith are a pleasant surprise, way, way better than
    Shaq Stokes, bigger, stronger, taller, better hops, better shooter 3 ball, mid range and to the hoop, better team player and defender . Mahalo for becoming a Warrior Q! Just you addition, has upped the guard, prmarily PG or Combo, up 1000% ..Keep school a priority, bond with your teammates, and you are a team, player, get the win firts, starts with Defense, blocked shots, deflections, steals, getting loose balls, rebounding, then quick transition, UH could be nearing 80 pts per game in scoring and hopefully holding opponents to 50 or lower!! Q, UH MBB fan die hards, have been waiting for a good athletic, and quick PG for 4 years, Welcom to Hawaii Bro. Help UH MBB win the BWC, I am super excited, if Quincy, you continue to work hard listen to coaches and be friends and good teammates with other athletes, skies the limit this year , NCAA MARCH 2014 Madness!!

    Michael Thomas, ROB T, thanks again for first hand information,I think Michae Thomas’ biggest challenge will be learing the wing , he was a post player in HS, one thing , the young man is GROWING, he looks at least 6’7″ tall, has to hit the weights, work on shots, rebound strong, and listen to coaching, he is a great academic student, Michael will learn fast. Michael, still has the potential for that standing one or two handed dunk, no running start, AV and MT flying down the wings, or receiving eye contact lobs for flushes, will get SSC rockin and rollin.

    Keith S. keep the faith , you will be the leader for the team, alongside, Spearman , Davis, and Standhardinger. Lead the younger guys to the NCAA playoffs! Mahalo for coming home Keith!

    Malik Fields, hope your tryout went well! Could use a walkon 6’7″ 235lb banger, a qualifier out of HS, taking Meteorology! Hope you make team too.

    As you know fans, the potential from PG , SG, SF, Wing, PF, C and hybrid F, and combo guards, this is the best group Gib has had , nearly 17 guys on potential roster(with the walkons), in the past 4 years, good students, not felons,I am impressed how Caleb. Spearman, Jawato, Shamburger, and especially Valdes came back in great shape and are playing TEAM ball in summer league, unreal!
    Wait until Michale Harper, (the academic athlete, thunder from down under)with his super hustle and D, and 3 ball shot, as well as Davis and Christian return, Gib better have a big luncheon, or barbecue, and get the team to be friends. NICE , super nice kids, and they ,I just know, now Gib has athletes and strong returnees to work with, not Vander, NO PASS OUT THE BALL Joaquim to worry about.

    Can we say BWC regular and BWC tourney and NCAA auto bid representative, UH MBB Rainbow Warriors, or Rainbows, or Bows, or WArriors, call what you please, UH MBB is going to be competitive, in BWC and hopefully agains the Missouri, and DHC schools of the NCAA landscape. Can’t wait till first game in November!!

  8. Sorry Isaac Fotu, you along with Spearman, Shamburger, Jawato, Standhardinger and Rozitis will be key in providing leadership to pull out to leads and close out games, a reall athletic killer instinct. Will translate to more wins, possibly 20 plus and championshops, and NCAA bids!!

    Go Isaac and whole UH team new and returnees,

    I am a fan of AV, MT, QS, CB and the rest,

  9. Dayton:

    Thankyou for your super hard work and dedication and Ameriprise, Valerie Schmidt, Hunter and the Schmidt ohana, great sponsors.

    Could you find out, what happend to Garrett Nevels??/



  10. Mahalo Dayton…Quincy and Valdez are quick to the hoop. They will add depth and perhaps challenge for PT. Valdez looks to be a force around the bucket on both ends. Need to see more of Michael Thomas.

  11. warriorlogo:

    Gib was pretty high on Michael Thomas, at about 6’6” to 6’6″ tall and about 210, he can jump, D up and rebound. His HS did not have the bigs, so he played in the post. His learning curve will have to be great. He has to learn to play on the wing. Gib and Coach Fish have to really work with him.

    In the summer league, Michael Thomas had to await medical clearance, even to be part of summer league and open gym games, and coaches individual workouts, now he has it. He had six points in first game, looked tentative. I give him the benefit of the doubt, the other UH MBB team has been playing about 2 weeks now, Michael is only getting started, wait until he gets his conditioning and his shot going.

    I think Michael is an athletic, hybrid 4, he can shoot mid range to the rim, offensive and Defensive rebounder, and defender, you can see, he needs to get used to his team, which also includes Keith Shamburger, when Keith can make it. It will take time, hopefully , in another 2 or 3 games, Michael can go off for 18 to 20 points with some blocked shots, huge rebounds, and dunks.

    Give Michael T. a chance! And Michael ‘arper, we still await from Aussie land. Bet Mike is bigger , stronger, more explosive and will hustle, or probably out hustle Christian Standhardinger for loose balls. Mike H. is a playah. All these kids I like, good students, and their BB skills are an improvment, from 1-16th athlete, huge upgrade from last 2 years!!!

  12. warriorlogo:

    P.S sorry warriorlogo, I meant to say 6’6″ to 6’7″ tall! About Michael Thomas. Great, great student, that is the key, He just has to get used to DI ball and playing on the wing, hey , if he can bang as a hybrid 4, Gib should let him spell, Fotu and Standhardinger, let, Valdes, Jawato and Spearman, play the 3 wing!

    Gib was pretty high on Michael Thomas, at about 6’6” to 6’7″ tall and about 210, he can jump, D up and rebound.

  13. Valdes should be able to find minutes this year. His shot and ball handling still need work but he hustles and does all the little things to help a team win. His leaping ability and length to defend, rebound and block shots is very impressive, and his mid-range game and floaters in the lane are solid. If he can work on his spot-up shooting from 3, it should help guarantee him more meaningful minutes.

    Q. Smith looks good. Quick, smart, athletic with good ball skills. Like Valdes, he still needs to work on his shot but is great at attacking the basket. He’s in a great situation as he doesn’t have as much pressure to perform and start as Shamburger.

    Shamburger hasn’t really hunted his shot that much and has looked to involve his teammates more. He’s looked very average so far. He looks a bit more solid physically compared to last season and has a solid handle… doesn’t have blow by the defender type quickness and is more sneaky/crafty than anything. His shooting hasn’t been that great and it kinda looks he’s got a flying elbow on his shot attempts.

    These guys plus Nevels are all upgrades from last season (Tavita, Brereton) from an athletic standpoint… the question is who will be able to provide a consistent outside threat at around 10-15 points per game. From what I’ve seen so far…. the only player who is ready for that role is Nevels.

  14. Gobows I’m with you on everything but Nevels. If you watch his JC games on YouTube he is not a great outside shooter from 3. And the guys he is playing against are short. The guy is good but I don’t think he is as ready as you think. Now if you are comparing him to Jace and Hans then I think he is better for sure. Where is he at I have not seen him at games.

  15. Baller4Life:


    Where is Garrett Nevels???

  16. Besides Videos…

    Nevels shot 45% from 3 for the Season @ Mt San Antonio JC — he has good numbers all-around (56% FG / 77% FT)
    and is considered focused and a hard worker so can or likely to improve… heʻs got proven D-1 players around him in Shamburger and Spearman so should be able to help him get up to (D-1) speed …

    Where in Manoa is GN? Late Classes? Sick?

  17. Nevels did have some good numbers. I look forward to seeing him play more. I do like Q a lot too. . Maybe because we’ve been able to see more of him.

  18. I did not mean to imply that M Thomas is not special, on the contrary he physically looked good. The only thing that I saw was that he did not look that comfortable out there. Know your spots and your moves that defenders will have problems stopping and set yourself up to be in those positions. This was the first time that I saw him play and it was for only 5-10 minutes. It also seems that he has not been able to play against meaningful competition while waiting for medical clearance. I wouldn’t doubt that he will start to look relaxed out there in the next few games.

  19. Rob T I agree with what you are saying. Michael Thomas needs some time like you said. He is a good player and I think we can see that. Like Valdes he seems long and athletic. Once he catches up to the program I think he will be great. We shouldn’t really be judging the players off of summer league. Knowing what I do know and seeing the players videos, games and in conversations with people we are in good shape for next year. That is without the Summer League Hype.

    BTW: Did anyone notice the nice two mam game and pick and roll Caleb and Valdes are running in the video? That was nice to see.

  20. Baller4Life: Great observations ROB T and Baller4Life!

    Agreed, Aaron Valdes has really worked hard in past year. Every aspect. Saw on video him without shirt, his abs! He took to heart the weight room. AV can get up, great offensive rebounder, had a mid range floater, can hit an occasional 3, has to be a good FT shooter, the whole team actually, if whole team can average 78% or better from 1 through 15, UH will win a lot of close games!

    Agree, MIchael Thomas just got cleared to participate summer league, and workouts with UH coaches. He has that Dillon Biggs type of body. Saw him on HS youtube videos, he can get up, from standing jump and block shots guarding the rim. I think MT, has to get into BB shape, get stronger and used to his teammates. Shamburger should really work with him in practice gym so they are in sync. Would be awesome to see MT and AV running, filling the lanes , skying and getting flushes, that is what will make SSC rock again!

    Q Smith, a jet, have to see how he will do in half court sets, however, he has ability to pass ball, and can get up high and fly.

    Caleb Dressler, last year during RS practices against Vander, he never backed down. Caleb is the enforcer type, the banger. The guy has a great pick and roll game with AV or with Geremy Robinson, when Geremy was playing with him.

    QUESTION STILL LINGERS: HAS ANYONE SEEN GARRETT NEVELS? IS HE SICK? Or perhaps, making sure he goes to the one(I might be wrong) UH summer session class they take. Or like last year, some of the guys were so worn out from open gym runs and weight and UH limited workouts with staff, they were exhausted for nite Summer league game. Hope NEVELS IS A OKAY.

    What Stefanovich brings, a taller , a little leaner, can jump higher, good shot blocker, shoots with either hand young big near 7 feet, smart, BBIQ. I like him too.

    Negus Webster Chan, great , great talent, from Mizzou, you could tell he was a top 100 recruit out of HS! Next year will be awesome. What great talent!

    Gib does a good job recruiting, his job now….WIN…be a better game time manager and X and O coach. Keep the kids in line to graduate or guaranteed NBA or high overseas pro contracts by soph or Jr year.

    UH MBB fans, can’t wait for this Nov 2013 and first game of the season! Potential, with Q Smith, G Nevels, N Flipovich(hurt knee, hope he is okay if have to RS), Stefan Jovanovich, and awaiting Michael Thomas to get used to being on the wing, or Gib should make him hybrid, as he learns the 3 spot, go in as an athletic 4, a quick jumping, good rebounding and shot blocking athlete at about 6’7″.

    Yeah only summer league, just love the potential, and listen to all of the new guys speak, very respectful, smart, and they have this WIN be WINNERS attitude. Now if they can play defense, cause full pressure and half court trap D havoc, and defend the 3 line, UH will probably have a good season.

    Hope so, Gib, go get em, this year 4, NIT, NCAA or bust!!


  21. Fotu has a torn MENCIOUS! Hopefully he is a fast healer , rehab ?surgery? needs to follow up with a good weight training program ,he obviously did not lift in the off season, no muscle put on, lost weight. Nevels is missing in action.

  22. jjay: Thanks for update. On local cable TV sports report. Better MCL than ACL! Isaac came back, his legs looked thinner? Just my observation, looked like he lost 10 pounds. Well, Isaac, hope it is not a serious set back, very, very similar to Vander, however, Isaac, you have approximately 4 months to super rehab to get back to decent shape, go to it mate!

    jjay, maybe you know the Warrior grapevine, Garrett, I wonder has he left the islands? Now it makes sense why Gib has loaded up , with potential two addition preferred walkons 6’7″ and 6’1″ walkons who can play a bit and shore up roster just in case injuries, early and OTHER, damn jjay, I hope in Nevels case it is not the OTHER…not the fit. wish the best, and Garrett is where he is happy.

    Dayton and jjay and others in the know, Nevels looked like great potential for firepower and quicks, now Q Smith is a great combo guard, decent shooter, high flyer and quick defender, with Sham, Spearman, Jawato, and Harper, Enos, Gib can still put out a 3 guard lineup that can create havoc.

    I hope and pray, that Christian and Davis are getting 10 to 15 pounds stronger, more vertical, explosive, and can dunk when within 4 feet of the rim. Now without Fotu, down low for a few months, Caleb, NOWWWW, maybe Stefan gets his shot!!! Go Stefan Jovanovich this is your chance!!

    Go Warriors or Rainobow Warriors, heck send out Dyrbe Enos, and 4 pick up UH students from UH practice gym 2 and go out and win the Rainbow Classic, the DHC, and the BWC tournament, naaah, I am just joking folks.

    I hope Fotu gets healed correctly and comes back when ready, Caleb and Stefan be ready, hybrid SF/PF MIchael Thomas stay down low and help down on the blocks, as well as AV be ready to swat and block and flush the ball down the hole!

    Go Warriors, Bows!! Get Well . And if Nevels is gone, does that open up another scholarship, if he voided it, I believe it does, Gib would have still 2 more to give, a solid late qualifying and high flying 6’3″ super shooter from 3 to the rim, as well as a 6’8″239pound banger, with BBIQ smarts.

    As the world turns with the UH MBB team, Nah, just joking, seriously, I hope Nevels is still here, taking classes, or maybe he had and injury, if he went back home Dayton would let us know by tomorrow, Fotu, very sad about that, REHAB,REHAB,REHAB!!

    Just win guys, and Gib keep the guys happy and healthy!!!

  23. This is exactly why he should not have gone back in! When you are young youth think you are indestructible. Meniscus is cartilage in the knee joint. The question is how bad is the tear? This is better than what Vander did but takes time to heal do to limited blood flow to cartilage area. If you come back to soon you re-injure it and get popping and clicking like noises in your knee that feel oh so great. ….. Not! Fotu follow the doctors orders and soon enough you will be back to playing.

  24. or (besides the possible popping and clicking ) the knee occasionally sticks, blocking full range of motion, like when you’re running up-court…

    arthroscopy usually works well; blood flow as noted can be an issue for speed of healing/recovery-
    – maybe platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection(s) can speed up the healing (?) [still considered experimental]…

    Hope it’s confirmed ‘only meniscus’– and NOT the ACL/MCL duo….

    ….and it IS much earlier than Vander’s ‘pre-season’ injury….


    Nevels looked like he was having fun…
    Hopefully only school, team workouts and adjustment (temporary) overload…

  25. straub orthopedics does that type of injections to speed recovery in certain cases , having second thoughts about this summer league and injuries, i dont think they have a trainer at the games to handle injuries, no one there to tape the ankles ,etc. maybe the guys should just train on their own as a team at the school ,where the trainers are there on campus, and strength train with Tommy.

  26. jjay: Very Good Idea! Brandon Spearman, Caleb Dressler had injuries in league last year. Would be real set back if Spearman, Jawato, Dressler, Shamburger, got knee or ankle injuries. End result, UH MBB could be set back in fall, and guys would have to rehab and catch up to speed during season. Sounds familiar. Always danger when playing summer league. I think there might be volunteer doctor, or medical person at game, I know the young guys have to sign medical waiver, for that very situation, “serious injuries possible”. MBB is not full contact football, where just at practice, we got concussions, sprains and jammed toes , fingers, and strains every day.

    Would be nice if the guys stretch, and tape, however, you are probably right, the guys from all the schools and ex alumni, just show up at the game, lite stretch, warm up , lace up and go.

    Man, always worry about summer league, or fall camp, one or two serious injuries could mean the difference between a 16 game win season and perhaps a 21 win season, huge.

    Hey UH Warriors, stay safe, or talk it over with coach and UH’s trainer, is it worth it? Or is there trainer, medical staff on board at games?

    ALL UH athletes, don’t get seriously hurt, would be huge bummer for upcoming season!!

  27. Hey Dayton as always, great coverage , video and interviews.

    Would you know the status of Brandon Jawato and Garrett Nevels? Are they still in summer league, or are they concentrating on summer school and workouts and open gym at UH?

    When will Christian Standhardinger, and Davis Rozitis return?

    Finally, will Isaac Fotu need surgery, and what is the timeline for rehab, and back to participating in UH full pracitces?

    Mahalo Plenty Dayton!


  28. The summer league is an important tool to get the player used to playing organized basketball with referees.

  29. ROB T: True. Gib has stated, good for fanbase too. We get to know the players. I remember waaay back when Tony Webster( a Larry Little recruit combo guard) went off for about 63 points. Tony’s game was getting steals, a lot, and runouts and dunks. Great athlete 6’3″ 195. During the summer league, he worked on a funky looking jump shot, that worked during regular season. He was a fan favorite. Same year UH played the Virginia beating Chaminade team of Merv Lopes.

    I guess, ROB T., whenever guys or gals play organized sports, summer leagues or regular season , always chance for injury. No question, trainers, Gib and Doctors are working hard to repair and rehab Isaac. Jawato, if he is nursing or rehabbing his injury from last year, maybe wise to work in training room.

    The referees, get better as well. We are enjoying , seeing potentially good Basketball athletes for UH for several years to come. Wish them good health. And, wait until the playoffs, the guys actually want to win, which is fun. Stay healthy all participants in Manoa College Summer League!


  30. Apologies for the late reply. Lots of questions to answer, so here are some:

    * Isaac Fotu will have to rehab his injured knee (torn meniscus) for the next two weeks. The good news is he appears to be doing well. He’s already able to jog.

    * Niko Filipovich also has an undetermined knee injury and has not been cleared to re-join play in Summer League yet. Like Fotu, he appears to be doing well, and may just need a week or two of rest.

    * Garrett Nevels is fine and has been participating in workouts at UH. His participation in the Summer League will be his own game-by-game decision.

    * Brandon Jawato has been recovering from an ankle injury, but should be returning to Summer League action soon.

    * Brandon Spearman will still have to sit out one Summer League game due to his altercation with former UH star Julian Sensley last week. Sensley did not play in his team’s last game.

  31. Jedi Master Dayton, Most Aware and Connected to the Re-

  32. [Please Delete Previous — should NOT work ʻUpside Downʻ trying Not to Wake those who Need their Sleep]

    Site-Master Dayton, Most Connected to and Aware of All-Things UHMBB….

    MAHALO for The Update

    AND That It is Primarily, Overwhelmingly, Good News [Amen!]


    FULL Slate of Games This Coming Week: Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday…

    With Less than ʻFull Participationʻ by UHMBB Players (Priorities on What Counts),
    Open Gym Videos would seem more valuable;
    Understood, that is a huge game slate above!

    Sure Hope the Friends & Families back home for Newer Arrivals know ʻbout this site
    IF So Appreciated, Request a Shout Out or Two
    (The Folks here are remarkably welcoming)
    Oʻahu Island living up to its title as “The Gathering Place”
    (Aussie Mum?)

  33. Dayton, Mahalo Plenty, Thank you very much. I know you are busy and work very hard keeping site going, appreciate the updates.

    Great, great news, about Niko, Fotu, injuries improving, not as serious, as well as Jawato. Nevels, we were wondering, very happy he is on board and okay!!

    Spearman, even for summer league, all UH guys have to keep emotions in check, good lesson for regular season. Guys, are battling, and not backing down, still have to show senior leadership. Spearman is a leader, he will be alright.

    Dayton, good news on all fronts, last one, …I am sure Michael Harper still working on getting into USA via Visa issue, hope he is in UH very soon, I am sure he will be.

    Thanks Dayton!


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