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Nevels scores 28 in Manoa Summer League debut


Garrett Nevels did just about everything except hit the game-winning shot in his debut in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Saturday night at the Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Nevels, an incoming junior for the University of Hawai’i basketball team, finished with 28 points, seven rebounds, six assists and three steals for the National Fire Protection Co. team. The 6-foot-2 guard from Mount San Antonio College (Calif.) drained five 3-pointers, but he missed two 3-point attempts in the final minute with National Fire trailing by one point.

“I played alright – I could have had less turnovers and made some more easy shots,” he said. “I should have won, that’s what I play for.”

Central Medical Clinic moved into sole possession of first place in the Summer League at 4-0 with the 96-95 victory over National Fire.

Nevels had previously been playing in the Drew League – the top summer league in Southern California – and arrived in Honolulu on Friday night. He will start summer school classes at UH on Monday.

“I got in Friday night; I don’t really feel too much jet lag,” he said. “It was good competition.”

Central Medical Clinic was led by the outside-inside combination of Kyle Pape and Bill Amis. Pape, a former Iolani and Colorado School of Mines standout, finished with a game-high 35 points, including six 3-pointers. Amis, the former UH standout, added 17 points and seven blocked shots.


The only other UH player from the 2013-14 roster to see action on Saturday night was redshirt freshman center Caleb Dressler. He finished with 13 points on 6-of-14 shooting, and grabbed nine rebounds. His Grantco Pacific team lost to Wealth Strategy Partners, 98-87.

Former Chaminade player Wally Coulibaly led Wealth Strategy with 26 points, and former UH star Julian Sensley added 25.

The Summer League will continue with two games on Tuesday: Solar Universe vs. Wealth Strategy at 6 p.m., followed by Grantco Pacific vs. Clark Hatch Fitness at 7:30 p.m.

UH players scheduled to play on Tuesday include Dyrbe Enos, Niko Filipovich, Brandon Spearman and Negus Webster-Chan for Solar Universe, Dressler and Aaron Valdes for Grantco Pacific, and Keith Shamburger and Michael Thomas for Clark Hatch Fitness.

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com



  1. Welcome Aboard Garrett & Arriving 2013-2014 R, Hot Start

    Thanks, Dayton, Brandon, et. al.. Sponsors…

    Wall – to – Wall, Gym – to – Gym Coverage, Videos, Interviews, FAST Stats, Photos & Videos

    In Many Ways better than just being there — pulling together all this info
    is a huge investment of time effort and dedication to what fuels our daily fires…

    What a service to UHMBB & its followers, families & fans…

    Mahalo No Ka Oi

  2. Aloha, Garrett,

    Welcome to the Ohana (Hawaiian MBB family)!

    You’re the most exciting player since AC (so far)!
    You’ll have a strong fan-base here.

    Keep up the good works..

  3. First and foremost, excellent video update, comments and reporting Dayton. Thank you so much!

    Garrett Nevels, great start, look forward to the other players arriving, and showing how they have improved, and for the new guys, what they bring to the table.

    If UH MBB has 6 or 7 guys with quickness to defend, run, shoot and score, with athleticism and team work, UH could be better than last year!

    Mahalo Dayton!


  4. Thank you for the video and updates Dayton. Good to see the players coming back to the islands. Dressler looks really unimpressive in the video. Hopefully he slims down, adds strength and quickness. He should be good for 20/10 at a minimum in this league where there is very little size.

  5. nevels looks fast, athletic and confident and will come in with more maturity than a stokes…we’ll see if he keeps up his scoring/assist averages

  6. I am curious to see how Brandon Spearman, being healthy, has become more explosive, quicker, and better ball handling and outside shooting. As well as take to the rack.
    Also, Quincy Smith, ball handling, BBIQ and running the break.
    Michael Thomas and Aaron Valdes’ Athleticism.
    Isaac Fotu’s improved all around game, strength and conditioning.
    Keith Shamburger’s floor leadership.

    I like Caleb Dressler, might not be the quickest guy, or jump the highest, the young, guys has a good BBIQ, he rolls to basket very well. Work with good UH guards, Caleb can score, defend, use body to D up and bang. Should be interesting.

    Should be neat to see an ex-Missouri athlete in Negus Webster-Chan.

    MIchael Harper’s improvement.

    Chrisitan is in Germany, Davis, is somewhere for summer, and Brandon Jawato appears to be training hard in California.

    Also, what type of PG is Niko Flipovich and Stefan Jovanovich, how can you develop a young guy with a mature physically, 6’11” 245 pound body.

    Should be interesting, when all 13 available UH guys are running open gym and summer league, if the guys can score, inside, mid range to 3, run, rebound and get blocks and steals, as well as good passers and FT shooters. UH should be a very good and competitive team.

    Just seeing Garrett Nevels, although, summer league D is not the greatest on him, his no scared em ability to shoot, go to the hole and a suprisingly good assist man!

    should be a lot of fun this summer!

  7. And of course: Michael Harper, hopefully got stronger, more explosive and quicker, with the 3 line to mid range and to the rack game with constant hustle like Christian Standhardinger. UH MBB could have a team of 14 active roster that would be constantly pushing Defensively and Offensively!

  8. Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired. Amis was not one of the top scorers for Central Medical. Jonathan Keen, a 2008 Mililani High graduate and he played at Ventura College made 22 points in this game with 6 three -pointers. Keen was one of the top scorers in this game but he is unmentioned in this article and his shots are edited out of this video. He is currently a student at UH Manoa and it is sad to state that Gib Arnold has cancelled walk on tryouts for its local students for the past 3 years. Why recruit medicore players and give them scholarships when we have local talent right here?

  9. UH student,
    There have been some questionable posts on this site, but yours has got to be the lamest.
    “Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired.” Really? Dayton owns and operates the site by himself. He busts his butt to give us the inside scoop on UH men’s hoops. And he does it for free.
    If Jonathan Keene is your boy. That’s fine. Nice outside stroke. But this is Warriorisider.com, so it’ll focus on past and present UH guys. Only time non-UH guys get mentioned or have video is when they lead their team in scoring. I.E.: Pape and Coulibaly in this article.


  10. “We have local talent here??”

    HAHAHAHAHa, you should be a comedian. HAHAHA. thats funny.

  11. It was such an exciting game to watch. I can’t wait to see the more from the new UH recruits. Thanks for the update! As a mom, I do question Coach Gib’s lack of interest in letting the UH students at least try out for a walk on position. That was a question that still remains unanswered. I do think that a lot of local talent we do have gets underrated. That’s what I think the UH Student was trying to say although he or she used the wrong approach.

    Warriorfan, that was an offensives statement. Enos is a local player, so are you implying that he doesn’t have any talent?

  12. Interesting and good observations by Kyle and UH Mom:

    As far back as our family can remember, and we go back to the sixties Red Rocha coached teams, there was always a walkon or two, from UH, who was part of the roster. Several local HS athletes were awarded scholarships for MBB. Alika Smith, David Hallums, Jarin Akana, Kalia McGee, etc. The local or outside of state walkons of recent vintage: Dyrbe Enos(KS-Kapalama), Michael Harper(Australia), Aaron Valdes(California), Jace Tavita(Utah).

    UH student, I wholeheartedly agree with Kyle, Dayton is a tireless worker for the Warrior Insider site. Great primary sponsorship by Ameriprise , Valerie Schmidt and the Schmidt Ohana, as well as private donations. Dayton, has to be the BEST inside reporter and an avid fan of UH MBB for years. He is really doing it for love of the program, and to help not only the local UH MBB fan, his reach is now Global, Latvia, Australia, Germany, New Zealand. No one works harder, and incidentally , is the closest to Gib and program, to get the latest scoop on recruits, schedule, potential walkons, video interviews and highlights, travel with the team on the Warrior to Asia BB tour. Awesome job Dayton.

    Maybe, Dayton can ask Gib, when UH students are invited to run open gym for possible, walkon to team. Another media guy, reported, there is a 6’7″ UH student, attending summer school, who might get a shot at walking on. I am sure if any additional walkons, from Hawaii or elsewhere latches onto team for this year, Dayton will let us know!

    Dayton, you are the best Insider Source for all things UH MBB, Mahalo plenty from, plenty of UH MBB fans. Aloha, and thankyou for burning the midnite oil(working late into the nite) to get stories, edit viedo, and post. Mahalo a million!!

  13. Keen has only gotten better and better since graduating from high school and if he is indeed a UH student and has any eligibility left he deserving of a try out. But I’m pretty sure Gib knows about his ability. Kid has developed a great stroke and is hitting it with consistency. But if he’s at one of the PacWest teams he would not only make the team but he would get a lot of playing time.

  14. Mahalo Dayton 4 all the time and effort you contribute to keep fans in touch with the shaping of our 2013-2014 team….still early to appraise Nevels either way. The summer league has little D. Not easy to come off a flight and play a game with the energy Garrett Nevels displayed. Like his spirit. He has all around BB skills and looks to be a plus for the Warriors this season…

  15. Brandon Jawato has arrived in Honolulu and said he will try to play in the Summer League tonight. You can add him to the list of UH players for tonight – he is tentatively set to join the Clark Hatch Fitness roster.

  16. Dayton:

    Mahalo. Nice to know that Brandon Jawato mad it back in time for UH 2nd summer session and the Manoa league.

    Also, please update us on the status of Isaac Fotu, heard he had some VISA technical difficulty getting flight out of NZ. Hope he is okay, and will be here soon!

    Mahalo Dayton!!


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