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Youth camp concludes; another session planned for August


Eight days was apparently not enough for the 2013 Hawaii Basketball Camp. This year’s camp for youth players was a success, drawing 225 participants – the most during head coach Gib Anrold’s four years with the program.

“We had a record year,” said Chris McMillian, the team’s Director of Basketball Operations who also served as the planning director for the camp. “This camp was for kids that have played basketball every day from the time they were able to dribble all the way down to kids who actually haven’t played before.”

The camp was divided into two separate four-day sessions, although players were allowed to participate in both. Each day included five to six hours of instruction and games, and the final day was held on Thursday, June 6.

“It was an array of different stations throughout the course of the day,” McMillian said. “All in all, the kids got to learn what basketball is all about.”

At the conclusion of each session, the players received a certificate of participation and a personal evaluation form from the UH coaches. There were also daily competitions in various shooting drills, and the winners took home UH basketballs.

The camp was such a success that the coaches are planning to run another session later this summer. It is tentatively scheduled for August 1-3, and it will again take place in the UH gyms, including the Stan Sheriff Center. Most of the players from the 2013-14 roster are expected to be back on campus by then to assist as instructors.

Space will be limited for the August camp, so to reserve a spot call 956-6501.


  1. Been following UH MBB for decades, cannot recall youth basketball camps with this much interest! Good job Gib , coaches and Dyrbe! One of these youth, will be a future UH Rainbow Warrior for sure down the road!

    Mahalo coach Gib and UH MBB ohana!
    Hope Hunter Schmidt is there too!


  2. Nice to see Keiki Wahine there too! Future Rainbow Wahine Basketballers? Hopefully!


  3. Mahalo Dayton for all you do, you are not appreciated enough! Thankyou to Ameriprise and the Schmidts for great sponsorship, public and anonymous donors!

    UH MBB is looking up! Doing things the Rainbow Warrior Way!!


  4. Fantastic job by Coach Gib and Staff. 225 kids is an amazing number for a camp. You just never know when a future star of the program runs through the camp.

    I know Gib’s W-L record has been just ok, but I firmly think Gib is the right coach for the program. The team is getting more talented each year. Expectations are on the rise, talent is on the rise… conference championships and getting back to the NCAA feel like they are back within reach again. Off the court, Gib’s been a big success. Team GPA is on the rise and now summer camp was a massive success (so much so that a 2nd camp is in the works).

    Successful summer camps mean the community is getting more involved with the program. That should lead to higher attendance at the SSC. 9,600+ tickets sold for Senior Night was a HUGE step in the right direction.

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