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The games of the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League continued on Saturday night, even as the league continues to wait for the arrival of the University of Hawai’i players.

Two more games were played on Saturday at Manoa Valley District Park Gym, and in the absence of the current Warriors, several former UH players took the spotlight.

Former Warrior and current Oceanic Sports TV analyst Bill Amis scored 28 points to lead Central Medical Clinic to a 103-77 rout of Wealth Strategy Partners in the late game. The 6-foot-9 forward scored 19 – including three 3-pointers – in the second half, when Central Medical pulled away.

Amis last played for UH in 2010, and then played a year of professional basketball in Europe before “retiring” so that he could focus on a job with Hawaii Mortgage Central.

Amis was matched up against another former UH standout in Julian Sensley for most of Saturday’s game. Sensley, who played in a professional league in South Korea last season, led Wealth Strategy with 19 points.


Kyle Pape (Iolani / Colorado School of Mines) added 23 points for Central Medical, which improved to 2-0.

Kawika Lyons (Kamehameha / Hawai’i Pacific) added 18 points on six 3-pointers for Wealth Strategy, which dropped to 0-2.

In the first game of the night, Dyrbe Enos scored seven points, including two game-securing free throws in the closing seconds, to lead Solar Universe to a 94-89 win over Grantco Pacific.

Enos, a redshirt freshman, is the only current UH player on the island right now. Most of the other players from the 2013-14 roster are expected to arrive next weekend, and start playing in the Summer League on July 6 or 9.

Enos started at point guard for Solar Universe because usual starter Derrick Low (Iolani / Washington State) is getting married this weekend.


Kawika Smith (Damien / HPU) led Solar Universe with 25 points and James Avery (Chaminade) added 24 for Solar Universe, which improved to 2-0.

Former UH player Geremy Robinson scored 36 points for Grantco Pacific, which dropped to 0-2.

The Summer League will continue with two games this Tuesday (July 2), and two more on Saturday (July 6) at Manoa Valley District Park.

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Hey Dyrbe Enos and the Enos Ohana, Mahalo plenty for representing the 808 in Manoa College Summer Leauge! Hope you have good summer, work on your offense, get stronger, bigger , faster, and BB IQ smart, who knows, Dyrbe, you might be another Miah O. with a jump shot!

    Go Dyrbe!


  2. Thanks, Dayton;

    Looking Forward to The IN-Migration of Currently Eligible UHMBB Talent…

    and ‘Scouting’ for the Upcoming Season…


    When i look at How Much Better our Former Players are Playing Now (than during their eligibility)…
    I think USA Sports, NCAA, all of us are Missing a Good Opportunity….

    Maybe Something like, NCAA Seniors or Masters’ Sports — The Second (Older) Team would often be A Lot Better
    Sensley, Amis, Robinson, et. al…

    …and maybe “Pay” the Current Athletes…


    [But then as a player i still thought basketball could be improved by using Two Balls, maybe a third, defensive ball for late-game dramatic effects; minimize some of the standing around…]

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