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Filipovich preparing to join Warriors


Niko Filipovich made a commitment to play for the Hawai’i basketball team back in October of 2012, and nothing has changed since then.

Filipovich, a 6-foot point guard out of Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, Calif., said he has been cleared to enroll at the University of Hawai’i, and he plans to join the Warrior basketball team. He said he will sign up for classes in the second summer session, which starts on July 8.

“I felt like Hawai’i was the right opportunity for me all along, with or without a scholarship,” he said. “I just had a feeling with Coach Gib (Arnold) that I could develop and learn and be a part of the program.”

Filipovich made a visit to Hawai’i in October, and it cemented his decision to play for the Warriors. However, his name was not mentioned during the official signing periods because there was not an available scholarship for him to sign.

“I was never worried,” he said. “I knew the situation. I’m set to come out there for summer school and I’ll start training with the team. That’s all that matters.”

Stefan Jovanovic, a 6-10 post player, was Filipovich’s teammate at Bishop Montgomery. Jovanovic signed a letter of intent with Hawai’i in November.

They played key roles on a Bishop Montgomery team that finished with a 32-2 record and was ranked as high as No. 3 in the nation by MaxPreps.com.

Niko Filipovich _13

“Honestly, it didn’t make a difference to me that Stefan signed with Hawai’i,” Filipovich said. “I was looking for the right program for me and Hawaii was my own decision. But having someone I know by my side is really going to help a lot.”

Filipovich and Jovanovic are former AAU teammates with Aaron Valdes, who was a redshirt player for the Warriors last season. The trio have been training together in recent weeks in Los Angeles.

“Me, Aaron and Stefan have been working out almost every day,” Filipovich said. “We’re running, conditioning, putting up shots – getting ready for the season.”

Filipovich is expected to bring that workmanlike approach as he competes for time at the point guard position.

“I’m a pass-first player,” he said. “I’m not selfish and I’ll do what it takes to help the team. I had to play a couple of different positions (in high school) to help the team. I feel like I know the game and I take pride in my defense, but I know I can bring a lot of other things to the table.”

(Photos courtesy Bishop Montgomery High School)


  1. Coach Arnold, you are a first class man, mentor, coach, family leader and trusted friend. To keep these relationships going with young guys from Jr. through senior years, then 3 or 4 guys from USA mainland and overseas show up in Manoa, willing to initially walkon, In all my 40+ years of being a die hard fan of UH MBB , you sir Gib, are at the top. Great ,great job! You are bringing in kids, who want to be here, who are first rate students, and hopefully will feel at home and stay till their senior year and graduate.

    Kudos and Props major to Coach Gib Arnold. Having another PG, a true PG from a top rated Cali HS team, to walk on , and enroll early this summer speaks volumes! Great work Gib!

    Welcome to the Rainbow Warrior Nation Niko! Have a great , long career at UH Manoa., Aloha and have fun and win a lot of games with a great coach and team!

    Thank you Gib and the Flipovich Ohana!

  2. Good job Gib!! Great late get. Niko Flipovich, a qualifer, willing to walkon to team and enroll this early July Summer session. Niko, is academically smart, seems mature, is a pass first PG with a good shot, and handles, a petal to the metal PG. Great, great get. Shamburger, Smith, now Flipovich, your PG position looks solid the next two to three years!!

    Can’t wait for personal workouts with the new and returnees this July first week, and see how the pieces fit. You have been working it, hard the recruiting trail, and been doing it the right way,, no, no absolutely NO BANDITS, good, good kids who want to be here, enjoy student life, beautiful Hawaii and win championships., the next 3 to 4 years will be exciting!

    Thanks for breaking these stories before the naysayers, Dayton, Ferd and Dave can write what they ,want,,,rubbish, however, Gib has your ear, you have his trust , Dayton you ARE THE RAINBOW WARRIOR INSIDER!!! MAHALO BRO.!

    😀 !!

  3. Hey Dayton, sorry brother!! Edit this line: Thanks for breaking these stories before the naysayers, Dayton, Ferd and other so called UMM supporters from TV and print media can write what they ,want,,,rubbish, however, Gib has your ear, you have his trust , Dayton you ARE THE RAINBOW WARRIOR INSIDER!!! MAHALO BRO.!

    I Apologive, I DID NOT MEAN YOU WERE ONE OF THE NAYSAYERS. It is the SA, and TV sportcasters, and othe forum bloggers, who know nothing about the inside workings of MBB at UH, You sire are the positive yet realistic INSIDER.

    Mahalo and apologies, keep up the great work, sheesh, I can’t wait till first week of July when most of the guys including Niko will be here, that Manoa League should be good, just no one get hurt seriously!!

    😀 !!

  4. Dayton: 😀 very sorry, late at nite!! I meant to say, without all of the typos, that you are the real, insider, and get information from the source UH MBB and coach Gib. Ferd, Dave, and other Media, and forum bloggers, are the negative nancies,no substance. Thank you for clearing things up , by letting Gib tell it like it is, for example with the APR, and Fish’s nice interview.

    Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see, the new team and RS’s, maybe, I am not sure, another poster mentioned Gib still has one more scholarship to give, so like jjay, I wonder if Gib will now look for another good frontcourt player who can play 3, 4 postions, to supplement Isaac, and Christian, UH MBB in BW or outside would be pretty tough for sure!!

    😀 !!!

  5. Another Warrior to add. Will he get the last scholarship or does Gib have a secret up his sleeve ? Stay tuned possible athletic power forward/center?it will be Warrior time come October!

  6. Sounds like Niko can start out as a defensive specialist and work to expand his game over time. In the guard-oriented Big West he could be a valuable role player. Welcome to the Warriors Niko, we look forward to cheering you on!

  7. Take it easy Hoopsa(mr Chinen) , the media of guys like Reardon and Ferd and Mcinnis have a unbiased opinion and have their own sources. Reardon is a columnist , therefore can express his opinions ,that’s his job,he is not there to kiss anyone’s bee-hind. Mcinnis is more of a reporter just there to report what’s going on. So to set the record straight ,the media is not the bad guy.They are there to report the facts . Also this is the WARRIOR INSIDER not what you are trying to change it or allude to . Dayton will not change it to your suggested name. The team also prefers to be called the Warriors , if you can read their uniforms . Gib prefers that name and it aint going to change for anyone.

  8. jjay:

    I agree, like a brain, everyone has one. An opinion. When it comes to APR, scholarships, loss of, or post season ban, problems with MBB program, before an informed journalist or media type, whom hundreds will refer to their articles or blogs as “truth” makes statements, Dayton, will go to the source, UH MBB coaches, staff, players via video interview and in person updates.

    True Warrior Insider is the trademark name of this site, and Dayton has done a splendid job with it. You and I, as well as scores of other fans enjoy it tremendously. As far as the name Rainbow Warriors, it doesn’t matter to Coach of football, Basketball or Baseball team, they represent the State, the University, and their fans. jjay, I respect what you opinion on, and what Mr Chinen fought for, however, as of July 1 2013 , the men’s teams will be known as Rainbow Warriors, the women’s teams, Rainbow Wahines, I don’t have a preference, I would like all the teams to be known as, ….you got it…WINNERS, in life, the classroom as well as the athletic venues they perform in.

    Warrior Insider, mahalo plenty, jjay, thanks for the insight, HEY we both love MBB and all the athletic teams, I give Gib credit, he is trying very, very hard to settle the program, retain good student athletes, and hopefully, NOW, start winning championships! jjay, University of Hawaii sports, the gals and guys, I support all the way, as does, my distant cousin Ben Jay(just joking!). I hope 2013-14, will be a great sports and academic year for all the student athletes with the University of Hawaii!

    And less we forget, kudos, to Dyrbe Enos, Michael Harper, Aaron Valdes, now Niko Flipovich, for arriving initially at UH Manoa’s MBB athletic door as walkons! Great kids all!

    Journalistic Integrity? …Mr Ferd, Dave, Brian, they have a job to do, and they can do it, Dayton, operates this site through Ameriprise sponsorships, Valerie Schmidt, The Schmidts, and public and private donations, Dayton is THE closest to the program , hands down! I loved , how the video update with Coach Fish, he set the matter straight with UH MBB team’s APR, when Ferd and others, anti Gibbers, were saying UH could implode, lose scholarships and post season play.

    Dayton went to the source(excellent journalist, the best in the business)and scooped the other media guys. SA , got the news, after all the grades came out for UH student athletes. Gib said there never was a problem, after this 2012-13 GPA and APR scale is added to previous years, UH MBB might have an APR of 979 , which is AWESOME.

    Once again, Everyone , or anyone, can make statements, however, you or I would want to read something with substance. Is is true or not. Ferd, Dave, and Anti Gibbers, will never retract and say they are sorry, they blew it, and Gib and MBB, was in good standing all along. Gib is showing me , and dad, that he has much, much , much more class, and manhood then those others combined.

    He is a good father, friend, mentor, has a supportive wife, 5 really great children, and will have great success. Dad goes back 45 years plus following Rocha, O’Neil, Pitino, Little, Arnold, Frank, Wallace, Nash, and Now Gib the Go Getter, and make UH MBB better Arnold, a man, I have grown to really respect, as passionate as Wallace ever was, and a man willing to change the dynamics of recruiting for UH and the Big West.

    Thank you for the forum Dayton. jjay, appreciate your thoughts, Dad and I go back in the day when All UH sports, men’s teams were called Rainbows, then with gender equity, the women, Rainbow Wahine, when June Jones, changed it to Warriors, because of the Rainbow, possible Gay symbolism, maybe back then he had a point.

    I like Ben Jay, he listened to two sides, a third if you will if you include the coaches and alumni, Rainbow or Warrior for men’s teams? Chose the most prudent route: Rainbow Warrior/Wahine, Now at the games you can cheer, go Warriors, go Bows, go Wahine, go Rainbows, go Rainbow Warrior /Wahine. Just cheer on the team.

    As long as the student athletes win in the classroom, graduate, and win championships, call them the Beach wahine and kane, whatever, just be WINNERS in life, in the greatest state, the 808, Hawaii Nei!!

    😀 (P.S. jjay, you and scores of others like you are really great and passionate fans, very much appreciated on this site!!)

  9. WoW, I like his attitude.

    Welcom Aboard Niko. Hopefully somehow you can play in the Summer Basketball league in Manoa.

  10. I was wondering what happened to Niko. That one article “Two more for the Ohana in 2013” mentioned Niko and that was the last we heard about him making me confused whether or not he was still going to play for Hawaii. Then guys like Nevels and Smith made official announcements saying they would play for Hawaii making me then think that there is no room for Niko. Thanks for the article to clear things up with us and I am sure that I am not the only one who was confused (I saw other people ask).

    The Warriors are changing a lot this offseason with the departures of Joaquim, Tavita, Brereton, Pavlovic, Jefferson and Manroop Clair. Although it is sad to see them go I like the new guys coming in. I think the Warriors are now going to be an offensive minded team most likely adding scorers like Nevels while already having Brandon Spearman. I don’t see Niko or his fellow past teammate Stefan suiting up next season. Now since the roster is already set and everything is official now we know what we are going to be seeing out of the Warriors next season.

    Starting Lineup:
    C Isaac Fotu
    PF Christian Stranhardinger
    SF Michael Thomas
    SG Brandon Spearman
    PG Keith Shamburger
    C Davis Rozitis
    PF Caleb Dressler
    SF Aaron Valdes
    SG Garrett Nevels
    PG Quincy Smith
    SG Brandon Jawato
    SG Michael Harper
    PG Dybre Enos
    C Stefan Jovanovich
    PG Niko Filipovich

    Although Fotu is a bit undersized at the Center position I think it’s the better move. I don’t have confidence having Rozitis being a starter so I like Fotu. Not to mention the Warriros are in the Big West conference so it isn’t going to be much a problem in conference games. Fotu still played Center every so often for the Warriors this past season so I think he is going to be okay.

    Christian Stranhardinger at Power Forward is best for him and the Warriors. When at the Power Forward position Christian has advantages over the opposing players because he is faster and quicker then they are. It is kind of like Carmelo Anthony playing Power Forward for the New York Knicks. Like I said with Fotu, Stranhardinger is going to do fine in the Big West Conference because the conference is a “big men” conference.

    I am assuming that Shamburger will start. Smith a much younger and Shamburger had collegiate experience already. On the official Unniversity of Hawaii Athletics Website it shows some of Shamburgers statistics playing for past teams, scoring statistics were around the twenties. So experience and having a past of scoring the ball well makes me assume Shamburger will start over Smith.

    I also have Spearman over Nevels as well. But we are going to have to see. Spearman honestly was a disappointment last season only averaging 9.7 PPG. He needs to bump those numbers up of he is expecting to start. I see Nevels having a sixth man role and possibly even starting some games depending on the match up. Spearman starting just felt right for me because he has played Division 1 College Basketball before and I feel confident in Speraman raising his statistics. Spearman has potential to be a 16 PPG player, or even a 18 PPG player. He just needs to be more consistant with his game.

    Not too sure about Caleb Dressler being a backup Power Forward because as of right now the only player that is on the current Warriors roster is Isaac Fotu and he is better off playing the Center position. The big man depth on this team is pretty bad unfourtantly. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a nine man rotation instead because of the lack of depth. Dressler will be too slow and will be beat by defenders especially in the Big West Conference which is a conference built around speed and athleticism.

    I am not too sure if Aaron Valdes is ready to play ball himself. There hasn’t been too much talk about him and I haven’t seen a lot out of him myself either. Lets just hope he is ready to take on the back up Small Forward role for the Warriors because he has an important job and he needs to fill in.

    Sad to see Michael Harper at the bottom again. If you haven’t seen the Interview with Harper this past offseason he said that he expects to have a role this season and will be looking for some playing time. This team is so deep in backcourt depth that it is going to give Michael Harper is tough time. I don’t really see Harper having a role next season and wouldn’t be surprised to see a transfer because this kid wants to play.

    Dybre Enos is a player we are all begging to see play but it looks like he is going to be reserved for another offseason. Enos even said it himself in his interview that it would be great to play next season but won’t be surprised if he needs to sit out to develope more. I want to see Enos play, the local talent out of Hawaii looks to have potential according to some of you guys but unfourtantly we are going to have to wait for another year.

    Stefan and Niko will both probably sit out next season as well. There was so much talk with Quincy Smith and Garrett Nevels playing in Hawaii making Stefan and Niko not discussed as much. This is probably because their current plau weren’t as impressive as Nevels or Smith. So we’ll see both of them being reserves for next season.

    I can already see the weaknesses of this team. It is glad to see the Warriors get more players that fits into the Big Wests style of play, fast and athletic. But weaknesses will hold the Warriors back. Some weaknesses I see are problems with the front court depth. Rozitis isn’t that great and I honestly think he is overrated by everybody. I observed that whenever he was on the floor teammates looked to others to pass the ball to leaving him a last resort on offense. Rozitis isn’t great on defense either. Caleb Dressler also has a ton of question marks around him. Nobody has seen him play at the collegiate level yet and I think he can’t play the Power Forward position in this fast Big West Conference. Since the weaknesses in the front court for the Warriors they will have to have guys playing out of position. Like Fotu at Center and Stranhardinger at Power Forward. Some people have said that Thomas can use his play at the four because of his length but I don’t like that idea. I am not too sure if he will be comfortable having that role. I would rather have Christian at the four rather than Thomas because I don’t think Thomas will fair well with Non-Conference big men backing him down. Not too mention Thomas at the four is a rebounding liability for the Warriors because Chrisitan grabs a ton of boards. Small Forward depth might also be a problem with the Warriors because we haven’t seen a lot on Aaron Valdes. He will need to step it up.

    Goals for next season:
    .Brandon Spearman needs to score the ball much more, increase his PPG to 16, preferably 18. Spearman needs to work on being consistant.
    .Brandon Jawato needs to be more consistant as well. He went on a big slump after he had that game when he was making everything he shot. Jawato needs to be consistant because every consistant team needs to have at least one three point weapon. Jawato isn’t going to have the same minutes as he did last season due to Nevels and Spearman so he will need to take advantage of his minutes to hit some three pointers.
    .Aaron Valdes must work to be a good Small Forward and be positive input to the Warriors game.
    .Thomas will need to step up and be a scoring leader along side Spearman averaging 16 PPG as well.
    .Stranhardinger must continue the same thing he did last season.
    .Fotu will need to work on his mid range game. He has the potential to be a pretty good jump shot and needs to learn to not be afraid of that shot.
    .Fotu also needs to get stronger so he won’t be pushed around by Non-Conference bigs. Also improving his post game so he can take advantage of it every play he gets to. Needs to finish as well, had problems with that as well.
    .Rozitis needs to find a better way to be much more productive for this team because he didn’t do much last season.
    .Shamburger can’t be a bust and it is a just for him to control the Warriors at the Point Guard Position.
    .Nevels and Smith must play up to their expectations. Being great spark plugs coming off the bench for the Warriors.

  11. NIKO!
    Welcome to the Rainbow Warrior Basketball Ohana
    Like All the Walk-ons and their Families, Thank YOU for the Faith, Effort and Improved Depth….
    Best of Luck to you and Hope your Game Grows to be one of the Next Walk-ons to Regularly Contribute,
    Maybe Significant Effective Prime Time Minutes
    Or Crack the Starting Line-Ups…
    We’ll be watching & cheering for you & your UHMBB Teammates
    next in Manoa Summer League

    Turn Your Work Ethic & Degree into a Successful & Happy Life in Hawai’i and Abroad!
    Learn Balance, Discipline and How to Enjoy a Full Happy Life Here in Paradise!


    Next Week with Gib’s Responses:
    Hope he’s hinting at a soon to arrive Super Surprise
    who maybe can help the team immediately,
    Blow Through & Above “The Next Level”…

  12. aieayear01: To summarize your post and assessment of next year’s team, fairly accurate. I would go with a starting five, based on two years of D1 starting experience to :

    PG: Keith Shamburger-All WAC guard , second leading assist man to MIah his soph. year. A PG who can distribute, defend, lead and SCORE.

    SG: Brandon Spearman: Another super Rainbow Warrior. Brandon should not have played that last game against AFA in the C.I.T., he wanted so badly to help team get that 18th win and advance, he played. True champion. Spearman is as tough as nails. If he did not get hurt on the road, UH would have finished with a 19 or 20 win season no question

    Wing/SF: Brandon Jawato: Another Scoring threat, around the time of start of Big West play, Jawato went off for that perfect 7 for 7 3 ball stretch, hamstrung or hip injury, never was the same. He has 3 years in the system, if he works his butt off this off season, getting healed, stronger, more explosive and can finish at the rim and FT line. Brandon can be a starter, a 3 man at 6’4″ 205.

    PF: Isaac Fotu: Freshman All American, nuff said. The young man is a beast. Will be stronger, quicker. If he comes back with a FT line to 3 line shooting threat, look out, Big West, Isaac will be one of the premier PF/hybrid forwards in the whole country, his footwork and hands, make him a great one.

    Hybrid/PF: Christian Standhardinger: hope he makes the German National team, if not, Christian has to put on 10 pounds of solid muscle, no one pushes him around. Lower the arc on his FT and 3 ball shots, Christian, bring intensity for 100% of game, He will be All BWC first team again.

    So, Aiea, those are my starting five, because of the big games they had offensively, in D1 ball over 2 years. Those five, Shamburger, Spearman, Jawato, Fotu and Standhardinger will probably win a lot of games, a very quick athletic starting five. Reserves: Nevels, Smith, Thomas, Valdes, Dressler, Harper,Davis Rozitis, and Dyrbe Enos. Maybe Niko, has a fantastic fall camp and makes the active roster. With Stefan Jovanovich, on video doesn’t look the fleetest, however, you could be a very smart BBIQ big, like Dressler(whom I believe will come back in super shape, and start blowing people up on the court defensively and offensively!!) and maybe he , Jovanovich just becomes a monster during Fall and contributes. UH will be playing Missouri on the road, so UH MBB team could use some size alongside the athleticism. Credit to Gib and staff, getting quality walkons, and getting much more athletic. Now team has to bond, stay together, do well on court and in classroom, make good, good friends with fans and team, and stay till they graduate or get drafted early by the NBA!

    Exciting stuftt Aiea, starting first week of July 2013 when the UH newbies and returnees come bay to UH for workouts, summer school and Manoa summer league, can’t wait!!


    P.S. Even, Valerie Schmidt’s Ameriprise Ad Banner says: “Good Luck Rainbow Warriors”. I guess she is a fan , one way or the other! Great fans the Schmidt Ohana!! 😀 !!

  13. Eagle: I got your vibe. If Gib has one more to offer, and he can up to the start of school. That ONE missing ingredient, to a great cast of MBB for 2013-14, the Super Duper, Beast, Under the Radar, 3 or 4 man. Who has the 20 pt, 15 reb, , 5 assist, 3 steals, 2 blocks, 60% from field, 44% from 3 line, 88% from FT line, great team player, likeable guy, who can transfer in as Jr. or Soph. full eligible and ready to play THIS year, Another Ray Reid, Phil Lott, AC Carter, Reggie Carter, Michael Kuebler, Matt Lojeski, someone who comes in with guns ablazing, rockin the rim, and rebounding like a demon. That Fire breathing, SSC slammin, Super Rainbow Warrior, …Well eagle..maybe, if their is one out there, that IS THE FIT for Gib’s team, Gib will reel him in. Plus, a huge factor, the young man has a 3.8 GPA, a JC transfer, who was a qualifier out of HS, just has to finish a course in summer school to be eligibel for UH entrance.

    6’6″ 215 super baller welcome to Hawaii: Wish that happens eagle, the deal would be complete, and UH MBB will be battling the Missouris, LBSU’s, and beating them this year.

    Hey Eagle, welcome to Almost, Summer UH MBB in session, I can’t wait..Hey Gib, if you can find that last great ATHLETE, who is an honor student and loves being away from home and enjoying beautiful Hawaii for 2 to 3 years from the JC ranks, go get em!!

    Looks good eagle, we wait and see, otherwise, maybe Gib holds last scholarship for mid term transfer.

    😀 !!

  14. We need a athletic 6ft9 center ahletuc pounder on the boards with a motor.
    Go Warrior BB!

  15. Hon2255: I agree with you, Gib is waiting out who is available, the euros, awaiting their SAT’s to see who could get in to USA colleges, also, I am sure, his eye is out for the best athlete, person, not homesick type, mature MBB player out there.

    If he gets that 6’9″ athletic banger with soft touch, fierce rebounder, great defender and never takes a minute off, constant motor, ( a suped up Vander) . UH MBB would have a great , great front line.

    Hon2255, I hope, as eagle says, that is the surprise, a legitimate, READY TO PLAY THIS YEAR, 6’7″ to 6’9″ frontcourt player who can play heavy minutes, and rotate with Fotu, Standhardinger, along with PG’s Shamburger, Smith, Flipovich, Enos, and wings, Spearman, Nevels, Jawato,…3 spot wings, Valdes, Harper, and 3/4 hybrid SF/PF)athletic, MIchael Thomas.

    Agreed that 6’9″ 235 banger, scorer, rebounder, shot blocker with good shooting touch , plus can pass the ball out to shooters quickly, UH MBB 2013-14 will be AWESOME!!

    Either that , or the best FIT frontcourt SCORER…


  16. ^^^ very rare find that would be. I’m all in for a Franchise caliber player US or Foreign don’t matter.

  17. aieayear01,
    enjoyed your complete, unbiased, factual, good-nature, insightful assessment of the up-graded, the best Gib can do so far new TEAM for next season. Supposedly capable of exciting basketball!
    wishing you would do the same for us throughout the year for each game, including the Summer League if you can find the time!?

  18. I just hope our guards and wings can shoot the rock

  19. Wowee! Check out this roster going into the 2013-14 season!

    PG’s- Keith Shamburger 5’11”, Qunicy Smith 6’1″, Niko Flipovich 6’0″(Walkon), Dyrbe Enos 5’9″(Walkon)

    SG”s- Brandon Spearman 6’3″, Garrett Nevels 6’2″

    Wings- Michael Harper 6’4″, Brandon Jawato 6’4″, Aaron Valdes 6’5″

    SF- Michael Thomas 6’6″, Negus Webster-Chan 6’7″ RS transfer Jr. sit out this season.

    PF-Isaac Fotu 6’8″, Christian Standhardinger 6’8″

    C- Davis Rozitis 7’0′, Caleb Dressler 6’10”, Stefan Jovanovich 6’11”

    Another great mature euro or HS , JC late get, 6’7″ to 6’9″?

    Gib has a lot of athletes, and good students, hope all stay for full academic course and graduate or are drafted by NBA or high euro leauges. Lot of excitement starting, first week of July 2013 folks.

    I can’t wait, Summer hoops, Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  20. WOW! With all this talent at the guard position – is Coach planning to change the rules and have 7 players at a time on the court or play with two balls? At some point – somebody has to be playing and somebody has to be sitting . . . . are you a wolf or a sheep?

    I guess that’s a great problem to have but . . . . someone’s aspirations need to be adjusted or dismissed because they are not going to materialize. Oh well, we’ll just wait and see; who is the last man standing at the end of the season – American “Basketball” Idol . . . UHMBB edition coming soon to SSC.


  21. I’d settle for a 6ft 9 banger like some of the bigs on Cal Poly , not sure if that was the team but the brother was big as in 270 and he could bang ,rebound and run it up and down. Also hit free throws.

  22. ONE DAY ? . . .
    We’re Most Likely Not there yet….
    BUT All That Depth and Talent….
    When we do “Arrive”,
    The High Depth and Talent Level should make Practices ‘More Challenging’
    than Many, even Most, Games…

    Maybe like Volleyball or even Football used to be….

    Can this Next Team Improve from 10-8 (9-7 without Pacific) to 11-5, 12-4 or 13-3?
    (we wouldn’t be O.K. with just a one ‘improvement’, right?

    Are the Coaches “Excited” ?
    I’d “Challenge” them tp Publicly (or Privately)
    “Guarantee” 18 or 20 WINS…
    Mostly to Help Build Excitement and Momentum and a Fast-Start on Turning those Empty Seats ACTIVE

    MAYBE the Summer League Performances will help pump up that excitement level…
    Gary Digman passed along today that UHMBB Coaches say ALL Roster Players will be here early for Summer Session AND play in Manoa Summer League (when they get here later, the league starts this coming week…)

  23. Echo eagle’s thoughts posted on Coach question forum : Bummer really bad about coach Gib’s house being burglarized. That loss of sense of peace and security is the real issue. Hope Gib installs, video, security system. So close to his home, so who knows. Lot of people , nothing better do to do than do crime. It wasn’t like this is Hawaii 40 yrs or even 4 yrs ago. Sad. Hope Gib and his great family are okay.

    To the Arnold family, keep vigilant, stay safe. You Gib are doing a great job with MBB, and your family is so supportive of you. The Warrior Insider nation is with you all as well!!

    Hope your kids are doing well too. Really sad commentary on life in the 21st century! All UH fans and people in Hawaii, stay safe, keep alert and take care of one another!

  24. UH Basketball is on the rise… I think UH gets 22-24 wins this coming year. Once NWC is eligible… LOOK OUT!!!

    2012-13 was a feel out year for Gib and the team in it’s 1st year in the Big West. Gib and the staff have made adjustments on their recruiting and I think they addressed the needs of the team going forward in the Big West. Going forward, I think UH will be a perennial Big West contender.

    The 2013-14 roster is experienced and much more athletic that last year’s team. Gib has upgraded at every position on the depth chart.

    The question that Gib has to settle is if he can get everybody to buy into a role. That was an issue last year as the lineup kept changing and nobody was very consistent other than Standhardinger. I though UH had too many guys that “expected” starter’s minutes when coming off the bench.

  25. Good to see fans excited…some with short term memory. Still, this year’s talent does seem legit, especially at the PG position with KS as an acknowledged D1 level PG and probable starter.
    A good point guard makes everyone play better with more consistency–something Gib Arnold has lacked in his first three years.
    We also know what Chris H and Fotu can do on the inside. Spearman plays with energy and if he plays with consistency he could have a banner senior season.
    On paper, it looks like we have depth. Without it we cannot go the distance.
    Gib needs to fuse his players and hopefully come up with a balanced inside-outside game which will work well in our conference. Last year we lacked overall floor quickness on both ends…will year #4 be the charm for Coach Gibb??? Hawaii fans remain hopeful that Coach Arnold’s redshirts and new recruits rise to their potential and give this program a much needed boost.

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