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In this latest edition of “Ask Coach Arnold,” head coach Gib Arnold answered seven questions from fans. Among the questions:

• What will you do with the last available scholarship?

• What are the biggest player improvements we can expect to see?

• What is the status of video coordinator Jamie Smith?

• With the new personnel on the team, will you be able to tap into your full playbook?

Thank you to all who submitted questions for this session. Due to time restraints, we could not ask every question, and some of the questions chosen were edited. We will try to have another “Ask Coach Arnold” session later this summer.

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The Hawaii College Basketball Summer League is set to start this Saturday with games at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

The only current UH player on the island right now is Dyrbe Enos, and he will play for the Solar Universe team.

Most of the other players from the 2013-14 Hawaii roster are expected to participate, although not until the second week of July (when the second session of summer classes at UH starts). The Hawaii players are spread among the six teams in the league.

All of the incoming recruits – Niko Filipovich, Stefan Jovanovich, Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, Michael Thomas and Negus Webster-Chan – are expected to join the league in the second week of July.



  1. Thankyou Coach Gib for taking time to answer questions! Mahalo from The UH MBB Ohana fans!

    Hope you and family are alright after what happened to you. Our thoughts and good health and peace be with you , your wife and great kids!!


  2. Thanks, Coach & Dayton

    Especially like the Q&A via Manoa Baller: How much deeper into the playbook can the Coach tap?
    Speedball, with Changing Defenses, Traps, Pressing with the improved athleticism; leads to more breaks and athletic finishes and high percentage transition baskets; turnovers in our favor can be four-point (maybe six) turnarounds…
    and we should ʻrarelyʻ be out of a game or comeback — looking forward to ʻfurious runsʻ… already had some impressive runs against good teams this past season — more consistency starts with great defense…

    Great to hear Jamie working on getting the British Work Visa…
    Great for the fans and homecourt buzz…

  3. Coach Gib,

    Mahalo for the answers! Looks like having quickness and athleticism, along with proven PF’s who can move their feet, your defense should be better. That can translate to more steals, hopefully, Davis and Caleb can guard the rim and reject shots of guys who drive past the the pressure.

    Love it! We have been waiting 3 years +. Seems like you have the athletes, good scorers and athleticism. Should be a great year. Guys buy into their roles, Team first, and UH MBB Rainbow Warriors can be dancing, next March, hopefully. Wish you the best Gib, you are a very passionate coach, who loves UH, Hawaii, the team, your family and the fans!

    Great news about Jamie Smith! Hope he is back in employ with UH very soon. Jamie defers credit for ideas to generate interest in MBB to YOU, Coach Gib! You are the number one supporter of MBB! Mahalo and thankyou very much. My family and I, love the resurgence of UH MBB. Still the top dog, in the UH BB programs. Hope LB has success too, though UH MBB Rainbow Warrior style, if there is great success, drives the interest in BB tremendously! Good job Gib!

    If you find that late get 6’6″ to 6’9″ super athlete to complete this year’s recruiting who is THE RIGHT FIT, I hope you can sign him, up until the first day of UH fall, semester. Would have to be a great, young guy. If not hold scholarship for mid term, or next year.

    Pretty sure, there still a LOT of available good athletes, JC, transfers, AAU ballers,mature euros who would fit in nicely to UH mix. Would have to be strong, fearless, good students and LOVE HAWAII, Coach, UH and fans!!

    Go get em Gib, have a great 201-14 season. And hope you and your ohana are safe and sound!

    Thank you for taking time to answer, diverse questions!!

  4. To above post by playhoopsa, oops!… correction(apologies Gib and Dayton)meant to type: Go get em Gib, have a great 2013-14 season!!And hope you and your ohana are safe and sound!

    😀 Go Rainbow Warriors!!!

  5. username343,

    are you or family heading out to the Manoa Gym this eve? Would be nice to have a write-up report

  6. …OR A FIRST DRAFT Team Line-ups and Two-Week Schedule…


  7. Look over the Summer League rosters for UH MBB 2013-14 athletes on the different teams. I hope it is true, probably! Michael Thomas when first recruited was 6’5″ , now he is listed at legitimate 6’6″ with hops and length, a good thing! Isaac Fotu, is now listed at 6’9″, seems to have grown an inch from last year, with added strength and outside shooting touch, Isaac is going to be a beast! Garrett Nevels was listed at 6’2″ when first signed with UH, now he is listed at 6’3″, which is good too, the guy has length, good hops too. Quincy Smith, when first made verbal committ, was listed at 6’0″, now he is listed at 6’2″, Q Smith is very very quick as a PG, at a legitimate 6’2″, UH will have a taller very fast PG! Caleb Dressler, was 6’10” 250-60 pounds RS last year, now listed at 6’11” , maybe he slimmed down, and muscled up to 252.

    If the guys have grown an inch, or got more muscle, hops,vertical, better shooting touch, improved passing, guards protect ball, team working two man or three man game, with their summer league team, look out UH fans could be in for a surprise. The new and returnees, looked primed and ready, and physically better equipped to battle BWC and out of conference teams. Sorry, I cannot make it down, Click2Ed, and his site, photos, YouTube, and of course WarriorInsider, video hilites from Dayton are the best source.

    Any of you who can make it down, this summer at Manoa Gym, try to stand next to the new and returning UH guys, did they grow? Are they stronger, and more cut, fast twitch, and anabolic muscle strong. If the guys, off season, worked that hard, including the 6 new guys coming in, Team will be good this year and really good next.

    It is only summer league, HOPE so very, very hard that no UH player, really no one in that league gets seriously hurt. Make sure, work on shooting , rebounding, passing, ball handling, BB IQ, FT to 3 line accuracy and winning . Good team attitudes too.

    Enjoy the games fans for those that can go. We still have Mama to watch, 90 yr old, she loves Gib and UH MBB and WBB.

    Have fun at the games fellow UH MBB die hard fans.

    I am interested in BOTH how the NEW and RETURNEES look out there. Would think the young guys, Niko, Michael Thomas, Qunicy Smith, Garrett Nevels, Negus Webster Chan, and perhaps Aaron Valdes might be on slender side, unless, they beasted in the weight room, or like what Shamburger did last year, worked with personal trainer. I think Keith is going to have a GREAT JR season!!

    Go Bows, Warriors, Rainbows, Rainbow Warrios, oh heck, UH MBB team guys, just get better, stay healthy have fun, have 110-109 games, and enjoy Hawaii!

    UH MBB , is getting warmed up!!

    Have fun people that can go to summer league games, should be great!

  8. Comment of above posts on UH new and returnees listed heights, sure I know, sometimes it is not official, however, even if Nevels is 6’2″, Q Smith is 6’1″, Niko is 5’11”, those are good guards with decent height for quick athletes. MIchael Thomas I believe is a legitimate 6’6″, being a young guy, maybe still growing. I forgot to add that Aaron Valdes on the Summer league roster is now listed at 6’6″, if true with a nearly 40″ vertical, and great defensive player, alongside Michael Thomas, UH MBB SF/wings, to pressure, get steals and weakside blocked shots, will be a great addition to UH MBB team defense. Hope the guys, just get bigger, faster, and stronger, even if they don’t grow another inch.

    If they have grown, since signing, or walking on, all the better right! And if the new guys can ball, better yet. Go UH MBB team. Have a great summer, and can’t wait for someone’s first analysis, and diagnosis, and interchange of thoughts on UH athletes. You all enjoy the Manoa Leauge!


  9. Can’t wait for summer league footage of Michael Thomas and NWC. Should be plenty of highlights. Also want to see Nevels and Smith to see what their games look like.

    Summer league is all about showcasing the offensive games. Defense is only on a part-time basis in the summer.

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