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Warriors making the grade


The Hawai’i basketball team had a successful semester in the classroom, according to assistant coach Scott Fisher.

The Warriors had a team grade point average of 2.9, and seven players completed the year with GPAs of 3.0 or better.

“Very proud of the guys – they worked hard,” said Fisher, who also serves as the team’s academics coordinator. “We’ve had great support from the student academic athletic center … hopefully we can keep it going.”

Two players from the 2012-13 roster graduated – Hauns Brereton and Davis Rozitis. Two other seniors from last season – Vander Joaquim and Jace Tavita – are on pace to graduate if they opt to continue to do so. Both Joaquim and Tavita are currently exploring possibilities in professional basketball.

Fisher said the team’s Academic Progress Rate (APR) score should be favorable for the year, although it will be a while before that is announced officially.

“It will be much better than has been recently reported,” he said. “We’re pretty proud of where we are in terms of APR.”


  1. Hope they make the apr. jace finish up you’re almost brah.

  2. Congrates to all for a job well done.
    Sure like to have the name of the other animal who cracked 4.0 besides DaBeast if,
    not for the students’ privacy restrictions (just to give credit where credit is dued)!

  3. MUCH Better than Recently Reported is Good…Very Good

    That Math makes more sense (to me) for what WI.com-ers had been hearing…

    Get the Degree Jace and Vander!
    Senior Sweep as you reach for he Golden Rings…

  4. Mahalo Dayton on Academic update! That is the one thing, the real hard core MBB fans were awaiting, how did the guys , in particular the scholarship student/athletes do this past academic year. Good job coach Fish, academic advisors, tutors, and very helpful UH instructors and professors. Rule Number One, for UH STUDENT ATHLETES, do well in school, and be on track to graduate if so choose, scholarships are a huge investment from the State of Hawaii and the University. Glad to hear you guys got it done. Coach Fish, at end of summer 2013, I hope APR is as good as can be, and UH MBB will be in good standing not only for 2013-14 season(UH MBB team no sanctions) and 2014-15 and beyond. Keep on recruiting great young guys, who are good people, Great Students and the best possible athletes who love being Rainbow Warriors!!

    Good Job Academically MBB team! Glad to hear that Vander is on track to graduate if he chooses to do so, get his degree, would be nice. Translates to, Vander did well for whole school year 2013-14, Mahalo Vander, Ozren, Manroop, Garrett Jefferson and the whole Rainbow Warrior Basketball team, Coach Arnold, Fish, Akana, Taylor, DOB Chris McMillian, and staff, great job! APR is going to be key for all NCAA DI MBB programs!!

    Mahalo Dayton for THE most important video update of the year so far!! Great Work!!

  5. Yesss!!! Great job guys! Got it done in school , finished strong! Hope APR improves. And thank you coach Fish for clearing up some things that naysayers , the negative people , which includes SA columnists and ex Rainbow announcers, Sports TV broadcasters, casting the doomsday APR scenario on the poor MBB core fans. Auwe! We know it, some local media, do not like UH MBB program from top to bottom, that is sad. Gib might not be perfect, yet the guy tries , really tries to put a winning team on the court, in class and in the community, out there for UH fans to appreciate. All I can say is great job Gib and staff, and team! Look forward to this July 2013, when new and returnees come back for second summer UH session, individual workouts and possibly Manoa Summer League ball(no injuries please)

    Dayton, you are the Rainbow Warrior Insider for sure!!

    Fish, thanks for cleaing the air, there is a contingent of media, and ex media people that want UH MBB program under Gib to fail, I don’t want it to happen, we want UH MBB program to do well for years to come, hopefully this next two years with Gib and beyond!!

    I agree with UHF, go Rainbow Warriors, now, get one more ATHLETE to complete this recruiting class, someone with D and hops, speed and scoring ability to augment returnees and newbies, going to be exciting, finally after year one of Gib, Year 4 will be legitimate Rock and Roll and SSC if, team BONDS!!

    Great News , Thankyou coach Fish!


    P.S. Eagle, I know you have followed UH MBB for years, myself and UHF too, our entire family, for Gib with a winning record over 3 years, and of course he has to retain and graduate players, why the negativity? This staff, so far with Gib, Brandyn, Scott, Chris, and Benjy, staying together for 3 or 4 years, so far, speaks well of program’s consistency, and wanting to be in Hawaii. If they get better offers, for their families and self improvement , I can see they move on. Gib is slowly putting team of athletes who are great students together.. Wish him the best. 20 game winning season please Gib, you have the experienced players, and the pieces, the best way to quiet the negative nancies? Just Win Baby!!

    Great, great job in school guys, Awesome!!

  6. WHY?
    WHY The Negativity?

    (What An Assignment — Please –ALL — ADD Input — i’d like to Capture ‘Em ALL and put together a Treatise that i’ll Forward to The NAY-Sayers AS This PROGRAM CLIMBS (which by itself ‘

  7. Looked over PF’s and C’s available for NBA draft for June 2013. I compared Vander Joaquim’s offensive stats,to a lot of the international and NCAA available big men, Vander might have a shot as free agent with an NBA team if they are looking for a PF with decent FG %, accurate when open from top of key 3 ball % , and very good for a big man FT %. Vander would have to work on getting quicker and stronger to play in NBA. Relatively good athleticism.

    Sad the way he left team in last game, however, if Vander could make the NBA as a free agent journeyman PF with offensive skill, it would be good for both he and UH. Imagine, he might be the first of Gib’s MBB athletes to make an NBA roster. If not, Vander could make a high level European pro team.

    The selling point: His Offensive game, nice shooting touch for a guy 6’9″ to 6’9 1/2″ 252 pounds. By now, maybe Vander has matured, controlled his emotions, and can give back to UH by his leagacy in the Pros. Would be icing on the cake, as Eagle says , if Vander can eventually get his degree. Just my opinion.

  8. IMO, there is no way Vander will ever make it to the NBA. He is too slow, not quick, doesn’t have the athleticism, and not a good defender. It is what it is. The NBA is a whole new level. To me, the only player who might make it in the NBA who I saw in the Big West is Chris Eversley from Cal Poly. He’s only a Junior so he has another year of college ball. That guy has talent. Fotu has a long way to go. He needs an outside shot who is reliable.

  9. What is this? A congrats to the team for being medicore?

    2.9 as a team tells me that there are probably 2-3 guys on the team who are borderline eligible considering I know Hauns Brereton and Davis Rozitis are above 3.5.

  10. Coach Fish answered the negative nancies, by adressing how the 12 scholarship guys graded out this year. He pointed out that it was misleading what the SA and others were harping about APR and Doomsday Scenario. Team might approach 1000 mark APR for this year , which is great, overall APR should be good for 4 year period . That is the bottom line as far as majority of UH MBB fans are concerned. The kids did the job in class, 7 or the 12 had GPA’s of 3.00 or better. The other 5 must have had at least the minimum of 2.6 to qualify for being on athletic scholarship. Still potential for Vander to graduate. He did finish school in good academic stead, which was great.

    It would be nice if all 12 guys had a minimum of 3.00 or better, for year, and all seniors graduated this May, however, myself, and thousands of other MBB faithful would take the overall 2.9 with no sanctions from NCAA. That is the bottom line, the team worked hard, made the grade, and will be in good standing for scholarships and post season play for years to come. As Fish says, now, they have to maintain it, the APR has to be 930 and above averaging per year, from now on. Then UH and all its great MBB fans don’t have to squeeze. UH MBB, team is not the only one that had athletes that had GPA’s of 2.6 or even less. , what they did, and having all the 12 scholarship players, including Vander , finish school in good shape this past Spring Semester, I give kudos and props to all of the kids plus Coach Fish, the Academic Advisors, and entire staff.

    I taught school. If I had a select class , of 12, and 7 of them had GPA’s of 3.00 or better, along with the 5 at 2.6 for cumulative GPA of 2.9? My Principal would say, well done, great job, especially when these students are also, taking care of themselves far from home, taking a full slate of courses and trying to excel in a sport. What else could you ask for? I think UH MBB team, pulled off a great final push for academics for this year of 2013, Spring. Maybe a few, will go to first semester UH summer session to take care a course or two, working towards getting a heads up on academics for upcoming year, that is awesome as well. Ferd the Word, SA, gave the doomsday call on APR(possibly), UH and Gib , and team, came through, and silenced the critics.

    Awesome job guys. Keep doing well in school and next year go out and win that BWC regular and BWC tourney title, then, silence the MEDIOCRE FANS!

    πŸ˜€ Just jesting friend! πŸ˜€

  11. Nice job on the story. SA posted piece on team APR today (6/2). Didn’t mention Fisher.

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