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Standhardinger will try out for German national team


Christian Standhardinger has a good reason to return to his home country of Germany this summer, and it goes beyond family.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 forward, has been invited to train with Germany’s national team. He completed his final exams at the University of Hawai’i last week, and is scheduled to depart Honolulu this week.

“I have to try out, so I think I am on the second team,” Standhardinger said. “But if everything went good and I get lucky, I might make the first team.”

There are no major international tournaments coming up in 2013, but the FIBA World Championship will take place in 2014, and many nations are starting to form rosters. Standhardinger previously played on Germany’s junior national program.

Standhardinger said he hopes the training will help him prepare for his senior season with the Warriors in 2013-14. “I know exactly where my weaknesses are and where I have to work and improve on,” he said. “I will get them out, I will get them better, and we will attack next season.”

He is already considered the top returning player for Hawai’i in the 2013-14 season. He averaged 15.8 points and 7.9 rebounds per game as a junior in 2012-13, and was a first-team All-Big West Conference selection.

Although he will likely be nominated for several more awards entering the 2013-14 season, Standhardinger said his primary goal is to play in the NCAA Tournament.

“I don’t even need King of the Beach or any other awards … I just want to go to the tournament,” he said.


  1. Number one, thankyou Christian for finishing strong in school this semester. Number two, have a great summer, work on fine tuning and improving your game with the German National team. Number three, come back for senior season and help UH MBB team win the BWC regular and BWC tourney title and go to the NCAA’s.

    Have a great summer Christian.

    Aloha, Mahalo, and see you when you get back!


  2. BANG! Boom!
    Minimize/Eliminate the Weaknesses in your Game…
    Just ʻCos youʻre already one of the Best,
    Doesnʻt mean you canʻt also be among The Most Improved…

    The Hard Work that got you this far can take you to the Next Level!
    Great Student, Great Teammate!
    Youʻre a Big part of Why other Good Players, even Guards, wanna join the Team

    Weʻll Win More Individual and Team Battles
    How Much More is a Direct Reflection of How Hard you work
    and How Well you all play together
    Yes, You (ALL) the Man!
    Itʻs on You (Thatʻs the Approach)
    on everyone of you…

    Great School & Court Work, Christian
    Youʻre a Winner at it All…
    Win it All

  3. Dayton :

    Question on UH MBB team, how they did this past Spring 2013 semester.

    All of the 12 scholarship athletes, Hauns, Chrisitan, Vander, Jawato, Spearman, Manroop, Ozren, Davis, Shamburger, Dressler, Fotu, and Jefferson. Did they all finish their courses and finals. Did they have good grades for those courses. Was the overall GPA good.

    Is Vander, Hauns on track to graduate this year?

    Thanks in advance Dayton!


  4. Standharding is the backbone of the team. He’s the high effort guy with a great nose for the ball. Just need to refine his jumper and he’ll be very tough to stop.

    I love it when he’s aggressive driving to the paint.

    Good luck to him on his National team tryouts.

  5. Hey Christian,

    Through most of the MBB season has its up & down but, at the end for one reason or another – did finished disappointingly to all of us!

    You distinguished yourself with some encouraging progresses & improvements which drew the envy of many:
    ~ Aced the final of this Summer session. It’s o.k. not all A’s but, leaves room for your senior year to achieved (would be very nice)!
    ~ Captured the Art Woolaway Most Outstanding Player Award.
    ~ Won as a member of the Big West Conference First Team.
    ~ Won the BWC Player of the Week twice.
    ~ Invitation to join the National Team of your Motherland.

    Hope that by making the First Team won’t be in conflict with our next MBB schedule!?

    By putting a “Back-spin” into your shots with the snapping of your wrist and a smaller “Arc” will translate to a 20% more “Shot-accuracy” (let the practice begin)!

  6. according to reports Hauns had enough credits to graduate but he did not participate in the ceremonies.

    No Word on Vander and he wasn’t listed on a UH Athlete’s Graduation printed list a week or two ago. I think it’s safe to say Vander who wanted to get the College degree for mom wasn’t so… .

    BEEG time disappoint in Vander this year:

    1) having temper tantrums on the bb court, getting tech. calls
    2) walking out of a post season game
    3) and NOW no degree as of yet which will hurt UH’s APR!!!(of course he still can if he wants too)

  7. pocho: I hope some of the UH students who are on this forum as well as the others, have a Vander sighting. Would be pilau, if Vander, skipped on school, got incompletes or failures and caused UH to go over the APR cliff. Man , all the hope for next season’s team would be a bust.

    There is hope, Ben Jay is trying to get back Shaq Stokes points for APR, since Shaq was in good academic standing and got emergency exemption to play immediately at Hofstra last year. If Ben can get back those points, and Vander finishes Spring in good academic standing, and the WHOLE team, can average 3.00 GPA, all 12 scholarship players, I believe pocho, that UH should be safe for 2014-15!

    Gib and Ben and academic compliance have to get it straight, make sure the kids are bound to a LOI, have to finish every semester strong, and work even if takes 5 years to get degree!

    Dayton, let us know if all 12 scholarship players did well on spring finals, and if Vander was one of them.
    Aloha and thank you Dayton Morinaga, the BEST WARRIOR , no Rainbow Warrior, MBB insider on the planet!!

    Mahalo Plenty!


  8. The German National Basketball team wasnt even in Bejing because they didnt qualify. Lets hope Stranhardinger can contribute well to the German National Team in the FIBA Championship.

  9. There was word on Stanhardinger possibly going to be part of the Philippines national pool of players for their national team but I’m rather glad he decided to go with Germany instead because the PH national team is already shaping to be pretty good as it is. In fact, former UH player Jared Dillinger was part of the original 17-man pool before he injured himself in a car accident. Manila will host the FIBA Asia tournament in August and the PH has a good chance of finishing in the top 3 who will go onto Spain for the World Cup in 2014. I know this will never happen but I’d like to see the PH national team come to Hawai’i to play UH for a friendly exhibition one season.

  10. I don’t think that Christian can play on the Philippines National Basketball Team because in order to represent the country you are playing for you have to be a citizen of that country. I doubt Christian is a citizen of the Philippines because he hasn’t mentioned anything about that although we know he is Filipino. I am hundred percent sure that Chrisitan is a citizen of Germany because he was born there so he should try out for Team Germany. He can definitly improve his game playing in the FIBA Championship playing along side Dirk (might be retired from international play, not too sure) and Kaman.

    Now I am Filipino myself and I don’t want to be negative but I don’t think that the PH National Team will make top three. I feel this way because there are only three spots for teams in the FIBA Asia to go into the FIBA Championship and China always makes it so that leaves the Philippines with the other two spots which will be tough to get because of the teams in the Middle East. Those teams are great especially Iran because Hamed Haddadi is their go to All-Star Center who is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns. Then there are other threats like Lebanon and Jordan who earned spots in the FIBA Championship in 2010. But the Philippines have slowly been improving their game down there and I wouldn’t be suprised if the make it because they have current NBA players playing in the PBA right now.

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