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May updates from Gib Arnold


There is still one week remaining in the current signing period for recruits, which means there is still time for the Hawai’i basketball coaches to continue searching.

Head coach Gib Arnold said he has one more scholarship available for the 2013-14 season, and he is looking for “a right fit.”

Arnold recently returned from a lengthy recruiting trip that included stops throughout Europe.

“Got a couple guys in Europe who still have to pass the SAT, so we’re going to wait for that, and that’s not offered until June 1,” Arnold said. “If we don’t find the right fit or if some of these guys don’t make it, then we’ll probably keep it through the summer. There’s always a chance of finding a guy or maybe even a transfer in the summer. If not, we’ll just keep it until we get the right fit.”

Arnold said the target areas for this recruiting period were “guards and quickness and athleticism,” and he feels like those targets were hit with the signings of Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith and Negus Webster-Chan. Because of that, Arnold said he can now focus on “a best player available” for the open scholarship.

The signing of Smith was declared official this week, as was the requested transfer for senior-to-be Garrett Jefferson. Arnold shares his thoughts on both players in the above video.

Arnold also noted that most of the current players will be returning to their respective homes around the world to spend time with family. He said he expects most of them – and the new recruits – to be in Hawaii by early July to attend summer school and participate in workouts.


  1. Thanks, Coach; Thanks, Dayton

    Really Good Players cominʻ in and Coming Back
    Looking for a Great, Fun Year!

    and maybe an outstanding, ʻMysteryʻ Player to be Identified Later…

    No Doubt a Future Pro,,, and Great Fit….

    Thanks to Coaches, WI Staff & Sponsors for all the Continuous, Hard Work!

  2. Dayton, Mahalo bringing us these updates as it’s getting cold with the signing period winding down.

  3. It’s crunch time for the team as far as academics go. I hope the guys finish their semester strong.

    As for recruiting, I like the idea of going after the best available player. It’s a make it or break it year for Coach, it can’t hurt to go after another potential impact player and take our chances. I wouldn’t be adverse to picking up another transfer either. If anything, another high profile transfer could potentially tilt him into good standing for an extension.

  4. Should be interesting to see — during open gym and Manoa Summer League — How Much a three star-plus player like NWC or Michael Thomas can ʻStand Outʻ …Christian & Isaac translated well in bringing their skills to D-1 — Hauns stood out where Stats & Scores were kept, but seemed labored and struggled in D-1; NWC and Thomas could be our Best Opportunities in years to ʻdominateʻ at the Critical Scoring Three Position…

    For at least two seasons, it would seem we should be o.k. in the backcourt, May Be Upper Half or Better,…getting among “The Best JC Guards”…, along with Shamburger and Spearman… IF and When Gib can secure top flight HS guards — it may be difficult to translate and prove out — even Nevels and Quincy needed the additional time and maturity to prove out and handle school, albeit at the JC level — then UH may become consistently solid at all positions…

  5. Agree with above posts: Gib is doing what he does, recruit. By year four, he knows, have to get ATHLETES that can compete and win at BWC DI level, as well as retaining freshmen in program to graduate.

    Bummer if Vander does not finish school. For the sake of the Joaquim Ohana in Angola, I hope Vander is finishing his finals.

    Agreed DK, the coach’s have to monitor athlete’s academic progress, there is an excellent academic advisor who works with the MBB team, tutors available, so the guys have to do their part too. They have to attend class, finish well on finals, Whether returning or transferring. UH MBB team safe for this year in regards to sanctions. Still have to tabulate for this year APR, and how that affects next season 2014-15. If guys get it done in school, ALL 12 guys who were on scholarship last year, probably, UH will be good to go for 2014-15 season too. Lesser of two evils, UH would lose a scholarship or two for that season. We don’t want post season ban, we remember that from the Seventies after that MBB blunder!

    Well, Gib and staff, go after THE BEST AVAILABLE ATHLETE out there. AND the BEST STUDENT, and person, someone, once agains, whether they play 8 minutes or 38 minutes will stick with team, and help UH win a lot of ball games.

    Look forward to Gib getting a good one, DI transfer would be good, Exceptional Euro player, mature one, would be good too. A late AAU, JC tournament MVP summer showcase in USA would be good too. ANY athlete/ student who will stay with team 2 to 4 years and be on course to graduate would be ideal. Unless, they are guaranteed one and done NBA draft picks!!

    Will be interesting, Gib, take your time, get a GOOD ONE, a good person and academically sound athlete!!


  6. And a big Mahalo to Dayton! Thank you for real time, insider update videos! From the source: HC Gib Arnold!

    Mahalo and thank you WI and Dayton, Schmidt Ohana!


  7. praying for a big-time transfer that doesn’t have to sit out a year

  8. Our immediate future front court of Shamburger (PG) and Spearman (SG) and our “frontcourt of the future” in Smith (PG) and Nevels (PG/SG) is looking to be pretty epic. Throw in Brandon “sharp-shooter” Jawato and Aaron “dunk city” Valdes, and watch out! Next season couldn’t come any sooner!!

  9. I guarantee that the next dunk competition during Midnight Ohana (or whatever they call it now) will be very competitive.

  10. It appears every team around the Big West is upping their recruiting efforts. I hope Coach Gib is able to stay ahead of the competition. It would be great to get a high major transfer with that last schollie.

    Big West recruiting notes as of 5-8-12:

    – CS Northridge recently received commits from two 4-star recruits. One of them (Amir Garrett), I was hoping Gib could land, is transferring in from St. John’s. The other (Ben Vozzola) is a JC transfer. Both guys are swing players.
    – CS Fullerton got a commit from 3-star 6’8” power forward, Joe Boyd.
    – UC Riverside signed a JC 100 guard, Steven Thorton Jr.
    – Long Beach picked up a 3-star shooting guard, Travis Hammonds. They’ve already picked up Tyler Lamb from UCLA this past winter. Look for them to continue their dominance.
    – UCSB will bring in a few JC guys. Not sure how good they are, but it appears they will have a deep rotation.
    – UCI and UCD had great fall signings. UCI, in particular, will have a huge front court and an international shooting guard that Hawaii was previously looking at.

  11. exciting to see that kine of talent even though it’s the other team…can’t wait to see amir garrett and tyler lamb and can’t forget negus in a year

  12. The Warriors need to get a legit Power Forward with the last scholarship available. The Warriors have everything else stacked. The position that is in need is Power Forward. There isn’t a backup Power Forward for the Warriors. Christian Stranhardinger is going to start at Power Forward next season and there would be no backup for him. It is either Caleb Dressler or Davis Rozitis at the Power Forward coming off the bench. Now we all know neither one of those guys can do that because they are so slow, especially if they play at Power Forward in a league like the Big West.

    My suggestion is that the Warriors should get what is left of JC or US High School Power Forward that looks like he would have a future with the Warriors Basketball program with a ton of upside. This is the only position the Warriors are lacking big time in and this might be a problem facing non conference teams early next season. The Warriors need to take advantage of non conference games because it boosts their résumé for the NCAA tournament committee (I believe the Warriors have potential in making the tournament after this very strong recruiting class. So lacking in the Power Forward position may hold them back big time. I really liked Joston Thomas and thought instantly: the Warriors should’ve been looking out for a prospect like him instead of the potential bust Center Janovich.

    I don’t like the idea of recruiting big men out of Europe. I like the players out of Europe at the Point Guard and Small Forward positions because those are mostly the most successful positions that are coached in Europe. I don’t like the big men out of there because they seem to lack a ton of upside and have a lot of weaknesses. It looks as if they work heavily on shooting mid range jumpers and outside shots instead of working on their strength and post footwork. We all saw this in Orzen. So European Centers and Power Forwards aren’t great in my opinion. European Point Guards are really crafty and Small Forwards are lights out shooters with pretty good defensive games, but the big men aren’t rebounders or great inside scorers. That is why I prefer Power Forward and Center prospects out of America instead of Europe.

    I went to Recruiting Nation on ESPN and found A LOT of prospects that are good that haven’t been looked at colleges yet. There is a prospect named Glenn Feidanga that has a prospect grade of 71 (C-). He has NO offers from any school right now currently and this kid is explosive.
    Glenn Fiedanga highlight: http://youtu.be/b6lkWQ7VNus
    I am not saying the Warriors could get this kid in a week but I am saying they could’ve worked earlier to get prospects like this.

  13. A legit Power Foward meaning, a Power Foward who is explosive scoring the ball who can crash the boards. No soft mid range and three point shooting ones. Those are the prospects the Warriors DONT need.

  14. Yes you are exactly right these power forwards especially out of Europe aren’t good, see Christian Standhardinger … MVP of the team and made first team in entire conference…

  15. Yes, and the purported Euro power forward Ozren that aieayear was lamenting because he wasn’t a small forward or point guard, actually played shooting guard/small forward who was called into duty to fill in at the point because of his handle and vision. This dude, funny kine…

  16. Speaking of power forwards …. UNLV’s Mike Moser, who started his career at UCLA, is transferring to Oregon for his final season of eligibility. Moser, who also considered Washington and Gonzaga, is expected to receive his undergraduate degree this summer, thus making him eligible to play right away. Oregon also in the running for a transfer from Memphis.

  17. Which as a GRADUATE, Davis could also have done…
    Possibly — not having to sit out a year —
    THAT Type of Out-Transfer might say more about a ʻless-than-healthyʻ team environment
    (OR could just be Choices for Grad Work — the Original Intent of the Allowance…)

    Iʻm GLAD a Tall, Talented, System-Ready and Great-Demeanored & Dispositioned Player like Davis IS Coming Back….

    With his Size, Davis Will be able to Harass Most Power Forwards, as well as a few Point Guards…
    Imagine Him Defensive-subbing for K-Sham or Quincy…

    ATHLETIC TALL POWER FORWARD with an NBA Future is One of My Top Choices for “Best Available Athlete”

    (Too Many Second, Third Options to List…;-}

  18. I’d rather have him defending in the paint near the rim. Hopefully Quincy will be able to bring his d from the JC ranks

    my starting lineup:
    Rozitis C
    Fotu PF
    Standhardinger SF
    Shamburger PG
    Nevels SG

  19. pocho, a lot of options this year:

    Your lineup:
    Rozitis C
    Fotu PF
    Standhardinger SF
    Shamburger PG
    Nevels SG

    Go small:
    Fotu PF
    Standhardinger PF
    Spearman SG
    Nevels SG
    Shamburger PG

    A 3 guard, two premier BWC forward lineup, a lot of offense, and pretty quick defenders!

  20. AGREE…

    I think Most Games Spearman who has two years D-1 Experience (Dayton & UH) would likely start ahead of Davis, maybe a (Great) battle with Nevels or both could start in a Three Wing/Guard Offense esp. versus Big West); but those Two Years of D-1 Game Fire Experience, esp. Prime Time, count for a lot…

    …and IF Jawato can develop his D and ʻto the rimʻ & mid-range games, he can challenge Nevels the following year…

    Nice to Play The Game of Basketball Fantasy Coach with a “Stacked Line-up”, Yes?!

  21. My guess is either Nevels or Thomas joins the starting lineup of Shamburger, Spearman, Stanhardinger and Fotu, and most likely it will be Nevels. Obviously, it’s too early to tell.

  22. Nice part about this speculation on who starts? It is fun! Nice to see UH getting some athletes, and the returnees having that one year of BWC experience under their belt. If guys can bond, and play together, especially defensively, and have the firepower from down low, mid range to 3 line, it will be exciting. That SSC , with hopefully a larger contingent of Maniacs will be rocking.

    Now, fans, we await, the new guys and returnees this July 2013. Should be exciting!


  23. @mid-range game According to the Hawaii official athletics page Orzen is a Forward. No he is not a Point Guard or a Shooting Guard, HE IS A FORWARD. Anyways if you are going to go ahead and go in that direction then if you would label him as a Point Guard he is a very nonathletic.

    Now In my opinion I think the Warriors best option is to definitely start small because of the weaknesses at the Center position.

    Starting Lineup:
    C Fotu
    PF Stranhardinger
    SF Thomas
    SG Spearman
    PG Shameburger

    C Rozitis
    PF Dressler
    SF Valdes
    SG Nevels
    PG Smith

    SG Jawato
    PG Jefferson (if returns)

    Injured Reserved:
    SG Harper
    PG Enos
    C Jovanovich

    Sitting Out:

  24. @BlakeQ Yes I am exactly right. Europe has great coached Small Forwards. Stranhardinger is a Small Forward not a Power Forward. Coach Arnold plays him at the four because that is where he has a lot of advantages. It is kind of what the Knicks do for Anthony. I said in my post Europe produces good Small Forwards. Please read my post again and don’t fail.

  25. aieayear01: Unfortunately, Ozren didn’t play much, particularly late in the season. When he did, he was used at 2, 3 and yes, he also played the point. FYI: Also, Jefferson is moving on. You can read about it on Dayton’s previous post about Quincy Smith’s official signing from May 6.

  26. Update on my last post (sorry to deter off the topic):

    It’s been reported on the BW boards that Long Beach St.’s Keala King, Tony Freeland, and Deng Deng were dismissed from the team. That’s two starters and their sixth man gone. Wow!



    Regarding lineups, I think a three guard lineup in most BW matchups should help improve the team’s overall defensive quickness. It also provides a chance to get more shooters and ball-handlers into the lineup.

  27. Unless someone (Official) announces Jeffersonʻs return or re-enrollment,
    letʻs buck up and keep him off of the 2013-14 depth chart and wish him the best…
    (he has requested and was granted a transfer/release
    & deserves to be treated as requested — we donʻt choose his agenda);

    Third String or Reserve or SUB IS Appropriate;

    “Injured Reserve” has No (Valid) Meaning unless someone actually gets injured and applies for a medical hardship e,g,. sixth year to play four… no one is currently (reported to be or has lost a year to injury to be) in that position…
    Spearman played too many games; so did Vander (too late for both).

  28. Re: Jefferson. While I hate to see him go because I saw the growth in him since last season, I would say it’s as official as it will get that he is leaving the program:

    In addition, Arnold announced the departure of junior guard Garrett Jefferson. Jefferson served as one of the team’s top defensive players in his two seasons with the Rainbow Warrriors after transferring from Citrus College in California. The native of Lakewood, Calif., provided one of the most memorable moments of this past season with his game-winner at the buzzer to lift UH over Cal State Fullerton.

    “Garrett approached us and explained his desire to find a team where he will be able to play more minutes his final year,” Arnold said. “Garrett has been one of my most favorite players here at UH. Although he did not play a lot minutes he always had a great attitude. He has been an excellent student and teammate and we all hope he has success at his next stop.”

  29. aieayear01:

    You are very new to this forum?. I am not sure if you are living in Honolulu. The reports on Jefferson leaving confirmed by media, also came from Garret’s own mouth in an interview, Gib stated on recent video updates about Jefferson leaving, and UH confirms. We wish Garrett the best! I think Jefferson helped seal a victory against Pacific(?) in last few seconds during his sophomore year with a putback, and of course his coast to coast runner to win a BWC game at SSC.

    Garrett going to a possible DII school is a good move, with his length, and quicks at that level of competition, Garrett could average some good numbers and help his team win a lot of games., DII and NAIA schools have a lot of 6’3″ ,6’4″ and 6’5″ wings and power forwards, Jefferson could flourish with the right Cali DII school. Best wishes Garrett Jefferson wherever you end up! Get your degree too!


    Keep reading online local blogs, and this WI , without question the closest and most accurate forum for all things Warrior Men’s Basketball!. Dayton Morinaga does an excellent job, the best in the business, and his primary sponsor Ameriprise and the Schmidt Ohana are as good as gold!


  30. GOT TO SAY…

    YOU (ALL) Bloggers here @ WI.com … sure do quickly make sure that the last words are accurate…

    …and Quite Kind while doing so…

    IT IS A Pleasure and an Honor to be Associated with Dedicated, Knowledgeable and/or Caring UHMBB Fans…

    THAT Also speaks well of Dayton & Company AND Sponsors to Attract such an intelligent and sensitive base…

    FAR ABOVE the Ground-Less Conjecturing i see @ Less-Akamai Sites…


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