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DaBeast Froductions: “The Decision”


After weeks of contemplation, Davis Rozitis has decided to return to the Hawai’i basketball team for the 2013-14 season.

The 7-foot forward/center has earned enough credits to graduate from the University of Hawai’i, and he thought about taking that degree and exploring possibilities outside of the islands. Instead, he will return for a senior season with the Warriors.

“I’ve decided this summer I’m going to bring my talents back to Waikiki Beach and play for the University of Hawai’i,” Rozitis said.

Rozitis averaged 1.9 points and 2.1 rebounds per game as a junior last season, but his primary role was on defense. He played at the top of the team’s “point defense” zone that often caught opponents by surprise. Rozitis received the Defensive Player of the Year award at the team banquet last month.

Rozitis, who is originally from Cesis, Latvia, was one of head coach Gib Arnold’s original recruiting class to Hawai’i in 2010. He played his freshman season at USC – when Arnold was an assistant coach there – then transferred to Hawaii after Arnold was named head coach of the Warriors.

Rozitis will maintain his eligibility for the 2013-14 season by taking graduate level courses at UH.


  1. Thank you Davis Rozitis for returning as a Warrior MBB team player for next season! Great student that you are. Look forward to your getting the Diploma and having a fantastic senior season. Enjoy your humor and great heart. Really, Hunter Schmidt’s favorite athlete from this past season!

    Mahalo for returning Davis!
    Look forward to Da Beast Froductions for 2013-14 season, and hopefully capped by a BWC title and post season invite!


  2. These guys are hilarious. If you don’t follow Fotu on twitter you should. Pure gold.

  3. Welcome Back, DAVIS!
    Besides being named Defensive Player of the Year,
    interfering with the opposing team’s offensive flow and getting in their heads —
    try looking for ‘passing lanes’ with a quick seven-foot plus wingspan in Your Face…

    DAVIS, The Beast soon to be Coach Gib’s FIRST Graduate @ UH

    …And a BIG Senior Season…
    Christian, Spearman & Davis… Lead Yor Team to The Top…

    One More Season to Ramp Up FRODUCTIONS, Merged
    and Soon to be The Beast’s Continuing Legacy…
    Froductions Need Not “Defer” to The Big Senior…

  4. Great to have Davis back.

    The guys were comical in the video. Good stuff!

  5. Hey DaBeast,
    Congrats for your successes @Waikiki beach:
    ~ A well earned sheep-skin, courtesy of some professors (don’t forget to take care of them again).
    ~ “Defensive POY” generously generated to fit per your always supportive mentor!
    ~ A “DaBeast” title that can’t be found else where.
    You can’t be wrong for extending your stay that gave you kindness, humanity..
    All you got to do now:
    * Continue that seriousness, which you shown that you also capable of just today (basketball business too, OK?).
    * Improve performance by 200%, just by a ridiculous 6.0pts & 6.0rbs/game 2013-2014.
    * Take advantage of Fish’s expertise for the last-time at-least.
    * Be stronger to set picks; Make assist & frees.
    * Donate your scholie for the hardworking Harper & Enos to share (kindness for TEAMMATE).
    * Try for “Master of Academic Adviser Specialized on Basketball”.
    * Your next reward: “The Most Improved POY” won desertvingly.
    Your Aloha finally will come.

  6. i’d love to see him start the first 10 minutes of the game and see if he fouls out lol

  7. that was hilarious

  8. Very glad that Davis will be back, this really stabilizes things for next season. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  9. Awwright, one more year of daBeast Productions, work hard and get stronger in the off season Da Beast, you’re gonna cruise taking your grad courses so you have lots of time to get into to weight room. Work it Bro !

  10. Davis: Thanks for coming back, and more importantly graduating this May, helps APR, GPA. Agree with other posts, Davis, you have to get stronger. Finish at the rim, dunk that ball! Hit the weight room, be a partner, beast the weights, get bigger, animal like, with your junior partner in Frotu. I hope Christian Standhardinger is doing the same thing, as well as Caleb Dressler and Stefan Jovanovich.

    Imagine, fans, with Agile bigs, Isaac, Christian, Davis, and stregth BBIQ smart bigs in Dressler and Jovanovich, along with improved athletic wings, in Jawato, Valdes and Thomas. Plus, the perimeter improved play by 100%, of Shamburger, Spearman, Nevels and Smith. Harper and Enos, burning the nets as 3 ball specialists and D pressure squad, next year, BWC, look out, Warrior or bows or whatever will be beasting the BWC , getting a title and possible NIT or NCAA invite.

    Like a lot of the die hard fans, I love recruiting season, get the new guys in 2nd summer session UH, watch them workout, and probably play in Manoa league. That summer league, with possibly Negus Webster-Chan, Shamburger, Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Thomas, will be something else! Can’t wait until start of July 2013!!

    Go Warriors!

  11. excellent news on Rozitis. His presence sures up what would have been thin depth at the bigs. I’m sure he’ll take on a bigger role but with Dressler now active, Rozitis can play aggressively and not worry too much about fouls.

    This also gives Gib the option of putting Rozitis on the top of their 3-2 zone, which was pretty effective.

  12. remember that picture when he blocked someones shot and did the mutombo finger thing then next play down he got hit shot blocked lol good times

  13. That’s why Davis, has to get stronger, and bigger, just dunk that ball, no soft stuff. Otherwise, Davis is a very coordinated 7 footer, the best I have seen at UH in years. It might be, that Davis, likes to play like he is 6’5″ tall instead of 7 feet. We shall ,see. Just having Davis back as FUHA says is a plus, it shores up that front line, with Dressler. UH can be solid from 1 through 5 on the court.

    Go Davis, dunk that ball!


    hawaiianfan, Davis is a great young guy, good for the team he is coming back!!


  14. I don’t know why but if you watch games from this past season it looks like the UH players don’t look to pass the ball inside when Davis is In the post which always bothered me. He doesn’t have a ton of upside because he was a junior lat year who averaged only two points a game but if you are a seven feet tall you can accomplish much more than two points a game, which I think wasn’t his fault. It looked like most teammates didnt have confidence in Rozitis and I definitly believe that he can earn it during this offseason. Go Davis! Got to step up Senior year.

  15. I want Rozitis to eventually become a Ben Wallace (Detroit Pistons) for Hawaii. it’s ok to avg 1.9pts he doesn’t need to score because he will probably be the 5th option when he’s on the court. I want him to just rebound and play tremendous defense while altering and blocking shots.

  16. They got the pants….

  17. So Ive watched the guys freeplay a couple times.. Davis cant even finish a suicide without quitting on the team! The guys don’t even pass the ball to him cause he’s so soft! Caleb Dressler is better than him and contributes more. Honestly, I was hoping he was leaving. And if he still has the opportunity to go, he should. Gib should be investing money and time into someone that benefits the team and wants to be with Hawaii, not something that has to debate about staying. It’s all fun and games to Davis, but when it comes down to play time and stats, who’s getting the last laugh? You have got to be kidding me….

  18. DAVIS Has Already Shown he Can Cover at Center (Prime Time) when Vander got in Trouble…

    I Agree that Caleb Dressler may surprise a few Fans

    Having BOTH Gives UHMBB a Legitimate Twin Towers Option when we Need to Play a Team that also has that ability…
    He should allow our Front Line to play ʻfree-erʻ, knowing that off the bench, Davis is an Active, Solid defensive player
    and he actually scores & finishes better than most seventh, eighth player(s) …

    “Other” Players in his role ʻmight end up complaining about PT or even transferring…

    DO NOT Underestimate the Value of a Very Good Role Player
    All Great Teams have a few…

    I watch the other teamsʻ 5, 6, 7, 8 players because they are often the “X” Factors between winning & losing any particular game…and staying in many games when ʻthe starsʻ get into trouble…

    i think the “Sixth Man” Award is one of the smartest additions to post-season award categories

    Davis is a “Dolphin” … in the sense that no matter ʻhow much work must be doneʻ,
    Dolphins always find a way to play and have fun in the process…

    Coaches Know the Value of a player who can keep his teammates loose and having fun through a long, grueling season…

  19. Eagle: I agree, Davis, might not be the elite athletic big, however, he is a TEAM player. He listens to coaches and will do whatever he can to help team win. Davis, being a bit older, more mature, and yet having that sense of humor, and a quiet leadership, is vital for a young UH team. The seniors, Standhardinger, Rozitis, Spearman will lead the team. More importantly, Davis, graduating as part of Gib’s first recruiting class to Hawaii, as a transfer, that alone, is of very high value to team and the University. Davis, will be successful, wherever he ends up after UH BB career is over.

    Mahalo to Davis!

    Also, as you stated Eagle, per Gib on the BC show, team can still go after an athlete, PF, C or SF to complete this year’s recruiting if need be.I think coach will try his best to get the best available athlete to complete this year’s recruitment for 2013-14, if not, well he can hold it, for mid term DI transfers too! The recruiting goes on up to the first day of school, however, we hope not, unless it is an absolute gem of a player, All American, All international mature JC player type, or BCS BB school transfer!

    😀 Can’t wait for UH 2nd summer session when new guys start to arrive, however, the ALL IMPORTANT UH finals for this spring this week, the WHOLE team from 1 through 16, especially the ones transferring or going pro, have to take care of business, finish with highest GPA, and most importantly, finish well in school. That would be the most important thing this spring. APR is good to go, and UH can play post season next year and after that, with minimal if any loss of scholarships!

    Hope for the Best Eagle!!


  20. To add to playhoopsa’s comment:

    People underestimate Davis’ worth to this team, especially off the court. The perfect example would be his collaboration with Isaac in DaBeast Froductions. I’m sure this project has eased Isaac’s transition to college life. You cannot put a value on something like this from a team perspective. He may not be a superstar on the court, but he is, and will continue to, be one in life.

  21. I think Most Big West teams don’t have a Better Big than Davis off of the bench …

    i Really Like that Davis was trying to use his Videos to keep Ozi & Manroop still feeling like Family @ the Team Banquet

    (That was my First (Unofficial) Confirmation that they were leaving…when they started to pull back…)

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