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Standhardinger named outstanding player at awards banquet


Christian Standhardinger received the Art Woolaway Most Outstanding Player Award at the 2013 University of Hawai’i Men’s Basketball Awards Banquet on Wednesday evening at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Tapa Ballroom.

Other winners of the major awards were: Jace Tavita for Most Inspirational Player, Davis Rozitis for Best Defensive Player, and Hauns Brereton for Academic Award.

Senior center Vander Joaquim did not attend the banquet, but he had a good excuse – he departed Honolulu this week after receiving and invitation to participate in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. That event is for the top senior pro prospects, and draws numerous scouts to Portsmouth, Virginia.

Two recruits – Corey Allen and Garrett Nevels from Mount San Antonio College (Calif.) – were in attendance at the banquet, but the coaches could not acknowledge their presence, or comment on them.

More details on the banquet, including video highlights, will be posted later.


  1. Wow! Davis Rozitis, best defensive player! That begs the question, maybe he should have received more playing time. That’s a very nice surprise. Congratulations to all the awardees.

  2. Another great nite of UH Men’s Basketball! Glad to have WI there! More video and pics to follow!

  3. The award winners, those from team who attended, Coach Gib and staff, fans and boosters, all winners. First class function and atmosphere!

    Congrats to Christian. He promised to work hard and he did! Davis, another hard worker, in practice, game and excellent student off the court.

    Look forward to next season, should be a good one!

    Thank you so very much Dayton Morinaga, the number one provider of all things UH MBB for several seasons! Keep up the good work. That is a lot of work that you and Wes and staff do tirelessly! Mahalo!

    And to Valerie Schmidt, Ameriprise , the Schmidt Ohana, Mahalo plenty, and ALL UH MBB fans, and families, and potential additions to next year’s team, look forward to much success, and possible run to NCAA tournament. Hope any possible athletes had great visit too. You can’t beat the Aloha Spirit in Hawaii. A very special place to live, go to school and compete in athletics.!

    Great job all UH MBB team and coaches!

  4. Say it out Loud, Corey and Garrett N.!

    WE Will be Hawai╩╗i Warriors…

    Then See You This Summer (League) !

    Congrats Christian, Jace (Nice Improvement!), Hauns (School Matters) and Davis (Agree Efficiency per Minute D Tops!)

    Thank You, Dayton, Staff & Sponsors…

  5. It is over!

  6. Guess the whole team showed up except Vander. The question is still here, Where does these other 2-3 scholarships come from to offer Corey/Garrett?

  7. 1. Did you love Hawaii?
    2. Did you contributed to win/loss?
    3. Where you stand grade-wise?
    4. Were you efficient for your minutes-played?
    5. Have you make pilikea?
    6. Does Eagle’s lanconic post for a Warrior overwhelmed you?

  8. Probably n2o4joy,

    THE most important aspect …are these two young guys GREAT CHARACTER student athletes. Are their guardian or parents good people? If these two are of that ilk, and they come from great Ohana, can be a good fit.

    Hopefully over next 2 weeks we will know, if 1 ,2 or how many become Warriors for next year.
    Hope for the best , however, have to be HIGH CHARACTER guys Coach Gib and Brandyn!

  9. Appreciate ANY Insider Intel…

    ?DID One or Both Corey Allen & Garrett Nevels “Pass Muster”?
    That╩╗s In General, Hit it Off with the Team,
    Shown Well Enough In ╩╗Open Court╩╗ Workouts with Team that they were ╩╗Voted╩╗ “Yes, They CAN Help Us…”?
    (Several, Sometimes Two of Three, Don╩╗t)

    Have they “Pre-Agreed” that IF You Like What You See Will You Sign with Us? (NO Trippin╩╗ Promise)…
    Have they declared themselves a Package Deal?

    I╩╗m SURE We╩╗ll Hear when they declare!
    Hope you Gentlemen Ballers Had a Great Trip!


    Mahalo — Appreciate WI.com Supporters NOT Conjecturing Ad Infinitum, Especially By Name on Who they think won╩╗t be back…or agree to downgrade, find other Financial Support…AS IF we (who don╩╗t track Practiceas well as Game Performance & Improvement Metrics) are such accurate Evaluators of Talent, Intent or Improvement…It Shows Discipline of Thought, Self-Restraint, and Sensitivity to Players and Family who Work Harder than MOST “Fans” @ Brand X, Y & J Sites can Comprehend or Begin to Understand…

  10. Obviously, Vander didn’t want to be there last night. The Portsmouth Tournament doesn’t start until April 10. He could have left this morning. I think it’s a cop out. Like Memphis said, it’s over!

  11. I think Christian overachieved this season. I don’t think anyone thought that he would end up as the most outstanding player on the team. Congratulations Christian and also Jace, Davis, and Hauns.

    For next year the team needs to be a complete package—no or little weaknesses. We got exposed big time this year in our perimeter defense and outside shooting. Also the bigs need to develop other moves because we were like an old 45 record playing the same songs over and over. Eventually the defense will come to learn the words and all the scratches that go with it.

    But, still, it was fun and thanks to the players and coaches for giving their all, the contributions of the Schmidt family, and for Dayton and crew of Warrior Insider for bringing us the timely news and interesting stories. Good luck and see you all next year in the Stan Sheriff.

    It’s countdown time again.

  12. Vander JoaquIm, yes there was an “I” in his name, not a T(eam).

    A lot of international pro scouts will be there at Portsmouth, see how he matches up with some of the best Bigs of NCAA MBB seniors. Makes you wonder if the do the maturity and emotional scale test? It is a sad way to go out. No farewell, just a communication with local media guy. He was this or that, then walked out. What does it teach his future family to be? Maybe, thought he should have played more in AFA CIT 2nd half game? Who knows. Now “IT is over” so can move on. Sometimes, when the “I” guy leaves a MBB team, the next season, the team goes to the NCAA’s, guys coming back and new guys, are ONE, united, not selfish, the bond and, NCAA bound.

    Vander, hope he finishes this semester in good academic standing, and either gets his degree this summer or next year if able. Otherwise, a lot of other athletic teams that split their scholarships could have used his for sure.

    I hope, Gib can find another Ahmet Gueye type, that guy was first class, good skilled big, just wish he were taller like Vander. If Ahmet did not injure HIS knee, and Ahmet were 6’10” tall, maybe he would have had a shot at the NBA.

    True, you can’t erase the offensive stats that Vander had. It will be evermore in the UH MBB archives. However, he should have come back, after game over, and waved to crowd. Maybe Van had a greater impact on team, one way or another than we all realized.

    IT IS OVER! 2013-14, move on, and get to winning the BWC next season! AS A TEAM!!

  13. VANDER Was Different …
    No Atempt here to Defend Unacceptable Actions and Insufficient Actions to Make Amends (As Far as we know)
    BUT HE IS from a Different Culture, A Harder Tougher Life where You Cannot Take Things at Face Value — especially once they start going downhill…Glad he was still attending to classes…Hope he Finishes at least the semester, better the degree…

    I DO Like that His Coach and His Teammates still are at least Neutral & Respectful
    Says Much About THEM — Similar to Coach Refusing to say Anything Negative about ALL the Departed Players of the past few years — HE Probably Took MORE Heat for That … but also did not burn any bridges with players that he had built enough relationship that they flew to and stayed in The Middle of the Pacific for at least a year, several more…
    and still had hopes for something better or more promising elsewhere.

    Quite a Few People Expected Standhardinger to be An Impact Player — i feel the need to give Gary Digman Cred for Repeatedly Stating that Christian, even as a freshman/sophomore was the Best Player on the Nebraska Team (╩╗cos he saw him playing there); And Christian was a Key Factor in Joston understanding that His PT was going down further… maybe Fotu as well, but not to the Extreme degree of Christiam — that IF Joston couldn╩╗t ╩╗handle╩╗ his Junior Year the Best Player on the Court (Christian in Practice) was definitely going to eat into his declining PT…

    Although Christian had a year to get familiar with the system, most people as ╩╗Experiential Creatures╩╗ don╩╗t ╩╗really learn╩╗ it until they Do It, especially against serious opposition trying to stop you at every turn as in Competition…
    So I DO Expect (barring injury) significant improvement on his part as well as Most returnees…

  14. just waiting on the verbal commitments before the 2 leave

  15. Nevels and Allen on plane back to LA! Hope they had a good visit and bonded with team. We shall see shortly whether one or both become Verbal commits and hopefully LOI’s. We shall see what Brandyn has in mind. He says, next week a few more potential recruits coming in.

    Any great HIGH CHARACTER guys that can improve team, keep the CHEMISTRY, and WIN. Go to The Big Dances, NCAA’s and NIT’s, and be healthy, happy and wise as MBB ohana, is a GOOD THING, right Eagle!

  16. Good Things

    Are they Tweeters?

    i think our coaches generally don╩╗t “Press” for Commitments During the Trip
    Even Allowing them to think about it overnight and discuss with family/girlfriends, etc. helps minimize ╩╗Buyer╩╗s Remorse and Changing Minds…

    Betcha the Players (already on the team) have a good sense of whether They╩╗re Coming…
    Anyone know who was “Hosting”?

  17. eagle, yes, they are tweeters. BM tweet feed check out.

  18. Oh well – 2012 – 2013 Season is Over! There seems to be consistent requests for High Character guys . . . what does that mean to you? Guys that have come in with High Character may have been turned into Low Character guys because of the way they were treated. I think Student Athletes that have made it this far are High Character in one area or another – but we do not know what goes on behind closed doors!

    The Rutgers MBB Head Coach was just exposed for the way he treated his players & was FIRED . . . . I’m just sayin – don’t forget about those allegations from 3 years ago! The Hawai’i MBB program will only go as far as “great recruiting” will take it and that’s it. There doesn’t seem to be any substance behind the strategy or in-game decision making/adjustments. You can not run by the seat of your pants and make emotional decisions based on 1-2 plays in the middle of a game. Would like Memphis to chime in if they felt their overall experience here was as “glowing” as they expected? Players leave for a reason – because their heads are gassed up during the “recruiting process”with unfulfilled promises and they feel they have to move on.

    Expect or better yet be comfortable accepting middle of the pack BWC standing and NO NCAA’s or NIT’s – forgetaboutit! Hope for CIT bid again! Mahalo and have a great summer – catch-up in the Fall!

  19. Brandon Spearman was the best defender imo.
    -Dallan no more CIT’s for Hawaii, the University lost money.

  20. Congratulations to all the coaches and players. A big thank you to the Schmidt family for being an awesome sponsor.

  21. Vander got cocky. Came into this season thinking that BWC was a cake walk and he could have his way over all the big men in the conference.

    No Deals! Everyone was ready for his ase, and out played him majority of the time, he got fustrated and started shooting 3s, made a few and thought he was Dirk, and Gib just laughed it off. Fail.

    Hard work, dedication, and loyalty has no cultural bounds…its the same in africa, alaska, and in Hawaii. But when you get big headed and less talented and harder working players are aiming to pop that balloon mind state, you either buck up and show these toys how to play or you get fustrated and end up like a ostrich with its head in the ground, PUN INTENDED!

  22. Hey…

    Any chance on next season’s 60’s & 70’s Night games (assuming they will be back) that UH can get throwback or special uniforms (including short shorts)?

    Then UH could auction off the uniforms after and/or sell throwback apparel in the Rainbowtique (who wouldn’t want a tie-dyed #42 jersey or t-shirt?)… That’s extra money raised for the program… Just sayin…. Maybe that’s my UH finance degree talking.

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