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Recruiting continues for coaches


The recruiting never stops for the Hawai’i basketball team. Gib Arnold and his staff spent last weekend evaluating potential recruits at various AAU tournaments in California and Nevada.

Most of those prospects are for the 2014 and 2015 classes, but that does not necessarily mean that the recruiting for 2013 is done. Arnold, in fact, extended his trip into this week to continue recruiting.

The Warriors are believed to have one more scholarship that could be filled during this current signing period.

“We’re still out, looking around,” said assistant coach Brandyn Akana, who also serves as the team’s recruiting coordinator. “We’re still looking, still making decisions, and we’ll take it from there.”

The Warriors have already secured official signings from shooting guard Garrett Nevels and combo guard Negus Webster-Chan. A third player, point guard Quincy Smith, signed a letter of intent to join the Warriors last weekend, but it is still awaiting final approval from UH administrators.

There are no other recruits scheduled to visit Hawaii as of now, but the current signing period runs to May 15.


    Immediately Eligible (For All “Those Impatient Fans”, myself included),
    Future NBA Power or Shooting Forward or Wing…
    Athletic, Sharp-Shooting, Super-Quick, Tough Defensive
    ‘Immediate’ First-Team All-BW Candidate
    Hauns on ‘Roids, Ray Reed Talented, Olynyk or Jimmer-Class AA
    H.S., JC, International, all fine…
    Late (Recruiting) Season Surprise Acceptable…

    Comments? (Too Quiet)
    IF we’re ever getting one, Why Not Now?

  2. Is Tanner Lancona “Ray Reed Talented”?
    And how is Ray Reed doing? Where is he? Always worried about that guy… Take nothing away from him. He Was Truly Talented. You’ve got to give it to him.

  3. Yeah, i hope his Life settled down to something better…

    We All have to Learn to manage our own Drives and Intensity…
    Like Vander or Joston… Christian is aptly named for that…
    For a Freshman, Isaac handles his inner daemons well…
    i ‘think” UHBB coaches as a staff, and Women’s Laura & Gavin, strike a good Balance…

  4. we need a bird man please

  5. A great recruiter doing what he does best… recruit!

    Hopefully Gib can find a SF or PF to add some more depth in the coming weeks. Gib will need to find a guy to take over after Standhardinger graduates next year. Good news is that UH doesn’t need an immediate impact player for 2013-14. UH can bring someone in to groom for a year and be ready for impact in 2014-15.

    At this point, UH is a little thin at the PF/SF positions, but being in the Big West, Gib will probably employ more 3-guard lineups and possibly 4 guard lineup if Fotu and/or Standhardinger get in foul trouble. UH has good sized guards that can play multiple positions so the roster will be versatile when necessary.

  6. Hope that all the guys, from this past year’s roster , plus the RS’s finish in great shape for Spring Semester 2013. Very important guys. For your future and MBB program.

    I am sure you all are taking care of business in the classroom!

    Look forward to possible signing of a Big of Wing player to complete 2013-14 recruiting class!

    Hunter Scmidt, get well, and enjoy summer MBB camp. Should be great with UH athletes and coaches!

  7. I think we already have enough SF/wings on the roster — Nevels, Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, and Michael Thomas.

    Further evidence is that former 6’5” SF UH recruit, Aaric Armstead, recently committed to Northern Illinois.

    A solid powerfoward or center that could bang down low and block shots would be nice, but they’re few and far between. I think Coach Gib has enough big men given that Davis Rozitis returns and Michael Thomas can provide relief minutes as needed.

    I would suggest getting the best available player that can help us immediately (regardless of position) or another high major transfer. If Davis turns pro or transfers, then you have no choice but to go after another big man (preferably a 7 footer to counter Irvine’s 7’6” four-star recruit).

  8. Just a note on getting in shape. Connecting the dots. For both our Football and MBB teams, our guys don’t look like they are in shape, and at the end of the season, they don’t play like they are in shape. Up to two weeks before the season starts, without coaches supervision, they should be cross training. They should work up to running 40 miles a week for just under two months before the season starts, and they should all have access to personally sized bikes, provided by the school, and be biking 25 miles each week at the same time they are running. If they can fit in a swim a couple of times a week, all the better. We should see them out there on the road if they are in town. And they should be emailing in their workout logs to the coaches from where ever they are. Yes, they have to manage their study time. But working up a sweat on the court is not the same as running 8 to 10 miles at 10 min per mile, or 8 min per mile, or better. Clearly, the MBB team looks like they are “thinking too much”, especially at the end of the season. Clearly, there has been a lot of pent up emotion at the end of the season, season after season. Not to sound too much like Cesar Millan, but you’ve got to get them out and run them. It would make playing a lot easier and they wouldn’t be caught “thinking too much”. “Training” and “Teaching Basketball” at this level, have got to be two mutually exclusive tasks, and the more you separate these tasks, again given study time and time management, the better the team will be. That said, as magical as Ray Reed was, I got the feeling that he didn’t train all that much. By the way, does someone know if he graduated? That guy was awesome enough that at the time, there is no way I would have suggested that he change up his training and workout routine. Now that I am older, hey, … hindsight. Might have helped him. And lastly, Tim Shepards dunk over 7’6″ Shawn Bradley is my vote for best UH dunk ever, and I will here attribute that to his training and road work.

  9. akuhead2: I remember Ray Reed, quite a great get for Riley Wallace for 1990-91 season. I believe as a JC transfer and JR. he was MVP of the Rainbow Classic when UH upset a ranked Pitt team. I was there, a great, great win. Reed had 35 pts I believe. Ray had that top 30 in the nation BB ability. He and Phil Lott were a very exciting scoring duo. They could run transition really well. Exciting ball.

    Sad to say, Ray came with some baggage, after Jr. season, some things happened and he left UH program. I never knew, someone would have to Google it, if Ray ever, and we are talking over 20 years ago, player organized Basketball again. He was a talent, and so was Phil Lott.

    In regards to Tim Shepherd’s poster dunk over Shawn Bradley, that has to be one of the all time UH BB jams of all time. Bradley came in as a very skinny, however, great shot blocker, I think leading the nation at 4 or 5 Blocked shots a game. Tim , all 6’5 1/2″ 237lbs. , went right over Bradley and did a tomahawk jam, incredible, Tim had a strong base, worked out much in the weight room, he was the Center actually on defense, he could keep taller guys out of the block becuase of his strength and high BB IQ. He and Chris Walz, had a great pick and roll game. Tim, Ray, Phil, Chris Walz, coverted BB player to UH BB player, those were some great games they played!

    😀 Hope next season’s UH team, will work as hard on strength and conditioning, it takes a lot of dedication. It was said that Orel Lev, the freshman from Israel, who had to return to his home country because of military obligation was a great athlete. Very well conditioned. You are correct, weight, strength, UH BB program has to have a good training diet table too, proper rest, stretching, and running, quick burst and endurance, produces team’s that can finsh games!


  10. Mahalo!! Right on the mark with the review of the guys on that team. Brings back those memories. … …

  11. Trivia Question: What does Ray Reed and Elvis Presley have in common?

  12. They’re Both Own The House?

    (Actually Both from (Tupelo)/Mississippi…)

  13. Eagle, you are correct. Your prize, the accolades of your fellow bloggers.

  14. Davis Rozitis, Hunter Schmidts favorite UH MBB player is coming back for senior season! Right On!!
    Rozitis, agility, hustle, and team concept, will help UH down low, to guarding the 3 line. Wonder if Gib will let Davis, shoot a couple of 3’s a game? I think so. To have an agile, and in my opinion after watching so many 7 footers, who were not quick of feet, Davis is the best 7 footer, I think closer to 7′ 1 1/2″ tall, really. Have you ever stood next to Davis. He looks much taller than 7 feet even. They should measure him again!

    Well The Big Bigs: Rozits 7 feet plus, Caleb Dressler 6’10″(maybe growing to 6’11”?) and Stefan Jovanovich 6’10″( could be growing to 6’11” too), possible RS, we don’t know.

    Now if Gib locks into a good PF , 6’9″ 235, who can run, block shots, pass the ball out to shooters and cutters, great defender, jump/sky hook, bank shot, FT good, and a TEAM first guy, UH will look absolutely solid for 2013-14, I like it!!

    Thank you for coming back HOME, Davis, where you started back in 2009(?), hoisting the DH classic championship trophy for USC when he was a freshman. Awesome!

    Da Beast will be back, and Frotu too!


  15. Then again, if Gib can get a great SF , 6’6″ to 6’7″ explosive athlete, good from the block out to 3 line. Great in transistion and on ball and team defender. UH will be great too.

    Just my want list for final scholarship: 6’9″ PF, or maybe Now, a great SF 6’6″ JC with 3yrs to play, slasher, hops, quickness, who can score and defend.

    Either,way, UH MBB coaches,lock down a great scoring, defending, athletic, athlete to complete 2013-14 recruiting year!

    Awesome. Mahalo Davis Rozitis. Senior year will be great for you, among Standhardind and Brandon Spearman, 3 awesome seniors!!


  16. I once got in the elevator with Dave Rozitis and Douglas Kurtz. As I looked up at them I said to myself, “Ho the tall.” Like Kurtz understood what I said, he went, “Yup that’s right.”

  17. Alright, we now got a quick, 7’2 defensive specialist handles the left-handed shot-blocking; And always in position for rebounding, shows us how impressively he can start the outlet-pass for our rejuvenated fast-break (magical)!

    Then, for the ‘O’ side, the new empowered center 250-pounder Cal shall executes his steady, various left-handed, unstoppable shots (fans definitely enjoy, like nowhere else)!

    Situation is WIN-WIN (we can’t hardly wait)!

  18. Here is one final plea, in behalf of a lot of UH MBB fans..To guys on team, current or soon to be former, do well on your finals for Spring Semester. Otherwise, UH APR will take a serious hit, with loss of possible scholarships and post season ban. That news, would be terrible for Warrior MBB nation. Very bad.

    UH MBB team, the scholarships cost a lot of money, ask the walkons who footed their own tuition by their loving ohana.

    Finish strong in school guys, remember you all are Student first, Athletes second. Even in your post UH endeavors, you have to have good grades and eventually get diploma or have good resume for business, or professional sports.

    Hope the best UH MBB fans. It would be a bummer if UH takes the APR sanction hit!

  19. Let’s hope for the best on academics. With these young athletes, sometimes you just don’t know. With the ongoing recruiting maybe the coaches may end up with a surprise star.

  20. Dayton:

    Would you consider a video update interview, to see how guys are finishing up in school? I think I remember, Gib and Brandyn, Fish, and Benjy might have mentioned, they encouraged ALL of the team to finish up strong this Spring UH semester.

    In the past, I remember the coaches Little, or Wallace, would mention if 1 or 2 guys not coming back because of academic failure(they flunked out).

    I hope, you UH MBB guys, from Dyrbe to Vander , All do well this Spring Semester, really it is the future of Gib’s MBB program at stake!

    Get is done guys, UH athletic scholarships cost a lot of money too!!

    Go Warriors, do well on your finals!

  21. Way to Go Menʻs Basketballers…
    FINISH The “Rainbow” Legacy Academically Strong…

    START The WARRIOR Legacy On Top of it All…
    Make The New Habit, Starting Strong, Continuing Intense and Finishing Strong…

    In The Classroom, Weightroom & On The Court…

  22. APR problem is hanging over Gib’s head if this issue goe south and UH loses scholies or post season Ben Jay will definitely hang that over the Gibber. Hope Vander finishes his studies and graduates.

  23. jjay:

    Agree with you 100%. This APR thing has caught up with Gib. If UH MBB takes a hit, sanctions, no good. Very much a downer. Makes it really hard on the faithful MBB fans. Puts a real damper on the recruiting aspect as well. It really depends on how, the guys leaving, including Vander finish Spring Semester. The thing is , they have so much help, and outstanding Academic Advisor on board, as well as tutors. A lot of time to get prepared for finals. I hope the guys leaving think about their friends who are staying. UH MBB, Warrior Insider, will be in the doldrums for sure.

    We await the verdict. Gib could be done as coach in a year or so. Sad. He sure actively recruited for 3 seasons. He was a recruiter at USC. Being a DI HC, means, monitoring the guys on the court and off.
    Still hoping for the best.

    Come on guys, ALL UH MBB players, including those going pro and transferring to other schools, finish this semester strong. Otherwise the sanctions, and Gib is probably done as UH coach.

  24. Come on UH BB athletes, study hard, work with academic advisor, tutors, and finish Spring Semester strong. And thank you , soon to graduate Davis Rozitis for your coming back for senior season, helping team on and off the court. Gib, team and staff, and the fans, we owe you a lot of gratitude!!

    Mahalo Davis!!

    Finish finals strong UH MBB team! It is YOUR championship game of the ACADEMIC year, your post season trophy!
    Go UH MBB Warriors, get it done on your final exams!!


  25. Guys is there any room left for anybody on the roster for more players? Is there any news on the Point Guard who played at the same high school as Stefan because I haven’t heared about him. I know that Ako Kaluna is going to Northern Arizona but I can’t find any news about Niko. Did he commit? If he did there isn’t any room for him on the team. Anywho do you guys have any idea about who the Warriors are looking at? Word around town is saying that Kaleb Gilmore from Maryknoll high school is going to walk on. Of so are they going to cut? There isn’t even e ought room on the roster for Niko. Who knows, maybe the Warriors will have more than 16 on the team roster next season and I am not sure if that is against NCAA rules. Any latest news on Niko and if Kaleb walking on is just a rumor?

    I just made an account to ask these questions haha! I am the only guy who posts on the Hawaii Warriors Mens Basketball forum page on ESPN. I wrote a few good notes on there you guys should check it out: http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/team/forum/_/id/62/hawaii-warriors

    This is most likely going to be the starting lineup next year:
    C Isaac Fotu
    PF Christian Stranhardinger
    SF Michael Thomas
    SG Brandon Spearman
    PG Keith Shamburger

    C Davis Rozitis
    PF Caleb Dressler (Out of position)
    SF Aaron Valdes
    SG Garrett Nevels
    PG Quincy Smith

    SG Brandon Jawato
    PG Garrett Jefferson

    PG Dybre Enos
    SG Michael Harper
    C Stefan Jovanovic

    Ineligible to play:
    SF Negus Webster-Chan
    PG Niko(any room left????)
    SG Kaleb Gilmore (rumor, any room left?????)

  26. Too bad for Michael Harper and Dybre Enos. I watched their interview videos and they have excitement in playing next season. But it looks like they are going to be reserved player once again. Harper expects to play bench minutes next season but he is going to have to compete against Jawato and Nevels to dress and I doubt he will get it. Does Harper have a lot of upside?

    Now on Enos, its a good thing that in the interview he said that he will see if he is going to be benched next season. That means he knows that there is a possibility and that he wouldn’t be surprised. Unfourtuntly Enos will only play 3 years of college ball. We are all dying to see the Hawaii local product play ball, but we most likely are going to have to have a whole other season to see it.

    Now the problems the Warriors have is having depth for the Power Forward. Fotu is going to play Center, actually he better. I don’t like Rozitis or Dressler as a starter, no way. Forcing Fotu to play Center which he has last season. Christian Stranhardinger is going to play Power Forward and he isn’t a true one. Christian is most likely playing Power Forward because Michael Thomas has a lot of upside for being a starter and Gib has made a ton of emphasis in saying he was a great pickup. So the Warriors don’t have a backup Power Forward? NWC is sitting out next season so he is out of the equation. Thomas at Power Forward, No. So that will lead to Dressler or Rozitis playing out of position for the Power Forward spot. Gib should’ve recruited a Power Forward instead of recruiting a Center (Stefan). Which I have watched a couple of videos on and he looks like bust material. I hope the Warriors figure things out before the season starts because I don’t want another disappointing season. Last year was terrible and the team should’ve really only have around 6 losses. So much potential to get into the first round of the NCAA Tournament or NIT.

  27. aieayear01:

    You know, I believe, you could have a number of preferred walkons(those not on scholarship), on active roster. Some of the big name schools in NCAA DI, have a few. They let them play during garbage time, or when their team is way ahead.

    I remember when UH had 2 walkons, at least every year with Riley Wallace teams, that were not Redshirts, they were on the bench as active members. Usually local HS Basketball players.

    Last year walkons for active roster: Jace Tavita, Michael Harper.
    This year: Dyrbe Enos, Harper, I am not sure who the last one would be.
    I don’t think there is an NCAA limit to walkons who can be on the active roster bench. The only thing is , they might not see much if any Playing time.

    Would be interesting if Kaleb Gilmore or Josh Ko walked on to UH MBB program. It is always good when local HS hoops stars play for their local DI school. Past, David Hallum, Dennis Sallas, Jarinn Akana,Kalia McGee , etc. good athletes and contributors.

    As for Niko, no word, if he walked on, I am not sure, how much PT he would get. He could walkon and be RS for 2013-14. UH had about 4 walkons last year, 2 active players and 2 RS’s.

    Don’t know if you live in Hawaii, the latest get that UH MBB is still awaiting official papers to get through is PG Quincy Smith, cannot be announced by Gib and UH until his LOI papers are cleared and he is officially accepted to UH. He would be that missing PG backup that UH needed last year, in addition to RS transfer Keith Shamburger from SJSU.

    Anways, thankyou for posting updates for ESPN, maybe a recruit would consider, coming to UH or walking on!!


  28. aieayear01:

    Garrett Jefferson is transferring out of UH. Wish him well, a great student and nice young guy!

  29. If Caleb Gilmore were to walk on, he’d have to give up two years of high school eligibility. He’s currently a sophomore at Maryknoll.

  30. aiea1 – Good Posts & Line-ups
    i keep a running ‘Two-Deep’ myself and my 3-2 line-up looks (exactly) like yours —
    Thanks to the Big West, the small, quick shooting forward/ wing is probably the ‘normal’ (most common) line-up;
    But success Will Require the ability to play Big as well (Miami, Illinois, Zags in previous years)
    and i think a lot of supporters agree need/ could use one more power/strong forward, another ‘Big’ Power Forward, better with quicks, scoring, rebounding (although Gib thinks 6-6 Thomas and 6-7 Negus can fill that role 90% of the time) — someone like a taller, more consistently focused Joston, or Reggie Cross, Taller Tim Shepherd (guys fitting this definition could probably play anywhere, though); sorry to see him go, ‘cos i think Ozi would’ve been able to play big and already had the skills…

    Why would Dyrbe be ‘limited’ to three years? Graduation ? Fifth year can be a players dream season & a good start on Grad work — almost a business recruiting competitive necessity nowadays… Dyrbe can be an ‘instant’ injection of threes since he has the quickest shot…and No Reason to hesitate…

    Harper probably will be able to use his upside — he’s already fastest and among quickest on team with good size @ 6-4 (+A Great Aussie Mum with Tim Tams!) and one of the most consistent outside shots; i could see Gib bringing both Harper and Jawato in at the same time as a full-scale assault on the three-line; both should be able to flash for lay-ups when the points can weave well-timed passes, a la’ Micah Kroeger…

    i think we’ll see that these walk-ons can walk-about and play….
    (and that Gib is willing, like Pitino, to play more than 8 or 10…)

  31. Wait a second guys, Garrett Jefferson is transferring out of Hawaii? I didn’t see it anywhere on here, or I have poorly misread it in a article which would be my fault. But I didn’t see anywhere about news of Jefferson transferring. My only reference is playhoosa. If he does transfer then most likely Michael Harper will dress. I really did like Jefferson in my opinion. He wouldn’t play much next season because of the two Point Guards (Shamburger and Smith) with promising talent but Jefferson is a great player in crunch time. Gib couldve still put him in when the team was cold from the field because whenever Jefferson came In during a Warrior scoring drought I noticed he would spark a flame and bring the Warriors back into the game. Jefferson isn’t a player who can play a ton of minutes anyways. He actually didn’t even play much last season. Do you guys know where he is transferring to and the reasons for it? Did Shamburger and Smith playing this year have anything to do with it?

    I am sadden by this because I really liked Manroop Clair and Garrett Jefferson. Sad to see the both of them go (if Jefferson leaves). I thought Manroop had a ton of upside and was going to be the Warriors future starting Point Guard, he was actually one of the players I liked most on the 2012-2013 Warriors Baskerball roster and Jefferson was a player who ,although didnt play much, was so productive during the time he played. Jefferson played a hundred percent and played with a ton of energy. Sad to see the both of them go, the two of them were good players. Now for Pavlovic I really didn’t like his style of play, I didn’t know if he was a Point Guard or a Power Forward. Ozi had a lot of weaknesses in both of those positions but he can score when he needs to and I have to admit is a productive player. I think he shoud’ve stayed in school because he might not be ready for the pros in his home country but it is his dream and I am not blaming him, if a agent contacts you then you obviously have the talent to play in the pros over there. He could’ve played one more year to develope his game more. I wish him luck in his professional basketball career and hope he isn’t a bust because it looks like he can be. I will be checking realgm.com constantly next year to see his production, realgm.com is a site where you ca go to to follow all international basketball association scores.

    Now on Gilmore, I admit I fail. I didn’t know he was a Sophmore until I looked it up on Scoringlive just right now. Someone was talking about it and people were making a big deal about it. I am not a follower of Hawaii Boys High School Basketball at all. The only game I watched was when Maryknoll played Konawaena live on OC16. I saw Gilmore play and just assumed he was a Senior because he played like one, he didnt play like a Sophmore. This just proves that he has a lot more room to grow and has a ton of potential. My worries about him after watching that game was his size and shot selection. Gimore wasnt a great shooter as well. He could be a addition to the future Warriors basketball team but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a bust. Hawaii basketball just doesn’t have Division I basketball talent. I hope in the future this state will take the game of basketball seriously. I am tired of going on ESPN.com and seeing no recruits coming out of the 808 state. Maybe in the future, I can’t wait to see Dybre Enos play so hopefully he can prove me wrong. The high school talent in Hawaii is no where close to how it is on the mainland, maybe one day Hawaii will to have explosive Dunkers in high school as well.

  32. Eagle: You are right. I think Gib has to target the JC good athletes, guards, forwards and centers. In the past , UH coaches would land at least one, guard, forward or center who was at least an honorable or regional,or all district JC athlete. Sometimes, Little, Wallace , Nash, would get fortunate and recruit a first , second or third team JC All American. I think those AA’s are going to the big BCS type BB schools. Gib , has to take the second tier. Being that , he is recruiting to win the BWC regular and BWC tourney title, for either NIT or NCAA invites, he can recruit the better athletes, top 100, which are the DI transfers, like Negus Webster-Chan, who will be a really good player for UH in 2014-15.

    Eagle, I hope, Gib will surprise us with the BEST athlete he can get from the JC ranks, ready to contribute right away as a SG, SF or hybrid PF. Really quick, athletic, hops, can rebound, score defend and slash to the rim and finish.

    If Gib finishes this year’s recruiting class with: Negus Webster-Chan(RS transfer eligible 2014-15)6’7″, Garrett Nevels 6’2″ SG, Quincy Smith 6’1″ PG, and a super SF or PF, along with early freshman signees, Michael Thomas 6’7″, and Stefan Jovanovich 6’10”, I would be happy. I am sure Gib and staff would be elated. The UH MBB fan faithful would be very excited for next year and following year.

    Main thing, the WHOLE team, from Dyrbe Enos to Vander Joaquim finish well in school , APR is good to go, then Warrior Insider MBB nation will be joyful too!


  33. Wait I need clarification, Is Garrett Jefferson transferring. Link pleae!!!!!

  34. TRY HonStarAdvertiser Sunday 4/21/2013 (article page C-6) — Almost immediately after “early (unofficial) announcements” of Quincy Smith’s signing…Brian McGinnis announced Garrett Jefferson’s Request for Release from the Hawai’i basketball program…

    IF the Official Announcements follow recent patterns; the UHMBB Press Release would officially announce both the latest signing (when Upper Campus completes review and approval) as well as the GJ Request for Release….

    …in my opinion, this is primarily for ‘the fans’ who only focus on out-transfers and ignore that the program is also largely built on ‘In-Transfers’ (very few freshmen so far (yet) are key to winning games)…

  35. @Eagle So are you saying that the transfer hasn’t happened yet and isn’t official? Anyways, either way it would still be tough for Jefferson to find another team around this time during summer training. Most teams already have their rosters set up already and it is going to be tough for Jefferson to find a new team. No offense, his stats are great so that would make it even harder for him. On top of that since of his late arrival to a new team Jefferson wouldn’t be seen in the rotation. Although if Jefferson were to stay in Hawaii wouldn’t be in the rotation as well he still would be plugged in at least 6 minutes a game (the same Manroop did this past season). So the best thing for Jefferson to do is stay in Hawaii. Maybe after his career he could then perhaps join a international professional basketball team. Not a huge one maybe a small one just like Ozi in Croatia.

  36. Gee, like Ozi, Manroop and Vander, NEED (for themselves and the team) to Finish This Semester in Good (to Great) Academic Standing…their own eligibilities, graduation or Academic Progress Rates, as well as Team APR’s are at stake…

    I think the paperwork is probably already in (“Confirmed Saturday”, a week (ago), Request for Release). Between any AAU coaches, JC Coach & Gib they should be able to find a D-II school where Gee can drive, score and rebound (offensive & defensively) at will; and not have to sit out the transfer; even Jace with only one partial or full season of eligibility and low stats, was able to find his way here and start…

    They have similar stats: As a JUNIOR, Garrett hit only 27% of his field goals; he did improve from 40 to 68% free throws (so did Jace); and hits threes in practice and summer league, but only 10% (so far, 1 for 10) in games, although he’s already demonstrated he can improve; he never picked up point guard skills enough to space the court, display vision & pass (or shoot) effectively, but who does in one season? Gee averaged 9.5 minutes per game — versus Ozi 8.9 & Manroop 11.5, even though Both never got their shooting strokes in rhythm and falling, although 25 and 28% threes is not bad for FRESHMEN, and 33%+ was likely for second season.

    As a historically shutdown player myself, i have much respect for the ability to take 5, 10, 20 points in any game away from the other team; i also think you ought to know your own game well enough to make the shots you take (40-60% vs 27) ‘cos you are lkely taking them instead of a 50 – 60% teammate who you should be able to get/find open & pass to… basketball IS a passing game (to ultimately find your teammates in position for shots they know how to make @ 60+%) …

    JMO, but i thought Both Ozi & ‘Roop were the Bigger Losses with three/four more years to improve and get into the game flow and team chemistry, and partly because they consider Quincy a “shut-down” point guard who with a complete skill-set can stay on the court effectively for 15-30 minutes per game for up to three years… and Ozi & Roop can turn a whole game in three or four shots…

  37. …incomplete….

    GJ 1.4 / 1.3 Conf Points Per Game (ppg);

    Manroop 2.4/ 1.6 and

    Ozi 2.7 /3.5 ppg Conference

  38. I guess you are right about Garrett Jefferson and his terrible stats offensivly. You are right, Jefferson didnt have much more room to grow. But the difference between Tavita and Jefferson was obviously aggressiveness and speed. Tavita was very unathletic. Tavita was really slow while Jefferson was a fast guy. Jefferson wasnt afraid of taking outside shots but Tavita was terrified of even thinking about shooting the ball. It got me so upset how every time Tavita was open for three he would shy away from it and not shoot the three. I swear, the Warriors lost games because Tavita did that. Tavita was on the court too long and if you have a player on the court for a long time who doesn’t take advantages given to him, then of course you are going to loose some games. Not to mention Garrett Jefferson was more explosive in transition because of his speed. I say that Jefferson could’ve started over Tavita and the Warriors would’ve had a better record. I’m not the only one on this because fans would boo Tavita when he didnt shoot threes especially the Illinois game (I was at attendance). Jefferson also did make an impact on defense as well. His stats aren’t glaring on the defensive side on the ball too, but he played well defensively. Jefferson is kind of like Nick Collison. Although at a different position, Collison doesn’t have glaring stats because they are low. But Collison always finds a way to be so productive for the team and that reminds me of what Jefferson had done for the Warriors.

    The Warriors played three Point Guards every game (Tavita, Jefferson, Clair/Orzen). So Jefferson shouldn’t of had requested for a transfer because he was still going to play. The reason Jefferson got the minutes he had last season was because the lack of talent at the Point Guard position last year same for Tavita being the starter. That being said is a conclusion to my argument: Jefferson is most likely not going to find a Division I college where he can play the minutes he did with the Warriors last season, it is possible but will be very tough. If I were to be Jefferson I wouldn’t risk my chances, stay in Hawaii where he has a guaranteed scholarship for him and battle for the backup Point Guard position because Qunicy Smith is still a young player who will be developing. The worse that would happen for him is not as much minutes and being the second back up Point Guard. If he were to transfer he has a high possibility of not being in the rotation for the next team he is going to play for because most teams have their rotations set for next season already and might not get a full scholarship, the one he has now while at the Unniversity of Hawaii.

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