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Quincy Smith signs to play for Warriors

The Hawai’i basketball team addressed its need at the point guard position with the signing of Quincy Smith.

Smith, a 6-foot-1, 175-pound point guard at City College of San Francisco (Calif.), said he not only committed to the Warriors this weekend, he signed a National Letter of Intent. Smith arrived in Honolulu on Friday for his official visit to Hawai’i.


“It just feels right,” Smith said. “I really like the coaches, the atmosphere, the school … everybody made me feel wanted, and so it felt like the right decision.”

Head coach Gib Arnold declined to comment, citing that all paperwork must be approved by UH administrators before being declared official.

Smith averaged 9.1 points and 3.6 assists per game as a freshman at CCSF during the 2012-13 season. He was a first-team all-conference selection, and played a key role in guiding CCSF to a 28-0 regular-season record and the semifinals of the state tournament.

“I feel like I can bring leadership from the point guard position,” he said. “I consider myself a pure point guard, so I like to get everybody involved.”

Smith graduated from Deer Valley High in Antioch, Calif., in 2011, and then played one year at La Jolla Prep for the 2011-12 season. He was at CCSF for just one year, so he will have three seasons of eligibility remaining at Hawaii.

“I wasn’t 100 percent sure before I got here,” he said. “I actually had other trips lined up. But this felt like the right situation for me, and I didn’t want to have any second thoughts after I left, so I decided to get it done here.”

Smith said he had previously planned on taking visits to Idaho, North Texas and LIU-Brooklyn, but obviously will cancel those now.

He said the picturesque weather this weekend certainly helped sway him to make the decision.

“I love it here … everything,” he said. “The weather, the people, the beach, the school, the facilities. Everything’s been great.

Smith also has solid academic credentials, and said he would like to get into computer programming classes at UH.

Assuming his paperwork gets cleared, Smith would be the third player to sign with the Warriors for the current signing period.

Shooting guard Garrett Nevels from Mount San Antonio College (Calif.) and combo guard Negus Webster-Chan (transfer from Missouri), also signed with Hawai’i.

Smith also appears briefly at the end of the video below (which is more current than the above video). He is No. 11 in the white jersey):


  1. Good recruiting gets Gib!! PG Smith and SG Nevels! Look forward to their arrival hopefully this summer at UH.

    Welcome aboard Michael Thomas, Stefan Jovanovich, Garrett Nevels, Quincy Smith, and Negus Webster-Chan!

    😀 !!!

  2. Dayton Mahalo for video updates and hilite videos of new recruits. Thanks to WI , the Schmidts, Hunter and the Warrior MBB nation fanbase. Look forward to next season. Should be exciting. Have the Stan Sheriff Center Rock and Rolling with the fans, and the Maniacs

    Aloha to the Nevels Ohana , Smith Ohana, Thomas Ohana, Jovanovich Ohana , and Webster-Chan Ohana. Thank you all for becoming UH MBB Warriors!!

    Aloha and Mahalo.

  3. Amazingly great job coach Gib and staff! Looks like we got some depth, good mix of size, athleticism, leadership and competency (especially at the point), and sustainability in the program w/ a mix of returnees, freshmen, JC’s, etc… Awesome. Lets hope these gentlemen can develop their game and chemistry. Thanks Quincy, negus and Garrett for choosing Hawaii!

    Big ups also go to Ozi and Manroop. Best of luck to both of you.

  4. As I said in another post, I love this guy’s athleticism and explosion as a PG. his aggression going to the basket and his ability to finish strong will open up lots of passing lanes. This team really has some pieces to work with. Mansu Mansu UH BBALL.

  5. When was the last time a recruit actually signed during his visit? Coaches, players and the aina must have made quite an impression. Welcome aboard, Quincy, and thanks, Dayton.

  6. OK now lets go get an athletic center/forward!

  7. Thank You & Good Luck, Gee
    Your Year over Year Improvement was impressive
    Great Evidence of How Much improvement is possible with focused hard work…
    Looking forward to tales of your senior success…

  8. Hey “Q”,

    I like you quick decisiveness. Hope your paper works are under control as well you “control” the rock! Am pleasantly surprised that you instantly felt @home with us; The feeling is mutual.
    (Good get. No missed-opportunity. Make it your best the next 3yrs!)

    We haven’t had a Quick, good ball-control guard since J. Freeman era. Give us your kokua..

    Let’s do “3-guard O”, “Run & Gun”, “4/5 Shooters”..

    Warrior fans just got hungrier for good, exciting MBB!

  9. That was a shock for me. Gee Jefferson deciding to transfer to DII school possibly to be closer to family and more PT. Gee will be a senior. I know he wanted to play more. He is a great young man, excellent student, not a bad person.

    Wish you well Garrett, you go back home to Cali, get a good school, and tear it up as the athletic , defensive wizard and great team player you are!

    Going to miss you Garrett, your teammates and fanbase love you too!!

    Aloha and Mahalo for helping UH MBB team to a two year run of 33 wins!

    Take Care Garrett Jefferson!


  10. Quincy is a good pickup. He is speedy, defensive, and crafty.

    It’s too bad about Garrett Jefferson. He was the ultimate glue guy for the team. I hope he continues to do well at his new team.

  11. Aloha means goodbye. GJ wants to explore closer to home more playing time in his final year of eligibility. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is very commendable on his part. He has to look out for himself. Life is too short. Do what he thinks is best and be happy. Thanks, Garrett. I will always remember your shot that beat Fullerton. I can say I was there to see it. Mahalo!

  12. Problems, problems, problems. UH finds itself having no experience or should I say no demonstrated production in the small forward position. Valdez or Thomas or both have a great opportunity to seize the position. Or maybe Christian have to play SF and Isaac play PF. I think Gib needs to sign a 6’5″ – 6’7″ athletic SF. It would have been perfect if NWC could play this year but he has to sit a year. Gotta get a JC player now who can play right away. Otherwise depth might be a problem. There goes that problem again!!!!

  13. Just the Numbers…
    One Game Winning Shot…
    The Difference Between 17-15 Winners and 16-16 (.500)
    Gee, Shooting and Free-Throws
    i’m sure you even helped Senior Jace to see he “Can”
    After 4-5 Seasons, Conquer the Free Throw Line (2-0 1.000 in Conference)

    More than Just Good Men…
    Good People, Good Folk,
    Good Students,
    Great Futures…

    OZI, Manroop and Gee … for me, captured my fascination
    with Human Potential and Personal Improvement…
    Now we’ll have to see from afar how far they can take their games…
    All Self-Made Ball Players — Coached Up, Worked Hard and Taught themselves BB Skills
    to the level of Playing Winning D-! Ball and Score in GPA as well…

    Thank You, ALL
    Best of The Best to You & Yours, Always


    Doing the Math: For Some

    PT to Decline,
    Transfers Allow for Recruits,
    Team to get Stronger

  14. Welcome Quincy, go to Rainbow Drive with the guys and introduce yourself to the bar b que beef plate lunch. followed by lots of cardio and lifting in the gym to burn the carbs!

  15. I thought the warriors didn’t need quincy smith because I thought the warriors had good amount of guards already. Jefferson leaving now Smith makes sense.

    Guard depth
    Shamburger, Nevels, Smith.
    Spearman, Jawato, Harper.

    sucks for Jefferson I really liked how he defended, just not enough offense.

  16. gobows and bowsoh: I agree, Garrett, great guy and defender, the one guard with quicks and hops on last year’s team. I know Garrett wanted to play more, if not challenge for a starter’s job.

    And in answer to gobows, and my having insider knowledge of Garrett Jefferson’s departure, It shocked me totally, the one guy, like two year’s ago with Bo Barnes,. I thought would stick it out for his senior season!

    Aloha and best wishes Garrett Jefferson, make sure you get your degree!

  17. That’s surprising that Jefferson didn’t want to stick out his senior year. I guess this happens when players are on the quest for more playing time and/or promotion to a starter.

    Jefferson, by all accounts is a great guy, and is a very good, athletic defender. Unforetunately for him, he’s very limited offensively and is turnover prone. That’s the main reason why he’s not getting the minutes and primarily was used as a defensive specialist. Looking at the depth chart, Jefferson isnt going to pass Spearman as the starting 2 guard. Jawato is is ahead of Jefferson on the bench rotation because of Jawato’s offense. Looking at the PG spot,mJefferson can’t be trusted because of turnovers plus Shamburger has that spot locked up. Nevels and Smith coming in will definitely cut into Jeffersons minutes as both Nevels and Smith can score and are both athletic bodies. Just not much room for minutes for Garrett, so I don’t blame him for wanting to leave. It’s a similar reason why NWC transferred out of Mizzou, so it works both ways.

    I wish Jefferson the best on his next stop. Good kid and athlete. His next coach will be happy to have him. Does he still have a redshirt year available to tramsfer to another D1 or does he have to drop down to D2 to play next year?

    Regarding Smith’s signing… great pickup by Gib. Shamburger has the starting PG locked up because he spent all year practicing and learning the offense, but I’m sure Smith will push him in practice as both players have skills. What’s nice with Shamburger is that he’s already a proven player at the D1 level. There’s a big jump coming from JUCO to D1 but at least Smith (Nevels also) has a solid year of competition that’s superior to prep ball. JUCO players are typically ready to go from day 1. High school recruits have a big learning curve once they arrive their freshmen year.

    The biggest weakness UH had this year has been addressed… UH got way more athletic and, on paper, appear to be much improved at the PG spot and overall guard depth.


    This is college basketball, so there are no perfect teams and virtually nobody has quality depth at all positions. So it’s not a huge deal the UH doesn’t have much experience at the SF. Besides, in the Big West, many teams primarily have 3 guards starting. So not having great SF depth isn’t a big concern, besides I think Valdes and Thomas will shine.

    that being said… I think to start the season, Fotu is the 5, Christian is the 4, Valdez/Thomas is the 3, then Spearman & Shamburger in the back court. Jawato is the 3pt gunner off the bench, Nevels, Smith, Dressler are the primary backups. Maybe Harper gets into the mix if he continues to work hard and proves to be a consistent shooter in practice..

    If Dressler looks good, and earns the starting 5 spot, then Gib will probably slides Fotu and Christian to the 4 & 3 spots respectively. Then likely Valdez/Thomas go to the bench. It’s a fluid situation and guys will be battling for playing time, and that’s a good thing. The guys that are locks to start are Fotu, Christian and Shamburger. Spearman could be displaced if Valdes & Thomas prove to be better, and/or Dressler’s development, which is a compete wild card at this point.

    On paper, the 2013-14 Bows are much better than last year’s edition. The best players are back (Fotu & Christian), and much more athletic (Spearman, Shamburger, Thomas, Nevels, Smith, Valdes). The real key to next season is how well Shamburger plays and all the returnees improving their games.

  18. And where does Davis Rozitis fit in? I would think at this point he is ahead of Dressler. Jovanovic might be slated for a redshirt year. But who knows. As it was said, it’s a fluid situation.

  19. Aloha and Welcome Q! Looking forward to see you transition up and grow into a D-1 leader! It’s going to be a great 3 years having you, and you may be the last piece of the puzzle to getting UH into a ‘NCAA tourney-worthy’ team. Not sure when the last time was where we had a pure guard at the point as quick/athletic as you are, so it will be a treat to see your impact on the team for sure.

    Gee, Aloha and farewell. Your services here were much appreicated, as you were a key component to the team and we wish you nothing but the best. Sad to see you go but if you feel like you’d be happier elsewhere, then you gotta do what’s best for you. Mahalo Gee!

  20. Wish Garrett good luck in his new team and life. He’s a fine young man and a winner.

    With the signing of Quincy Smith the point guard position looks solid. We will be 3 deep along with Shamburger and Enos. And the shooting guard should be equally strong with Spearman, Nevels, Jawato, and Harper. This past season the 1 and 2 spots were our achilles heel. It’s a wait and see as far as chemistry between the players. Hope the new guys (including red shirt Webster-Chan) play in the Manoa Summer League. It should give some indication as to their talents. And the yard stick to measure them is when they go up against veteran pros in Derek Low and Julian Sensley. Those two are still King of The Hill in Summer League.

    Is the revolving door closed for the year? Or is someone going to squeeze out last minute? I can understand now what the top programs go through each year. That’s why in this age recruiting is so crucial.

  21. Hey Cal,
    We got strong, prominent Cali representations with us here; You’re “The Biggest Cal”.
    “The Center of the Future” Gib proclaimed upon your early-signed.
    One full season swam with Fish, a decade long professional center, who knows all the tricks, shortcuts, moves, footwork of the trade.
    You got shots better than many of the biggies who played for UH in the past!
    “Rise for the Occasion” you’ve advertised. (Oh, yeh!)
    Opportunity is knocking loudly; Are you awake, yet (7 more months till November) ?
    Make yourself “ACCOUNTABLE” (for the good of the coaches)!!!

  22. Derek…

    I’m not counting Rozitis being with the team as his status is still unknown. Since he graduated, he must get enrolled into one of UH’s grad school in order to return to the roster. I think there was a mention that his preferred grad program either isn’t taking enrollment or isn’t offered at UH (cant 100% remember). Rules are rules, so Davis may not get to play for UH even if he wants to.

    I think he’s an asset on the defensive side, but like Jefferson, his offensive game is limited. There’s always value in 7ft centers that can move, even if they’re not overly skilled.

    Jovanovic looks like a bit of a project. After seeing his limited film, I think Dressler is a better player out of high school. But Caleb is a year older and now has a full year of working out plus a full years worth of banging vs Vander and Davis on a daily basis.

  23. i think just a matter of ‘How Fast’, How Soon Caleb can become an Impact Player
    His Toughness needs to be demostrated, but i can foresee him being ‘as good as’ Haim Shimonovic (All-WAC), maybe better…

    Caleb Dressler arrived with Better Shooting Skills and Quicker, More balanced Footwork than Vander — A Year Under Fish’s tutelage should add at least a skill or three; a Fotu-like Drop Step, Baby or Sky Hooks, ideally with Both Hands; his 14 rebounds per game (H.S.) Average bespeaks a very hard Worker (Rebounding is a Work Ethic Stat…Standhardinger-like?) plus he had good blocking stats (better than Jovavovic) which implies good discipline with verticality and some athleticism and/or timing — not neceassarily a ‘leaper’ but a smart non-reaching, vertical jumper who knows how to keep his feet to not pickup unnecessary fouls…a smart player — Plus what i saw in four or five summer league games, he moves well without the ball, understands spacing and keeps the ball moving; when passed to and open, he goes up immediately (fast) for a pretty sweet jumper — i saw him swish several threes (in the game) all in good rhythm and motion — Center of the Future ? — i ‘hope’ the Future is Now (This Season) and he’s challenging Michael Thomas for who gets onto All-BWC Freshman Team…

    i’m pretty sure as long as he’s enrolled ‘full-time’, Davis can qualify for a scholarship; at least that’s how it worked when i attended ‘Grad School’; you still need to get into classes you need, the ones “Accepted” into a ‘Name Grad School’ generally get priority on mandatory class enrollments….IF his ‘preferred’ Grad School isn’t available he may just be “having fun” collecting credits for subjects of various ‘value’ towards his advanced degree — Not Sure what APR Rules say about Post-Graduate work [ ? Anybody? ]– i think he’ll have already ‘Grabbed the Golden Ring’ for Undergraduates and that is the extent of the intent for APR……

  24. i do wish ozzie and the roop all the best where ever they land. i think that the game was too fast and too strong for them.

    replacing them with the likes of nevels and smith, i like. maturity and confidencd is always a plus.

    webster-chan, well can’t wait for him to don the green n black. much anticipation like how we waited for standhardinger.

    aaron valdes is the guy who, if he steps up and on to the court could be that diamond in the rough we missed for two years now.

    mike thomas i believe will compete right away for minutes. he could be a nice 3 for us.

    and the sham will remind us of what we missed these past few years. although a natural combo guard, i like his attitude and skills. he’ll remind us what we could have had all along instead of bobby miles who was picked up after the sham’s recruitment went unexpectedly north out of hs. parent’s have a great influence in these things especially since they got to sign on the dotted line.

    looking forward to finally having a season without guy’s with huge ego’s and chips on their shoulders. i foresee a 20 win year because of the improved court play and team cohesiveness.


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