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Nevels commits to play for Hawai’i


The Hawai’i basketball team went in search of guards during this recruiting period, and it secured a commitment from another one on Tuesday.

Garrett Nevels, a 6-foot-2 shooting guard out of Mount San Antonio College (Calif.), said he is committed to signing a letter of intent to play for the Warriors in the 2013-14 season. He will be a junior during the 2013-14 season, and will have two seasons of eligibility.

“It was just about being comfortable with Coach Gib (Arnold), and him being there and recruiting me for a while,” Nevels said. “I remember him coming to practices and games, and just establishing that relationship … and then seeing what Hawai’i was all about just added to everything.”

Nevels averaged 19.8 points per game as a sophomore at Mount SAC this past season, and helped lead the Mounties to the championship of the California Community College Athletic Association. He also led the team in rebounding with 5.6 per game and 3-pointers with 49, and also finished with percentages of .578 from the field, .476 from 3-point range, and .814 from the free-throw line.

“I feel like I can bring leadership and scoring,” Nevels said. “I feel like I can come in and contribute right away.”



Nevels had 32 points, five rebounds and four assists in the championship game victory over Chaffey College, and he was named the MVP of the tournament. In the five tournament games, he averaged 25.8 points, 6.0 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game, and shot 12 for 22 from 3-point range.

He made his official visit to Hawai’i in the first week of April, and followed it with an official visit to Morehead State last week.

“I had a great time at Morehead State and I really liked the coaches there, too,” Nevels said. “But I just felt like Hawaii was the better place for me.”

Nevels and Mount SAC teammate Corey Allen were both being recruited by Hawai’i. Allen was the starting point guard and leading scorer for the Mounties, but he committed to South Florida last week.

“He made the best decision for him and I made the best decision for me,” Nevels said.

Nevels is originally from Los Angeles, and said he is familiar with current Warriors Keith Shamburger and Garrett Jefferson, who are both also from the Southern California area.

Nevels said he expects to complete his official paperwork either on Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday is the first day that recruits can sign an official Letter of Intent for the spring signing period, which runs from April 17 to May 15.

Nevels is the second player to commit to Hawai’i for this signing period. Over the weekend, 6-7 combo guard Negus Webster-Chan announced that he will transfer from Missouri to Hawai’i.

Below is a video from one of Mount SAC’s games during the 2011-12 season, when Nevels was a freshman. He appears briefly – but emphatically – at the 1:00 mark:


  1. Yes! Awesome get for the program!

  2. Yahoo! Welcome aboard Garrett Nevels, hope Quincy Smith LOI’s along with NWC. And UH MBB 2013-14 is ready to rock and roll next year.

    Manoa Maniacs start working it.

    Great get Gib!

    Come on Quincy, have a good recruiting trip this April 19 .!!


  3. okay clyde….Dayton, Mr Insider, scooped the other media, great job Mr Moringa, great, great get. hopefully Q Smith LOI’s along with Negus Webster-Chan. Team depth at guard can be really good next year. Awesome.

    And thank you again for scooping the other sports guys Dayton, great job!!



  4. Dang, that is some good JC shooting percentages!! From FG, FT, and 3 line, hopefully they can convert to maybe,53%FG, 42% 3 line and 80% FT line. You always drop a few percentage points moving on up to DI, however if Garrett, doesn’t drop off hugely, maybe 49% FG, 39% 3 line, and still , this can be done with focus,good form, he must have it already!, 80% plus, hopefully going to the rack , plus getting fouled on 3 pointers, plus the ability to hit clutch shots, from rim, mid, to 3 line and at FT line when game on the line. GREAT GET GIB. Welcome aboard Garrett, continue to hit weights, get explosive,and play D, DI ball is a different animal, much more intense, just bring it, and you and hopefully Q Smith, will provide, two deep at PG and SG with Sham and Spear! Just what Dr. Gib ordered!!



  5. Thanks to Garrett Nevels for taking a chance on Hawaii, and thanks to Dayton for breaking the story! Hope it works out for Nevels and the Warriors. Yes, those are some nice shooting percentages. I’m guessing Shamburger and Jefferson helped in the recruiting process, which, when you think about it, is a very unselfish act.

  6. I hope he is good enough to play…better not be a roster filler

  7. I really like this addition. He brings stability to the backcourt and Those percentages for a guard are no joke. Looking forward to summer league! Welcome to the warrior family, Garrett!

  8. The thing that excites me the most is that Nevels carried his JC team on his back in the JC tournament. There are articles during their playoff run that documented his performance. We now have a backcourt that knows how to win championships — Shamburger with Serra in HS, Spearman with Simeon, and Nevels with Mt. Sac. I recall Coach Gib emphasizing and reiterating numerous times about recruiting proven winners.

    Nevels also seems like a great guy. There’s a video on youtube interviewing him as a kid in HS. He is very well-spoken and focused on his goals.

  9. Oh, and he led his team with a 3.5 gpa. Quality student-athlete. Need to add that in, Dayton!

  10. Nevels is a major get, fluid game. very good performance in Cali post season tournament.

    with Nevels committing the guards are set
    Shamburger, Nevels, Jefferson, Spearman, Jawato, Harper.

    I think there is no need for Quincy Smith now unless you want more depth.

    If Davis Rozitis doesn’t return I would go after Ronnie Stevens 6-9 Indian Hills or 6-10 Gabe Aguirre CCSF
    need someone to back up Fotu

  11. Super stoked that UH was able to land at least one of the two Mt. Sac guards. Can’t have enough guards in my opinion.

    I agree with Bowsoverhoes, recruit a solid backup to Fotu and Stanhaudinger.

  12. Awesome! 1 of 2 is better than none, and if I had to pick, the result would be the same. Standhardinger is going to have some serious scoring competition now! In any case, looks like we have our starting 5 set! Standhardinger (PF), Fotu (C), Spearman (SF), Nevels (SG), Shamburger (PG). Loving that line-up, as all can contribute in a big way. We WILL compete for that BIG WEST TITLE next year! Is it November yet??

  13. I think Nevels will do just fine in D1 ball. Nevels is the #71st rated recruit in jucorecruiting.com’s top 100.

    Regarding depth concerns in the post, we can always move Michael Thomas (who now is reportedly 6’6”) to provide some depth in the paint against smaller teams as needed. He did play PF on a good El Camino Real team in HS. Remember, Joston Thomas was 6’5” in actuality and did well in the WAC. I still would rather have another point guard to back Shamburger for contingency purposes if our scholarship numbers tolerate it. (Maybe Stefan Jovanovic might be able to get his first year or two @ Indian Hills CC if both parties are ok with it?)

    Other news:
    Isaac Fotu made the College Insider mid major freshman All-American team.

  14. I was sad when Manroop Clair was going to leave, but now I am glad that Garret Nevels made a commitment to join the Warriors. As some kid said in a commercial, “things are lookin up.!”

    Looks like that’s it for now, unless Rozitis doesn’t return after graduation. We shall know soon. Hard to say what our needs now because we don’t know how the backup will contribute. If Caleb Dressler can play, then I think we’ll be ok with Fotu and Standhardinger and we’ll have enough depth on the front line. I don’t know how good is Jovanovic, but if he’s a project that’s a redshirt season for sure. If so, I don’t understand why we would sign a project. You want somebody who can play, don’t you think? But, I hope Jovonovic HAS some game for the sake of the program.
    If Rozitis doesn’t return I would get the best available player, a versatile player, somebody in the range of 6’5″ to 6’8″. That’s just me. I would look for quickness and athleticism who can defend.

    Welcome, Mr. Nevels. Now, we just have to get better new uniforms for the team. Get rid of the existing unis. This is a new team, get new uniforms. Get everything new.

  15. Yes, great get, now to obtain the point guard Mr Smith and that should do it.

  16. wow.
    nice pickups.

    manroop + ozzie = nevels + webster-chan

    thats a great upgrade.

    so, if we still bringing in a couple or two more recruits next week and davis decides to stay (which i hope he does) does that mean we;ll be cutting bait with one or two more current scholies?

  17. al,

    Confirmed, one of last year’s RS’s was not on scholarship. That meant their was an extra scholie available last year. With Ozi and Roop leaving, that left a total of 3. Maybe coach gives scholie out to roster….athlete?, I don’t know. However, that is why Gib still bringing in Quincy Smith for this week, and potentially as Gib’s last recruiting update video hilited, they are targeting possible Big too.

    If Davis grads, I hope he stays too, he knows the system and is great team player with agility, that would potentially be 2 scholies to offer, either roster…..athlete? or another PG and possible Big….or an athletic Wing 6’6″ to 6’7″, The whole dynamic, and skillset of team is changing. Hope the new guys have chemistry, that is the key, can the first eight and nine, ten, play as a TEAM. If so, whomever else added this year., UH MBB, team can be very explosive from perimeter to the rim. That is a GOOD THING. Let the Summer league begin!!


  18. are we still getting Filipovic? Teamate of Jovanovic? Haven’t heard his name mentioned in awhile.

  19. What about Ronnie Stevens? Anybody heard anything?

  20. I think top 70 jucco player in the country is almost as good as Fotu’s mid-major all american accomplishment. Some of these jucco players will make their way to major schools. I would say Nevels is in the Spearman mold that can take over games. Spearman has made the jump from jucco to D1. So if Nevels can make the jump I think he might have an edge in the 3 point shooting. But you never know. Hauns Brereton came out of jucco with great stats and high expectations. He did ok overall but I feel that he underachieved in his senior year. If Nevels has the athleticism of Jefferson, he will be a dagger to opposing teams. And to Garret, work on that jumper and improve like you improved on your free throw shooting and your number will be called many times. You are one skill away from major playing time—even starting if you can put up consistent numbers from the outside. You got everything else: team player, work ethic, athleticism, defense, penetration, and free throws. Forget all the parties and eat and sleep basketball. You got one more year in college and then pro-ball could come knocking. Look what Bill Amis accomplished in his career.

  21. Welcome Aboard Garrett Nevels

    IF we only got one, seemed Nevels had the better numbers…

    Now, Getting Quincy would seem to ensure/provide depth and competition at every position —

    Letʻs wrap that up This Week!

  22. Yeah, Nevels + Webster-Chan is a HUUUUUUUGGGEEEE upgrade from Clair + Ozi! Don’t get me wrong, I admire those guys and they played their hearts out for the program, but if Hawaii wants to start being a real competitor, these are the types of changes that need to take place. I’m SO stoked for next year, I think adding Nevels will be the difference from a good team to a GREAT team! Then once Webster-Chan is eligible, look out! Top 25 here we come!!

  23. Welcome Quincy, it’s Warrior time, sign on the dotted line after you had your mixed plate lunch at Rainbow’s D.I.

  24. Negus Webster-Chan Officially an UH bb Warrior.

    Welcome aboard Mr. Webster-Chan

  25. Wish Garrett good luck in his new team and life. He’s a fine young man and a winner.

    With the signing of Quincy Smith the point guard position looks solid. We will be 3 deep along with Shamburger and Enos. And the shooting guard should be equally strong with Spearman, Nevels, Jawato, and Harper. This past season the 1 and 2 spots were our achilles heel. It’s a wait and see as far as chemistry between the players. Hope the new guys (including red shirt Webster-Chan) play in the Manoa Summer League. It should give some indication as to their talents. And the yard stick to measure them is when they go up against veteran pros in Derek Low and Julian Sensley. Those two are still King of The Hill in Summer League.

    Is the revolving door closed for the year? Or is someone going to squeeze out last minute? I can understand now what the top programs go through each year. That’s why in this age recruiting is so crucial.

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