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Good luck, Hunter


Videos from the banquet are still being processed, and yes, we are aware that this is a crucial time of year for recruiting.

But this post is about something a little more personal to WarriorInsider.com.

Hunter Schmidt – one the youngest and biggest fans of the Hawaii basketball team – will undergo a heart procedure on Friday. He was born with a heart condition, and has been dealing with it for 10 years now. Friday’s procedure is another step towards a healthier heart.

Hunter, who is in the fourth grade at Montessori Community School, attended the basketball team’s awards banquet on Wednesday evening, and got to sit next to his favorite player, Davis Rozitis.

Upon hearing of Hunter’s upcoming procedure, Rozitis gathered some of his friends at the banquet to send some video good wishes and prayers to Hunter (see video above).

Hunter has been a UH basketball fan virtually his entire life, and attends almost all the home games. He has also participated in several of the summer camps.

Hunter’s parents, Tony and Valerie Schmidt, are the primary sponsors for WarriorInsider.com. Quite frankly, this site would not be up and running without their support through the years.

Good luck to Hunter and the entire Schmidt ‘ohana.

— — — — —


Hunter’s heart procedure went as well as can be on Friday morning, and he is now in recovery. Here is the report from his mother, Valerie:

Hunter’s procedure was a success. They fixed it on the first attempt. He was energetic going in and was ready to just do it. The nurses were surprised at his eagerness. He even asked to put in his own IV, and applied his oxygen telling them “I have a free hand, I can do it!”

He is recovering now. Davis came to visit which Hunter enjoyed.


  1. Wow! What a great surprise from the team! Thank you to Davis for getting everyone to give well wishes and of course to Dayton for editing this great video! It is amazing that you all did this last night without us even knowing!

    We love and support the UH Men’s Basketball team and of course Warrior Insider. It is our way for the families of the players to stay in touch with their young men while they are in our home of Hawaii.

    Now, we are flattered and honored for the tables to be turned and have all of the team supporting Hunter. Thank you for your well wishes for his strength and fast recovery. We know that tomorrow will go smoothly because of all of you!

    With Much Love and Aloha,
    Val, Tony and Hunter Schmidt

  2. Best wishes to Hunter and the Schmidt family. Much mahalo for your continued support of warriorinsider.com.

    Go warrior bball.

  3. Thank you Schmidt Family for your support of Warrior basketball all these years. Also, thank you Dayton for your reporting, videos, and articles on all things UH basketball. This is the only website that I know of that is entirely dedicated to Warrior basketball and I look forward to checking the site almost everyday to see what’s the latest.

    Ps. Good luck Hunter on your procedure and just know all of Warrior Nation is pulling for you.

  4. Dayton, thanks for doing that.

    Tony and Val, thanks for all that you do.

    Hunter, be strong and get through this.

  5. If someone from Montessori Community School contacts us, we can arrange for free CPR AED training for their staff, students and families through Hawaii Heart Foundation. We provide free school and community training and will soon start heart screenings for Hawaii’s keiki. No strings attached.

    Our hearts and well wishes go out to Hunter and his family.

    (808) 440-8988 or jsuzuki808@me.com

    You can also contact Hawaii Heart Foundation President, Pam Foster for more information: pfosterrn@me.com

  6. Best wishes to Hunter. You are a true Warrior. We’re all pulling for you.

  7. prayers are with you tomorrow Hunter. Go little Warrior!

  8. Hey Hunter, just tuning in and read these messages. I too and my family here in New Zealand praying and wishing you a successful operation tomorrow. Stay strong. The team needs you again to cheer them on next season. We will be thinking of you and your mum and dad, Tony and Val.
    GO Little warrior….

  9. Will be praying for you Hunter, be strong, Hunter = Warrior !

  10. I know I’ve criticized Rozitis game on the court but it makes me feel really bad when I read of what he does off the court. I take back what I said Good Job Davis.
    Hunter hang in there and I hope that everything comes out for the best.

  11. Hunter & The Schmidts — i can tell youʻve got a Big Heart Full of Love
    — it shows with the BB Team and this website!

    In Some Way(s), we become brothers in heart …

    i wouldnʻt normally say, but iʻm having a heart procedure this coming week, too (involving burning (ablation) and cryogenics) — so believe me i hope Both our Procedures are Fully Successful!

    Hunter –Take Care — Keep Getting Stronger & Healthier with Your Heart of the Warriors….


    [FTR: Respectfully Request we keep our Focus and Payers on Hunter & Family…Mahalo]

  12. Thatʻs PRAYERS….

  13. Thank you Dayton, the Schmidts, MBB team, Davis “The Big Hearted One!” Gib you have great attitude, good hearted, academically good young men in your program. Good job Gib. It is not hard to appreciate what you and team have done for the community and the UH MBB fan base. Mahalo Gib!

    Best wishes, and hope for doctors and best procedures for Hunter and Eagle!!

    Puts, Basketball, the coach, our personal opinions, etc, into perspective.

    Take care Eagle and Hunter….

    Aloha and great Love From the Global Warrior Basketball Nation…

  14. To John-I am glad that you can see Davis in this light, because this is the person that I have grown to love since he red-shirted. He was the one, 3 years ago who told my son “Always listen to your Mom!” with a big grin and a head nod to me. And now everytime he sees Hunter he would say, “Did you remember what I said when I first met you?” His heart is full of GOLD!

    To Eagle, Hawaii now has the best technolgy for ablations and we wish you success as well!

    To everyone else, thank you for your well wishes for our Little Warrior! Aloha!

  15. Hey Hunter,
    Sorry to hear that you got to go through a little procedure like this but, it will be smoother and short.
    Getting you ready for the up and coming Summer Basketball Camp! This time you may even enjoy
    it more! Your pal Davis, “the Tallest Warrior”, may be your Group Instructor. How cool is that?

  16. Hunter be strong. You have great character family and UH Warrior Basketball friends. Your tallest one, Davis Rozitis.
    Dayton, with that video, man, what can you say. Very touching. And for eagle, you take care brother, we are pulling for you too. Have to read your “haiku” style comments on UH MBB team.

    Thank you to the Schmidts. Without your support, all UH MBB fans, would not have such a great site for access to coaches, players, University, possible recruits, road trips, and festivities. Dayton keep up good work, you have a heart of gold too.

    If any of the possible 4 or 5 recruits, besides Allen and Nevels, are considering being part of the MBB Warrior Ohana, they have to have the spirit and heart of Hunter, Davis, MBB team, the Arnolds, and the whole Warrior Basketball family.

    Thanks Dayton.

  17. I nominate Eagle & Davis,
    To be “the co-winners of the Year” for “Best Community Service”!

  18. I understand the young boy is going through. I myself have had 2 heart surgeries, one an aortic dissection and the other replacement of part to the descending aorta. Pray to god and trust in god. God makes all things possible. Prayers to Hunter.

  19. Derek:

    You take care too! You are a long time and true UH Men’s Basketball fan with a lot of insight. As well as eagle, clyde, DK, etc.
    This is a very, very unique site, families chime in, global folllowers, and now, the compassionate side comes out. A real Ohana. This is the fan, family, future Warrior Basketball member site. Warrior Insider. All things UH Men’s Basketball.
    I know that all of us are suffering through trialsome times, and UH sports unites us. It is only a game. Life and health are the reality,and we are thankful to have a measure of health. Some less fortunate. To all in Warrior MBB nation, take care, and be in good health!

    Dayton, Aloha Man!

  20. Hunter — Know that you and Your Family are Heart-Lighting this site…

    John — Really Nice shift seeing the fine young man with an open heart

    Valerie, UHF, Play, n2, et al — Thank You for the well-wishes —
    with so many well wishes & prayers, hearts can hardly help but get better
    What amazing times we live and share in …

    Second DAVIS who also triggered this outpouring of Heart-Felt Support

    Wishing Best of Health, Happiness and UHMBB to all…

  21. Hunter, you’ve got an entire team pulling for you to get through this procedure and make a quick return to the courts. Stay strong, listen to Mom (and Dad), and you’ll be fine.

    Thanks to Davis for his genuine aloha, and to the Schmidt family for helping sustain this web site with their generosity.

  22. Hunter,
    I don’t really know you but I love kids and if you are hurting, I feel your pain.
    Good luck with your surgery and may the skilled medical staff correct your problem.
    I’m praying that you will make a speedy recovery. Just remember tough times don’t last
    but tough people do.
    Be Tough,
    Bob Nash

  23. Hunter, Love and prayers to you from Down Under.

  24. Coach Nash,

    Very classy … as always.

    Thank you for checking in and hope everything is going well in Japan.

  25. Great job guys and get well soon Hunter.

    This doesn’t count toward any sort of tangible W-L on the court, but this is an excellent positive for the program. Shows that Gib and the boys are doing their best to represent the University. I think it shows very well.

    Lets try see if we can elevate this story to the Star Advertiser.

  26. Hi Hunter,
    All we can say is “Wow” having the UH MBB team giving you all that love. God will be looking over you. You have great parents who love you very much. God will be guiding the surgeon’s hand to make your heart stronger. With all of our
    love and kisses. Uncle Errol and Aunty Patsy

  27. All who are in any way connected with the forum and MBB UH team so send lots of positive thoughts for healing Hunter.
    I believe that the united good wishes are helping to run the well-
    As a mom I empathize with the fear and worry from your parents

    With heart and soul I want surgery, is only a small sigh that is quickly forgotten, I wish you great power of your mind and body during the surgery, I wish you a quick recovery

  28. Hunter
    We all love and pray for you and so does our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  29. Take care Hunter! Best wishes to you for a safe and speedy recovery!

  30. Hunter, CrossFit Fifty wishes you love and a speedy recovery!!!

  31. Thank you Friends!

    Hunter did really well. Last nite he was so excited and pumped after seeing this video that he did not want to go to sleep. He woke up at 4am and we had to have him go back to bed to relax. We checked in at the hospital at 6am. Staff was welcoming and friendly.

    The nurse looked at Hunter, “You look so excited”, Hunter replied, “That’s cuz I am!” She prepped him really easily. When it was time to go in he was counting to see how high he could go before he fell asleep, but he didn’t fall asleep right away so he started talking to everyone asking what every machine was for. They decided they needed more “juice” to go to sleep and he offered to do it, putting in his own IV. They were then going to put the oxygen mask on and he said, “I’ll do it-I have a free hand!”

    Initial staff came out laughing telling us that our son was a trip to work with. I told him that the UH Men’s basketball team and the Warrior Insider fan club was supporting him to give them strength and they said, “Hunter is one special kid!”

    Doc fixed him up on the first attempt. They were really happy at how fast and successful everything went. By the time they brought him to us, he was still asleep and he slept an extra hour after he came out. They said it was because they had to give him extra to put him under.

    After he woke up, the Big Man with the Big Heart-Davis Rozitis stopped by. We could hear him coming down the hall because all we heard was, “He’s tall” and “Davis! I am a fan!” Hunter then gave Davis the run down of what happened. Davis stayed with Hunter till he had his first meal. We are grateful for his time.

    Thank you Warrior Nation for being there for Hunter. Hope you can tell from this story that our heart is with the team and the team’s heart helped Hunter.
    With love and aloha,
    Tony, Val and Hunter Schmidt

  32. You have a wonderful, courageous young son. It’s nice to hear the operation went well. Wishing Hunter a speedy recovery.

    And props to Davis; another amazing young man. It’s one thing to organize the video, it’s another to follow up and be there for Hunter at post-op. I’m sure it meant a lot to Hunter to see his hero.

  33. #33 (My Number similar to Manroop)

    Way to Go, Hunter!
    GREAT Example on how to approach surgery and Life — with Enthusiasm & Confidence

    Speedy, Full Recovery & Overall Improvement to You!

    Keep Up the Great Work, Davis …Whether Point Defense or Team Unity & Video YOUʻre setting
    The Context of This Team … Great Senior Leadership!
    (Just saw you on OC-16 at the softball game with Isaac, 13-0 UH in the third inning…)

  34. glad to hear everything went well!!

  35. Hey Hunter,
    Alyssa said, sorry she could not visit with you yesterday.

    I am so proud you went through your procedure with flying colors. I also wanted to say, Boy, you
    are a big celebrity with the UH basketball team. Wow!

    Take care,
    Aunty Maxine

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