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Freshmen comings and goings

In one weekend, the future look of the Hawai’i basketball team went through quite a change. The Warriors received a coveted commitment from skilled combo guard Negus Webster-Chan, but also lost the services of guard Manroop Clair and guard/forward Ozren Pavlovic.

Clair will be transferring to Seattle University; Pavlovic will return to his home country of Croatia to pursue a career in professional basketball. Both players just completed their true freshman season with the Warriors.


Head coach Gib Arnold said of Clair’s situation: “I think that’s a good place for him. I think he’ll do well. He’s a real good kid and real good player, and he’s been a real good student. I’ve enjoyed coaching him, but he does want to be closer to home. I understand that. That happens with a lot of freshmen.”

Arnold said of Pavlovic’s situation: “Ozi has a great opportunity. He’s been offered a pro contract back in Croatia. It was actually offered during the season … He stayed around, he could have left. But he stayed around and finished school.”

Clair started six games, but was primarily used as a reserve point guard. Pavlovic started one game, and played a reserve role at several positions.

Arnold noted that both players will complete the current semester at UH, and both are in good academic standing.

“With them leaving, it’s not going to hurt our APR at all,” he said, referring to the annual Academic Progress Rate. “They’ll both leave eligible and as good students. I appreciate those guys for staying with it in school.”

Interestingly enough, Webster-Chan left Missouri after his freshman season and will transfer to Hawai’i for the 2013-14 season.

Note that in the above video, Webster-Chan is not mentioned because coaches cannot talk about specific recruits – even those who make commitments – until an official Letter of Intent is signed.


  1. Roop and Oz, we wish you the best in your endeavors and hope to hear your progress as a bb player.

    I do wish both of you stayed put.


  2. Well wishes to Manroop and Ozren. First rate young guys for sticking out the year and especially doing well in the classroom. Hope the best for you Manroop at Seattle U., I am sure you will be a great addition that program. You certainly were a favorite of many fans.

    Ozren, that was your wish, to play professional Basketball in Croatia, even out of High School, so we congratulate you on acheiving your dream. You will do well. When you are an all star in the high level Croatian Pro League, come back and visit Hawaii, you have a lot of fans here as well.

    Mahalo to both the Clair and Pavlovic families for allowing your young sons to play for the University of Hawaii. Thank you very much in behalf of several thousand Warrior Basketball fans!

    Aloha Ozi and Roop!


  3. Aloha and Thankyou to Negus Webster-Chan for committing to the University of Hawaii. Look forward to your being part of the MBB Ohana. Keep working hard in class and on the court, and you will do well the following season for the Warriors.

    Welcome aboard!

    Mahalo for being part of the Warrior Team!

    Dayton thankyou so very much for the real time, Video update with Gib. As we all know, and Gib has stated, he is still after athletic, quick guards to augment the team for this year. Interesting, to note that he is also targeting some Bigs. That would be a plus too, if UH could add an athletic PF/C to the team.

    Mahalo and thankyou Dayton, WI, Valerie and Tony Schmidt, Ameriprise, Wes, all the Warrior MBB Ohana, in which, there still is, even though off season, a tremendous amount of interest , or resurgence of interest in MBB. That, I attritube to Gib, his staff, athletes , the Manoa Maniacs, and the core group of fans who show up at the SSC every year to support the program.

    Mahalo to the Arnold Family. Great job, and wish continued success, in helping UH to attain greater heights in your chase for championships and NCAA invites.!!


  4. Like many others here, I wish Manroop and Ozi nothing but the best in their futures. I hope they continue to grow and develop beyond their time here.

  5. When Ozi first day sent a couple of pictures especially touched me pictures of the locker room with a Croatian flag
    I sent a picture to several friends and send rapidly expanded
    All spoke of the picture, how it is known that Hawaii are a wonderful place but the picture shows that the Hawaiians even better than Hawaii
    People who make such a gesture, showing the beauty of your soul and you have an open heart ready to receive the new arrival in your as you say Ohana
    I am happy that my son is part of the so beautiful Ohana and I am grateful to everyone at his beautiful period of life, which he spent in Hawaii

    Manroop and Ozi were roommates, they are the youngest in the roster and obviously they need more time to adjust to separation from family

    Manroop I wish you a successful continuation of education and to develop your basketball great potential in full, your time is coming

    Thank you all for your good wishes, we remain joined in the desire to Warriors next season winning the tournament

  6. Good luck to Ozi and Roop. I hate to see this constant revolving door of transfers but I guess that is what the game has turned into. I hope the two are truly leaving for the reasons stated and not because Gib made false promises. These are two classy individuals and I wish both of them the best of luck and future success.

  7. Kids will be missed, once a warrior always a warrior.

  8. Aloha Ozi Mum.

    You are truly a very gracious person. Very warm hearted and giving. All of the Warrior Men’s Basketball Ohana worldwide appreciate your kindness and thoughts. What a wonderful, special mother Ozren has.Ozren, will do well with that type of family upbringing.

    To Ozi Mum, Aussie Mum, Memphis Mom, Tavita and Clair Moms, thank you for raising very special, hard working, good young adults.

    Take care Ozi Mum. You are OUR MVP Mum from Eastern Europe!

    Mahalo, Thank you so very much for your warmth and support!
    Keep us posted on how Ozi is doing with his Professional Team. The Name, What position Ozi is playing, as well as his game statistics. I still say, Ozi is like a young Toni Kukoc!

    Aloha Ozi Mum!
    Uhfanzonly1. A fan of Ozi Mum and family!

  9. As we all extend our best wishes to Ozi and Manroop going forward, the explosions today at the Boston Marathon kind of jolts one into perspective of sports and life. Sadly, among the two pronounced dead is an 8-year-old. Send your prayers to the 50 or so others who were injured.

    A sad, somber day. Hard to get excited about recruiting.

  10. clyde it is sad. Conditions in the world. Much more somber than loss of a player or two.

    Bible scripture explain at : 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 verses 1-5(a kind friend shared this scripture with me, years ago, makes sense) . Apologize, not trying to evangelize.

    Hope the wounded are okay, horrific scene. I wish the networks would not repeat the blast incident at the finish line. Look very similar to 911 on a smaller, yet no less gruesome way.

    Makes you appreciate your family and loved ones who are safe, as well as the UH Ohana. I am sure all of Hawaii, and across the globe share their sympathies.

  11. I didn’t mean to stop traffic to the web site. On an upbeat note, if there is one to be found in this tragedy, seeing how courageously the first-responders — many of whom appear to be on-lookers or course marshals — rushed to the impact zone to take charge speaks volumes about our nation.

    OK, in respect to Dayton and the sponsors, let’s turn this back to basketball. Garrett Nevels still pondering his decision after having visited Morehead State over the weekend. It appears he may sign his letter as soon as tomorrow, then send it off Wednesday morning. Wonder if it’s down to UH and Morehead?

  12. clyde:

    wouldn’t that be great. If UH got Nevels and Quincy Smith. Would shore up backup PG and versatile scoring SG/Combo. I am just guessing, per the above video, maybe, Gib has a few more they are looking at. PG, SG or even a possible Big.

    Should be interesting, next few weeks!

    Again, Ozi, have a great first pro season, and Manroop, have a great RS year, then a fantastic sophomore season at Seatte University!!

  13. To Ozi Mum,

    I’d like to express my gratitude to both you and Ozi for sticking it out this year. By doing so he proved he is a true team player. His situation was very different from Manroop’s (transferring to Seattle). I’m sure you had some input in him finishing the season here. Mahalo and good luck to both of you.

  14. best of luck to Ozi Mum and Oz… Just make sure Oz works on his footwork and getting his shoulders square. Once he nails that down, he’s going to be an awesome shooter. He’s got the frame to do very well in Euro ball. 6’8″ SG with excellent shooting range will always be serviceable in pro ball as long as you can hold your own defensively.

    Oz has the talent, just need to refine and improve! He will have to work 10x harder at the next level as the competition is exponentially better than D1 basketball.

  15. Best wishes to Ozren and Manroop. I wish you the best for your future endeavours.
    Ozi Mum – we will miss you – keep in touch – you should be very proud of Ozren.

  16. No matter what happened in the game, if he played or not, Ozi always came by and shook our hands and gave us fanboys love. In Anaheim and even after the Air Force game he came by. We’ll miss cheering for him.

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