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DaBeast Froductions on the red carpet


Who is the best-dressed player on the Hawai’i basketball team?

You can decide for yourself thanks to the help of DaBeast Froductions. Junior forward Davis Rozitis – a dapper dresser himself – interviewed teammates and other guests on “the red carpet” prior the Hawai’i Men’s Basketball Awards Banquet last week at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The outfits weren’t exactly Gucci and Prada suits, but it was still interesting to see what the players came up with.

Senior Hauns Brereton wore a dress shirt and tie, but most of the other players opted for casual dress wear. A couple of other players did have “name-brand” shirts, including Christian Standhardinger and Manroop Clair in Armani, and Michael Harper in Polo.

One thing is apparent … a lot of them like Air Jordan shoes.

Rozitis also interviewed assistant coaches Brandyn Akana and Scott Fisher and asked the inevitable question: “Don’t you have anything else besides the “H” shirts?”

Fisher came up with the proper answer: “It’s about school pride, Davis. We’re proud to wear this logo.”


  1. Guys look sharp. Good kids. Hope Hunter and Eagle are doing okay.

    I guess board is quiet, DM, shhhhh, fans waiting for recruiting updates!

    Davis and Isaac, great fun guys! Hope you both have a great summer, and see you all next year!!


  2. The more I watch these guys, the more family, ohana feel I get. They truly like each other. Good friends. Students. People. Wow!
    Yes. I look forward to the guys finishing up school strong, get some work done in weight room. Great summer, getting stronger, and work on game. Next year, the guys will be ready, in full force.

    Great job Dayton, WI, the Schmidts, and be back with team Hunter. pretty soon!
    Neat Video, not about Basketball, about life, Hawaii, and enjoyment, that’s what I am talking about!


    …and We Pray That Continues to Improve!

    (i won’t actually do anything ‘significant’ ’til Wednesday — Thanks for The Positive Thoughts)
    i’ll tell my Cardiologist in My Best Donald Trump Voice — my BFF across the table from me “Right Now” actually had her husband flown up to meet with and was HIRED By The Donald Himself:
    ” Blow This Procedure and You’re FIRED!” (and i’m OUTA Here! i like Hunter’s Coping Mechanisms Even More! )

    We ARE Singing Our Hearts Out!
    …and I Love Her S


  4. Looks like a PG from City College of San Francisco, will be making visit this week. Per tweet. 6’0″ 175 lbs. JC transfer.

  5. Davis is a good man. A nice guy to have as a friend.
    Good to hear Hunter is doing well and resting nicely at home.

  6. i respect that Coach & Staff either believe or are confident (or both) that they can coach up and develop players…

    Of Course that also Demands Patience and enough Wisdom from fans to see and Project the Improvement.

    The GUARD Play did improve throughout the season;

    BUT it would help to get one or two Ready for D-1 Guards, pg and/or sg
    IF Brandon Spearmanʻs injury WAS (probably true) a Key Factor in the 2-6 Finish
    Then getting more depth Will Help…

    [BUT What about Last Year, Two Weak Season Finishes in a Row?
    Some “Consider” that a Possible Coaching Weakness, Maybe Inexperience…]

    Will We Get An Upgrade in Talent?

  7. Really eagle, that is bottom line.

    Coach knows. I think Ben Jay knows. Has to be an upgrade in talent, coaching, and winning. Win BWC regular or BWC tournaments. NIT’s and NCAA bids consistently. Ultimately that is the sign of good teams and good coaches.I think Gib on right track in terms of the Character, good attitude guys, as a group, the majority, very unselfish and want to improve and start winning more and going to NCAA Big Dance.

    By year Four, that is the goal, NCAA or at least NIT. With 20 + winning season in tact.
    We are all evaluated, in our jobs, at school or within family or community, we are not perfect, however, each year, barring health problems, emergencies, we want to strive to improve..That is where Gib and team are at now. Getting much better.

    I hope, he retains most of the guys, however, to have 3 JC recruits come in for visits in past 2 weeks, there will be some movement, either graduation and guy moves on or maybe another young guy, goes back to his original journey or other. We shall see.

    I hope Gib and team have great season next year. It is a good bunch of guys!

    Interesting how it turns out with PG in town this coming weekend, and if any 1 or 2 more guards are signed by April 17 2013

  8. Hey Playhoopsa – wake-up, wake-up! You must be dreaming – UHMBB will not win the BWC; dreams of NCAA’s or even NIT’s are just that – dreams! Besides having “Character” – which no-one has defined yet; you must have 3 other C’s = Chemistry, Commitment and Coaching (not just recruiting).

    If you bring in all these point guards or shooting guards – someone will have to sit = you can only “play hoops” with 5 players. Therefore, somebody won’t be playing or will be playing limited minutes; and these guys are coming to play now. There has to be some kind of Commitment that they will play or guess what – you will have unhappy players, whom in turn become dissatisfied and brings out the bad character in them and then they become . . . . guys with “Character” problems.

    D1 basketball is big business and if you can’t keep the 3 C’s together; you got problems. All relations start out fun – then you have fun with problems – suddenly you are just left with problems! I’ve got good news and bad news – the good news is that UH may “recruit” great players – the bad news is that . . . . it’s going to take a long time to build a program of Chemistry, Commitment and good game-situation Coaching! Mahalo = have a great summer and keep your eye on the ball!

  9. Hey Eagle, Here’s wishing you a successful procedure. Glad Hunter can be your role model! 🙂

  10. Hey, that’s pourlfwe. Thanks for the news.

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